Articles of Interest - July 1


The Pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance—by their heartbeat  MIT Tech Review

Busy boyfriend creates chatbot to reply to girlfriend’s message  Abacus

Aggression Detectors: The Unproven, Invasive Surveillance Technology Schools Are Using to Monitor Students  Propublica 

Creator of DeepNude, App That Undresses Photos of Women, Takes It Offline  Vice

Fake noise will be added to new electric cars starting today in the EU 33  The Verge

A device to detect aggression in schools often misfires  Wired 


What is the Blockchain Really, and Should You Care?  The Scholarly Kitchen

Drag-and-drop data analytics  MIT Tech Review 

Why Python may not be the best for machine learning  IT Pro Today

Researchers have added a capability to their ‘Northstar’ interactive data system that can “instantly generate machine-learning models” to use with their exiting data sets in order to generate useful predictions  Tech Crunch

Using AI to speed up the processing of space images Where no neural network has gone before  Economist 

The Pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance—by their heartbeat  MIT Tech Review 

Physicists are beginning to question whether focusing on symmetry is still as productive as it once was Quanta Magazine  

Will Machine-Generated Books Accelerate our Consumption of Scholarly Literature?  Scholarly Kitchen 


Is Facebook listening to me? Why those ads appear after you talk about things USA Today

Twitter won’t censor Trump’s rule-breaking tweets, but it will make them harder to find Vox


One third of adults use their phone as their primary way to go online  Pew Research Center  

Using mobile phone data to estimate air pollution exposure 


How introverts and extroverts can be better at small talk Quartz at Work  

Fighting Theranos Charges, Holmes Blames Advocacy Journalism  Bloomberg

Trump jokes to Putin they should 'get rid' of journalists  The Guardian 

Court gives broad meaning to “confidential” in FOIA exemption for commercial and financial information  SCOTUS Blog 

4 key tips for reporting on and writing about people with disabilities   Journalists Resource


TV is still the most common way for Americans to get local news, but fewer people are watching  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

Nearly Half the Newspaper Jobs are Gone  

The Associated Press and Google are building a tool for sharing more local news — more quickly  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


The Washington Post’s Guide to Manipulated video  Washington Post 

This ingenious algorithm outsmarts deepfakes   Fast Company 

Adobe develops tool to identify Photoshopped images of faces  Digital Trends 


Hackers are stealing years of call records from hacked cell networks  TechCrunch

I Scraped Millions of Venmo Payments: Your Data Is at Risk  Wired

Over 1,000 shopping sites, from J.Crew to Walmart, are deceiving users, study shows  Fast Company 

How Hackers Turn Microsoft Excel's Own Features Against It  Wired

How a trivial cell phone hack is ruining lives  Engadget 


The infrastructure mess causing countless internet outages  Wired

The Rise and Fall of Babe.Net and The Aziz Ansari Story  The Cut 

The Worm That Nearly Ate The Internet  New York Times 

The Wayback Machine can now highlight changes in copy on websites  The Next Web


‘We’ couples  Becoming (my blog)


How to Rescue a Wet, Damaged Book: A Handy Visual Primer  Open Culture

Top Library Award  Stripped over history of discriminatory and predatory behavior  Smithsonian Magazine 


The Dictionary Wars: The American Fight Over the English Language  The Week

50 People Show Us Their States' Accents  Condé Nast Traveler


25 Wedding Readings From Classic Literature  Bustle 

Hipster Summer Reading List 2019 An artisanal guide to obscure books based on 100 million checkout records  Pudding  

Why We Shouldn't Teach Literature With Excerpts  Ed Week


Podcasts Are Providing A New Way Into Poetry  NPR 

Joy Harjo Reads “Grace” (video)

15 poems about happiness to reset your day  Book Riot 

Three Poems: A series about the lives and experiences of African Canadians who joined the Union army in the American Civil War  The Walrun

There’s A Poem Hidden In This New 150-Foot-Long Word Search In Douglas Park  Block Club Chicago 

Austin mayor to broaden City Council prayer to include poetry, meditation  Stateman


Bella Thorne Said She’s Baring All In Her New Poetry Novel  BuzzFeed News

Review of “Wordsworth and Coleridge: The Radical Years”  London Review of Books 

'America's most understood poet' gets a worthy biography  Post-Gazette 

Poet Holly Prado Dead at 81  My News LA  

'The Last Poems of James Tate  New Yorker 


'You Don't Own Me,' A Feminist Anthem With Civil Rights Roots, Is All About Empathy  NPR

US women’s soccer games now generate more revenue than men’s—but the players still earn less  CNBC   

The Real Meaning of Trump’s ‘She’s Not My Type’ Defense (opinion)  The Atlantic 

Meet Emma Willard, the First Female Map Maker in the U.S., and Her Brilliantly Inventive Maps (Circa 1826)  Open Culture 

Ack! I need chocolate! The science of PMS food cravings  The Conversation 


California natural hairstyles: The state is set to become the first to ban discrimination based on natural hairstyles  CNN 

Minority Women Are Winning the Jobs Race in a Record Economic Expansion New York Times


Deepfake revenge porn distribution now a crime in Virginia  Ars Technica

Spotify Settles Copyright Lawsuits Brought by Songwriters  Hollywood Reporter

Anti-vax teen that fought ban amid chickenpox outbreak loses in court—again  Ars Technica


State Troopers Confiscate An Activist's Phone, Accidentally Record Themselves Planning To Falsify A Police Report Against Him  BoingBoing

Hidden Brain: How Private Prisons Affect Sentencing  NPR

Freed after 26 years on death row, farmworker files suit for false imprisonment  ABC-7


Evangelical pastors' hidden role in human smuggling's boom  The Guardian  

U.S. Methodists Meet To Consider What Comes Next After Disagreements Over LGBT Clergy  NPR 

PC(USA) to ordain first-ever openly nonbinary clergy candidate  The Christian Post 

Why Do People Say "Jesus H. Christ," and Where Did the "H" Come From?  Mental Floss

A Minneapolis church was expelled by its evangelical denomination for supporting same-sex marriage  CNN  

American cops have openly engaged in Islamophobia on Facebook, with no penalties  Reveal News 

5 facts about religion in Canada  Pew Research Center 

Died: Apologist & Theologian Norman Geisler  Christianity Today 

John MacArthur’s Story About MLK Jr.’s Assassination and Evil Insinuations  Walter Throckmorton  


Let’s Talk About Turbans (Gasp!)  Funny or Die

Sikh drivers are transforming U.S. trucking. Take a ride along the Punjabi American highway  Los Angeles Times


Inside the Trump campaign's plan to re-energize evangelicals  Axios 

Is fear motivating evangelical support for Trump?  MSNBC 


Parking violators can pay tickets with school supply donation for limited time   Las Vegas Now

Chick-fil-A Employee Literally Jumps Out The Drive-Thru Window To Save A Choking Boy's Life  WSB

This 13-year-old opened a bakery: For every cupcake he sells, he gives one to the homeless  Washington Post  

This woman has been on a three-year road trip documenting acts of kindness  Washington Post


Couples can officiate their own wedding in the District of Columbia  Washington Post 

Dozens of Drivers Get Stuck after being rerouted by Google into an empty field  ABC-7 

Deputies arrest Alabama man with famous pet squirrel after stolen motorcycle chase  WHNT

People Are Making Trump Photos With Extremely Long Tie To Annoy The President  Sad and Useless 

Woman banned from Walmart for eating half of cake, refusing to pay for other half  Wichita Falls Times Record News 

North Carolina man sues Hardee’s, claims civil rights issue involving hash browns  Fox 43

Traveler sues to get back $120,000 that agents seized, but FBI says it’s too late  The Olympian   

Man proposes to his girlfriend by tattooing 'Will you marry meow?' on his bum  Metro News 

Two thieves stole a package meant for a sick 5-year-old. Then they tearfully returned it  USA Today


Paris’s Arc de Triomphe to Get Artistic Treatment in 2020  Afar 

In 1886, the US Government Commissioned 7,500 Watercolor Paintings of Every Known Fruit in the World: Download Them in High Resolution  Open Culture 

What Art Icons Would Look Like In Today’s Society  Sad & Useless

Colorful intersections are about more than art  WXXI 

Miniature Faces Add Three-Dimensional Personality to Ceramic Vessels and Tableware  The is Colossal


How music about space became music about drugs  MIT Tech Review  

Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ihlen: the love affair of a lifetime  The Guardian


How judges added to the grim toll of opioids  Reuters 

Anger Poll: 84% Say We're Madder Than A Generation Ago  NPR

The Culture War Has Finally Come For Wikipedia  BuzzFeed News

Americans Still Greatly Overestimate U.S. Gay Population Gallup 

Surveillance tech is making gentrification worse  The Week


Prominent evangelicals are fighting over whether it's Christian to hold child migrants in awful conditions  The Week 

Border Patrol turning away diaper and toy donations  The Texas Tribune 

The Billion dollar Business of Migrant Shelters  New York Times 

How this border transformed a subcontinent: India & Pakistan (video)  Vox 

Wayfair Employees Walk Out To Protest Sales To Immigrant Detention Facilities  NPR

Immigrant Children In Border Camps Locked In Dangerous Conditions, Inspectors Find BuzzFeed News 

What we know about illegal immigration from Mexico Pew Research Center

A Father And Daughter Who Drowned At The Border Put Attention On Immigration  NPR

Children's magazine Highlights denounced migrant family separation in a plea for 'human decency'  CNN

Trump admin's 'tent cities' cost more than keeping migrant kids with parents  NBC News

Who’s behind the law making undocumented immigrants criminals? An ‘unrepentant white supremacist’   Washington Post 

'It is immoral': Former first lady Laura Bush criticizes the separation of migrant children from their parents   Business Insider 

Kids set up lemonade stand to help raise money for detained migrant kids at the border  The Hill    


Google Says the Best Bosses in the World Do These 10 Things

The surprising benefit of being bored at work  Quartz 

The United States of Unemployment Benefits: Here's What You Need to Know in 2019  How Much 


10 Medical Myths We Should Stop Believing. Doctors, Too  New York Times

Children wise to fear hand dryers, and 13-year-old proves it with published paper  CBC 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 120 others at Statehouse blast vaccinations  Dispatch  

A Better Measure of Health Than Body Weight  The Atlantic  

How much alcohol can you drink safely  New York Times

Signs of 'Hidden Consciousness' May Predict Who Will Emerge from a Coma  Live Science

Reversing the Damage of a Stroke  New York Times

The psychedelics evangelist: A German financier wants to turn magic mushrooms into modern medicine  Stat News  

There's More Evidence That Too Much Sitting Can Be Very Unhealthy NPR


Oh, Just an Utterly Insane Japanese Robot Restaurant  Messy Nessy 

900-year-old grape pips reveal unbroken history of French wine variety  The Guardian

Taco Bell’s pop-up hotel in Palm Springs sells out in minutes  Press Enterprise 

All the Indian Food at Trader Joe's, Reviewed  Thrillist 


Researchers model how octopus arms make decisions   AGU Newsroom

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?  Mental Floss


Yes, it’s worth arguing with science deniers — and here are some techniques you can use  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Bizarre radio burst traced back to its origin in deep space  National Geographic


What's So Funny? The Science of Why We Laugh  Scientific American

Fake Smiles Don't Always Improve Mood  NPR 


Behind the Scenes of Life in the Chinese Basketball Association  Sports Illustrated

The next stage in China’s fight against gaming addiction could ban “puppy love”  Quartz

5 essential apps for traveling in China  Abacus 


Here’s who employees at big tech companies are supporting in the Democratic presidential primary  Vox

Tulsi Gabbard Says a Teen Hacked a Replica of Florida's Election System. She's Wrong  Vice

Republicans far more likely than Democrats to say fact-checkers tend to favor one side  Pew Research Center


NAHJ slams AP for using migrant photo on Twitter  iMediaEthics

Viewing pornography increases unethical behavior, according to new research  PS Mag

When astronaut Sally Ride died, it raised the question of how deeply an obituary should delve into the private lives of public people (podcast)  WNYC 


Critics want the Univ of Oklahoma to make public findings about allegations of sexual misconduct  by former president  Inside Higher Ed 

Parents of Murdered Student Sue U. of Utah for $56 Million, Claiming Gender Discrimination  ABC News  

West Virginia joins other states in offering free tuition at community colleges: But the new law is unique in asking all students seeking eligibility to pass a drug test  Inside Higher Ed

US college campuses are becoming increasingly racist, report finds  New York Post 

Betsy DeVos formally revokes gainful employment rule  Education Dive

'Shocking' Cut May Force Layoffs for Alaska's Universities  Inside Higher Ed

Jerry Falwell Jr. questions evangelical leader over criticism of facilities holding migrant children TheHill

LGBTQ students fight for rights at 'unambiguously Christian' Baylor UPI 

A  new federal court order may have significant implications for adjudicating campus rape cases on private campuses  Inside Higher Ed


How One Professor Helps Online Students Forge Connections  The Chronicle of Higher Education 

What Should You Do if Your Students Say ‘Like,’ Like, Every 10th Word?  The Chronicle of Higher Education 

The Unbearable Pointlessness of PowerPoint  The Chronicle of Higher Education


Student Journalists Expose High School’s Use of Prison Labor  The Marshall Project  

Hacker shuts down Ottawa student newspaper website  Ottawa Citizen 

College Forgets How The First Amendment Works; Targets Its Own Student Newspaper With A Public Records Request  Tech Dirt 


International students can apply for work authorization 90 days before they graduate, but they're facing application processing times that routinely exceed that  Inside Higher Ed

In the U.S., teen summer jobs aren’t what they used to be  Pew Research Center 

Seventh Circuit upholds accused student’s due process, sex discrimination claims  The FIRE


University of California, Davis, is latest institution to adopt a reference check policy in fight against faculty misconduct  Inside Higher Ed 

New Ways to Power Up and Re-energize Faculty Meetings  PBS