Articles of Interest - Jan 1


The Biggest Technology Failures of 2017  MIT’s Technology Review

Key trends shaping technology in 2017  Pew Research

This VR Exhibit Lets You Connect with the Human Side of War  MIT’s Technology Review 


Military robots are getting smaller and more capable: Soon, they will travel in swarms  Economist

Machine learning is creating never before heard sounds as neural networks begins to take the simple to create the complex (video)  Google Inhouse vlogger

Why scientists (especially in physics and astronomy) embrace Bayesian statistics  Bloomberg

Neural networks go back to the 1950s. So what’s new? The hardware we can run them on is faster, more efficient, and more powerful. Plus-the data sizes have gotten so much bigger  Logic Mag

Are computers intelligent, or just pattern detectors? Exploring the “Beautiful Mind” of neural networks  ieee Spectrum


Twitter’s No. 1 Topic Of 2017? You Guessed It  Deadline

Snapchat Copies Facebook Feature For Once With 'A Look Back at 2017'  MacRumors

How To Find Your 2017 Snapchat Memories So You Can Relive Your Best Snaps Of The Year  Bustle


Los Angeles is opening a selfie museum  New York Post

How to Stop Apps From Listening in on Your TV Habits  Life Hacker


How Hotmail changed Microsoft (and email) forever  Arstechnica

Forward your spam to and a bot will waste the spammer's time  Boing Boing


Santa Barbara News-Press paper byline sparks controversy  KEYT-TV

A day in the life of a print journalism reporter  Pueblo Chieftain

Polls show Americans distrust the media. But talk to them, and it’s a very different story  Washington Post

MSNBC reporter video-bombed by T-rexes  UPI

Spielberg’s ‘The Post,’ with Streep and Hanks, an inspiring journalism saga  San Francisco Gate


What national news networks were talking about during 2017  Washington Post

Why I started saying ‘reality-based press’ in 2017, instead of ‘mainstream media’  Washington Post

2017 journalism report card  HealthNewsReview


81 reporters were killed in 2017 as threats soared, global journalism group says  CBC News

Mexico: Latest murder highlights blurred lines in journalism   Associated Press


How the Era of the Big-Name News Anchor Crashed to an End  The Daily Beast


Yale University Hackathon Takes Aim At Fake News  NPR

Fake news. It's complicated. First Draft  Medium

Efforts grow to help students evaluate what they see online  Associated Press 

Outsmarting Fake News and Dubious Data  Harvard Business Review


Three Goals for 2018  Becoming (my blog)

The Only Way to Keep Your Resolutions  New York Times

The Courage to Be Yourself: E.E. Cummings on Art, Life, and Being Unafraid to Feel  Brainpickings 

What Is Procrastination & How Can We Solve It? An Introduction by One of the World’s Leading Procrastination Experts  Open Culture

The Best of Brain Pickings 2017  Brainpickings 

Ditch These Seven Bad Habits Before 2018 Start   Fast Company


The difficulty is the point': teaching spoon-fed students how to really read  The Guardian

To Your Brain, Audiobooks Are Not ‘Cheating’  The Cut

How to Get Your Mind to Read  New York Times


The Art of Being Alone: May Sarton’s Stunning 1938 Ode to Solitude  BrainPickings

The best science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels of 2017  The Verge  

Why Should We Read Charles Dickens? A TED-Ed Animation Makes the Case  Open Culture

The Top Tech Books of 2017: Part I  Wired

The Favorite Literary Work of Every Country Visualized on a World Map  Open Culture

The Best Fiction Books of 2017  Booktalk

Flannery O’Connor: Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Ayn Rand  Open Culture


How Mary Tyler Moore's Career-Woman Role Inspired A Generation  NPR

10 things we learned about gender issues in the U.S. in 2017  Pew Research


Germany starts enforcing hate speech law  BBC


The Net Worth of The10 Richest US Pastors   Cheat Sheet

The Museum of the Bible  National Law Review

Atheist Flag Will Be Raised Over Ten Commandments Monument  NPR

Trump Scorns Mainstream News, But Not The Christian Broadcasting Network  NPR


2017 Has Been A Rough Year For Evangelicals  NPR

Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2017  Christianity Today


The Year in Visual and Interactive Storytelling  ProPublica

Fast Company’s Favorite Illustrations Of 2017  Fast Company

Teacher Fired for Showing Students Classical Painting Postcards Containing Nudity  Associated Press

20 best album covers 2017  Creative Bloq

10 Best Data Visualization Projects of 2017  Flowing Data


The 2017 Storyhunter Staff Picks Awards  Video Strategist


2017: Traditional Media Stocks Underperform, Digital Media Soars  Media Post


How do you define sexual harassment?  Reuters

Who's More Dangerous - the Sexual Predator or the Enabler? (opinion)  TechNewsWorld


Why American doctors keep doing expensive procedures that don’t work: The proportion of medical procedures unsupported by evidence may be nearly half  Vox

LA Times provides strong overview on study showing vitamin D and calcium supplements don’t prevent fractures  HealthNewsReview

The uninsured are overusing emergency rooms — and other health-care myths  Washington Post

The Haunting Effects Of Going Days Without Sleep  NPR

How to fix the American diet, according to the man who coined the term ‘junk food’  Washington Post

Eat more fish for higher IQ? Announcement skips limitations of an observational study  HealthNewsReview


'Vast Majority' of Online Anti-Vaxxers Are Women  Live Science

How Climate Change Deniers Rise to the Top in Google Searches  New York Times

Longreads Best of 2017: Science, Technology, and Business Writing  Longreads

Secret Link Uncovered Between Pure Math and Physics  Quanta Mag


Depression treatment: 30 years after Prozac arrived, we still buy the lie that chemical imbalances cause depression  Quartz

World Health Organization Thinks Video Games Are Causing a Mental Health Disorder  Newsweek


God's Answer to Nietzsche, the Philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard  BigThink  


Why Calendars are More Effective Than To Do Lists  Medium

5 Books To Buy This Holiday To Boost Your Work In 2018  PSFK


Reproducible research: The consequences are somewhat overstated (research opinion)  Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 

Fallibility in science: Responding to errors in the work of oneself and others (opinion)  Peer J

Authorship disputes: How do we avoid “cutting the baby in half”?  Hindawi

City University of New York Looking into why some of faculty published in predatory journals  New York Post

Simply contributing data to a study or serving as a representative of a research consortium does not fulfill criteria for authorship  JAMA Forum

The president of the Swiss Association for Science Journalism interviews Ivan Oransky of Retraction Watch (audio)   swissnex San Francisco 

Must Good Science Proselytize?  The Grumpy Geophysicist 


Only half of all Latino students graduate from college. So what are Texas schools doing to help?  Dallas News

No place for 'snowflakes': Conservative Christian college poised to open in 2018   Fox News


Death threats are forcing professors off campus  CNN 

Czech university urged to bar new dean over ‘junk journal’ papers  Times Higher Ed

Professor who tweeted, ‘All I want for Christmas is white genocide,’ resigns after year of threats  Washington Post