Articles of Interest - May 9


Facebook loses round one in privacy fight over photo tagging feature  Reuters

All The Amazing Things You Could Do If You Quit Facebook  Vocativ

Facebook, Twitter play different roles in connecting mobile readers to news  Pew Research

Periscope Now Saves Broadcasts—And Streams From Your Drone Wired

Facebook says censoring conservative news isn't part of the program  Daily Dot


Scientific Studies (video-how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science)  John Oliver  


20 interview questions to detect fake data scientists (#2-Which data scientists do you admire most? Which startups?)  KD Nuggets

Researchers across the academic spectrum are diving into neural networks ("Thats going to produce weird effects.")  Mapping Babel

For your #DataScience workflow: Top 10 #DeepLearning Projects on Github  KD Nuggets

Twitter bars intelligence agencies from using #analytics service Dataminr  (subscription)  Wall Street Journal

Bayesian Networks and #Bayesian Classifier Software  KD Nuggets

Are fears overblown about patient privacy in the era of big data analytics and precision medicine?  Health IT Analytics


Why White People Don’t Use White Emoji   The Atlantic


The Future of Writing Looks Like the Past: The Freewrite, a “smart typewriter,” wants to liberate writers from their computers  The Atlantic

7 Tips for Reading More Books in a Year Open Culture


Why Do You Hate The Word Moist? Science  Gizmodo


Joyce Carol Oates: New Media Is Creating a Nightmare America  Wired

Charles Dickens and the Linguistic Art of the Minor Character  Jstor


Game Theory and scientific plagiarism   National Research University Higher School of Economic


Why the controversy over an Iowa cartoonist is no laughing matter Columbia Journalism Review

Free Speech, 'The Antioch Review' and an Antitransgender Article  Inside Higher Ed


Proposed revision of ABA model ethics rule to ban broad range of discrimination sparks controversy  American Bar Association


5 facts about prayer  Pew Research

‘There’s nobody left’: Evangelicals feel abandoned by GOP after Trump’s ascent  Washington Post


It's all about the long term (Jeff Bezos on planning)  Becoming (my blog)


Investigative journalism is no longer about clandestine meetings  The Guardian

Data journalism didn’t fail: Nate Silver pushes back after The New York Times blasts him for getting Donald Trump so wrong   Salon

The Golden Age of Reading the NewsSmall screens don't deter readers—even from longer articles  The Atlantic

How The Secret Service Is Trying To Handcuff The Press   The Daily Beast

Donald Trump, Nate Silver, and the Value of Data Journalism (opinion)  The New Yorker

San Diego Journalism group seeks release of license-plate data Union Tribune

Wyoming Community College Closing Troubled Journalism Program  Inside Higher Ed


It’s a Better Time to Make Movies About Newspapers Than to Work at One  Washingtonian

Tribune Publishing formally rejects Gannett offer Talking New Media

Union-Tribune owner’s war of escalating insults0Yet another spin-off rumored if Gannett prevails   San Diego Reader


Spending an afternoon at the gym might yield positive results in the library Inside Higher Ed

Good outcomes for Community College Transfers Inside Higher Ed


2016 Should Be A Good Year For New Graduates To Launch A Career  NPR

A résumé expert reveals what a perfect résumé looks like (video)  Business Insider


Neoliberal Tools (and Archives): A Political History of Digital Humanities  Inside Higher Ed


Counting transfer and part-time students in graduation rates  Inside Higher Ed

Oral Roberts University Case Another Threat to Religious Schools  The New American

U.S. Says Bathroom Law Violates Title IX because it bars public colleges and other state agencies from letting transgender people use the bathrooms  Inside Higher Ed


Professor Pranksman fools his students with a TA powered by IBM's Watson   The Verge

10 Tools for More Interactive teaching Videos  Campus Technology


The Academics Who Are Treated as "Less Than Janitors"  Gawker


University Criticism for delayed campus-crime alert of Possible Hate Crime   Chronicle of Higher Ed

Reported Campus Sexual Assaults Have Risen Sharply as Overall Crime Has Fallen  Chronicle of Higher Ed


As yearbooks die, colleges lose a link to the past   Baltimore Sun

Under cloud of suspicion, Wyoming college proposes eliminating journalism program  Student Press Law Center

College newspapers are critical asset to universities (opinion)  Kansas State student newspaper