Articles of Interest - May 21


The decline of Snapchat and the secret joy of internet ghost towns  The Verge

Just 4% of Americans say they read most or all of Trump's tweets  CNN

Some news outlets want exemption from Facebook's new ad rules  CNN

Facebook Stories reveals 150M daily viewers and here come ads  Tech Crunch

Social media mojo-ranking service Klout to shutter  Ars Technica 

Predatory behavior runs rampant in Facebook’s addiction support groups  The Verge

With Facebook Live views falling, BuzzFeed looks to Twitch  Digiday 


How to Record Calls on Your Smartphone  Wired

This tool transforms print pages into social and mobile-ready stories  Poynter


Parental spy app exposes the information of teens it’s supposed to protect  Daily Dot 

You Can Send Invisible Messages With Subtle Font Tweaks  Wired 


Flexible, Stick-On Tags Attach Laser Beams to Eyeballs  IEEE Spectrum

Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t  New York Times


AI has a strong grasp on probability, but not cause and effect. Judea Pearl wants it to possess a more complete intelligence  The Atlantic  

An attempt to update the definition of a data science  Venture Beat

Military intelligence experts want help with metadata tampering in geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) to enhance cyber security  Military Aerospace

The best platforms recognize the value of their own data & leverage machine learning to improve the customer experience  Harvard Business Review

NGA is investing more resources in machine learning technologies as it grapples with a deluge of data  National Defense Magazine

How Disney built its own real-time data analytics pipeline in the Amazon Web Services cloud to collect event data from all streaming content  Datamani


How a major medical meeting uses embargoes to shape the news, and what the consequences may be  Health News Review

Can Robots Do Journalism? (opinion)  Media Post


Prominent Mexican Journalist Joins A Long List Of Those Killed  NPR

In Western Europe, Public Attitudes Toward News Media More Divided by Populist Views Than Left-Right Ideology


Salt Lake Tribune lays off a third of its newsroom  Salt Lake Tribune

The 'hire a crowd' business operates openly and makes journalism even more difficult  Poynter


Inside Facebook’s race to separate news from junk  PBS

Fake Facebook accounts and online lies multiply in hours after Santa Fe school shooting  Washington Post

Searching for Alternative Facts  Data & Society 

In Houston, journalists are sorting rumors from fact live on TV  Poynter


A Life Tip for Graduates  Becoming (my blog)


 Who Cares Whether It’s One Space or Two?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How Do We Prevent Typos and Other Errors From Appearing in Our Stories?  Propublica


Why a Daily Habit of Reading Books Should be Your Priority, According to Science

Are ebooks dying or thriving? The answer is yes  Quarz


A Linguist Explains Why 'Laurel' Sounds Like 'Yanny' It’s the audio version of The Dress.  The Atlantic

Who Legislates Language Change? Newspaper Stylebooks  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Enlisting computers to analyze historical texts, Historians are spotting patterns in language that were once invisible  Christian Science Monitor

‘Newfangled’: a Word Much Older Than You Think  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Millions of U.S. citizens don’t speak English to one another. That’s not a problem. Washington Post


Dutch researchers uncover dirty jokes in Anne Frank’s diary  Associated Press

Tom Wolfe, Dead at 88, Had an Expansive Lexicon  The Atlantic

Ernest Hemingway’s death significantly improved his relationship with the FBI  Muck Rock


Book Review: the trajectories of women scientists during World War One  The London School of Economics and Political Science

Men Are Sarcastic, Women Are Hot: Gender and Language in Rate My Professors  Chronicle of Higher ED


Texas State U. Police Chief Resigns Amid Racial Tensions on Campus  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Affirmative Action Benefits Everyone — Including Asian Americans  Huffington Post   

‘Why Are Black People So Loud?’ One University Says It’s OK to Ask  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

How We Made AI As Racist and Sexist As Humans  The Walrus


Careful what you say in this university, its speech policies are those of Soviet Russia  USA Today  

Remembering a major victory for free speech, 40 years later  The Hill


ICE claimed a Dreamer was “gang-affiliated” and tried to deport him: A federal judge ruled that ICE was lying  Slate

Congress' latest move to extend copyright protection is misguided  Wired

Hasbro just trademarked the smell of Play-Doh  The Verge


Protestants decline, more have no religion in a sharply shifting religious landscape  ABC News

10 Evangelical Pastors and Their Wives Among Those Who Perished in Cuban Plane Crash  PJ Media

Fake Mormon news story goes viral, claiming the LDS Church has apologized for racism (opinion)  Religious News Service  

L.G.B.T. Students in Oregon Were Bullied and Forced to Read Bible, Report Says  New York Times

Poll: Sharing Faith Is Increasingly Optional to Christians  Barna

9 Common Misperceptions About Religious Observances  Mental Floss

Seminary leader’s comments on women roil Texas Southern Baptists  Austin America Statesman


Australia's 'Man With The Golden Arm' Retires After Saving 2.4 Million Babies  NPR


Ambient Lit: The ambitious project to redesign fiction for phones  Fast Company

Rabbit Town: the selfie-themed museum accused of plagiarizing its art  Fast Company


The Surprising Impact That Music Can Have On Little Kids — And Their Parents  NPR

Computers crack the code of pop-song success  LA Times

The future of music doesn’t always turn out the way people planned  Red Bull Music Academy 


China Is A Fast-Growing Presence In The World Of Cinema  NPR

How the Sounds You Hear in Movies Are Really Made: Discover the Magic of “Foley Artists”  Open Culture

Century-Old Film Footage Edited to Present a More Dynamic View of New York City Life in the Early 1900’s  Colossal

This video sums up why Ron Howard gets director credit for Solo: A Star Wars Story  The Verge


Americans are tuning out of TV  Axios


Missouri can fix the Supreme Court’s mistake about freedom of the student press

At SMU, a big fight erupts over its little newspaper as Daily Campus alumni fear censorship  Dallas News


TCU overturns suspensions for some students accused of using Quizlet app to cheat   Dallas News 

Millennials’ confidence in business, loyalty to employers deteriorate  Deloitte 

Class Action Suit Claims Stanford Kicking Out Mentally Disabled Students Courthouse News  

KU student who hacked computers and changed his grades is convicted of 4 felonies  Lawrence Journal-World

Before you pause that student loan...  The Week

More than a million Millennials are becoming moms each year  Pew Research


Interactive data on where college graduates are moving after college (paywall)   Wall Street Journal

Report: College majors and student success  Georgetown


Making Career Moves by Saying No  Inside Higher Ed 


Larry Nassar: Michigan State University to pay $500m to abuse victims  BBC

A USC doctor was accused of bad behavior with young women for years. The university let him continue treating students  LA Times

Judge dismisses former CU Boulder student's Title IX claim over sex assault investigation  Daily Camera

She was sexually assaulted by her youth pastor who later became a megachurch pastor New York Times

UW-Stevens Point assistant dean accused of sexual harassment, rehired at UW-Eau Claire  Stevens Point Journal


Textbook Authors Sue Cengage Over Subscription Model  Inside Higher Ed

Appeals Court Sides with Cornell in Tenure Dispute  Inside Higher Ed

University teachers are exploited, too  CNN


Suicide Is Rising Among American Farmers As They Struggle To Keep Afloat  NPR

How Baby Boomers Broke America  TIME

The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy  The Atlantic


How to manage your money when you’re struggling  Poynter

It's not just you: Everything really is getting more expensive  CNN

US States Renamed for Countries with Similar GDPs  AEI

The Most Popular Infomercial Product in Your State  ATT Savings

Unemployment in America, Mapped Over Time  Flowing Data

Supreme Court rules that employers can make signing away your right to sue them in a class a condition of employment  BoingBoing


We Made Plastic. We Depend On It. Now We're Drowning In It  National Geographic

Release of Chemical Pollution study would cause a ‘public relations nightmare’   Politico

America’s landfills may be completely full in just 13 years  The Outline


FDA approves new drug for prevention of migraines  CNBC

Why Sitting Is The New Smoking: An Animated Explanation  Open Culture


How salad became a major source of food poisoning in the US  Vox 

Eggs Are Safe For Diabetics And Heart Health, Study Finds  Medical Daily

Almost 40% of peer-reviewed dietary research turns out to be wrong. Here’s why  New Food Economy


Warren Buffett once tested his kids with a slot machine, and he won  CNBC

Dear Therapist: My Adult Daughter Thinks I Was an Awful Parent  The Atlantic 

The U.S. spends less on children than almost any other developed nation  Washington Post

American Women Are Having Babies Later  The Atlantic


Quantum Physics May Be Even Spookier Than You Think  Scientific American

Every Cell in Your Body Has the Same DNA. Except It Doesn’t.  New York Times


Psychologists have identified a very good reason why unsolicited advice is so annoying  Quartz

The supposed loneliness epidemic  Claude Fisher Blog 

How Social Isolation Transforms the Brain  CalTech


Sam Harris and the Myth of Perfectly Rational Thought  Wired

What’s so Good about Original Sin? (opinion)  New York Times


How America Gets WWII History Wrong (And Why That Matters)  Cracked

The WIRED Guide to Robots  Wired


California assisted death law overturned in court  Sacramento Bee

MIT Now Has a Humanist Chaplain to Help Students With the Ethics of Tech  The Atlantic


How Shoddy Statistics Found A Home In Sports Research   Five Thirty Eight

Deception, distrust and disrespect  Karolinska Institutet

Give every paper a read for reproducibility  Nature

Peer review could have helped short-circuit the Theranos fake news scandal  Stat News

'Nationalistic' Think Tank Plagiarised Chinese, US, Australian Writings  The Wire

How Scientific Publishers Can End Bullying And Harassment In The Sciences  Forbes

Scientists are subverting formal publishing. well, some of them  Wired

Avoid ethics issues in science publishing with these 5 questions  American Society for Microbiology


College May Not Be Worth It Anymore (opinion)  New York Times

Yes, College Is ‘Worth It,’ One Researcher Says. It’s Just Worth More if You’re Rich.  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Former Utah Valley University employee says school discriminates against women, minorities and non-Mormon employees  The Salt Lake Tribune

The disparities in equality at public colleges from state to state  Ed Trust

PETA sues Texas A&M over Facebook comments the university removed  Dallas Morning News

What states have the most people with a Bachelor’s Degree?  Overflow Data

Trilogy Education Services runs coding boot camps for a growing number of universities  Inside Higher Ed


Ohio College Proposes Cutting Academic Programs and Faculty Layoffs

Marylhurst University to close at end of 2018  Lake Oswego Review

Investigations Into For-Profit College Abuses Dismantled Under Betsy DeVos  Forbes


Oklahoma Christian universities win reprieve from contraception mandate  Tulsa World

Alumni Allege Rampant Sexual Harassment by Former Christian University President  Inside Higher Ed

Catholic U. Plan, Which Could Result in Layoffs of Tenured Profs, Moves Ahead  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Ben Carson Tells Liberty University Graduates They Have 'Tremendous Spheres of Influence'  TIME


Give Students More Options When They Have to Take Your Course  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Future of Learning and How It Could Change Your Classroom  Chronicle of Higher Ed

One-third of students take at least one class online  Washington Post

Articles of Interest - May 14


AI-Powered Baby Translator  Wired

Researchers show Siri and Alexa can be exploited with ‘silent’ commands hidden in songs  TechCrunch 

Disney made a jacket to simulate physical experiences, like a snake slithering across your body: Disney envisions it being used with VR headsets  The Verge

Virtual reality gaming technology is being used to test for fear of heights and could save lives  Quartz

Why learning to code won't save you from losing your job to a robot  Tech Republic

Ticketmaster To Use Facial Recognition In Place of Tickets for Venue Entry  Bleeping Computer

Google's 'Duplex' Raises Ethical Questions  NPR


How can we be sure AI will behave? Perhaps by watching it argue with itself MIT Technology Review  

Google launches a machine learning software kit that makes it easier for mobile developers to incorporate machine learning into their apps  Zdnet

Navigational AI spontaneously develops the equivalent of brain cells used by some mammals to track their location  Quanta Magazine 

A dozen easy to make data science mistakes  CIO 

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is undergoing changes thanks to the explosion of connected data and the internet of things   FCW


YouTubers are known for youthful exuberance. So what happens when one gets seriously ill?  Washington Post

Facebook quietly rolls out issue ads policy  Axios

Facebook, Social Media & the Social Contract  Om Malik 

How to handle a social media crisis  MuckRack

Don’t Blame Phones for Narcissism: A new book argues that 2,500 years of culture have caused an outbreak of self-obsession  The New Republic

Nobody Gives A Damn About Your Klout Score  TechCrunch


Cell phones at summer camp: Research explores the effects  Science Daily

Nearly a quarter of the world’s population remains unbanked. But mobile phones are helping to change that  Economist


This plug-in uses A.I. to create closed captions inside Premiere Pro  Digital Trends


Online advertising grew to $88B last year — more spending than TV TechCrunch

Fox to buy seven TV stations from Sinclair for about $910 million  Reuters 

Traditional TV is in Trouble  New York Times


When Spies Hack Journalism  New York Times

How to Make it In Journalism, According to 4 Barrier-Breaking Latinas  Remezcla

FX and New York Times partner for new series 'The Weekly''  CNN

Google’s news chief Richard Gingras: “We need to rethink journalism at every dimension”  Harvard's Nieman Labs 

Trump's latest shot at the press corps: 'Take away credentials?'  CNN

The local-national news divide on Google and Facebook  Axios

Why Do Journalists Call What They Produce ‘Pieces’?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Finding concussion data can be a headache for reporters  Student Press Law Center

Covering rural America: What reporters get wrong and how to get it right  Journalist’s Resources


Can A New Business Model Save Small-Town Papers?  NPR  

This Is How a Newspaper Dies: It’s with a spasm of profits Politico 


10 tips for verifying viral social media videos  Poynter

Documents Reveal How Russian Official Courted Conservatives In U.S. Since 2009  NPR

Pope Francis Charges Journalists To Shun Fake News  Independent 

I Went to a Flat Earth Convention to Meet Flat Earthers Like My Mom  Vice

This Facebook chatbot wants to help you stay ahead of fake news  Poynter 

The Supreme Court and Sharia law: How a fake-news story spreads: A bogus account began as a typo-ridden parody, but came to be embraced by millions  Politico 

Twitter Is The Place To Go For Fake New  Science 2.0


How to protect journalism advisers from retaliation  Student Press Law Center

Most campus records at private colleges remain protected from public disclosure: Submit your school and we’ll check their reaction with a basic records request  MuckRock

Are barriers to reporting on sexual assault surmountable for student journalists?  Student Press Law Center

Students’ survey highlights censorship of Christian college newspapers  Religious News Service


Learning from Envy   Becoming (my blog)


How to Become a Good Storyteller  LifeHacker

7 Freelance Sites for Current and Future Writers  Study Breaks


How to change emotions with a word Science looks at the subtleties of semiotics  Economist

The evolution of language? There's an app for that


How America Invented ‘Young Adult’ Fiction for a New Kind of Teenager  Zocal Public Square

8 of the Worst moms in Literature  New York Times


Jordan Peterson’s crusade to save Masculinity  Esquire 

A database of female experts in political science  #WomenAlsoKnowStuff

Woman who investigated discrimination at UVU says she was fired after looking into male administrators  Salt Lake Tribune 

Is Your Script Gender-Balanced? Try This Test  New York Times


Non-white scholars are underrepresented in scholarly articles in communications  EurekAlert!

What a white guy with a black puppet taught South Africa about white privilege  Quartz

Black people in NYC are 8 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than whites  Vox


Press Freedom Is Under Fire In Southeast Asia  NPR

Inside the ‘free speech’ debate that rocked a Wisconsin campus, with ripples across the country  PBS


The Law Schools With The Most Unemployed Graduates  Above the Law

A two-decades-long feud over what is in the public domain and what is not  Hollywood Reporter 


See the 2018 Underwater Photography of the Year award winners  Underwater Photography


'This Is America' - How Musicians Add Perspective To Social Issues  The Denver Channel

Surging Demand For Vinyl LPs Has Raised Hopes For Reel-to-Reel Tape Deck, Which is Returning To Sale For First Time in Decades   Slashdot


Protestants decline, more have no religion in a sharply shifting religious landscape  ABC News

Mormon Church Announces End To 100-Year Relationship With Boy Scouts  NPR

The Guardian view on US religion: the Christian right is breaking up  The Guardian

Megachurch elders apologize for casting doubt on women’s allegations against founder  Chicago Tribune

Brother Andrew Turns 90  Religious News Service

Jesus wasn't white: he was a brown-skinned, Middle Eastern Jew. Here's why that matters  BigThink


For evangelicals, Jerusalem is about prophecy, not politics (opinion)  CNN

Mitt Romney calls pastor who delivered blessing at Jerusalem embassy opening 'religious bigot'  Politico

Salem executives pressured radio hosts to cover Trump more positively, emails show  CNN

An Evangelical Journalist finds His Calling at the White House  New York Times


Cornell University student presents thesis in bra, underwear to protest against 'oppressive beliefs'  New York Daily News

TCU Students Suspended, Accused of Cheating Using Popular Study App Quizlet  NBC-5 Dallas

Time Demands of Single Mother College Students and the Role of Child Care in their Postsecondary Success  Institute for Women's Policy Research 

AAUP Says U. of Nebraska Denied Due Process to Grad Student Who Heckled Activist  Chronicle of Higher Ed

University of Florida suspends employee who pushed, constrained graduates

Many Republican Millennials differ with older party members on climate change and energy issues  Pew Research

LGBTQ students at Christian colleges refuse to choose between sexuality and faith  MLive


These are the 10 essential skills that will land you a job in digital media  The Next Web

The Most Efficient Way to Keep Your Resume Up to Date  LifeHacker


NBC Investigation Finds Employees Did Not Feel Comfortable Registering Complaints  NPR

All the problems at NBC News aren’t just coincidence. They’re symptoms  Washington Post

Female student accused of sexual misconduct sues University of Cincinnati  The Hill


Many countries suffer from shrinking working-age populations  Economist

Software that detects human trafficking  Economist


Many results in microeconomics are shaky  Economist

How mobile money is spreading  Economist

Algorithms are making the same mistakes assessing credit scores that humans did a century ago  Quartz

Mobile financial services are cornering the market  Economist

The most important books for economists aren’t academic ones  Quartz

Blockchain & Remittances  Economist


The Obesity Cure Is Out of Reach in the Heaviest States  The Atlantic

Journal retracts paper claiming neurological damage from HPV vaccine  Science Mag

Sticker Shock Jolts Oklahoma Patient: $15,076 For 4 Tiny Screws  NPR 

NIH Pushes for Personalized Medicine: Seeks Health Data of 1 Million People  Washington Post

Adopt 5 Healthy Habits, Live 12 to 14 Years Longer  New York Times


Parenting Myths And Facts  NPR

Time’s interactive showing you what your name would be if you were born in different years  TIME

The Baby-Name Trend That Unites America: In the past decade, new parents have fallen for vowels  The Atlantic

7 facts about U.S. moms  Pew Research Center


The thinking error at the root of science denial  The Conversation 

When Scientific Fraudsters Slip Through the Cracks: More could be done to weed out bad actors  Undark

After researchers created a virus from mail-order DNA, geneticists sound the alarm about the genetic tinkering carried out in garages and living rooms  New York Times


Can You Overdose on Happiness? The science and philosophy of deep brain stimulation  Nautilus

Rates of depression diagnoses in the US, by gender (chart)  The Atlas   

Memory transferred between snails, challenging standard theory of how the brain remembers  StatNews


Jean-Paul Sartre was the original self-help guru  Quartzy

7 Greek philosophers beyond Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle  BigThink


The Most Cited Source on Wikipedia  SlashDot 

In the early 1950s, a psychologist brought together a group of boys at a summer camp – and tried to make them fight each other  The Guardian

The [garbage in, garbage out] Peer Review problem  Science-based Medicine 

Avoiding the Guise of an Anonymous Review  Earth & Space Science News

Thousands of machine-learning scientists have said that they will boycott a new closed-access Nature journal  Inside Higher Ed


My university doesn't graduate politically correct snowflakes, that's fake news  USA Today

What We Gain and Lose as Libraries Change  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Missouri Senate Candidate blames higher ed for leftist ideology  Columbia Tribune

Among the Hottest Job Markets on Campus: Police Officer  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A Duke University VP Walked Into the Campus Coffee Shop, Heard a Rap Song, Demanded That the Employees Be Fired and they were  Indy Week 

DeVos Moves to Loosen Restrictions on Federal Aid to Religious Colleges  New York Times

The Trump administration is launching a new effort to ease restrictions on how religious colleges access and use federal funding  Politico

Alumni: Inappropriate conduct at a Christian college went all the way to the top  The State

Liberal students, colleges should learn from Liberty University's civility (opinion)  The Hill


How Not to Be an Academic in the Courtroom  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Turning pigs into sheep, and other plagiarism adventures: Buying a doctoral thesis can cost anywhere from $10-25,000  Eurasianet


Learning from Envy

Aristotle described envy not as benign desire for what someone else possesses but “as the pain caused by the good fortune of others.” Not surprisingly these pangs often give way to a feeling of malice. Witness the fact that throughout history and across cultures, anyone who enjoyed a piece of good fortune feared and set up defenses against the “evil eye.” Of course, there is not much talk today about the evil eye, at least not in the West, but it surely isn’t because we are less prone to envy than our ancestors.

One of the reasons envy does not take a holiday is that we never give a rest to the impulse to compare ourselves to one another. I have had students respond with glee to being admitted to a graduate program and then a few days later coyly ask: “Hey, Doc. How many applicants do you think were rejected?” — as in, the more rejected the merrier I can allow myself to be.

Social media has generated new vistas for this compulsion to compare and lord it over others.

“Envy is secret admiration,” Kierkegaard said. As such, if we are honest with ourselves, envy can help us identify our vision of excellence and where need be, perhaps reshape it.

Gordon Marino writing in The New York Times


Your coworkers are better at rating some parts of your personality

Sixteen rigorous studies of thousands of people at work have shown that people’s coworkers are better than they are at recognizing how their personality will affect their job performance. As a social scientist, if I want to get a read on your personality, I could ask you to fill out a survey on how stable, dependable, friendly, outgoing, and curious you are. But I would be much better off asking your coworkers to rate you on those same traits: They’re often more than twice as accurate. They can see things that you can’t or won’t—and these studies reveal that whatever you know about yourself that your coworkers don’t is basically irrelevant to your job performance.

Adam Grant writing in the Atlantic

Articles of Interest - May 7

***SOCIAL MEDIA makes faking perfection easy (video)

Twitter Urges All 330 Million Users To Change Passwords After Bug Exposes Them  Digg

Snap to Tweak Snapchat’s Redesign After Users Complain  New York Times

Instagram quietly launches payments for commerce  Tech Crunch


Facebook employee fired over bragging about access to user information  Reuters

Facebook’s failed crackdown on fake accounts  Washington Post

Despite Facebook News Feed algorithm changes, fake news still thrives  Mashable

Facebook might be working on a secret internet satellite  CNBC


The rise of social media influencers  CBS News

CGI Instagram ‘Influencers’ Like Lil Miquela Are About to Flood Your Feeds  Wired


FCC Approves 100% Mexican Ownership of Radio Stations in California and Arizona   Broadcast Law Blog

Declining share of Americans would find it very hard to give up TV  Pew Research Center


Facebook Has Begun To Rank News Organizations By Trust, Zuckerberg Says  BuzzFeed

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Understand Journalism  The Atlantic

NowThis to launch breaking news channel on Snapchat  Axios

How journalists can better cover neglected communities  American Press Institute

Taking Visual Journalism Into the Sky With Drones  New York Times

The Dangers Of Journalism In Afghanistan  NPR

How to Use Twitter to Connect Online Students to News  Media Shift

A Newspaper Is Sold, and Cambodians Fear the End of Press Freedom  New York Times


Alden Global Capital is making so much money wrecking local journalism it might not want to stop anytime soon  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

4 ways managers can build a more inclusive newsroom for diverse new hires  American Press Institute 

How The Economist uses its 12-person data journalism team to drive subscriptions  Digiday

The case for reimagining news as a finite product  Poynter


Transparency is the Mother of Fake News  New York Times

Streaming Services Have a Conspiracy Theory Problem  Slate

People who are delusional, dogmatic, or religious fundamentalists are more likely to believe fake news  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

People think she's a Parkland 'crisis actor' - conspiracy theorists and the dangers of actual fake news  Washington Post

This study is all about what makes people bullshitters  Poynter


Spy agency NSA triples collection of U.S. phone records: official report Reuters

Microsoft's Nadella says privacy is a human right that needs protecting Cnet


Pirate Radio Stations Explode on YouTube  New York Times


Free, open-source website-archiving tool  Chronicle of Higher Ed

From The Internet Of Things To The Internet Of Thoughts  Forbes


Microsoft pitches running AI projects atop chips designed to be reprogrammed and shift with changing software  Wired

Intelligence agencies try to take advantage of machine learning and AI   c4isrnet

CERN’s attempt to use of machine learning to crunch particle physics data  Tech Crunch

One of the next big things in geospatial intelligence is tiny black boxes aboard satellites  Space News

The military exchanges have removed Chinese cellphones  Military Times

Intelligence community, companies give out satellite imagery to motivate app developers  Space News

R language resources to improve your data skills  Computer WorldPentagon AI effort Project Maven mines drone live-video feeds using machine learning techniques  Space News


Our sleep habits both reveal and shape our loves  Becoming (my blog)

Girls' Night In Readers' Toughest Questions on Self-Care in the Workplace, Answered  Girls Night In Club

The Upside of Envy  New York Times


Pedestrian Hit by Car on Rosecrans Street in Midway District  Times of San Diego


Mueller's former assistant says grammatical errors prove leaked questions came from Trump  The Hill

One space or two between sentences?  Washington Post


62 of the World’s Best Independent Bookstores  Atlas Obscura

The Right To Browse: A Library Puts Books Into Storage And Readers Cry Foul  NPR

The digital age killed cursive. But it can’t kill the signature. Here’s why.  Washington Post

Use a Placeholder in Your Writing to Keep From Getting Stuck  Life Hacker

The ban on split infinitives is an idea whose time never came  Economist


Some of the word-formation processes involved in the coining of names for new media firestorms  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Why Are Young People Trying to Talk Fancy?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

What Are Your Exceptional Euphemisms This Spring?  Chronicle of Higher Ed


How children’s literature became everybody’s literature  Boston Globe  

Novelist Ian McEwan's Kid Got a C+ on an Essay About Ian McEwan's Novel  Jezebel

J.R.R. Tolkien Expressed a “Heartfelt Loathing” for Walt Disney and Refused to Let Disney Studios Adapt His Work  Open Culture

 The Fairytale Language of the Brothers Grimm  Daily JSTOR


When Misogynists Become Terrorists (opinion)  New York Times

Boy Scouts are dropping the word 'Boy' from flagship program; Girl Scouts shrug  USA Today

Wall Street’s Big Gender Lawsuit Is 13 Years in the Making  Bloomberg

Most GOP Voters Don’t Ever Want to See a Female President  Care2

How does gender influence the academic publishing process?  Biomed Central

He Makes a Joke in an Elevator and some are Demanding an Apology  Chronicle of Higher Ed


America is more diverse than ever — but still segregated  Washington Post

What The Uproar Over Kanye West Might Reveal About Black Voters  NPR

Centre College students held a sit-in to demand that it deal with issues of racism and discrimination on campus   The Advocate-Messager

Ranks of Notorious Hate Group Include Active-Duty Military  ProPublica

US labor force participation rate, by race  The Atlas


My Effing First Amendment  This American Life

How a tiny protest at the U. of Nebraska turned into a proxy war for the future of campus politics  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Syracuse University threatens to expel students for satirical fraternity ‘roast’; fires professor who defended free speech  The FIRE


First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Encouraging Readers to Make Anti-Semetic Attacks  Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Law school staffer arrested after faking being at work for over a year while hanging out at Hooters in Las Vegas  Above the Law


Google teams with NBC to build VR content for its TV shows  Tech Crunch

The Future of Branding? Synthetic Voices that Sound Just Like Our Own  Fast Company

China’s Tech Industry Wants Youth, Not Experience  Bloomberg 

Want to work for Ikea? Your next job interview could be conducted by a Russian robot Washington Post

What Is Blockchain? Three Videos Explain the New Technology That Promises to Change Our World  Open Culture


North Korea's Secret Christians  The Atlantic

Conservative Colorado ministry cancels California conventions over state bill that would ban gay conversion therapy  Denver Post

Same-sex marriage garners support among most American religious groups, study shows  Religious News Service

How American Christians can break free from ‘slaveholder religion’  Religious News Service

Blacks more likely than others in U.S. to read the Bible regularly, see it as God’s word  Pew Research Center

For Jehovah's Witnesses, an insular culture and archaic rules have created a "recipe for child abuse."  Philadelphia Inquierer


The Scandal Tearing Apart America's Largest Protestant Denomination  The Atlantic

Paige Patterson and Doing the Right Thing for the SBC, Again (opinion)  Christianity Today

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What are you willing to Give up Sleep for?

Our sleep habits both reveal and shape our loves. A decent indicator of what we love is that for which we willingly give up sleep.

My willingness to sacrifice sleep reveals less noble loves. I stay up late later than I should, drowsy, collapsed, on the couch, vaguely surfing the internet, watching cute puppy videos. Or I stay up trying to squeeze more activity into the day to pack it with as much productivity as possible. My disordered sleep reveals a disordered love, idols of entertainment or productivity.

My willingness to sacrifice much-needed rest and my prioritizing amusement or work over the basic needs of my body and the people around me reveal of that these good things—entertainment and work—have taken a place of ascendancy in my life.

Tish Warren, Liturgy of the Ordinary

The Phone Trade-Off

Smartphone photography isn’t making us dumber. It’s shifting the way our minds work, refocusing our attention.

Alixandra Barasch is a cognitive scientist at NYU. In her work, she finds that, yes, incessant smartphone camera use can lead to lapses in memory. But, more importantly, she finds a wrinkle: Cameras can also focus our attention to enhance memory.

She’s run similar studies to the one at Stanford, where participants either take photos or don’t take photos while on a museum tour. When instructed to take photos of an exhibit, her participants were more likely to remember visual aspects of their experience (the art and artifacts they saw) than if they didn’t take photos. But there’s a trade-off: The participants snapping photos were less likely to remember information they heard.

Brian Resnick writing in Vox