Articles of Interest - April 4

 ***BIG DATA  

Why big data's future is important for NASA  Dataconomy

Is Data Science just a rebrand of statistics? Or do emerging types of data &  technology require a new approach?  Inside Big Data

What a GE data scientist does with their day.. starting with curiosity  Wall Street Journal

The top 12 Data Science & Machine Learning related Podcasts by popularity on iTunes  KD Nuggests

Machine Learning as a Service: How Data Science Is Hitting the Masses  Huffington Post  


How we’re unwittingly letting robots censor the Web  Washington Post

A study of 16 billion e-mails reveals distinct patterns in our e-mail behavior Scientific American


Snapchat just made a huge change to become your go-to messaging app  Quartz

Facebook and Snapchat are trading blows in a fight for messaging domination and the money that comes with it  Business Insider


Music industry pushes for digital copyright law reform  Engadget

Pharrell Made Only $2,700 In Songwriter Royalties From 43 Million Plays Of 'Happy' On Pandora   Business Insider

Streaming Has Officially Taken Over the Music Business  TIME magazine

The Math Behind Beethoven’s Music  Open Culture


Library of Congress to stop using 'illegal' and 'alien' to describe immigrants, group says  CNN

The Most Prejudiced Places in America  The Daily Beast

Netflix big data truth: some "profiling can’t rely on broad categories like race or location"  Fortune

Some medical students still think black patients feel less pain than whites  Stat News


How to (seriously) read a scientific paper  Science Mag


Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest  New York Times


Let’s debunk these ten brain and brain health myths  Sharp Brains

“Lost” memories can be found (Neuroscientists retrieve missing memories in mice with early Alzheimer’s symptoms)  MIT news

Keeping The Heart Healthy May Protect Brain From Aging  Tech Times

We All Know The "Not Face" – Now We Have A Name For It  NPR


Being a Subjunctive (Some grammar purists seem to think the English subjunctive is a fragile creature in danger of extinction. As usual they can't tell their adjective from their elbow, says Geoff Pullum)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Whoo-Hoo for ‘Woo Woo’  Chronicle of Higher Ed


‘Gangsta’ Shakespeare  Chronicle of Higher Ed

When It Comes To Talking Sex, Young Adult Books Can Be A Parent's Best Friend  NPR

What If Famous Characters from Literature Had Access to Today’s Technology?  The Blaze

Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 book It Can’t Happen Here & Donald Trump (opinion)  The Verge

11 Shakespeare Tragedies Mapped Out with Network Visualizations  Open Culture


 10 demographic trends that are shaping the U.S. and the world  Pew Research

This scientist nearly went to jail for making up data  Washington Post

Science community looks for ways to stop fake papers  CBC

Is scientific misconduct a bigger problem than we think?  Science Nordic


AP Explains: Violence against Christians in Pakistan   Associated Press

Bible charity vows to continue translation work after murders of four employees  Fox News

C.S. Lewis predicted Donald Trump  Washington Post

The Baptist-on-Baptist fight within Georgia’s ‘religious liberty’ debate  AJC

Atheists at University of Iowa protest creation of Muslim prayer rooms  USA Today


A matter of AP Style  Columbia Journalism Review

How Reporters Pulled Off the Panama Papers, the Biggest Leak in Whistleblower History  Wired

Local TV station reads nasty viewer letters on air; women endure the most vicious attacks  Washington Post

The Associated Press style guide will no longer capitalize 'internet'  The Verge

Northwestern University journalism fraud story still has life (opinion)   Illinois’ News-Gazette

AI is already making inroads into journalism but could it win a Pulitzer?   The Guardian  


Newspapers Gobble Each Other Up to Survive Digital Apocalypse  Bloomberg

Editor and 70-plus others fired at the Orange County Register 

The Hyper-Local Media Magnate Journalism Can’t Ignore  PBS


Student Journalists put out Satire Issue at University associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Twitter’s Newest Parody Account Celebrates the Guy at Your J-School  Observer


Why I Don't Hire Millennials: I hire individuals  AdAge

Millennial Problems: Being Tone Deaf   San Francisco Weekly

College students mostly support free speech with some restrictions, survey finds   Student Press Law Center


The Shrinking Ph.D. Job Market  Inside Higher Ed

Why I’m Sticking to My ‘Noncompliant’ Learning Outcomes  Chronicle of Higher Ed

New rule on personal cellphones enrages Minnesota faculty unionsMove will let personal phones be inspected if used for work  StarTribune


“Imagineering” is the use of mental images to build factual results, and it is an astonishingly effective procedure  Becoming (my blog)


The eugenic legacy of a 1927 Supreme Court decision to sterilize “imbeciles”  New Republic


The Humanities Must Rise to the Global Environmental Challenge (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Why Theater Majors Are Vital in the Digital Age (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Is 'Design Thinking' the New Liberal Arts?  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Honors Colleges Promise Prestige, but They Don’t All Deliver  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How Sal Khan Hopes to Remake Education  Chronicle of Higher Ed

U of California Accused of Favoring Non-Californians  Inside Higher Ed

Study Abroad and Terror  Inside Higher Ed

Supreme Court Hints at Way to Avert Tie on Birth Control Mandate  New York Times

Christian Universities Increasingly Apply for Exemptions From Anti-Discrimination Rules   Truth Out


When Plagiarism Is a Plea for Help (Instead of failing students for intellectual dishonesty, shouldn’t we try to help them not fail?)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Major publishers report sales of digital course materials surpass sales of print textbooks for the first time  Inside Higher Ed

New MLA Handbook seeks to make citing sources from a variety of media easier and more commonsensical  Inside Higher Ed

Straight A's for everyone (Behind the College GPA Arms Race)  Washington Post

How To Get Kids Hooked On Books? 'Use Poetry. It Is A Surefire Way'  NPR