Articles of Interest - June 6


Mobile Phone Records Reveal Largest Gathering in the History of Humanity  MIT Tech Review

Facebook 'listening' claim denied by professor  BBC

Will the Constitution Protect Your Next Smartphone?  The Atlantic

The best social network you’ve never used is finally stepping out of Reddit’s shadow Washington Post

Snapchat Passes Twitter in Daily Usage  Bloomberg

Your Old Myspace Account Just Came Back to Haunt You  Wired

Research confirms subtweeting is completely unchill  Daily Dot


YouTube Threatens Legal Action Against Service That Lets You Download Videos  Consumerist


A Looming Rift in Science Journalism  Undark   

Jeff Bezos Is Refashioning Himself Into the Valley’s Lone Defender of Journalism  New York Magazine

Science Journalism’s Identity Crisis  Mother Board

New Vancouver journalism centre seeks out under-reported global issues  Vancouver Sun

News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016

A FOIA of FOIAs  Gizmodo

Newspaper publishes column on meeting before actual meeting occurs  Talking New Media


Tronc forgets to secure its Twitter account  Washington Post


 This Tool Makes It Stupid Simple to Turn Data Into Charts  Wired

"A new wave of Uber-style data companies will emerge" to manage data--not own it  Quartz

TPC releases Big Data Analytics benchmark to gauge the performance of Hadoop-based systems  Datanami

Data science fallacies: #9 Increasing the number of features increases the model's significance and accuracy  Adnan Masood

4 tips to keep your data visualization from getting lost in translation (#4-don't clutter)  Information Week  

Using a data scientist approach to implement early warning systems of cyber attacks  Cyber Attacks


The FBI Is Developing Software to Track and Sort People by Their Tattoos  EFF

How to Listen to and Delete Everything You've Ever Said to Google  Gizmodo

More than 75% of App Downloads Open an App Once And Never Come Back  Fortune


How To Find Out If Scientists Are Screwing With You  Vocativ


How love and marriage are changing, according to 63,000 New York Times wedding announcements  Vox

Driven by greater student demand, colleges expand access to mental health services  Inside Higher Ed


Philosophy versus Neuroscience on the Question of Free Will  Scientific America


How The Wrong Verb Meant The Texas GOP Called Most Texans Gay  NPR


Stop The Presses. No More Capital I For The Internet  NPR

2016 AP Stylebook new terms and changes  GateHouse Newsroom


A brief history of today’s most pretentious word  The Awl


Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Life & Literature Introduced in a Monty Python-Style Animation  Open Culture

'Everybody Behaves Badly': The Backstory To 'The Sun Also Rises'  NPR

The British Library Digitizes 300 Literary Treasures from 20th Century Authors: Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, James Joyce & More  Open Culture


How to prove that your therapy is effective, even when it is not: a guideline  Cambridge Journals


Why aren’t there more women in science? The industry structure is sexist  The Guardian

Women in data science--their numbers may actually be decreasing  Predictive Analytics World


Judges Treat Juveniles Of The Same Race As Themselves More Harshly  NPR

Thousands of Local Law Enforcement Agencies Have Failed to File Hate Crime Reports to the FBI for the Past Six Years  Gawker


How to Use The Chronicle’s Title IX Tracker, and What We’ve Learned  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Stanford Swimmer Rapes Woman, Gets Short Jail Sentence Because Jail Might Be Hard For Him  Mic

BYU police under state investigation for sexual assault reporting (The university is currently investigating the relationship between its Title IX and Honor Code offices)  Daily Herald

Study: More than half of intercollegiate and recreational athletes say they have pressured women into having sex  Inside Higher Ed


UC San Diego student newspaper sues University over free speech violations  Washington Times

How far can schools go in limiting student speech online?  Student Press Law Center


Hacker Lexicon: What Is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?  Wired


Pair of glasses left on US gallery floor mistaken for art  The Guardian


The Sun Is Always Shining In Modern Christian Pop  FiveThirtyEight

Christian rock star comes out as gay. Here’s the letter he wrote to the world (opinion)  Religious News Service

10 facts about atheists  Pew Research Center

Growing concern for German churches: Muslim refugees harassing Christians  Religious News Service

TBN’s Jan Crouch Dies at 78 (family mired in multiple lawsuits involving accusations of rape, cover-up, and financial improprieties)  New York Times

The Bible in Emojis? Terrific idea, sloppy execution  Religious News Service

Canadian parents charged with teen son’s murder claimed he was resurrected by God  NY Daily News


Appeals court hands Arizona student group First Amendment victory in battle over withheld fee support  Student Press Law Center

Title IX : How to investigate if your school is inflating gender equity numbers  Reveal

Student journalists will be spared from paying for federal agencies to locate and retrieve documents  Student Press Law Center

As ‘The Koala’ Files Lawsuit Against University of California, San Diego, Public Records Reveal Administration’s Censorship  The FIRE


UNLV launching ambitious overhaul to journalism school  Las Vegas Review Journal


Politics In Real Life: The Struggle To Pay For College  NPR

New report on transfer of struggling students from universities to community colleges finds students benefit from moving in nontraditional direction  Inside Higher Ed



These grads found creative ways to land a job  New York Post


Professor Claims Princeton Defamed Him  Courthouse News


There is the time when it isn’t the old way any more, but not yet the new way, either  Becoming (my site)


A popular college investment promised students a career, but didn’t pay off   Washington Post

Report Slams Accreditor as ‘Incapable’ of Assessing College Quality  Chronicle of Higher Ed

An Unlikely Campaign to Move Beyond GRE Scores  Inside Higher Ed

Chancellor's smartphone action during recent graduation ceremony sparks conversation about academics' etiquette and netiquette (and lack thereof)  Inside Higher Ed

Seattle University dean placed on administrative leave amid student protests  Seattle Times

Jazz vespers every week in San Diego  Christian Century


What Should a Major Teach? ‘Adrift’ Authors Offer Answers  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Plan to Define and Test What Students Should Know  Inside Higher Ed

A Cautionary Tale about Jumping into MOOCs (Report: The University failed to protect the professor’s property rights)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Disappearing Humanities Jobs (New analysis shows dramatic decreases in open positions for professors)  Inside Higher Ed