Tuesday Tech Tools: Organizers

Need to get yourself organized? Here are some tools that will help.

Manages projects and processes-weddings, movie shoots, companies, etc. Allows you to log entries in spreadsheets which can be turned into sets of data stored in the cloud. Some limitations you won’t find in tools like Trello. There’s a video explanation here.

Schedule Gmail or Outlook email for a later send date.  Add-on for Firefox and Chrome. Free.

Popular social media scheduling service for posting to multiple sites at one time or later.

Popular note/audio organization tool. Access notes on any computer, tablet or phone.

A cloud-based accounting app that helps you manage clients and projects, send invoices, and track time, expenses, and estimates right from your iPhone.

Find a halfway point between two locations. Great for setting up meetings between people.

Task management system. Organizes according to the context in which they are done (online, at the office, at home, etc.) . Designed with teams in mind.,

Mac program that keeps lists and organizes outlines. Low learning curve to create rich, multi-column, collapsible outlines in many styles. Add embedded notes, images, links, etc.

Google Now
Tracks your online behavior and uses this data to predict the information that you will need, such as local traffic or weather updates.

Bookmark things you find in social media. One time $9.94 cost.

Social work platform for basic project management tasks — calendar, contacts, activity stream — that helps teams collaborate and communicate. Both free and paid versions.

Process Street
Document, manage, and track your workflows and business processes. Records tasks in templates – lists which show what tasks to do and what order to do them in.

App that gives you a single place to dump all your ideas. Especially helpful for creating and managing complex writing projects.g projects.

Organizational tool that integrations with many other apps. Tasks or projects are stored in cards which are then arranged into columns.

Organize all your travel plans into mobile itineraries.

Writing app for Mac. Uses plain text or Markdown for writing, but also includes notes, exporting, organization and more.

Digital note taking app. Excellent design, but lacks due dates, reminders of upcoming deadlines and calendar view. Free version limits you to 500 lists or "items" per month.  Pro accounts can be backed up to Dropbox. Individual pro accounts ($4.99 per month or $49 per year) and Team ($3.99 per month per user, or $39 per year per user, with a two user minimum) A short video introduction here.