Articles of Interest - August 8


The clearest proof yet that your job is killing you  Washington Post

Who You Hate Depends on How Smart You Are, Study Finds  Vice

What do Lisa Kudrow, aka Phoebe from Friends, Colin Firth and Natalie Portman have in common? They’ve published psychology papers  Discover Magazine

What if Addiction Is Not a Disease?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Carl Jung Explains Why His Famous Friendship with Sigmund Freud Fell Apart in Rare 1959 Audio  Open Culture

Spotify’s incredibly addictive playlists are based on simple behavioral psychology  Quartz


After another stumble, is fMRI brain scanning learning from its mistakes?  Stat News

A Unified Theory of Randomness: Researchers have uncovered deep connections among different types of random objects, illuminating hidden geometric structures  Quanta Magazine

Should science fraudsters have to serve jail time?  Stat News


When Pregnant Women Need Medicine they encounter a Void  NPR

Turning Surgical Sutures into Sensors  Economist

Why Don't Doctors Recognize Cardiac Arrest?  The Atlantic

I'm an OB-GYN treating women with Zika: This is what it's like  The Conversation


The Brain that Couldn’t Remember  New York Times

How Hackers could get inside your head with brain malware  MotherBoard

After another stumble, is fMRI brain scanning learning from its mistakes?   Stat News


Watch out, ladies: Your period-tracking app could be leaking personal data Washington Post

Your.MD chatbot could save your life (or misdiagnose a mosquito bite)  Venture Beat

Turning surgical sutures into sensors  Economist


How To Make Your Not-So-Great Visual Design Better  Medium

Spend 50% less time thinking about pixels and 50% more time thinking about the experience Medium

Introducing BuzzFeed’s Design Process  Medium

How Tools Have Shaped the Role of the Designer ux Design

91-year-old woman fills in crossword at museum - only to discover it was a £60,000 artwork  Telegraph


The IOC is cracking down on Olympic GIFs  Washington Post

Can Candid Conversations Happen Online Without The Trolls?  NPR

Meet the Internet’s ‘greatest liar,’ whose Twitter death hoaxes have fooled millions  Washington Post

Professors Assign Students to Post to BuzzFeed. You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next  Chronicle of Higher Ed

What Is a ‘Serious Academic’? Social-Media Critique Provokes a Backlash  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Snapchat's biggest threat is its own design: Why Snapchat needs to start stealing from Instagram  The Verge

What Instagram Stories say about the state of social media  Washington Post


Why my fellow students aren’t interested in doing data science for you (and how to get them interested)  Venture Beat

A list of automated Data Science and Data Mining platforms  KD Nuggets

Spend 50% less time thinking about pixels and 50% more time thinking about the experience  Medium


The Difference between a change and a Transition  Becoming (my blog)

What do you want your obituary to say? Here are two amazingly different stories  Economist

Do Your Friends Actually Like You?  New York Times

New research shows that even severe stress can have an upside  Economist


Convincing the VC Bro-nopoly to Fund Female-First Companies  Wired

Mansplaining Is Real! But Male Self-Citation in Academic Work Isn’t So Simple  Slate

‘The man responsible': NBC broadcaster draws ire after crediting world record to swimmer’s husband  Washington Post

The Media Is Saying And Doing A Bunch Of Sexist Stuff During The Olympics   Huffington Post

Gender Self-Identification: M or W?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Supreme Court Blocks Order In Favor Of Trans Student Seeking Bathroom Access  Huffington Post

A closer look at the gender gap in presidential voting  Pew Research


The Supreme Court Will Consider a Case About Copyrighting Cheerleading Uniforms  Mother Board

Who owns your tattoo? Maybe not you  The Conversation


Diagramming Trump  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Why Your Texts Sound Angry When You Add A Period  The Conversation

Scholars Talk Writing: Steven Pinker  Chronicle of Higher Ed

4 Places Writers Leave Money on the Table  Copyblogger

Maya Angelou Reads Her Poem, “The Human Family,” in New iPhone Ad Released for the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony  Open Culture


A Word for Parents who’ve lost children in War  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Blurred Line Between Propaganda and Literature  Truth Dig

The Last Bookstore: A Short Documentary on Perseverance & the Love of Books Open Culture

Of Thee I Read: The United States in Literature  New York Times

Book Readers Live Longer Lives, According to New Study from Yale University  Open Culture


Why That “Drug That Halts Alzheimer’s” Story Is Probably Not True  BuzzFeed

A statistical definition for reproducibility and replicability  Bioorxiv           

‘Kudos’ promises to help scientists promote their papers to new audiences: Increasingly popular social-media tool says it can maximize reach and impact of research  Nature

How much is scientific research being led by narcissists?   Times Higher Ed



SPJ is Not Behind a Mass Media Conspiracy to Skew Coverage of Terrorism  Spinetwork

Can mythbusters like keep up in a post-truth era?  The Guardian

The Octagon on New York City's Roosevelt Island named Historic Site in Journalism  SPJ News

A Food Critic’s Plagiarism Roils Richmond Journalism  Washingtonian

How journalists can do their crucial job in the next 100 days (opinion)  Washington Post

New York Times launches text-message journalism for Rio Olympics  CNN

Should a journalist should look at a journal’s impact factor while covering a study? (opinion)  Health Journalism

CHORP, the future of news (video)  John Oliver


Famous Headlines, Rewritten For Facebook's New Clickbait Policy  The Atlantic


Israel accuses World Vision's Gaza director of diverting cash to Hamas  The Guardian

Chinese students are flocking to Christian high schools in the US  Business Insider

The Anti-Human-Trafficking Crusader: Agnes Igoye is building a law-enforcement system to protect Uganda’s girls  The Atlantic

Ibtihaj Muhammad: First US Olympian to compete in hijab  Religious News Service

Which countries still outlaw apostasy and blasphemy?  Pew Research


Donald Trump And A Church Steeped In 'Positive Thinking'  NPR

How the polls inflate Trump’s evangelical vote (opinion)  Religious News Service

Mike Pence’s Double-Bind on Persecuted Christians:The Republican is advocating a country-based ban on refugees from the Middle East, Does that include the people who practice his own faith?  The Atlantic


Journalism Teachers Now Protected From Retaliation Under Law  Ed Week

Student newspaper at the University of Central Florida closes after 48 years  Student Press Law Center


College Meal Plans: What to Do With All Those Leftover Swipes  New York Times

College Student Killed While Playing ‘Pokemon Go’  Huffington Post


When a recruiter emails you, don't jump to these 3 conclusions too quickly  USA Today


Should a Professor lose his job over Refusing to put is Learning Outcomes on his Course Syllabus  Inside Higher Ed

I'm a serious academic, not a professional Instagrammer  The Guardian

I’m a non-serious academic. I make no apologies for this  The Guardian


How A Child's Gender May Affect Parents' Willingness To Bend The Truth  NPR


The Liberal Arts in the Real World  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Calif. Bill Would Give New Bias Protections to Gay Students at Religious Colleges (lawmakers appear poised to pass the groundbreaking measure) Chronicle of Higher Ed


Mastering logic, grammar, and rhetoric  Chronicle of Higher Ed

In China Some Schools are Playing with more Creativity, less Cramming  NPR

Estimating Student Workload for Your Courses  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Why Isn’t Baylor Under Title IX Investigation? A Records Request Yields Laughably Little  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Law Professors Defend Use Of Preponderance Standard In Campus Rape Cases  Huffington Post

A Journalist Says Rape Culture Is Systemic in College Football  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How Can We Stop Sexual Assault At Music Festivals?  NPR