I Love America!

I love America, where truth can be shouted from the housetops instead of whispered in dismal cellars, hidden from spies and dictators.

I love America, where families can sleep peacefully, without fear of secret seizure or purges of blood for political reasons.

I love America, where men are truly free men, not living in fear of slavery, exile or involuntary servitude while loved ones are turn from their doors.

I love America, where people are not forced to hate, persecute, or kill because of religion, race, or creed.

I love America, where little children are not forced to suffer for want of bread, withheld at the whim of some despot carrying out a plan for greater glory.

I love America, where men can think as they please, and where thought is not regulated by decree, or enforced by bullets.

I love America, where there is laughter, hope and opportunity.

I love America, despite her present troubles because free men can cure them.

I love America, and I will gladly give my life to preserve the freedom our forefathers created so that our children and their children can forever enjoy blessings we have inherited.

Franklin E. Jordan