irig handheld mic.jpg

A handheld microphone with a built-in headphone socket allowing users to monitor audio and control levels when paired with the iRig Recorder app. $99.

lavalier mic.jpg

Giant Squid Audio Lab Omnidirectional Mic. Great quality sound but requires an adapter for it to work with a phone. $47.

shure mic.jpg

Shure MV88 Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone for iOS. Stereo and mono options. Small and portable. Comes with an app that controls the gain, EQ, and stereo width. $149.




Easy-to-use audio editing software. Free.



Live internet audio app. Share in social media, text with listeners, embed player on your website. Free.


Creates audio slideshows. Basic $40, Plus $70. There's a free version but it will display "demo" at the beginning. Resizes your images for you, can reorder them, etc. but doesn't edit photos.



All things audio. A performance space, editorial session, an audition stage, a library, and a hangout. How to guides for podcast beginners.



irig pro duo.jpg

Allows you to plug two XLR mics into your iPhone through the lightning port, so that you and the person you are interviewing can be mic’ed with separate gains. A headphone port allows you to monitor the audio. Uses two AA batteries so it does not draw power from your iPhone. $200.

Rode i-XLR adoptor.jpg

A broadcast quality XLR adaptor that lets you connect it to the lightning port of the iPhone. The cable is about 10 feet long in order to reach an interview subject. You can adjust the headphone volume but there is no preamp or gain control. $149.



Photo app with lots of filters and strong HDR mode. Sets the standard when it comes to third party iPhone cameras.  $2.99.

moment phone battery case.jpg

Moment phone case w/lens

The case has a mount for attaching the wide lens. The case has a battery to add life to your phone.  There is a physical shutter button for a more natural feel. The lens have a nice weight balance on the phone. The case by itself is $30, the phone case with a built-in battery is $99, and the wide lens is $99. 

Olloclip .jpg

Small lens attachment which slides onto the corner of the phone. It will give you a wide screen to give you more of the room you are shooting. Includes a three lenses:  wide angle, a fish-eye and a macro.  $100.

iRig mic studio  .jpg

iRig Mic Studio

Professional studio mic that comes with many adapters including a lightning port plug so it will work with the iPhone 7 (which is it smaller than). Includes gain control, level indicator, and headphone output (with its own level control).  Tripod stand included. $150.

rode shotgun mic.jpg

Shotgun Mic

RodeVMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone SuperCardiod. Lightweight directional microphone. Adapter and extension cord needed as well for it to work with a iPhone 7. $99.

RODE VideoMic ME .jpg

Compact and lightweight, directional microphone for smartphones. Adaptor and extension cord needed to work with an iPhone 7. $59.

audio note.jpg

Searching for a section of audio corresponding to a note is easy to find. The recording time is inserted at the beginning of each line of text. $9.99.

rev app.jpg

Quality voice recorder and editor for both iPhone and Android. Includes Dropbox and Evernote integration. Free but voice-to-text human transcriptions in 12-hours for $1 a minute.


Post your audio here and then link to it from your blog or embed it into your blog. Limited space free, more for a fee.


Record cell phone calls and export the audio for editing, to email or upload to Google Drive or Dropbox. $9.99. 


Transcribes audio to text for only about 2 cents a minute (others are more expensive). Download the text from the website, or playback the recording in sync with the transcription to check for errors. No distinction is made between speakers.


A preamp which allows you to plug your quality mic into an your iOS device. It takes an XLR input and turns it into a 3.5mm jack. A built in headphone socket allowing users to monitor audio when paired with the iRig Recorder app, which also gives audio control levels. Very simple to use. $39. If you want better sound quality, try the iRig Pro at $129.


Advanced mobile photo editing that allows for sending by email, FTP, Dropbox, SFTP or export into social media. $3.99.


Fact-checking photo editor. Can pick films, lenses, and flashes before taking your photos. Set shutter speed, shoot multi-exposed photos. $2.99 for the app but HipstaPacks for up to $4.99

procam .jpg

An iOS camera app that allows the manual selection of ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and focus distance. $4.99


Great start-to-finish photo app. Easy to use filters. Manual controls like focus lock, exposure lock, and white balance. Edit images and share them on social media. IOS. Free.



ePhoto Clamp.jpg

ePhoto Clamp

ePhoto Portable Swivel Flash Clamp with Hot Shoe Mount Flash Adapter. Holds your phone to many different surfaces. $15.



Light and simple to use, this camera platform turns your phone into a filmmaking device by providing stability anda place to put additional filmmaking accessories such as a microphone and lighting. $60.

backpacker air tripod .jpg

Lightweight and compact, the legs on this 2-pound tripod extend up to 60 inches. Converts into a selfie stick. $125.

shoulderpod s2.jpg

A handle grip for your smartphone to steady your shots. Works with tripods and comes with a wrist strap. Additional accessories available. $50.




Two tracks of video and audio for easy editing on your iPhone. $4.99.


Perhaps the best Android video editor app with special effects. Similar to iMovie in ease of use.  Free version with watermarks. $5 for a more advanced version (with no watermarks).

smove smartphone video stabilizer.jpg

This smartphone stabilizer that doubles as a charger. Portable, fits in your pocket. $200. 

joby gorillapod large.jpg

GorillaPod tripod (the big one)

Joby GripTight PRO. Flexible legs wrap around objects for unlimited angles. 6.6 pounds. Rubber foot grips provide stability on any surface.  $59.

joby gorillapod small.jpg

GorillaPod tripod (small)

Joby GorillaPod flexible tripod (small) and GripTight phone holder. Flexible legs wrap around objects for unlimited angles. Rubber foot grips provide stability on any surface. $35.


Great stabilization, intuitive software, comfortable grip (more so than the Smooth-Q grip). $299

steadicam smoothee.jpg

The Smoothee gives you a steady, gliding shot by a balanced weight system that holds your phone on a frictionless ball joint. Simple to use, though the size could interfere with other attachments on you iPhone. $90.


A video recording app that lets you listen live to your sound, includes manual controls for exposure, focus, and white balance. Shoot stills while recording. Has a built-in single-track video editor. $5.99.


Edit video and post directly to Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Available for iPhone and Android (probably the best option for Android. $.1.99.



Camera MX.jpg

Android camera app for photo and video editing. It comes with some special effects that can be applied and previewed in real time to photos and videos. Free.


Reflects light to your subject from the sun or other light sources. When placed between the light and the image, it can cut shadows. $18


Add to your photos or videos text, filters, emoji, music, and opaque transition cards. Intended to be fun, though the menu layout is not entirely intuitive and it does take some time to create. Free.