Articles of Interest - Nov 12


Study shows that social media limits made people feel less lonely  Engadget 

Advertisers see value in people with as few as 1,000 followers: the nanoinfluencers  New York Times


Why robocalls have taken over your phone  The Verge

The quiet revolution that's making your phone smarter than you at photography  Tech Radar


How Secure Were The Midterm Elections?  NPR

The Best Security and Privacy Tech to keep your Friends Safe  Tech Crunch 


Welcome to the age of the hour-long YouTube video  Wired 

This website lets you make your own emojis  BongBong 


Pew Research Center Says Half Of Adults Use YouTube To Learn New Things  NPR


The New York Times is digitizing more than 5 million photos dating back to the 1800s  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

Apple News’s Radical Approach: Humans Over Machines  New York Times

Conflict Photographer Lynsey Addario on Art, Love, and War  Big Think 

A journalist’s dilemma: wanting to do more to help than tell the story  The Ground Truth Project 

In cities across America, this morning’s newspaper told you there was an election yesterday — but nothing about it  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Following investigation, Houston Chronicle retracts eight stories  Houston Chronicle

Why are some women “news avoiders”? New research suggests one reason has to do with emotional labor  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

The Many Voices of Journalism  Columbia Journalism Review  

The commercial use of FOIA in the service of corporate interests  New York Times

So Many College Students Get News on Snapchat  Mashable 


These news anchors are professional and efficient: They’re also not human  Washington Post 

Free Speech and Journals’ Responsibility in Vaccine Debates  PLOS

The Acosta Video Debate Is the Future of Fake News  Medium 

Don’t want to fall for fake news? don’t be lazy  Wired 

Find Out If You Got Duped By The Internet With This Week's Fake News Quiz  BuzzFeed News 

WhatsApp awards $1 million for misinformation research  Poynter


Dear Journalism Students, You Are NOT The Enemy  Dynamics of Writing

Pepperdine Journalism Student Reacts To Thousand Oaks Shooting  NPR

The student newspaper at the University at Buffalo revealed political donation patterns among university faculty, staff, and councilmembers  Spectrum


Gen-Z employees don’t do email  Fast Company 

Somebody at Hasbro Apparently Thought Monopoly for Millennials was a great idea  Mashable 


The Tyranny of Clock Time Becoming (my blog) 

The Problem With Being Perfect: A trait that’s often seen as good can actually be destructive. Here’s how to combat it The Atlantic

Do We Grow Less Tolerant of Language Change as We Age?  Chronicle of Higher Ed 


How To Become A Great Writer: George Orwell  Medium

Writing advice from author Katie Kitamura  PBS 

30 Words Of Wisdom From Writers, To Inspire You Through The Rest Of NaNoWriMo  Bustle


Arabic has a low profile: Part of the reason is that it is not really a single language at all Economist

Why Do Quarterbacks Say 'Hut Hut Hike?'  Digg

Blasphemy and the Strange World of Linguistic Crimes  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Where Do We Begin? Language Learning and Grammar Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Real Names of 42 Fictional Characters  Mental Floss

Read up with our favorite end-of-year books  Wired   

The Women of Brooklyn’s Well-Read Black Girl Book Club  The Cut


Midterms Were Billed 'The Year Of Women' And Indeed They Were  NPR

The female justices at the U.S. Supreme Court tend to get interrupted more often during oral argument  Bloomberg 

The 2018 Gender Gap Was Huge  FiveThirtyEight 

How the women in charge of programming at CNN are changing the news we see  Fast Company


White man angrily accuses a black teenager of stealing a wallet: The teen and his classmates were doing a project on racism  KDVR

‘We are armed now’: In Kentucky, shootings leave a black church and the white community around it shaken Washington Post

School district investigates boys' apparent Nazi salute taken during prom  NBC-15

Local racist angry at protestors in Orange, Texas  BoingBoing

Key takeaways about Latino voters in the 2018 midterm elections  Pew Research Center  


Is Banning Reporters From The White House Legal? Jim Acosta's Press Pass Suspension Sparked Outrage Bustle

The idea of intellectual property is nonsensical and pernicious   Aeon  


Is The Pentagon Modifying Viruses To Save Crops — Or To Wage Biological Warfare?  NPR

The 7 Craziest Ways CRISPR Is Being Used Right Now  Medium  

Radars, Cameras, and Lidar: How Self-Driving Cars See the Road  Wired  

We Tried Facebook’s New Portal Device (So You Don’t Have To)  New York Times

***BIG DATA & AI  

Machine learning algorithms don’t yet understand things the way humans do — with sometimes disastrous consequences  New York Times

Radio emissions intelligence that has mostly been the domain of militaries/intelligence agencies—But private industry is giving it a shot Wired

Distinguishing between different types of data scientists..which to hire and what they need to succeed Harvard Business Review

The first proof that quantum computers can outstrip conventional technology  Axios 

MIT Survey: B2B marketers enthusiasm—not only for what ML is capable of doing, but also for the ways it will enable them to improve their own performance  MIT Tech Review 


A Christian Radio Network is edging ever closer to becoming the Trump radio network: Sebastian Gorka  Associated Press

Lead Singer for Christian Band Provided Freddy Mercury’s vocals in Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Relevant Magazine 

The Satanic Temple sues Netflix for $150 million for using a statue of a demon god in 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'  CNBC 

Pepperdine Student, Cal Lutheran Grad Among California Shooting Victims  Christianity Today 

Randy Alcorn on Evangelical Sex Scandals: Bad Pastors Just Reappear at New Churches, Repeat Sins Christian Post  

Baptist attitudes about alcohol may be shifting, observers say  The Alabama Baptist

Unification Church Proclaims Christian Era is Over; Next Week Christian Entertainers Open for God’s Daughter  Throckmorton Blog 

Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren recovering after emergency surgery  OC Register 


Faith leaders denounce Trump proclamation denying asylum outside border crossings  Religious News Service 

Texas Megachurch pastor calls Democrats 'some kind of religion that is basically godless'  KHOU


Fisherman in New Zealand rescues toddler floating at sea  Associated Press

9 year old designs Virginia county's "I Voted" sticker  CBS News  

Heartwarming Photos of Acts of Kindness  MSNBC  

First-of-its-kind surgery allows child with polio-like illness AFM to walk again  CBS News

Boy Has Dished Out More Than 65,000 Doughnuts To Cops To Say Thank You  MSNBC


Why are tech companies making custom typefaces?  ARUN

Recycled Packing Materials Sculpted Into Elaborate Renaissance Costumes by Suzanne Jongmans  This is Colossal 

The top submissions to Nat Geo's 2018 photography contest  National Geographic  

Why Do Filmmakers Love van Gogh?  New Yorker 

David Hockney's Portrait of an Artist and the priciest works by living artists ever sold at auction  CBC  

The Size of Things: Now with Context: An artist models the universe at 1/190 millionth scale Scholarly Kitchen

A New Online Database, Will Feature Works by 600+ Overlooked Female Artists from the 15th-19th Centuries  Open Culture 

Mary Baldwin shut down an art exhibit after two days when some students said images were racist Inside Higher Ed


Inside the booming business of background music  The Guardian  

BMI tells Trump campaign Rihanna's work has been removed from their license agreement  LA Times 

The Album is in Trouble, and the Music Business Probably Can’t Save it  Rolling Stone

Andrea Bocelli Becomes First Classical Artist to Hit No. 1 on Billboard Artist 100 Chart Billboard


Vice Media to cut workforce by up to 15%, consolidate websites  Market Watch


The 50 Greatest Movie Dance Scenes of All Time  Vulture 

Memoir of growing up as the gay son of a conservative Baptist preacher & Attending Christian College has been made into a movie  NPR 


Review of A Private War: A Journalist Puts Her Life on the Line  Chicago Sun-Times 

What Makes a Great Movie About Journalism?  New Republic 


10 Impressive Questions to Ask in a Job Interview  The Cut   


A Professor Accused of Sexual Harassment Faces Novel Penalty: Prospective Students May Read All About It  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Dear Dads: Your Daughters Told Me About Their Assaults. This Is Why They Never Told You (opinion) Washington Post

He Spent Four Days In Jail For Sex Crimes Against A Minor: Prosecutors Want Him In Prison BuzzFeed News

Uber has defined 21 categories of sexual misconduct, from leering to rape Quartz  

How Schools Can Reduce Sexual Violence  NPR


Mass incarceration is a political choice. It can be undone  Economist 

Firearms And Dementia: How Do You Convince A Loved One To Give Up Their Guns? NPR


Visualizing the World's Tech Giants 2018 by Market Cap  How Much  

To Give a Great Presentation, Distill Your Message to Just 15 Words  INNOVATION 3 Business Models That Could Bring Million-Dollar Cures to Everyone  Harvard Business Review 


The ozone layer appears to be successfully repairing itself BBC

Big Oil claims it's doing its part to combat climate change: A new study finds it's not even close Business Insider


The key to a long life has little to do with ‘good genes’  Wired  

Why Doctors Hate Their Computers  The New Yorker  

Autism Linked to Zinc Deficiency in Childhood  Newsweek

The Mystery of the Havana Syndrome: Unexplained brain injuries afflicted dozens of American diplomats and spies  The New Yorker 

US cigarette smoking rate reaches new low  CNN

Fewer than One in Three Americans Meet New Physical Fitness Guidelines Real Talk 910

Do gut bacteria make a second home in our brains?  Science Mag  

Something Happened to U.S. Drug Costs in the 1990s New York Times


These Men Ate Poison So You Could Have the FDA  Gizmodo  

Do you love or loathe coffee? Your genes may be to blame National Geographic

The Curse of the Honeycrisp Apple  Bloomberg

Every State's Most Important Food Innovation  Thrillist


Digital Media Is 'Like Cocaine' for Babies’ Developing Brains  US News & World Report

Designer Babies Aren’t Futuristic. They’re Already Here  MIT Tech Review 

Many Turn to YouTube for Children's Content, News, How-To Lessons  Pew Research Center

Parents worry more about bullying than anything else  Economist \

A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery—without making it safer The Atlantic

The school bully has moved online and is following children home  Economist  


Frequent inbreeding may have caused skeletal abnormalities in early humans  Science Mag

Stem Cells Remember Tissues’ Past Injuries  Quanta Magazine 


What if the Placebo Effect Isn’t a Trick? New research is zeroing in on a biochemical basis for the placebo effect — possibly opening a Pandora’s box for Western medicine  New York Times

Super Empaths Are Real, Says Study  Vice 

Study: young men obsessed with building muscles have higher mental health risks  Big Think 

Americans Can't Escape Long-Disproven Body Stereotypes: People continue to fall back on harmful assumptions about the link between body shape and personality  The Atlantic 

Researchers discover a link between nonverbal synchronization and relationship success  Big Think 

Veteran Suicide (podcast)  Axios

New theory of human thinking says the brain's navigation system is central to organizing and recalling memories and experiences  CBS News


Sadness Circuit Found In Human Brain  NPR 

How to train your brain to accept change, according to neuroscience NBC News


Is Donald Trump the Andrew Jackson of Our Time?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

We once trusted too much in inevitable progress: We got World War  The Washington Post


The largest database of scientific retractions just went live and makes the process a whole lot easier  HowStuffWorks 

Many Chinese doctorate students can’t graduate until they publish articles in academic journals — a demand that pushes many into corruption Sixth Tone

Scientists struggle with confusing journal guidelines  Nature 

Rash Of Retractions Highlight Flaws In Science, But Also Self-Correction  WGBH 

Why Fake Data When You Can Fake a Scientist?  Medium


How Americans voted on 6 key higher ed ballot measures  Education Dive

The future of work won't be about degrees, it will be about skills  CNBC 

Feds Prod Universities to Address Website Accessibility Complaints  Inside Higher Ed

What the results of the Midterm Elections Mean for Higher Ed  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Florida’s College of the Arts will increase its faculty by over 10 percent  Inside Higher Ed

Universities under investigation for poor website accessibility  Education Dive

The Hottest New Place for University Satellite Campuses: Los Angeles  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Trump Administration Just Reissued Rules Allowing Employers “Religious Or Moral” Exemptions To Covering Birth Control  Buzzfeed News 

After California massacre, sister universities show support for Pepperdine  Chronicle of Higher Ed  


We Need Cutting-Edge Humanities More Than Ever  Pacific Standard

As Humanities Majors Decline, Colleges Try to Hype Up Their Programs  The Atlantic

Employers Want Liberal Arts Grads Inside Higher Ed


5 Teaching Tips From ‘How Humans Learn’  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The ‘Holy Grail’ of Class Discussion  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How Can Schools Better Persuade Students To Show Up For Class? NPR


Invisible police in senior academia  Neurochambers 

Connecticut community college professor put on paid administrative leave for giving Nazi salute Hartford Courant

An academic reported sexual harassment: Her university allegedly retaliated  The Verge



The Tyranny of Clock Time 

Clock time is that linear time by which our life is measured in abstract units appearing on clocks, watches, computers, and calendars. These measuring units tell us the month, the day, the hour, and the second in which we find ourselves, and decide for us how much longer we have to speak, listen, eat, sing, study, pray, sleep, play, or stay. Our lives are dominated by our clocks and watches. In particular, the tyranny of the one-hour slot is enormous. There are visiting hours, therapeutic hours, and even happy hours. Without being fully aware of it, our most intimate emotions are often influenced by the clock. The big wall clocks in hospitals and airports have caused much inner turmoil and many tears. 

Clock time is outer time, time that has a hard merciless objectivity to it. Clock time leads us to wonder how much longer we have to live and whether “real life” has not already passed us by. Clock time makes us disappointed with today and seems to suggest that maybe tomorrow, next week, and next year it will really happen. Clock time keeps saying, Hurry, hurry, time goes fast, maybe you wil miss the real thing! But there is still a chance.. Hurry to get married, find a job, visit a country, read a book, get a degree…Try to take it all in before you run out of time.”

Clock time always makes us depart. It breeds impatience and prevents any compassionate being together. 

Henri Nouwen, Donald McNeill, Douglas Morrison from the book Compassion



Throwing Away your Children’s Art 

When I first tried throwing away my own young children’s art…I felt an ache as I pitched it into the trash. There’s a moment when a child first presents you with her art, holding it out with the last split second of attention she can muster after completing it. That moment contains a burst of pride on both your parts, and a frisson of mutual love. But in the end, your pride lasts longer than the child’s does. Eventually, and soon, it must move on to another venture. Theirs always does, but yours lingers, heartstrings tugged.

It’s the wish to prolong this moment artificially, I think, that motivates the urge to keep and curate your children’s art for posterity. You convince yourself there’s some future where your child will want to return to that moment of pride and love through the act of witnessing the thing she made so long ago.

Don’t fall for it. You’re only trying to make yourself feel better. You’ll never quite be able to tell which moment your children will remember, and it’s not as if you can regulate that memory on their behalf anyway. And besides, childhood is made from a thousand moments just like this. There’s no way to hold on to all of them.

Of course, you shouldn’t throw something away that your kids say they want to keep. But absent that urge, and particularly in the early years before it develops, most children’s art exists to be destroyed. The point of life isn’t to prolong youth, but to have grown up. That requires discarding things along the way, and enjoying the appropriate relief. That’s the kind of activity a parent ought to put their moral and aesthetic weight behind.

Mary Townsend writing in The Atlantic


Tuesday Tech Tools: Website Analytics

Need to get understand who is visiting your website and why they come? Here are some tools that will help.

Crazy Egg
A leading visualization software that gives website administrators heatmap reports showing how visitors are using their pages. $29.

Google Analytics
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Records video sessions of website users’ behavior. Heatmaps show what users find interesting on your site.

Majestic SEO
Find out how all the websites on the internet link to each other. Information about how the fabric of the web is knitted together--and what is connected to yours.

Open Web Analytics

Matomo (formerly Piwik)
An open-source web-analytics platform that gives you insights into you website's visitors. Doesn’t offer anything that Google Analytics cannot provide—except the user retains ownership of the data. Free but also offers a pro account.
Improves SEO by tracking your keywords and how well they are performing on the search engine result pages. 14 day free trial. Starting at $19 month.

Real-time web traffic response tool. Lets you post a targeted response on your website.

Find more tools here.

Articles of Interest - Nov 5


Apple News will launch a real-time election results hub on November 6  Tech Crunch

How to follow live midterms coverage if you don't have cable  Poynter

Exit polls, election surveys and more: A guide for the 2018 midterms  Pew Research

Election 2018: voting tools, discounted rides, and everything else you need to know to vote The Verge

Loaded With Data and Whiz-Bang Effects, Maps Are the Real Stars of Election-Night TV New York Times

How To Watch The Midterms: An Hour-By-Hour Guide  538

Midterms Speed Read: All You Need to Know About Tuesday's Vote  Bloomberg


File-Sharing Software on State Election Servers Could Expose Them to Intruders  Propublica

Will 'deepfakes' disrupt the midterm election?  Wired 

Exit pollsters make changes after 2016 breakdown  Politico


The Growth of Reddit  QuillBot Blog 

Social media growth is over in the U.S. — which is its most valuable market  Recode

Designing people’s Instagram Stories is now a million-dollar business  Fast Company  

Youtube’s push to counter toxic videos with ‘good’ creators  Wired

Twitter Lost 9 Million Users in the Last Quarter  Fortune  

LinkedIn Is Now Home To Hyperpartisan Political Content, False Memes, And Troll Battles  BuzzFeed News

Liberal Democrats more likely than other groups to be politically active on social media  Pew Research Center 


Influencer marketing is BS  The Next Web

How to Spot Fake Social Media Influencers  Business News Daily 


Facebook revenue, user growth falls short of expectations  CNN

We posed as 100 Senators to run ads on Facebook. Facebook approved all of them  Vice


Inside the lives of full-time fitness Instagrammers Digg

Cristiano Ronaldo Passes Selena Gomez as Most Followed Person on Instagram Bleacher Report

Yes, Everyone on Instagram Is Having More Fun Than You Outside Online


How I Became A Celebrity In China By Losing My Cellphone (video)  BuzzFeed

France Moves To Ban Smartphones In Schools  NPR


The Truth Is Worth It: Perseverance (video)  New York Times

Women Journalists talk about Covering Violence  Women Across Frontiers  

Here’s how much bots drive conversation during news events  Wired  

The “Rebirth” of Local News  The Whole Story


What newsrooms are doing and should be doing on election day  Poynter 

Midterms in the local news void  Columbia Journalism Review  

Gannett steps away from printed election results  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


The New York Times is on pace to earn more than $600 million in digital this year, halfway to its ambitious goal  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Newsroom employees are less diverse than U.S. workers overall  Pew Research


Deepfake-busting apps can spot even a single pixel out of place  MIT Technology Review 

How Online Conspiracy Theories Make Their Way Into The Mainstream  NPR

When conspiracy theories inspire vigilante justice  The Week 

Russia's Fake Viral Videos Are Next Level  Digg  

Twitter Says It Is Ready for the Midterms, but Rogue Accounts Aren’t Letting Up New York Times

A college instructor (in journalism, no less) causes waves with a conspiracy theory  Washington Post


The Four skills of Daring Leadership  Becoming (my blog)

Brené Brown knows what makes a great leader — and most politicians wouldn’t make the cut  Washington Post

Acting like an extrovert has benefits, but not for introverts  Aeon 

My Life Cleanse: One Month Inside L.A.'s Cult of Betterness  GQ

The surprising benefits of coming in second place  BigThink 


Book lovers in England form a human chain to help move their beloved local bookstore  CNN

The Worst Writing Advice in the World  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Antarctica scientist allegedly stabs colleague for spoiling the endings of books  LA Times  

The Power of a Conversation in Writing  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Family pays fine for 84-year-old overdue library book  Shreveport Times


What's the most influential book of the past 20 years?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Growing Up Surrounded by Books Has a Lasting Positive Effect on the Brain, Says a New Scientific Study  Open Culture

12 Angry Women In Literature Who Don't Apologize For Their Rage  Bustle

157 Animated Minimalist Mid-Century Book Covers  Open Culture 


Make your passion project happen: Apply to the Women’s Leadership Accelerator  Journalists

Who Decides Gender?  Economist 

How does research productivity relate to gender? Analyzing gender differences for multiple publication dimensions  Springer 

Why women leave the workforce  Axios 


U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don’t Know How to Stop It  New York Times 

I Threw Away My Robert E. Lee Portrait  The Atlantic

Nixon, the Racial Slur, and Me  Chronicle of Higher Ed

‘Are You Actually an M.D.?’: A Black Doctor Is Questioned as She Intervenes on a Delta Flight  New York Times

A US military training manual describes Saudis as having “Negro blood” in their ancestry: The military has a history of offensive material in their documents  Vox

National Geographic’s November cover falls back on a racist cliché  Vox


Anti-Defamation League Report Says Online Anti-Semitism Is A 'Daily Occurrence'  NPR  

Twitter Listed A Trending Topic For "Kill All Jews" After A Brooklyn Synagogue Was Vandalized  BuzzFeed News

How Anti-Semitism Is Tied To White Nationalism  NPR

I live among the neo-Nazis in eastern Germany. And it’s terrifying  The Guardian

He Was Shot In A Hate Crime. It Only Strengthened His Judaism  NPR


Identity Politics: Journalism And Race  NPR

Hispanic voters more engaged in 2018 than in previous midterms  Pew Research 

'Jim Crow's Last Stand' In Louisiana May Fall To Ballot Measure  NPR


US Declines in Internet Freedom  Tech Crunch  

Free speech on campus isn't so free when it's tied up in red tape  Washington Examiner


Appeals court ruling continues decade-long legal battle between Georgia State and 3 publishers over what constitutes "fair use" of course materials  Inside Higher Ed

The Supreme Court won’t take up Net Neutrality Washington Post


Quantum physicists found a new, safer way to navigate  Wired


How machine learning may help in the hunt for the source of mysterious viruses  Stat News 

Machine learning algorithm helps identify which animal species are most likely to be hosts for deadly diseases  Nature 

A deep learning performance cheat sheet: simple and complex tricks that can help you boost your deep learning models accuracy  Towards Data Science  

Can developers work on machine learning along with data scientists? That’s the claim  Your Story 

3 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Team’s Predictive Analytics Efforts Harvard Business Review 

A skeptic’s guide to thinking about AI  Fast Company 


Signal has a clever new way to shield your identity  Wired

Have the Midterms Been Hacked? An Election Security Q&A  Bloomberg


The producer's handbook to mixing audio stories   NPR  

Your horror noise background  Horrorli 

GoPro turns to an eagle to show off Hero7’s video stabilization technology  Digital GTrends


The inventor of the web says the internet is broken — but he has a plan to fix it  CNBC

Is an Internet Bill of Rights Necessary?  Information Week 


Donations to library skyrocket after Christian Fundamentalist checks out and burns LGBTQ children's books  Des Moines Register 

U.S. Baptist missionary from Indiana killed in Cameroon: family  Reuters

An illiterate Christian farmhand was sentenced to death for insulting Islam and held in solitary confinement for more than 8 years  NPR 

Supreme Court agrees to hear case challenging huge cross as violation of church and state  The Hill

Ark Encounter has been ‘very busy,’ founder says: Admission numbers show decline 

“Make the Gospel Great Again": Large billboard of Trump & Bible Verse Removed  KMOV  

Megachurch Pastor Sues the authors of a longtime watchdog blog for Libel  Christianity Today 

Why I Heartily Disagree With the Pastor’s Reasons for Suing Bloggers  The Wartburg Watch  

Freddie Mercury’s family faith: The ancient religion of Zoroastrianism (opinion)  Religious News Service

In Japan, gospel music is a big hit—and an evangelistic tool  World Magazine 


Washington state lawmaker pens ‘Biblical Basis for War’: Calls for killing all non-Christian men who don't 'yield'  New York Daily News 

Trump’s evangelical advisers meet with Saudi Crown Prince and discuss Jamal Khashoggi’s murder  Washington Post 

Why this shrinking religious group might be among America’s last “swing voters”  Vox

How will Evangelicals vote in the midterms?  MSNBC 


Indiana Vending Machine Dispenses Clean Clothing and Blankets to People Without Homes  Mental Floss 

A doughnut store owner had to keep working long days and couldn't visit his ailing wife so the neighborhood starting buying out all of his doughnuts  OC Register  

Fisherman jumps on entangled whale's back, cuts it free  SFGate 

A woman saved her husband during cardiac arrest: After he awoke, she gave birth to their son Washington Post


The Art Institute of Chicago now offers full access to 52,000 high-res images of their collection This is Colossal 

Why are CEO photos so weird?  Vox 


Music improves social communication in autistic children  Science Daily

What do Bob Dylan’s drawings reveal about his music?  Economist  


The 100 Greatest Foreign-Language Film  BBC

Aretha Franklin Gospel Film Finally Has a Release Date, 46 Years After It Was Made  New York Times 


Is Radio Destined To Become The Next Blockbuster Video? (opinion)  Hypebot  


False Statistic on Sexual Harassment Spreads  Inside Higher Ed 

A Year Later, Americans Are Deeply Divided Over The #MeToo Movement  NPR

Google employees walk out over sexual harassment scandals  CNN

American business and #MeToo Economist   


Rise of the tribe: Experts predict that the radicalization of Western populations will only get worse  Axios 

Suicide Is Twice as Common as Homicide in the U.S.—and More Often Involves Guns—New Study Says  Fortune  


The Three Words You Should Never Use in a Work Email—And What to Say Instead  TIME

Is Emailing 'Just Checking In' Really That Bad?  Life Hacker 

Amazon has banned more than 5,700 of its top reviewers in the last 2 years as it increasingly cracks down on review abuse  Business Insider 


The poor world and the rich world face different problems with their waste  Economist 

A growing number of entrepreneurs are capitalizing on China’s air pollution crisis by selling bottled air. But who is it actually helping?  The Hustle 

Supreme Court won't block children's climate change lawsuit  CNN

Emerging economies are rapidly adding to the global pile of garbage  Economist

The world's oceans are warming far faster than thought  Axios


Here's How Much Your Work Suffers When You're Sleep Deprived  Curiosity

Cannabidiol is being touted as a magical elixir But maybe it’s just a fix for our anxious times  New York Times

The Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Language of Dieting  The Atlantic

Why do some people get CTE? It may be in their genes  CNN

Three partially paralyzed patients regain control over their leg muscles via precisely timed electrical stimulation to the spinal cord  Nature 

Flu’s success owes much to its genetic mutability  Economist 


Nebraska’s new tourism slogan is "Honestly, it's not for everyone"  Quartzy  

Why some millennials think travel is more important than sex  Vox 

More than 200 British Airways passengers have been trapped in a three-day flight from hell from Orlando to London that was stuck for two days in two different airports  New York Post 

America's 25 most popular national parks  Thrillist


The rise of the 4-letter baby name: The latest baby name trends include short, vowel-centric names  Quartz


A simpler, better way to diagnose mental illness: Patterns of speech may be telltales of particular symptoms  Economist 

5 of the strangest psychology cases in history  BigThink 


A comprehensive 'parts list' of the brain identifies at least 133 different types of brain cells, lays groundwork to catalog their properties and role in brain function  Allen Institute  

Neuroscience Discovers how the Brain experiences Time  Psychology Today 


10 productivity myths  Fast Company

Scared to take time off work? The productivity drive is making victims of us all  The Guardian

11 Time Management Myths That Are Hurting Your Productivity  Forbes


"Spanish flu” probably killed more people than both world wars combined  Economist


Should a self-driving car kill the baby or the grandma? Depends on where you’re from  MIT Technology Review 

Colleges Grapple With Teaching the Technology and Ethics of A.I.  New York Times


A tool for checking authors’ retraction histories  The Ochsner Journal  

Sloppy Science: According to a new book by Marion Nestle, the unstated goal of most company-sponsored studies is to increase the bottom line  New York Times

More than 30% of about 150 researchers surveyed considered it acceptable to cite a paper that they had not read  Research Integrity and Peer Review

Heart failure study paused over concerns about disputed cell therapy papers  Stat News

How long does it take researchers to stop using the name of a Nazi doctor with a disease named for him?  Springer 

Meet Octopus, a new vision for scientific publishing  Science Mag 

Most Chinese scientists admit writing academic papers just to get promoted, survey finds  South China Morning Post 

A study fails to replicate, but it continues to get referenced as if it had no problems  Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science  

A USC professor is facing accusations of “data fabrication, exaggerating outcomes and fraud  USC student media  

Lethargic Biomedical research results from adopting a doctrine that is incompatible with the principles of creative scientific discovery  Organisms


Public universities less affordable for low-income students and less accessible for members of minority groups  Inside Higher Ed 

Faced with steep budget cuts, several University of Wisconsin System campuses have targeted academic programs to try to save money  Inside Higher Ed

New book renews debate about donor influence: New book outlines how rich donors have become more assertive about how their money should be used  Inside Higher Ed

Savannah State University announces layoffs amid student enrollment decline  Savannah Now

Foxconn’s $100M deal with the University of Wisconsin has students worried  The Verge

This Kentucky college is the latest to split from Kentucky Baptist Convention

Iowa Wesleyan may close at the end of this semester  Inside Higher Ed

Liberty U Sells Student Email Addresses to Campaign The News & Advance  


Self-Directed Learning and Augmented Reality: How to Teach Gen Z  Chronicle of Higher Ed

They may have a reputation for being entitled but one professor found undergrads to be thoughtful and open to creative teaching approaches  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Professors Are the Likeliest Mentors for Students, Except Those Who Aren’t White  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

The latest campus flap over politics and academic freedom started with a fart joke Chronicle of Higher Ed


Millennials running for office in record numbers  MCNBC  

Inside the new industry of teaching you how to be an adult City Lab 


Southwestern College Student Newspaper recognized with national award for holding law enforcement agencies accountable  Student Press Law Center 

Student details his descent into alcoholism and rebirth after rehab  Sparton (student newspaper for Castleton University)

Should student journalists endorse political candidates?  Student Press Law Center 

Right-Wing Hate Groups Are Recruiting Video Gamers NPR

The Four skills of Daring Leadership

One of the most important findings of my career is that daring leadership is a collection of four skill sets that are 100 percent teachable, observable, and measurable. It’s learning and unlearning that requires brave work, tough conversations, and showing up with your whole heart. Easy? No. Because choosing courage over comfort is not always our default. Worth it? Always. We want to be brave with our lives and our work. It’s why we’re here.

Brené Brown, Dare to Lead 

Self-Control can be Contagious

Not only do you tend to hang out with people like yourself, your friends will influence you toward or away from self-control. Even the people you are forced by circumstances to hang out with (like co-workers) have an influence on your behavior. 

That's the finding of researchers who asked participants to watch people either select carrot sticks or cookies to eat before taking tests related to self-control (not involving cookies and carrots). Participants who watched someone eat cookies before the tests did not do as well as those who had watched someone decide to eat carrots. 

In another test, participants were told to think of a friend with good self-control. This group performed better on a handgrip test (used to measure self-control) than did the participants assigned to think about a friend with weak self-control. Other tests showed similar results. 

Their conclusions: If you surround yourself with people who make wise choices, you are more likely to do the same. You can boost your self-control simply by networking with other people who reinforce positive behavior (or vise versa). And when you show a lack of self-control, you are probably influencing someone else to do the same. 

Details of the study were published by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 

Stephen Goforth

Articles of Interest – Oct 29 


This tiny wasp-inspired drone can pull 40 times its own weight Science Mag

Two moms, no dad? Gene editing allows same-sex mice to have babies National Geographic

How the digital age is impacting police warrant  Police One


Microsoft revamps Cognitive Toolkit and other machine learning tools to integrate them with Apache Spark  InfoWorld

Hadoop administrators beware: There is a botnet that is actively looking for unsecured Hadoop  eWeek

There are 23,749 results for “data scientist” in the US on the job pages of LinkedIn. Where did we get the job title from?  Quartz 


First Twitter Gave Me Power. Then I Felt Hopeless. What I learned from growing up online Vice

Instagram’s “digital kidnappers” are stealing children’s photos and making up new lives Quartz  

WhatsApp introduces stickers on iOS and Android at last The Next Web

Snapchat struggles to curb user exodus  CNN 

Twitter’s rumored killing of the “like” button highlights its misplaced priorities Vox

8 facts about Americans and Facebook  Pew Research Center


Three settings you can change on your phone right now to help you focus  Quartz

Holographic screen may be next innovation for phones  Associated Press 


Forget Password Managers, Your Brainwaves Could Be Your Next Login Inverse  

Trump’s tapped phone may be the largest White House breach ever: former official Fast Company


Gmail Usage Hits The 1.5 Billion Mark  Media Post 

The Next Big Internet Threat You think election interference is as bad as it can get? Something even worse is just around the corner  Politico  


The Economist's print edition launches a dedicated data journalism page for better visual storytelling  

What journalists can learn from truth-telling comedians  Medium  

What the digital divide means for journalists reaching rural readers  Columbia Journalism Review


How to successfully pitch The New York Times (or, well, anyone else)  Nieman Journalism Lab 

New media hiring slowdown: Openings at Vox, Buzzfeed, and Vice at lowest levels Thinknum 

The clause freelance writers should fight to remove from their contracts  Columbia Journalism Review  


Deep Fakes: How they are made and how they can be detected  NBC News  

The bizarre Justin Bieber burrito incident reminds us not to believe everything online The Verge

As misinformation crisis deepens, ‘fake news’ becomes less accurate  International Journalists’ Network


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 The Shape of a Moral Hero  Becoming (my blog)


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How an Army propaganda writer became China’s most controversial novelist  New Yorker  

The Great American Read  PBS 

How an essay about sailing taught a writer to embrace her fears as she worked up to writing her memoir  The Atlantic 

Nicole Chung’s Adoption Memoir, “All You Can Ever Know,” Is an Ode to Sisterly Love (book review) 

How do languages develop words for colors? A fascinating look at a commonality in human language development  Scholarly Kitchen


Nielsen Reporting To Identify Same Gender Spouse And Partner Audiences  Deadline

An online map lets people log instances of gender inequality  Mashable 


Netflix Says It Does Not Use Race to Target Viewers Hollywood Reporter

Anti-Semitic Incidents Increasing, ADL Says  NPR


How Colleges Make Themselves Easy Targets Shutting down speech bolsters the university's opponents  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

European Court Won't Tolerate Blasphemy as Free Speech Hollywood Reporter


Libel law is having a moment  Columbia Journalism Review

What is rarer than the unicorn? A dress protected by copyright?  The 1709 Blog  


The Politician Who Sued God  Mental Floss

This Town Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Non-Christians Owning Houses  Vice 

Muslim Groups Raise Thousands For Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Victims  MSNBC 

More Citation Problems at the American Association of Christian Counselors  The Throckmorton Blog


Ministers interrupt Sessions, are removed from religious freedom conference  NBC News


The Japanese Man who Saved 6 Million Jews with his Handwriting  New York Times

6-Year-Old with Diabetes Sells Pumpkins to Buy a Service Dog —Raises Over $24K People

Shoeshiner donates $202,000 in tips to children's hospital  Today

Teen invents artificial intelligence treatment for pancreatic cancer Inside Editions

The shoe-shiner donated $200K to UPMC Children's Hospital  Post-Gazette

Woman Donates Her Wedding After Calling Off Engagement  People  

Pizza Shop Manager Drives 3 Hours to Bring Dying Man His Favorite Pizza Christian Headlines

Cops recover stolen Krispy Kreme van, give doughnuts to homeless people ABC News


Portrait painted using artificial intelligence sells for $432,000 Design Boom

Our Favorite Typefaces of 2017  Typographica


Watch a Private Eye Fact-check Detective Movies (video) New York Magazine

Horror, Horror, Read All About It: The newspaper ads for 1980s horror movies could be as fun to scrutinize as the films themselves. A fan who collected the ads shares highlights  New York Times


The future of media in driverless cars depends on who owns the data Axios


College Greeks are known for high GPAs and making more money after graduating — but new research says it's not as straightforward as it seems  Business Insider 

A new study correlates a freshman’s grade point average to the length of time her peers spent studying in high school  National Bureau of Economic Research


Study: a positive job outlook for new college graduates  Detroit News

Graduate student assistants at campuses across the U.S. are pushing for $15 per hour  Inside Higher Ed


Has Fortnite peaked? Twitch viewership is declining  Thinknum 

Georgia Tech students sues Senator for snatching his cellphone when he tried to ask a question Washington Post 

Millennial Gigs vs. Baby Boomer Careers  Vice 

Live-streaming news network The Cheddar Buys  Axios


A Student Newspaper Covers the Pittsburg Mass Shooting  Pitt News 

What happens when your alma mater screws up an open-records release and then sics the Department of Justice on you  Dynamics of Writing 

Student media guide to publishing political ads  Student Press Law Center


6 Tips for Landing Journalism Fellowships  Media Bistro

Why New-Job Anxiety Is Actually Good  The Cut 


Student's sexual-assault lawsuit against Univ of Michigan and one of its professors accuses the institution of having been “deliberately indifferent”  M-Live   

Introducing the #MeToo Fund: Covering Solutions to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault  The Whole Story

200+ Googlers plan company-wide walkout Thu. Nov 1 over alleged sexual harasser protection  BoingBoing 


There is nothing inevitable about America’s over-use of prisons A 40-year prison binge has done nothing to guard Americans against crime  Economist

The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected  New York Times


Slowly But Surely, Americans Are Softening Their Negative Impression of Business  Fortune

Nearly one-in-five teens can’t always finish their homework because of the digital divide  Pew Research Center


The Sailors Who Hunt Garbage for Science Gizmodo 

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Americans Life Expectancy Dropping  Bloomberg  

Miscarrying at Work: The Physical Toll of Pregnancy Discrimination  New York Times 

Importance of infant diet in establishing a healthy gut  Newcastle University

Anti-vaccine billboard goes up in Huntington  Herald-Dispatch 


Remembering The Woman Behind The Classic American Green-Bean Casserole  NPR  

Gilroy, “the garlic capital of the world”  Curbed 

New Jersey man tells podcast how he's eaten pizza every day for 37 years  Philly Voice


China is assigning poor social credit scores to crappy dog owners  South China Morning Post   

The CDC guidelines for dressing up your pet chicken on Halloween  Quartz

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How to read and learn from scientific literature, even if you’re not an expert  The Conversation


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Nietzsche, philosophy and madness “I Am Dynamite!” is an approachable biography of a usually forbidding man  AMP 

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Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom  The Guardian

Leonardo da Vinci Saw the World Differently… Thanks to an Eye Disorder, Says a New Scientific Study  Open Culture 

The Library of Congress Has an Incredible Collection of Early Baseball Cards  Atlas Obscura  


Ethics in news consumption Can you be a good person if you don’t read the news?  The Outline 


A boy was part of clinical trial—where the researcher violated research rules, failed to alert parents of risks and falsified data to cover up misconduct  Propublica 

Academic Ethics: Should Scholars Avoid Citing the Work of Awful People?  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

How not to fall for a predatory journal  Nature  

In the fierce competition for science funding, even a typeface glitch can be fatal  Stat News

Study finds prior research claiming CEOs tend to be psychopaths was flawed  Ars Technica


China’s Investment in Stem Cell Studies Based on Bogus Science  Sixth Tone 

How the Chinese censors highlight fundamental flaws in academic publishing  Hong Kong Free Press


Federal Proposal to Redefine Gender Throws College Policies Into Uncertainty  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

The University of Utah canceled classes after a student was shot and killed Monday night outside a dorm on campus  St. Louis Tribune 

190 universities just launched 600 free online courses: Here’s the full list  Quzrtz 

The crazy amount America spends on higher education, in one chart  AEI

 The Case for Christian Colleges (opinion)  National Review

St. Edward’s University in Texas could face censure by the American Association of University Professors  Inside Higher Ed 

John MacArthur Set to Step Down as The Master's University President  Christian Headlines

Revolt at U of the Pacific  Inside Higher Ed 

Wheaton College’s Billy Graham Center Receives $1 Million Dollar Grant  World Religion News


3 Tips for the Minutes Before Class  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Why students should read scientific literature  Education Dive 

How One Teaching Center Supports Adjunct Instructors  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Shape of a Moral Hero

What shapes a moral hero? And how does someone choose to save people that others turn away? 

Research on those who rescued Jews during the Holocaust shows that many exhibited a streak of independence from an early age.  

A second characteristic of such heroes and heroines, as the psychologist Philip Zimbardo writes, is “that the very same situations that inflame the hostile imagination in some people, making them villains, can also instill the heroic imagination in other people, prompting them to perform heroic deeds.”  

David Wolpe writing in the New York Times 

Articles of Interest - Oct 22

***TECHNOLOGY building a platform for the future of consumer products: Get ready for a future in which your favorite products act like helicopter parents  Fast Company

Blockchain’s impact on retail: fewer counterfeits, faster product recalls  Vox

Digital immortality: How your life’s data means a version of you could live forever  MIT Technology Review

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The Pentagon is studying an insect army to defend crops. Critics fear a bioweapon Washington Post

Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin  NPR


With help from journalism students, Miami man freed after 12 years behind bars for murder   Miami Herald

Rural areas are rapidly becoming news deserts  Axios 

5 investigative journalism tipsheets  IJNet

Reuters is offering eight $5,000 photojournalism grants  Reuters 

To defend journalism, we need to defend the truth and not just journalists  Vox

Citizens Count on the Illinois Freedom of Information Act but Keep Getting Shut Out  Propublica


News industry seeks exemption from Congress to take on Facebook, Google  NOLA


Faced with a daily barrage of news, college students find it hard to tell what's real and what's 'fake news'  Northeastern 

2014: Nvidia uses tech to prove moon landing couldn't be faked. 2018: Nvidia updates its conspiracy debunk to show how it can be done now  Cnet 

Fake News Is Poisoning Brazilian Politics: WhatsApp Can Stop It (opinion)  New York Times   

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Facebook launches “Hunt For False News” debunk blog as fakery drops 50% Tech Crunch

In Facebook’s Effort to Fight Fake News, Human Fact-Checkers Struggle to Keep Up  Wall Street Journal

Facebook has a fake news 'war room' – but is it really working?  The Guardian

As Midterms Approach, Facebook Ramps Up Disinformation Fight  NPR 

***BIG DATA & AI  

A video about the process of using machine learning to fighting cancer (video) Real Engineering

Why the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics has many problems  Quanta Magazine 

Three common mistakes that consistently plague analytic endeavors  Health Catalyst


What happens when Facebook goes down? People read the news  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

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When Loved Ones Die, What Do We Do with Their Text Messages?  Boston Magazine


By the time you finish this article, 400K Americans were probably robocalled  NBC News

Who Is 'Scam Likely,' and Why Are You Receiving Calls From Them?  Digital Trends

Apple fixes its new bagel emoji with cream cheese and a doughier consistency  The Verge


Emotion and Identity: the key to compelling mobile videos  Reuters  


The people behind the AI Curtain: “So much of what passes for automation isn’t really automation"  Becoming (my blog)


Why the book “Do I Make Myself Clear?” is “Dreadful”  Chronicle of Higher Ed Ω

Trump's bizarre grammar boast has Twitter users scratching their heads AOL News


How to Become a Highly Productive Writer  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

New York Times, 12 writers celebrate their favorite libraries  New York Times

Judy Blume’s Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret … to be made into a movie  Deadline


‘Smarmy’: How It Was Born and Survived  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Is your coworker an assclown or an asshat? Linguists explain the difference  Quartz

2018, in a Word. But What Word?  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

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The genius and legend of Anne Frank’s diary A new graphic adaptation is faithful to its spirit. But her proper medium is words  Economist  

A literary history of New Orleans  Economist

Two Ernest Hemingway stories that were rarely seen to be published next year  NBC News


Women’s voices are judged more harshly than men’s  Economist

‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration  New York Times 


Is It Still Okay To Use The OK Hand Emoji? The once innocuous hand sign is now being spread by white supremacists as a symbol of white power  Digg

Mapping the predominant race in 11 million neighborhoods across the country  National Geographic 

Charlottesville’s Other Jim Crow Legacy: Separate and Unequal Education  Propublica 

When England play overseas, it is always the voice of the angry, white, male racist that shouts loudest   The Independent  

Government spends millions to guard Confederate cemeteries  Associated Press


Trump’s Attacks on the Press Are Illegal. We’re Suing: A coalition of free-press advocates is taking on the president  Politico

Kennesaw State, student group settle campus speech lawsuit  AJC 


Stormy Daniels Loses Her Defamation Suit Against Trump — and Has to Pay His Legal Fees  Yahoo

A Conservative Group’s Closed-Door ‘Training’ of Judicial Clerks Draws Concern  New York Times  

Photographer Suing Andy Warhol's Estate Claims His Work Isn't "Transformative"  Hollywood Reporter

Lawsuits Over Paparazzi Images on Instagram Raise Celebrity Questions Over Right of Publicity The Fashion Law Blog  


Saturday Evening Post’s archives now available digitally  New York Post

Heads roll at 'Cosmopolitan' amid the magazine industry roller coaster Crain’s New York


I Ditched Google for Bing. Here's What I Found—and What I Didn't  Wired  


Eugene Peterson who translated ‘The Message’ translation of the Bible Dies  Christianity Today 

It’s Getting Harder to Talk About God: The decline in our spiritual vocabulary has many real-world consequences (opinion)  New York Times   

Mediaite founder Dan Abrams to launch Christian sermon streaming network  The Hill

Judge dismisses claims against SBC in Pressler sex abuse case Baptist Standard 

Deep In The Desert, A Case Pits Immigration Crackdown Against Religious Freedom  NPR

Evangelicals Are Confused about Christianity's Core Beliefs, Survey Says  Christian News Headlines

Zondervan Settles Plagiarism Case involving Author Christine Caine  Publishers Weekly 


Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake  CNN

Pagans against Genesis Confused, inferior and philosophically unsound: the Greco-Roman critique of the Old Testament could have been written today  Aeon


Founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network says arms deal is more important than Khashoggi Vice 

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Carmel Valley couple spending year aboard hospital ship in Africa Union-Tribune

Fifth Grader Runs 50 5K’s In 50 Days For Grandpa’s Lung Cancer CBS San Francisco

Chicago man makes 500th blood donation: 'You actually get an opportunity to save someone' Chicago Tribune

North Carolina town raises money to build inclusive playground for all kids WRAI

BBQers Set Friendly Rivalries Aside to Serve Meals, Hope to Hurricane Michael Victims Yahoo News

Paralyzed man completes Portland half marathon  KOIN

This tiny pizzeria has served over 142,000 slices to the homeless for free NBC


Finalists of the 2018 Architectural Photography Awards  My Modern Met

Write people up for their design crimes with this ticket book  Fast Company

Rhythm in web Typography  Better Web Type

Write people up for their design crimes with this ticket book  Fast Company

Two New York City museums announced they would reject funding from Saudi-linked groups for scholarly programs on Middle Eastern  New York Times

Film in the Digital Age: An Interview with 4 Photographers  PetaPixel 


Banksy Releases Behind The Scenes Footage Of Art-Shredding Frame  Digg

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Here are the hits of the past 25 years that we’ll be listening to for the next 100 Slate

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20 Years Of Cher's 'Believe' And Its Auto-Tune Legacy NPR


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Finally Lands a Release Date in China Variety

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93 women join lawsuit against the University of Southern California over sexual misconduct by university gynecologist  New York Post

The assistant director of Western Washington University's counseling center was fired for sexual harassment  The AS Review 

U. of Texas Overhauls Program on Masculinity to Avoid Stigma  Chronicle of Higher Ed

#MeToo inspires wave of old misconduct reports to colleges Associated Press


Edible cottonseed is now a thing — and it could have big implications for world hunger  Vox

Homeless Students in New York Public Schools at Record High  New York Times   

The myth of meritocracy: who really gets what they deserve?  The Guardian

Nearly six-in-ten Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases Pew Research Center 

The average age one would classify someone as “old” is now 74, up from 68 in 2009  Harris-TD Ameritrade


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I've Interviewed 300 High Achievers About Their Morning Routines: Here's What I've Learned New York Times


The history of two slogans: “American Frist” and “The American Dream” Economist


Judging by reaction to recent plagiarism cases, I don’t think plagiarism matters much to most Christians Throckmorton Blog

New Plagiarism Allegation Leveled Against Prominent Christian Counselor, Trump Adviser Tim Clinton Augusta Review


This year’s “Worst Pseudoscience Award” Goes to Anti-Vax Fraud Andrew Wakefield  Gizmodo

Retractions are not uncommon and are increasing in frequency  BMJ 

How a typo in a catalog number led to the correction of a scientific paper — and what we can learn from that  Retraction Watch

A blame-free approach to research misconduct  Nature Index

How I got through my publication drought  Science Mag 

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Do Economics Journals Enforce Their Data Policies? The Replication Network

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An Academic Publisher Vanishes  Discover Magazine  

China awaits controversial blacklist of ‘poor quality’ journals  Nature

The editors of JAMA talk about their experience with retractions  JAMA network 


DeVos Calls Democratic Senator’s Public Criticism of Draft Title IX Rules ‘Unbecoming and Irresponsible  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

In Admissions, Harvard Favors Those Who Fund It, Internal Emails Show The Crimson

Vancouver’s Clark College Closes for a day in Response to Planned Patriot Prayer Protest Willamette Week 

Can an Innovative Online College Help Adults Stay Employed?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A judge who also works as an adjunct law professor at NYU rejected a $350-million lawsuit against the institution by employees  Washington Square News

Handpicked Attendees for Conservative Speaker at USC over fear of disruption  Inside Higher Ed

The evangelicals creating champions for Trump at Liberty University  The Guardian 


Hand, foot and mouth disease is breaking out on numerous campuses: officials struggle to contain the spread  Inside Higher Ed

New Purdue Health Plan Boots Employed Spouses  Inside Higher Ed

On College Campuses, Making Overdose Medication Readily Available  NPR

$4000 Giant inflatable colon used for instruction stolen from University of Kansas Cancer Center  Associated Press


Why One Science Professor Has Students Write a Children’s Book  Chronicle of Higher Ed

To Prevent Loneliness, Start in the Classroom  CityLab


Why Does Graduate School Kill So Many Marriages?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Jury: American University discriminated against a former professor on the basis of her age when it denied her tenure  Inside Higher Ed

So Your Ph.D. Program Is Not Going ‘As Planned’?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

University of Montana says 22 faculty members are leaving Missoulian

Professors at Florida International University are demanding the administration eject its Turning Point USA chapter from campus  Miami New Times


College students broadly mistrust news: Fake Kardashian gossip probably won’t help  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Established firms try dancing to a millennial tune  Economist

UNC student who poured blood and ink on Silent Sam Confederate statue found guilty of misdemeanor  News Observer  

Hoax at Harvard: Impersonator Dupes Dozens With Fictitious George Bush Lecture  The Harvard Crimson  

Mapping Which Neighborhoods Are Buried In Student Debt  CityLab

Why do millennials love bullet journals? Control  Vox 


Millennials Need to Start Voting Before the Gerontocracy Kills Us All  New York Magazine 

College Voting in the 2018 Midterms: A Survey of US College Students  College Reaction