Articles of Interest - August 19


Journalists face job losses, low pay, attacks by Trump — and I want in  USA Today 

The news gets worse for local journalism Washington Post

Local newsrooms can now get extra legal help with their reporting   Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Matt Drudge Has Barely Changed Anything About The Drudge Report In The Last 20 Years  BuzzFeed News 


A Texas con artist made millions promising prisoners' families the thing they wanted most: To bring their children home  The Marshall Project 

How And Why People Come Up With Conspiracy Theories  NPR

These deepfakes of Bill Hader are absolutely terrifying  CNET

Maybe you know that article is satire, but a lot of people can’t tell the difference  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Websites that peddle disinformation make millions of dollars in ads, new study finds  CNN


Amazon says its facial recognition can now identify fear CNBC

Teen's tweets from her smart fridge go viral after mother confiscates phone  The Guardian 

Octopus-Inspired Wearable Sensor  Nature World News 


A summer camp for the next generation of NSA Agents  New Yorker  

Re-Imagining big data in a post-Hadoop world  Datami


Why These Social Networks Failed So Badly  Gizmodo


D.E.S.C. when someone keeps repeating inappropriate behavior  Becoming (my blog)

Stephen Colbert's Perspective On Grief Brings Anderson Cooper To Tears During Powerful Interview  Digg


Avoid Plagiarism With Google's New Assignments Tool  Life Hacker 

The Em Dash Divides New York Times


Video games are literature’s new frontier  Venture Beat 

A New Literary Timeline of African-American History  New York Times

Review of dystopian novel “The Memory Police”  Washington Post 

These Classic Books Are Surprisingly Fresh—and They're Free  Life Hacker

An overview of the amenities-heavy new libraries that are becoming tourist attractions across the world  New York Times  

Five novels win China's top literature award   Xinhuanet


Someone painted bullet holes on face of Emily Dickinson in art display  Mass Live  

Emily Dickinson’s ‘scraps of paper’ inspire art installation at poet’s Amherst conservatory Boston Globe

The Unsung Influence Of Poetry On Iron Maiden  Kerrang 

Elizabeth Thomas uses her writing to make sense of the world  Courant 

On the Gleefully Indecent Poems of a Medieval Welsh Feminist Poet  Lit Hub 

How a Scottish Borders boy became a leading Australian bush poet  BBC 


Nearly 200,000 trans people have been exposed to conversion therapy, study says  NBC News

The Hazards of Writing While Female  The Atlantic  

Christian Women’s Shelter Doesn’t Need to Admit Trans Woman, Court Rules  Daily Signal 

StoryCorps: Transgender Woman Recalls Coming Out To Her Family In The 1960s  NPR

MSU suggests employees avoid saying 'I apologize,' 'no problem,' 'sir,' 'ma'am'  Campus Reform

Two-thirds of published poets are male, so does poetry have a gender issue?  Irish Times 


The 1619 Project  New York Times 


Inside The Prison Where Inmates Set Each Other On Fire and Gangs Have More Power Than Guards 


Trump’s 'Invasion' Was actually a Corporate Recruitment Drive  The Atlantic 

Ruling limits border agents’ ability to search cellphones  LA Times

Documents Allege Serious Medical Neglect Inside Otay Mesa Detention Center  Voice of San Diego


FBI seeks to monitor Facebook, oversee mass social media data collection  zdet

Security Researcher’s ‘NULL’ Vanity Plates Cause Glitch That Lands Him $12,000 in Parking Tickets  Gizmodo  

Microsoft warns Windows 10 users to update immediately CNN

Facial recognition tech misidentified 26 California lawmakers as criminals  Engadget 


Computer Science Professors Says We Can Probably Make Email Better For Everyone  NPR 


Hillsong Songwriter Marty Sampson Says He’s Losing His Christian Faith  Relevant Magazine  

The reputation of the gospel is at risk (opinion)  Washington Post 

U.S. Missionary With No Medical Training Sued After Malnourished Ugandan Children Died At Her Center  NPR

Oregon pastor and stripper team up to raise money for migrant kids after sweeping ICE raid  The Hill

A new priest’s more traditional approach has split one of Portland’s oldest Catholic churches Oregon Live 

Southwestern Distances Itself from Paige Patterson in Sex Abuse Lawsuit  Christianity Today  

Bid to allow some married priests engages celibacy debate  Washington Post 

Methodist Church closer to official split over LGBTQ issues Washington Times 

Billy Graham's Grandson Back in the Pulpit following Cheating Scandal  Christian Headlines

What HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones gets right about evangelicals Vox


Reviews of Netflix Documentary The Family 


3-year-old uses lemonade sales to buy baby supplies for mothers in need  ABC-11

FBI agent reunited with abducted baby he helped rescue decades ago  NBC News 

Indiana boy convinces mayor to put up 'turtle crossing' signs near ponds  ABC News

Warm-hearted Uber driver surprises fast food worker with a new dress after hearing her struggles  Digg 

He Gave a Bike to a Refugee Girl. 24 Years Later, She Got to Thank Him  New York Times  

Man invites police to help mow lawns in all 50 states  Associated Press


Lil Nas X’s hit song is leaving one Massachusetts town without its ‘Old Town Road’ street signs Mass Live 

Architect goes blind, says he's actually gotten better at his job  CBS News 

Burglar Carefully Wipes Down His Fingerprints — While Staring Directly Into Security Camera (with video) Digg 

Man says emotional support alligator helps his depression  New York Post

Man Implicates Himself After Using Stolen Credit Card And Signing As ‘Thief’  CBS Pittsburgh 

Man Accused of Stalking Sent Woman 10,000 Texts  NBC Washington 

Missing dentures found stuck in throat 8 days after surgery  Associated Press

Too Much Karaoke Sent a Man to the Hospital with a Collapsed Lung  Live Science

Clinton: Woman reports her car stolen, while running from police in that car

$12.3M payout for infant burned in Madigan operating-room fire delayed as feds consider appeal  The Seattle Times 


Cultural Regions Of America, Visualized  Digg

10 best Chrome extensions for designers  UX Design


Are men singing higher in pop music?  Pudding 

The 30 best films about music, chosen by musicians The Guardian


Verizon to sell Tumblr to WordPress owner  Reuters  

U.S. Pay-TV Subscriber Losses More Than Triple To 1.5M In Q2 – Report – Deadline  Deadline

UK's 'The Spectator' To Launch U.S. Monthly Print Magazine  Media Post

Friends is hitting theaters for show's 25th anniversary  Entertainment Weekly 


Learn & Practice On How To Fire Employees In Virtual Reality   VR & Fun


India’s holiest river is drying up  National Geographic 

Extreme climate change has reached the United States: Here are America’s fastest-warming places Washington Post


Smog And Other Air Pollution Is Linked To Lung Damage  NPR

Healthy tips on preparing for surgery  Washington Post 

Why Some Doctors Purposefully Misdiagnose Patients  The Atlantic 

Dozens of Young People Hospitalized for Breathing and Lung Problems After Vaping  New York Times 

Pakistan’s doctors are getting fired in Arab countries. Blame its unreliable medical degrees  The Print 

Nearly 100 People Have Reported Lung Diseases That May Be Linked to Vaping, and the CDC Is Getting Involved  TIME 


Tissue model reveals role of blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer’s  MIT

Scientists discover new pain-sensing organ  The Guardian 

Engineers Have Found A Way To Use Sweat For Some Medical Tests  NPR 


FAA Bans Recalled MacBook Pros From Flights  Bloomberg


Chess champ’s formidable opponent: Red tape  Washington Post 

Welcome to the World of Competitive Wiffle Ball  The Ringer

When the internet Chases you from your Home  New York Times


This Is The Most Popular Ice Cream Shop In Every State  Delish 

The 33 Best BBQ Joints in America  Thrillist 

Pumpkin Spice Spam Is Real And Coming Out This Fall  Delish 


The Weird History of Baby Cage, The Oddest Parenting Trend of the ’20s  Fatherly  


Amazing octopus found in a rock pool in Cornwall  Cornwall Live  

These Scientists Gave Ecstasy To Octopuses And Discovered Something Unexpected  Gentside 

It will soon be a crime in Alabama to misrepresent a pet as a service animal  


A dozen science sites around the US  Washington Post  

Chemists make first-ever ring of pure carbon  Nature 

Scientists know gravity exists: They just don’t know how it works  Washington Post  


A psychiatry publication goes from open access to subscription  Healio    


John Rawls and the Remaking of Political Philosophy  Harvard Magazine 

Philosopher Portraits: Famous Philosophers Painted in the Style of Influential Artists  Open Culture 


When so many email addresses on journal articles don’t work, we have a problem  Nature Index 

US Faculty Survey 2018 Reveals Uncertainty about Fraudulent Research Practices  Ithaka S+R

Survey of Chinese biomedical researchers: Vague understanding of general concepts related to research integrity  T&F Online  

When I read an article, I often have the sinking feeling that the authors didn’t actually read some of the papers they are citing  Journal of Cell Science 

Due to the publication of the article by the supervisor without the knowledge of a college student, this article is retracted  International Journal of Infection 

What difference do retractions make? An estimate of the epistemic impact of retractions on recent meta-analyses   Bioxiv

Four erroneous beliefs thwarting more trustworthy research   eLife Science

UC faculty members quit Cell Press editorial boards over impasse with publisher  Science Mag 

Here is how fake scientific journals are bypassing detection filters  Down to Earth

The Value of Redundancy in Research, or, In Research, Redundancy Has Value  Scholarly Kitchen


Moody's Maintains Negative Outlook for Higher Ed  Inside Higher Ed 

College Campuses: Are They Too P.C.? (opinion)  New York Times

What This Title IX Case About Hazing Means for Women on Campus  MS Magazine  

Court Victory for Foreign Students Enrolled in Fake College  Inside Higher Ed

Cincinnati Christian University May Lose its Accreditation if Financial Problems and Other Issues Aren’t Resolved  City Beat 

Camp at Oklahoma Christian University brings together missionary families Oklahoman

Methodist University Hires a Muslim Chaplain  PJ Media  

Are faith-based ideas about sex spurring a consent conversation at Christian colleges?  Deseret News


Banning laptops or other note-taking devices from the classroom is an extreme stance that isn’t right for every student  Inside Higher Ed

'Substantial doubt' that Cincinnati Christian University keeps accreditation Cincinnati

How Calling on Random Students Could Hurt Women  Chronicle  

Could eye-tracking software help catch students cheating on exams?  T&F online

How Do We Teach With Primary Sources When So Many Voices Are Missing? Ed Week


Court report supports Lantern case for Ohio State records  The Latern 


Fired University of Illinois professor, has lost his court bid to be reinstated  News-Gazette 

The firing of a university tennis coach accused of sexual harassment may have been motivated by public arm-twisting  Inside Higher Ed 

Professor exonerated for quoting iconic black writer at The New School The FIRE


India Sets Weight Limits On Students' Backpacks  NPR

Graduate Students Are Increasingly Shouldering The Country's Student Debt NPR

Alabama girl wore tux for senior portrait. Her school yearbook left her picture out NBC News


When someone keeps repeating inappropriate behavior:

Describe the other person’s behavior objectively (be specific and don’t switch from talking about the action to the motive)

Express your feelings (as related to the goal but don’t relive the feelings)

Specify what you want to see changed (and what you are willing to change, don’t merely imply that you’d like a change) 

Give explicit Consequences if there is change (reward) or no change (punishment)

Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s argument (written in the 1600’s) went like this: Suppose you concede that you don’t know whether or not God exists and therefore assign a 50 percent chance to either proposition How should you weight these odds when decided whether to lead a pious life? If you act piously and God exists, Pascal argued, your gain – eternal happiness - is infinite. If, on the other hand, God does not exist, your loss, or negative return, is small – the sacrifices of piety. To weigh these possible gains and losses, Pascal proposed, you multiply the probability of each possible outcomes by its payoff and add them all up, forming a kind of average or expected payoff. 

In other words, the mathematical expectation of your return on piety is one-half infinity (your gain if God exists) minus one-half a small number (your loss if he does not exist). Pascal knew enough about infinity to know that the answer to this calculation is infinite, and thus the expected return on piety is infinitely positive. Every reasonable person, Pascal concluded, should therefore follow the laws of God. Today this argument is know as Pascal’s wager. 

Pascal’s wager is often considered the founding of the mathematical discipline of game theory, the quantitative study of optimal decision strategies in games.

Leonard Mlodinow, The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives

Real Love and Fidelity

It may be said that fidelity secures itself against unfaithfulness by becoming accustomed not to separate desire from love. For if desire travels swiftly and anywhere, love is slow and difficult; love actually does pledge one for the rest of one’s life, and it exacts nothing less than this pledge in order to disclose its real nature. That is why a man who believes in marriage can no longer believe seriously in ‘love at first sight’, still less in the ‘irresistible’ nature of passion…which is an alibi invoked by the guilty.   

Denis de Rougemont, Love in the Western World 


Learned from childhood (not necessarily verbalized)
a. Measure up (you’re climbing a ladder to get to ahead and when you get there it’s already been moved 3 rungs up)
b. Don’t let your guard down. People won’t like you.
c. You can’t trust a man until he’s 6 feet under 
d. Sex is dirty. So save it for the one you love. 
e. Good Christians don’t show negative emotions
You must let go of false messages from your childhood and carry your OWN cross. Not someone else’s.
What mottos have you had to battle and what effect have they had on your life?

David Seamonds


Articles of Interest - August 12


Critical U.S. Election Systems Have Been Left Exposed Online Despite Official Denials  Vice

California police robot flagging "blacklisted" people and cars  Quartz

Robotic Contact Lenses That Let Users Zoom with the Blink of an Eye  People


Attempting to get deep learning past pattern-recognition correlation to causation with a little Bayesian help  Enterprise AI 

50 successful blockchains applications  Data Science Central  

Nowhere to hide: Tracking the movements of military equipment, identifying training and operation patterns as well as chemical compositions combined with infrared imaging  Breaking Defense

MIT breaks new ground in AI with ‘deep’ knitting  ZDnet 


Facebook Said to Be in Talks With Publishers on News Effort  New York Times

Trump draft order targets "anti-conservative" social media  Quartz

Instagram ad partner secretly sucked up and tracked users location and stories all in the name of ad business  Tech Crunch 

I want the best, and only the best tweets  Tools for Reporters


Google Maps AR Navigation comes to iPhones and Android devices Are Technica


WhatsApp Flaws Could Allow Hackers to Alter Messages  Bloomberg  

Robocall blocking apps caught sending your private data without permission  Tech Crunch

These Legit-Looking iPhone Lightning Cables Will Hijack Your Computer  Vice

What a security researcher learned from monitoring traffic at Defcon  Cnet


Faster internet is coming, but only for a few  Axios 

Robocall blocking apps caught sending your private data without permission  Tech Crunch 


 7 facts about black Americans and the news media  Pew Research  

The art of the unhurried interview  Live Mint

Washington Post adds 15 corrections to story on black families & southern farmland  iMediaEthics  


Author discusses new book on inclusion, free speech and political correctness on campus  Inside Higher Ed

Pushing back against anti-vaxxers  Washington Post

Flat-Earther 'Mad' Mike Hughes Is Being Sponsored by a Dating App to Nearly Get Himself Killed  Live Science 

Epstein Suicide Conspiracies Show How Our Information System Is Poisoned  New York Times


I can’t and I don’t  Becoming (my blog)

Pluck the Day is more accurate than Seize the Day  Jstor 

The crucial piece of advice TED gives to nervous speakers  Quartz    


Even A Grammar Geezer Like Me Can Get Used To Gender Neutral Pronouns  NPR

APA Style Guide Endorses 1-Space Rule  Inside Higher Ed

Why widely spoken languages have simpler grammar  Economist


From a wrongful arrest to a life-saving romance: the typos that have changed people's lives  The Guardian

Religious activist convicted for burning LGBTQ library books  NBC News

Millions of Books Are Secretly in the Public Domain. You Can Download Them Free  Vice


Wikipedia Is Helping Keep Welsh Alive Online  Slate

As a language dies, who will mourn? Should anyone? (opinion)  Washington Post


The Classic Novel That Is Most Often Abandoned By Readers  Mental Floss

San Francisco Will Raise Maya Angelou Sculpture  Hyperallergic 

The Bookstagrammers and BookTubers changing the way people read  Washington Post 

Jane Austen was shockingly underpaid compared to other authors of her era  Vox

J.D. Salinger son typing up father’s handwritten work for digital  Quartzy

Franz Kafka papers lost in Europe but reunited in Jerusalem  BBC 

Take a Virtual Tour of Jane Austen’s Library  Open Culture

‘Landmark’ BBC series on the novel kicks off year-long celebration of literature  The Bookseller


Toni Morrison and the Power of Literature  New York Times

The Toughest Sentence Toni Morrison Ever Wrote  The Walrus  

Toni Morrison Deconstructs White Supremacy in America  Open Culture

Going to the Movies with Toni Morrison  New Yorker  

Don’t Call Toni Morrison a Poet  New York Times


How Devotional Poetry Unlocks the Bible's Surprises  Christianity Today

'The Negro Artist' tells his own identity story through poetry  Columbia Missourian  

'At Last History Has Meaning': The Poetry of Jean Arasanayagam  The Wire

Writing for future generations: New poetry collection by James Jay looks at life from behind the bar  Aztec Daily  

'A Frank O'Hara Notebook' gives us two poets and New York City in the '60s  SF Gate

Walt Whitman Isn’t America’s Greatest Poet  National Review 

23 collections of Canadian poetry to watch for this fall  CBC 

The Case of the “Disappearing” Poet  New Republic 


Men avoid reusable shopping bags to not look gay: study  New York Post 

What the research says about hormones and surgery for transgender youth  Journalist’s Resources 

 The female spies who helped liberate WWII France  Washington Post 


"Erased from Public Memory": The History of Anti-Latino Violence in the US  WNYC Studios 

White people who sign up for tours of old slave plantations are posting negative reviews because the tour guides made slavery seem all icky and stuff  Washington Post 

U.S. State Department confirms alleged leader of white-nationalist group is an employee Associated Press

Hispanic women no longer account for the majority of immigrant births in the U.S. Pew Research Center

Police: El Paso shooting suspect said he targeted Mexicans  Associated Press  

A furore over an offensive advert divides Singapore  Economist  

The challenges for black performers in ‘white’ roles  Washington Post 


Court OKs Copyright for Banana Costume’s Artistic Features  Bloomberg

Lawyers’ Recent Stagnant Wages Highlighted in ABA Profile  Bloomberg


100 Immigrants Pepper-Sprayed At Louisiana ICE Facility  BuzzFeed News


A desperate, panicked, and openly theocratic evangelical movement is falsely demonizing secularism and those who believe in the separation of church and state as a threat to religion (opinion)  Above the Law 

Losing My Religion at Christian Camp  Longreads 

Evangelical Lutheran Church first 'sanctuary church body' in US  CNN

Assemblies of God Elects First Woman to Top Leadership Team  Christianity Today

Religiously unaffiliated people face harassment in a growing number of countries  Pew Research Center

Are podcasts replacing church for some believers?  Baptist News

Evangelical community thriller is so-so, but actors are charming  Washington Post


Pete Buttigieg hires the first faith outreach director of the 2020 campaign  Washington Post

Why do evangelicals oppose gun control? (Opinion)  The Week 


Oregon man reunited with $23,000 in cash discarded in Humboldt recycling bin  Press Democrat

Actor Danny Trejo rushes in to rescue child in Sylmar car crash ABC-7 


25+ Simple Tattoo Ideas Offering Creative Ways to Say More with Less My Modern Met

Giant emoji painted on house roil California community  Associated Press


Alma Deutscher: The prodigy whose "first language" is Mozart  60 Minutes


15 years ago, New York’s attorney general investigated pay-for-play in the radio industry. Insiders say the practice lives on — in a more sophisticated form  Rolling Stone

Would you care if music disappeared from FM radio? You may only have a decade to save it  CNBC 


Story Pitches  LA Taco

Journalists to help edit/rewrite existing articles  Healthline

Pitches for its upcoming issues  Roadtrippers Magazine

Freelance pitches  Runner's World magazine  

Journalists, writers, photographers, videographers who identify as disabled: essay ideas on how your particular challenge influences the way they work and what you produce  High Country News

Seeking new writers Modern Parent  

Freelance science writers  Stacker  


A Potential Title IX Supreme Court Case?   Inside Higher Ed 

9 women sued Dartmouth for ignoring sexual misconduct. The college settled for $14M  USA Today 

Title IX a Sticking Point in Talks Over New Higher Ed Law  Inside Higher Ed 


The US funeral industry is getting innovative  Axios 

The rural America death spiral  Axios


Why People Move  Flowing Data 

A 50,000 Person Harvard Study Reveals the 3 Ways to Spot the Most Toxic Employees  Inc.  

What to Do When You Feel Uninspired at Work New York Times

Meet the next generation of entrepreneurs: They’re all over 65  MIT Technology Review     


Researchers Find Proteins That Might Restore Damaged Sound-Detecting Cells in The Ear  Hopkins Medicine

Advanced sleepers go to bed early, rise early because of natural body clock  UPI

Scientists Determined Why Room Temperature Is So Important for Sleep  Curiosity 

We've Known How To Treat Pneumonia For Decades, Why Is It The No.1 Killer Of Children?  Seeker 

Hearing aids: You ain't heard nothing yet  CBS News  

Penn Engineering’s Blinking Eye-on-a-Chip Used for Disease Modeling and Drug Testing  Medium


The Best and Worst US Airports of 2019 The Points Guy  


Video-Game Violence Is Now a Partisan Issue  The Atlantic

A chess obsessive resigned to his fate  Washington Post

Video games’ real problem? The gamers (opinion)  Washington Post

Walmart pulls violent video game displays from its stores, but it will still sell guns  CNN


Less Sex, Fewer Babies: Blame The Internet And Career Priorities  NPR   

What Parents May Not Realize When They Post About Their Kids Online  NPR 


Woman sent to hospital after posing with octopus on face  KIRO-TV 


Is the Threat of ‘Fake Science’ Real?  Lawfare 

Probing the Mysteries of Gravity  Undark 

It’s important for scientists (and others who care about it) to tell the story of science, while not trying to hide its flaws  Inside Higher Ed

Particle physics once again finds itself at a crossroads: which big particle-collider experiment to build next  Quantam Magazine 


Your Therapist’s Prescription? The Right Book New York Times

Study: More than half of clinical trial abstracts published in top psychiatry and psychology journals exaggerate the significance of study findings  Medscape  

When Did Self-Help Become Self-Care? New York Times


Our Brains Tell Stories So We Can Live Without inner narratives we would be lost in a chaotic world 

A protein in your brain behaves like a virus, infecting your cells with memories  Massive Science 


China bans movies, actors from prominent Taiwan film awards  ABC News

Schoolchildren in China work overnight to produce Amazon Alexa devices The Guardian 


The World's Military Spending, Visualized  Digg  

Orange County, longtime GOP stronghold, now has more registered Democrats than Republicans  LA Times 

46% of U.S. social media users say they are ‘worn out’ by political posts and discussions  Pew Research


Dorothy Bishop on correcting one’s own errors  Bishop Blog

Pepsi employee caught masquerading as unbiased academic, sticks to the act  CrossFit 

Pacific Standard is shutting down, cut off from its major foundation funder  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


Court Approves Purchase of Law School by For-Profit  Inside Higher Ed 

More Private Colleges Are Cutting Tuition, but Don’t Expect to Pay Less  New York Times 

Dispute Over Minority Affairs, Collapse of a Student Senate  Inside Higher Ed

Author discusses new book on inclusion, free speech and political correctness on campus  Inside Higher Ed 


Thinking about Liberty University and decades of journalism struggles at private colleges  Get Religion 

LGBTQ advocates want intervention to break what they call a long-standing pattern of discrimination at one of the nation's most prominent religious institutions  Inside Higher Ed 

Transgender student suspended from Christian college after top surgery  NBC News  

Northwest Nazarene University satellite now in orbit, sending data back to Nampa  KTVB


A national experiment reveals where a growth mindset improves achievement  Nature

Talk to Text: A Hack on Grading  Faculty Focus 


7 things everyone should do while they’re in college that can help them in the future  TED 

Helping Students With Disabilities  New York Times

Half of young Americans say their degree is irrelevant to their work  MarketWatch

No, Half of Young Americans Don't Believe College Is Unnecessary  Inside Higher Ed

After racist ‘troll storm,’ AU grad awarded over $700,000  Washington Post 


Another professor is under fire for using the slur in class while discussing a work by James Baldwin  Inside Higher Ed

Professor fired over confrontation with protesting students  The Star  

A significant minority of tenured faculty spend their lives undermining others (sub. req’ed)  Times Higher Ed 

I can’t and I don’t 

Every time you tell yourself “I can't”, you're creating a feedback loop that is a reminder of your limitations. This terminology indicates that you're forcing yourself to do something you don't want to do.

In comparison, when you tell yourself “I don't”, you're creating a feedback loop that reminds you of your control and power over the situation. It's a phrase that can propel you towards breaking your bad habits and following your good ones.

“I can't” and “I don't” are words that seem similar and we often interchange them for one another, but psychologically they can provide very different feedback and, ultimately, result in very different actions. They aren't just words and phrases. They are affirmations of what you believe, reasons for why you do what you do, and reminders of where you want to go.

The ability to overcome temptation and effectively say no is critical not only to your physical health, but also to maintaining a sense of well–being and control in your mental health.

To put it simply: you can either be the victim of your words or the architect of them. Which one would you prefer?

James Clear 


Proactive Language

There’s nothing I can do.. Let’s look at our alternatives.
That’s just the way I am.. I can choose a different approach.
He makes me so mad.. I control my own feelings.
They won’t allow that.. I can create an effective presentation.
I have to do that..I will choose an appropriate response.
I can’t..I choose.
I must.. I prefer.
If only.. I will.

A serious problem with reactive language is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People become reinforced in the paradigm that they are determined, and they produce evidence to support the belief. They feel out of control, not in charge of their life or their destiny. They blame outside forces - other people, circumstances, even the stars - for their own situation.

Stephen Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

A Sense of Urgency

You are your own worst enemy. You waste precious time dreaming of the future instead of engaging in the present. Since nothing seems urgent to you, you are only half involved in what you do. The only way to change is through action and outside pressures. Put yourself in situations where you have too much at stake to waste time or resources – if you cannot afford to lose, you won’t. Cut your ties to the past; enter unknown territory where you must depend on your wits and energy to see you through. Place yourself on “death ground,” where you back is against the wall and you have to fight like hell to get out alive. 

Robert Greene, The 33 Strategies of War

Articles of Interest - August 5


Women Rewriting the Rules of Reporting in the Arab World  The New York Times

What newsrooms need to know about Americans’ news habits  RTDNA

Investigative journalism students play a key role in overturning a conviction  Harvard’s Nieman Report

I’ve Seen the Limits of Journalism  The Atlantic  


Dying Gasp of One Local Newspaper  The New York Times 

A Future without a Front Page  The New York Times


He Was The Face Of A Bike-A-Thon To Fight Cancer. He Was Also A Fake  The New York Times


10 facts about Americans and Twitter  Pew Research 

The 2019 Instagram Rich List — Who Earns The Most From Sponsored Posts?  Hopper HQ 

TikTok, The Internet's Hottest Meme Breeding Ground, Turns 1  NPR


Facebook is funding brain experiments to create a device that reads your mind  MIT Tech Review  

EU ruling says sites could be liable for user-tracking Facebook Like buttons  The Verge

Why doesn’t Facebook help after your account gets hacked?  Digitsal Trends 

Facebook says it dismantles covert influence campaign tied to Saudi Arabia  Reuters


Chaos Computing: What it is and why we should care about it?  Medium  

These studies offer clues about the early universe and the arrow of time and “hope that we can describe even these very messy, complicated systems with simple patterns”  Quanta Magazine

MIT Debuts language designed for Bayesian stats and machine learning: great for tracking objects in space, estimating 3D, the structure of a time series  Infoq

National Reconnaissance Office product Sentient: “an omnivorous analysis tool…pointing satellites toward the most interesting parts of that future” making “things simpler downstream for human analysts” The Verge 


Capital One Says Hacker Breached Accounts Of 100 Million People; Ex-Amazon Employee Arrested  Forbes  

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US  The Guardian

Kids at the center of facial recognition  Axios 

Internet of Things Cybersecurity Tips Offered by Science Agency  Bloomberg


PR’s Journalistic Roots Help Brands Transition to Digital  Story Hunter


People forged judges’ signatures to trick Google into changing results  ArsTechnica


Tech giants crush other media despite looming threats  Axios 


Motivated Reasoning  Becoming (my blog)

The trick that makes you overspend  BBC  


The Birth of the Semicolon  The Paris Review 

Grammar rules are an invention: It’s time to stop taking them so seriously NBC News

A Defense of the Semicolon and Other Adventures in the English Language New York Times


Dallas bodycam footage released showing moments before death of unarmed man  NBC News 

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Motivated Reasoning 

When we identify too strongly with a deeply held belief, idea, or outcome, a plethora of cognitive biases can rear their ugly heads. Take confirmation bias, for example. This is our inclination to eagerly accept any information that confirms our opinion, and undervalue anything that contradicts it. It’s remarkably easy to spot in other people (especially those you don’t agree with politically), but extremely hard to spot in ourselves because the biasing happens unconsciously. But it’s always there. 

Criminal cases where jurors unconsciously ignore exonerating evidence and send an innocent person to jail because of a bad experience with someone of the defendant’s demographic. The growing inability to hear alternative arguments in good faith from other parts of the political spectrum. Conspiracy theorists swallowing any unconventional belief they can get their hands 

We all have some deeply held belief that immediately puts us on the defensive. Defensiveness doesn’t mean that belief is actually incorrect. But it does mean we’re vulnerable to bad reasoning around it. And if you can learn to identify the emotional warning signs in yourself, you stand a better chance of evaluating the other side’s evidence or arguments more objectively.

Liv Boeree writing in Vox