Comfort habits

Like the professor whose sticks to a daily routine of a quiet supper, an evening walk, and early to bed, we all need a space in our lives where habits relieve us of the chore of figuring out simple tasks.. tasks that use up our daily store of mental strength. By finding comfort in his sedentary home life, the professor gives him room to explore wildly creative ideas in his field of study. He focuses his decision-making energy into his area of study.. giving himself the stamina to deeply explore deeply.

If these patterns consist of the inconsequential, then these everyday habits can play a critical role in providing us with needed balance and continuity. But if we focus our attention on maintaining our cherished inconsequential details in order to avoid life's bigger issues along with the needs of others, then the box we have created for ourselves (and hide within) will keep us away from the things that refresh our spirits and give our lives meaning. This is what happens when the professor sadly sticks to his sedentary home life.. but never uses the space he has given himself to explore those "wildly creative ideas."

Stephen Goforth