Articles of Interest - Dec 31


Predictions for Journalism in 2019  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

PR predictions for 2019: 11 industry pros weigh in  MuckRack 

The 9 big design trends of 2019  Fast Company  

Search Batten Down the Hatches for 2019 – A Media Storm Is Coming  The Wrap

Seven New Year’s resolutions for Big Tech in 2019  MIT Technology Review

Why 2019 might finally bring a national privacy law for the US  Yahoo Finance


6 of the most amazing things that were 3D-printed in 2018  MIT Technology Review

The Best Technology Guides of 2018  Life Hacker

The 10 most intriguing inventions of 2018  MIT Technology Review 

The Smartest Tech Products of 2018  Tech News World 

***BIG DATA & AI  

A data scientist has figured out the main character in 'Friends'   Comic Sands

Hacker news book suggestions  Toward Data Science

What’s frustrating about machine learning is that the algorithms can’t tell us why they work—so we don’t know if they can be trusted  New York Times 

Why Python is the real programming language of data science, not R  Tech Republic 

There are no killer robots yet—but regulators must respond to AI in 2019—no need to invent a whole new set of AI rules. Better to simply adapt and reinforce existing ones  Economist 

Why Is AI-Generated Music Still so Bad?  MotherBoard 

The Year in Math and Computer Science  Quanta Magazine 


The Government Has an Instagram Problem Social media connects us to our officials, but much of what they say will be lost to history  Medium 

Death by selfie  1843 Magazine 

How to Fix Your Facebook News Feed  Wired 

Instagram got rid of the scrolling feed for some users and people freaked out  Recode

10 New Year's resolutions that will make your online life a little better  Mashable 


Your data was probably stolen in cyberattack in 2018 – and you should care  USA Today  

Use the Holidays to Explain Online Privacy and Security Settings to Your Family  Life Hacker  

Data Privacy Scandals and Public Policy Picking Up Speed: 2018 in Review  Electronic Frontier Foundation


Merger of two glossy magazine printers adds to media upheaval  New York Post

We Detox from Chartbeat  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 


Confessions of a journalism contest judge (opinion)  Journo Terrorist 

The Gap Between Journalism and Research is too Wide  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

My advice for aspiring explainer journalists  Vox 

Mobile Alerts Considered Standalone Platform In Newsrooms  Media Post


18 lessons for the news business from 2018  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

Cyberattack Prevents Distribution Of Major U.S. Newspapers  Deadline

Newsrooms Need to Build Trust with their Journalists not just with the Audience  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


How Much of the Internet Is Fake?  New York Magazine 

These Are 50 Of The Biggest Fake News Hits On Facebook In 2018  BuzzFeed News

‘Fake news’ and school uniforms: Our most popular research roundups in 2018  Journalists Resource

I’ve reported on misinformation for more than a year: Here’s what I’ve learned  Poynter  

Fake news is everywhere: Even in places that were once legitimate  BigThink   

(Mis)informed podcast: Is fact-checking the best way to fight misinformation?  Poynter   

Is this photo real? AI gets better at faking images  Wired  


 What Makes People Susceptible to Fake News  Becoming (my blog)

Just Admit It, You’re in a Bad Mood  The Cut 

People adopt made-up social rules to be part of a group  Ars Technica            

An Anthropologist Investigates How We Think About How We Think  New Yorker 

The Effect Of Sleep On Happiness  Tracking Happiness 

Five Easy Ways To Boost Your Mental Health In 2019  Forbes  


The best Facts I learned from Books in 2018  New Yorker 

Unplugged: what I learned by logging off and reading 12 books in a week  The Guardian 


It’s time to put Woke to Sleep (opinion)  NPR 

University wants to ‘banish’ Trump’s favorite word in 2019  Mashable


Poetry Twitter Erupts over a Plagiarist in Their Midst  Vulture 

10 Poets On Their Favorite Poetry Collections Of 2018  BuzzFeed News 


What happens to religious professionals when they stop believing in God  Vice 

Nearly a quarter of Americans support gender equality at work or at home, but not both Chicago Tribune


A millionaire paid Jews to move to a small town in Alabama: Now, a couple struggle with their choice Washington Post  

911 calls on black people were one of 2018’s biggest stories about race  Vox


Real Estate Appraisals and Copyrighting Facts  Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Athletes Don’t Own Their Tattoos and That’s a Problem for Video Game Developers  New York Times 

15 of Our Favorite Long(er)reads of 2018  The Fashion Law Blog 

Best and Worst Internet Laws  Technology & Marketing Law Blog 


Religion Considered Important to 72% of Americans  Gallup

A Utah man gave his mother a portrait of Obi-Wan Kenobi for Christmas and she hung it on her wall thinking it was Jesus  This is Insider 

What happens to religious professionals when they stop believing in God  Vice  

The Varieties of American Evangelicalism  Center for Religion and Civic Culture

Facebook temporarily banned evangelist Franklin Graham from site  The Hill


Dad books 6 flights on Christmas Eve to spend time with flight attendant daughter  USA Today

 Child uses Boy Scout skills to save mom's life  San Diego Reader 

Mollie Tibbetts' mother listened as Trump used her slain daughter to rail against illegal immigration: Then she took a different path  The Washington Post

Teachers operate school food pantries twice a week  Fox 13

Social Worker Led Frugal Life To Leave Nearly $11 Million To Children's Charities  NPR


22 artists transform unsightly grain silo into the world's largest outdoor mural (video)  You Tube

Of the trillion photos taken in 2018, which were the most memorable?  The Conversation


A rocker’s guide to management A look at the friendship and business sides of big rock bands  1843 Magazine 

Why Is Everyone Rapping Offbeat? (video)  YouTube 


Best Movies 2018: 'A Star Is Born' to Fill the 'Star Wars' Void  Wired 


When the Calendar Requires the Release of Insanity Defendants in Oregon, Harm Often Follows  ProPublica 

 Convicted of Murder in Texas, Declared Innocent Thanks to ‘Junk Science’ Review Texas Monthly

We mapped 150,000 shootings. Here’s what we found  The Trace 

New Calif. Law Requires Documents On Police Shootings Be Made Public  NPR


Millennials Are Keeping Family Holiday Cards Alive  The Atlantic

He Drew His School Mascot — and ICE Labeled Him a Gang Member  ProPublica


Morning show producer  KFMB Radio, San Diego  

Growth and Strategy Intern (Spring 2019), VICE Media, Beverly Hills

It's Time to Rethink How You Find a Mentor at Work  Glamour 


Internship (Summer 2019)  San Diego Padres   

Summer Journalism Program Princeton

Business journalism diversity program  Bloomberg-UNC-Berkeley

Podcast internship (Remote or Los Angeles)  Neon Hum Media


Disturbing Video Shows Immigrant Children Being Slapped, Pushed, And Dragged In Arizona Detention Facility  BuzzFeed News 

A Woman Facing Deportation Says She Was Denied Justice Because She Speaks An Indigenous Language  BuzzFeed News


If You’re Over 50, Chances Are the Decision to Leave your Job will Not be Your Own  ProPublica

The Likelihood Of You Becoming A Millionaire  Daily Infographic 


Elevated iron is at the center of a web of disease stretching from cancer to diabetes 

Could Exercising In Frigid Temperatures Make Us Healthier?  NPR


Want to raise a child genius? A study running for 45 years has suggestions  BigThink 

Author Of 'The New Childhood' Advises Parents: Don't Panic About Screen Time  NPR

The Way American Parents Think About Chores Is Bizarre  The Atlantic


More science than you think is retracted. Even more should be (opinion)  Washington Post

10 science stories in 2018 that made us go, “Whoa, that’s awesome”  Vox

The Real Fake News: Top Scientific Retractions of 2018  Live Science 


This Is Your Brain on Hate Researchers are studying how extreme ideology may rewire people  Vice  

The Must-Read Brain Books Of 2018  Forbes


How I got my attention back  Wired

Why People Wait 10 Days to Do Something That Takes 10 Minutes: Chores are the worst  The Atlantic


Taking a Closer Look at the Legal Aspects of Peer Review and Predatory Journals  Drug & Device Law Blog 

Dubious and Fraudulent Activities in Sports Nutrition  Journal Human Kinetics

The Retraction Watch Database has launched: Here’s what you need to know  Ahrecs


Temple Will Pay $5.5M to Settle Suits Over False Rankings Data  Inside Higher Ed

Ten education stories we’ll be reading in 2019  AEI 


Wolfram Alpha Is Making It Extremely Easy for Students to Cheat  Wired 


Former student charged with threatening Mercer professor  WRDW