Articles of Interest - Oct 10


A short history of famous people talking about the memes they became  Washington Post

You Can All Finally Encrypt Facebook Messenger, So Do It  Wired

This bot expertly baits Internet imbeciles into losing arguments  Washington Post

Facebook Workplace Tries to Muscle In on Your Job  Wired

Why Bloomberg, ESPN and others aren't doing Facebook Instant Articles  Digiday

5 Top Tips and Tools For the Social Media Reporter  PBS’s Media Shift


SEO Trek: The Search for Google RankBrain*  Moz


How data analytics is helping to fight human trafficking  Datanami

How Big Data is changing education  Smart Data Collective

Predicting future human behavior with deep learning: A chat with MIT’s Carl Vondrick   KD Nuggets

Big data analytics is the future of intelligence-driven security operations center  Data Integration      

6 major don'ts when leading big data projects  Tech Republic   

New report: NoSQL and Hadoop will see the biggest growth in the next five years  Cloud Computing

The AI Revolution: why deep learning Is suddenly changing your Life  Fortune


Gratitude and Kindness  Becoming (my blog)


Pronoun Challenge in Ann Arbor  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Do commas still matter? (opinion)  Washington Post


Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators  The Atlantic


AMaster List of 800 Free Classic eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices  Open Culture


One reason so many scientific studies may be wrong (opinion)  The Conversation

The hard road to reproducibility (opinion)  American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fake ethics journal aids cheating scientists  Ottawa Sun


Exploring the relationship between gender and author order and composition in NIH-funded (opinion)  Michael Eisen


UC Berkeley student with disabilities faces obstacles with campus program  The Daily Californian


A professor is under fire after saying Black Lives Matter is racist like the KKK  Washington Post

AAJA demands an apology for racist and offensive Fox News segment on Chinese American voters in Chinatown  AAJA

Comments about NFL player who started national anthem protest cost a Concordia (Mich.) instructor her job Matter Inside Higher Ed


Title IX Coordinator resigns: "Baylor Set me Up" (“senior administrators wanted to protect the college's brand and not students”)  Baylor Lariat

Baylor U.’s Title IX Coordinator Resigns  Chronicle of Higher Ed


American U student government launches campaign in support of mandatory trigger warnings -- despite a recently reaffirmed faculty stance against them  Inside Higher Ed

Victory for Student Speech Rights: Appeals court revives suit over student complaints about being pressured to participate in medical procedure  Inside Higher Ed  


Antitrust lawsuits against NCAA  Inside Higher Ed

New California IMDb Age Law Probably Unconstitutional, Experts Say  Hollywood Reporter


Google’s New Service Translates Languages Almost as Well as Humans Can  MIT Technology Review

Meerkat built a new app in secret, and almost 1 million people are using it  The Verge

If there's a tech skills shortage, why are so many computer graduates unemployed?  Tech Republic


Google's New Fonts Chip Away at Written Language Barriers  Tech News World


EEOC's 'I Love You' Bias Suit Falls Short, Health Co. Says  Law 360

InterVarsity to Fire Employees Who Support Gay Marriage  TIME

Cal State Northridge settles with Christian lab manager who said he was fired for his creationist beliefs  Inside Higher Ed

'No excessive weight' says Hillsboro church to worship team  Oregon Live

Trump or Jesus? (a test)

American views on issues involving religious liberty, traditional values and civil rights for LGBT people  Pew Research


The music business: Once enemies of record labels, Spotify and Apple are now spinning profits for them  Economist

Philosophy of Jazz  Daily Nous

Intricate Map of Alt Music History  Wired


The Art of Rivalry: Four Friendships, Betrayals, and Breakthroughs in Modern Art (book review)  Economist  


Younger adults more likely than older to prefer reading news  Pew Research Center

Note to journalists: If there’s no report you can read, there’s no study  Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

How 2 journalists who’ve never met in real life became a kidney donor and recipient  Poynter


Thomson Reuters to add 400 jobs in Toronto focusing on cognitive computing  CBC


Don’t worry, millennial underachievers: It’s always been tough to figure out your life  Washington Post

College Kids Ask: Is My Costume Racist?  The Daily Beast

Who’s Defaulting On Their Student Loans?  Vocativ


Victory for Student Speech Rights: Appeals court revives suit over student complaints about being pressured to participate in medical procedure  Inside Higher Ed

Making research reproducible  IAP

U.S. government health plans spent over $1 billion on EpiPens over five years  Reuters

Medical linguistics: How to spot children’s speaking and listening problems early  Economist


4 things every college student must know about mental health on campus  USA Today

How to Talk about Conflict of Interest  Skeptical Inquiry

Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives  Economist

What Type of Procrastinator are You?  Daily Infographic


Philosophy professor under fire for online post  (Jason Stanley recently drew national attention for his strong response to a keynote address at the Society of Christian Philosophers’ regional conference about homosexual orientation is a disability)  Yale Daily

Philosophy professor calls homosexuality a ‘disability,’ Christian conference condemns him  The College Fix


The Reason Behind Colleges' Ballooning Bureaucracies: Universities’ executive, administrative, and managerial offices grew 15 percent during the recession, even as budgets were cut and tuition was increased  The Atlantic


How Humanities Can Help Fix the World  Chronicle of Higher Ed


One prof fired, Another Criticized over Race comments  Inside Higher Ed

Christian colleges are debating whether to arm campus safety officers  Washington Post          


Are We Teaching Composition All Wrong?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Open Doors: A New Take on Teaching Observations  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Study suggests that whether students think their instructors have political bias is linked to attitudes about entitlement and grades, not what the professors are saying or doing  Inside Higher Ed