Articles of Interest - week of Dec 11


Instagram tests standalone messaging app  CNN

Teenagers are growing more anxious and depressed  Economist

How Duterte Turned Facebook Into a Weapon—With Help From Facebook  Bloomberg

10 Things You Can Do Now to Up Your Social Media Game in 2018  PBS Mediashift

Fourth Judge Says Social Media Sites Aren’t Liable for Supporting Terrorists–Pennie v. Twitter  Technology & Marketing Law Blog


Video will make up 75 percent of mobile traffic in five years  Recode

Apple reveals 2017’s most popular apps, music and more  Apple

Google’s research team releases three new experimental photo apps for Android & iOS  9 to 5 Google


Facebook offers free music and sound effects for video makers  The Next Web

How the New Media Rebellion in Video is Reshaping the Publishing World  Tubular Insights


Sad poop emoji gets flushed after row  BBC

Page Not Found: A Brief History of the 404 Error  Wired

How Email Open Tracking Quietly Took Over the Web  Wired

How Bots Are Threatening Online Discourse  PBS MediaShift

Before Net Neutrality, There Was Radio Regulation  Jstor


Micro-Revolutions: Spidersilk, Edible Drones, Artificial Wombs, and More. Small things with a big impact  New Yorker

In Seattle, GeekWire is building an international audience on top of its coverage of the local tech scene  Nieman Lab

Netflix pulls some Big Brother nonsense with your data  Mashable


AI's brightest minds are still figuring out how to understand their creations  Quartz

Microsoft has set up an internal AI University to try and get around the skills shortage  Business Insider

Machine Learning to catch a Hacker  Tech Republic

Amazon & Google Spreading the good news of AI by started their own consulting operations, lending out some of their prized AI talent to customers  Wired


The TV business is changing, giving auteurs creative opportunities they’ve never had before  1843 Magazine 

How brands secretly buy their way into Forbes, Fast Company, and HuffPost stories  The Outline 


News Nerd Survey: We surveyed 756 people at the intersection of journalism and technology to understand who they are, how they learn and support one another, and where they go next  Open News

Good video for classes about the process of reporting on a story  Washington Post

ProPublica announces 7 newsrooms for its Local Reporting Network  Poynter

Local newspaper ‘headline’ goes viral after proofreading error  PR Daily

How do you use an anonymous source? The mysteries of journalism everyone should know  Washington Post

Journalism’s New Patrons: Enterprise journalism emerges in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains  Columbia Journalism Review

How Washington Post journalists broke the story of allegations against Roy Moore  Washington Post

Report: The repeal of net neutrality will hurt local news  Poynter

Your 17 favorite tools for journalism from 2017  Poynter


Steven Spielberg's homage to The Washington Post is a fine movie, but not history  Poynter 

Steven Spielberg's The Post: The story behind the new Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep movie  First Post


The 3 types of news subscribers: Why they pay and how to convert them  YouTube

The journey from print to radio storytelling: A guide for navigating a new landscape  NPR

Boston Herald files for bankruptcy protection to pursue sale  Reuters

Silicon Valley news site Becomes a Cash-flow-positive Scoop Powerhouse in Four years: Next trick: saving the news business  Traffic


How OZY is Equipping Educators for Changing Media Audiences  PBS Media Shift

Preparing students for careers through journalism classes  Salina

Let’s welcome experts to our journalism schools  Monday Note


How can we stop the train wreck of fake news on Facebook?  Muckrack

This website helps you find related fact checks — and it was built by a 17-year-old  Poynter

BBC to help students identify 'fake news'  BBC 

When news breaks, Google still can’t separate rumor from fact  The Outline


Why trying new things is so hard  Becoming (my blog)

Optimism  Medium

How Labels Can Affect People's Personalities And Potential  NPR

Evaluating Personality Tests  NPR


It’s Nerve-wracking not Nerve-wrecking  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2017: ‘Feminism’  Associated Press

Suspicion, Italian StyleHow does one teach in a world of fake news? William Germano examines a strategy to help young students understand what a lie looks like  Chronicle of Higher Ed


British novelist Kazuo Ishiguro accepts Nobel Prize, recounts its meaning in Nagasaki  Japan Times


Dad writes brilliant letter to school after daughter was sent off for a makeover Metro

The Credibility Gap in Academe  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Gender Balance of The New York Times Best Seller list  Pudding

She Showed a Video in Class in which the use of gender-neutral pronouns was debated: Now She’s a Hero to Some, a Pariah to Others  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Maternity leave is like a vacation, right? A feminist comic  The Guardian

Pentagon Officials Say Transgender People Can Enlist In Military Next Year  NPR

How do your views on gender compare with those of other Americans?  Pew Research

Sexual Harassment Training Doesn’t Work. But Some Things Do  New York Times


The Boston Globe’s new investigative series on racism  Boston Globe

Ask Code Switch: Who Can Call Themselves 'Brown'?  NPR


Read this before you have a baby (especially if you're a woman)   The Guardian 

How Spanking Affects Later Relationships  The Atlantic

A global snapshot of same-sex marriage  Pew Research


Lawsuit Over Mashup of 'Star Trek' and Dr. Seuss Gets Past Alpha Quadrant  Hollywood Reporter

Jury sides with San Diego in Comic Con trademark battle  CBS News 8

Jury rules against fired Professor in free speech case (fired for his conspiracy theorist blogging about the Sandy Hook massacre)  Sun-Sentinel 


Types of Church  Mcsweeneys

Evangelicals and Domestic Violence: Are Christian Men More Abusive? A sociologist looks at the data on domestic abuse against women  Christianity Today

Wanting to ban the veil, Quebec bans sunglasses, too: Canadian Muslims challenged the law in Quebec’s superior court  Economist

Died: ‘God’s Smuggler’ and ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ ‘The Hiding Place’ Coauthor John Sherrill  Christianity Today

American evangelist leads rare event in communist Vietnam  Associated Press

Pope Francis Suggests Translation Change To The Lord's Prayer  NPR

Died: Harry Blamires, the C. S. Lewis Protégé Who Rediscovered ‘The Christian Mind’  Christianity Today

Is the Term “Evangelical” Over?  Context

US evangelical preacher, Franklin Graham, should be banned from entering UK, critics say  The Guardian


To Some Zionist Christians And Jews, The Bible Says Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital  NPR

Creation Festival Founder Arrested for Alleged Child Molestation  Christianity Today

Make way for a new wave of cosmopolitanism in the Middle East  The Economist


Rockin' for the One who is the Rock  March Shrednes

Gospel music as a tool to uproot drug abuse  New Times


Trump is losing (some) white evangelicals  Religious News Service

God’s Plan for Mike Pence (opinion)  The Atlantic

The Christian Right Has A New Strategy On Gay Marriage  FiveThirtyEight

White evangelicals are now more tolerant of immoral behavior by elected officials than the average American  The Atlantic

Why evangelicals are OK with voting for Roy Moore  The Conversation


The Vibrant Color Wheels Designed by Goethe, Newton & Other Theorists of Color (1665-1810)  Open Culture

 2017 Book Covers We Loved  Spine Magazine


What Apple is likely to do with Shazam, the early name-that-tune iPhone app  USA Today

The Sound of Modern Pop Peaked This Year — and Now It Needs to Change  Vulture


Movies You Missed: 'It's A Wonderful Life'  NPR


What churches must do right now to stop being part of the sexual harassment problem: “every single woman at that table of church members had a story to tell” (opinion)  Washington Post

Two female scientists talk about the troubling misogyny they've faced in online communities  Warm Regards Podcast  

I Spoke Up Against My Harasser — and Paid a Steep Price  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Local TV news has a harassment problem — from people who watch the news  Vox

A High-Profile Anti-Tobacco Crusader Is Being Sued For Sexual Harassment  BuzzFeed

Zero newsrooms responded to CJR’s request for information about sexual harassment policies  Columbia Journalism Review

Women and men in both parties say sexual harassment allegations reflect ‘widespread problems in society’  Pew Research

Why do women get all attractive if they don't want to be harassed? Glad you asked  Baltimore Sun


Sexual Harassment Charges Put Politicians On Defensive  NPR

Legislators Move To Take On Sexual Harassment In Their Own Halls  NPR

Paul Pressler, former Texas judge and religious right leader, accused of sexually assaulting teen for years  Texas Tribune

Charges Of Sexual Impropriety Upends Congress  NPR


What Happens When Sex Harassment Disrupts Victims’ Academic Careers  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Can Sexual Predators Be Good Scholars?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Dirty Old Men on the Faculty (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

KU pays $395,000 to settle Title IX lawsuits by women who alleged sexual assaults by football player  Lawrence Journal-World


The other big drug problem: Older people taking too many pills  Washington Post

The body changes dramatically during pregnancy — and that might mean medication doses are all wrong  Stat News


Everything We Know About Physics in One Neat Infographic  Big Think

Another example of why replication is important in science  The Scientific Method  Economist

The trouble with big science is essentially that it is a profiteering enterprise  Los Angeles Review of Books


Bad News for the Highly Intelligent: Superior IQs associated with mental and physical disorders, research suggests  Scientific American

Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers?   The Guardian

I study liars. I’ve never seen one like President Trump  The Washington Post 

Depression & Melancholy: Animated Videos Explain the Crucial Difference Between Everyday Sadness and Clinical Depression  Open Culture


Neuroscientists Just Launched an Atlas of the Developing Human Brain  Wired

Stopping A Plan Already In Motion Could Give You A Headache  NPR


Fined for "doing math without a license" in Oregon: State will let engineer refer to himself as an 'engineer'  The Register


Western philosophy asks, “What is being?” Japanese philosophy asks, “What is nothingness?”  Quartz

Why physicists need philosophy  OUPblog


The Mayflower generation and the burden it bears  Economist


Baby Born To Uterus Transplant Patient Raises Ethics Questions  NPR

‘Doxxing’ someone, even if he’s a Nazi sympathizer, poses a serious ethical dilemma  CNBC


Scientific peer review: an ineffective and unworthy institution (opinion)  Times Higher Education

Jeffrey Beall’s boss at the University of Colorado, Denver weighs in on the closure of Beall’s list, and scientific publishing in general (PDF)  Shea Swauger, College & Research Libraries News

A study looks at why researchers add co-authors or co-collaborators who contribute nothing and why journal editors add unnecessary citations  PLOS

A Guide to Spotting Shady Statistics  The Open Notebook  The Open Notebook

Some big pharmaceutical companies are meeting legal standards for disclosing results—but many studies still go unreported  The-Scientist

A “quantitative review” of a book about priming research touches on replications, publication bias and other issues  Replication-Index

A new book looks at academic fraud and how the response to it has changed over the years  Inside Higher Ed

Detecting image manipulation in the world of science  Lab News

It's Gonna Get a Lot Easier to Break Science Journal Paywalls  Wired


Rural America’s Neglected Higher-Education Problem  The Atlantic

Moody’s Downgrades Higher Ed’s Outlook From ‘Stable’ to ‘Negative’  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Why One University Wants to Close Lots of Small Libraries and Create ‘Hubs’  Wisconsin State Journal

How Can Colleges Head Off Homegrown Extremism?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The University of Baltimore has cut nearly 400 employees' salaries in an effort to reduce costs amid falling enrollment  Baltimore Sun

Students don't seem to be getting much out of higher education  The Atlantic

An MIT Dean Planned a University With No Classrooms. Here’s Where It Stands Chronicle of Higher Ed

An institution eliminates its English major, but more has been lost than a degree program  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Why Enrollment Is Rising at Large Christian Colleges: Many Christian-based schools charge lower tuition compared with other private colleges, experts say  US News

Christian University announces plans to sell radio station  Andersonian

A graduating senior reflects on why she chose to stay at her evangelical college after coming out  Newnownext

Christian colleges want protection for the DREAMers  San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Aspiring journalists at conservative Liberty University see themselves as the antidote to ‘fake news’  Washington Post


End of Semester Bingo  McSweeneys

What I Know About My Students  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Futile Resistance Against Classroom Tech: Critics of laptops in schools aren’t prepared for the future of technology  The Atlantic

Teaching Is a Private Act. How Can Professors Open Up About It?  Chronicle of Higher Ed 


Dirty Old Men on the Faculty  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Academic Conference Panels Are Boring  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Coronado students protest alleged censorship  KGTV-TV

At 130 years, The Daily Collegian says goodbye to daily print. But our mission remains the same  Collegian


This College Student Is Stuck Wearing a Christmas-Tree Costume to Class After Actually Getting All the Retweets She Asked For  New York Magazine

Stressed Out Kids Are More Likely to Become Bad Decision Makers  Vice

What A Tax Overhaul Could Mean For Students And Schools  NPR

The Importance of Dumb Mistakes in College  New York Times

'Millennials': Be Careful How We Use This Label  NPR

Why is choosing a college major so fraught with anxiety?  Washington Post