articles of interest - Jan 11


How This 26-Year-Old Los Angeles Artist Became a Periscope Celebrity - ABC News

The World’s Top-Earning YouTube Stars 2015 - Forbes

Who Controls Your Facebook Feed - Slate

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Hints Its 140 Character Limit Could End - Wired

How Facebook Makes Us Dumber - Bloomberg

 ***BIG DATA  

What the software line drawn from 2006 to 2016 tells you about the next decade of Big Data - Datanami

Clever Algorithms do not eliminate the need for care when drawing connections between cause and effect - Harvard Business Review (Recognizing two particular limitations of algorithms is the first step to managing them better)

Predictive or Prescriptive analytics? Perhaps both - Business News Daily

Lots of people call themselves Data Scientists-how to know you have the real thing before  building it into your org - Predictive Analytics World

Four analytics trends to watch in 2016:  #3-IoT propels businesses to explore geospatial - IT pro Portal

Data storytelling in 2016: changes in the way journalists report the news & how businesses interact with their data - Computer World


Code-Switching to Improve Your Writing and Productivity - Chronicle of Higher Ed

Writing Fantasies (subscription) - Chronicle of Higher Ed


Sorry, grammar nerds. The singular ‘they’ has been declared Word of the Year - Washington Post

Word(s) of the Year 2015 - Chronicle of Higher Ed


NPR's Code Switch Team Explores Political Correctness On College Campuses - NPR


Graphic Novelist Named National Ambassador For Young People's Literature - NPR

Are There Any Unforgivable Sins in Literature? - New York Times

Why lawyers love Shakespeare - Economist

Why the British Tell Better Children’s Stories - The Atlantic


You Can’t Trust What You Read About Nutrition - FiveThirtyEight


Free yourself from negative people - Becoming (my Blog)

When Are You Really an Adult? - The Atlantic

Kendrick Lamar: I can't change the world until I change myself first - NPR


Reclaiming spin - Columbia Journalism Review

18 Of The Most Hilarious Media Corrections Of 2015 - BuzzFeed

What to expect from data storytelling in 2016 - Computer World

A journalism professor was fired this week - Michael Koretzky (opinion)

New Book Highlights Historic Black Newspaper - NPR

ProPublica Launches the Dark Web’s First Major News Site - Wired

A new program at Medill places engineering and journalism students together in the Bay Area - Poynter

Outfits, Graphics, and the News Room: Why the News Looks the Way It Does - JStor

These will be the 5 biggest sports journalism stories in 2016 - Poynter


Consumers Can't Tell Native Ads From Editorial Content - Media Post

Fox Chicago producer's sexist cold call on women's hats iced by GM - Chicago Tribune

The state of automated journalism - Harvard's Nieman Lab

New York Times: The homepage still plays a prominent role -


The whole 'working as a barista after college' thing is a myth - Business Insider


Revolutionary Neuroscience Technique Slated for Human Clinical Trials - Scientific American

Do These Jeans Make Me Look Unethical? - NPR

Anatomy Of Addiction: How Heroin And Opioids Hijack The Brain - NPR


Philosophers want to know why physicists believe theories they can’t prove - Quartz

The Enlightenment is often miscast as the ‘Age of Reason’ - Wall Street Journal (In truth, it dethroned rational philosophy in favor of sociology and psychology.)


California Accreditor Loses Appeal - Inside Higher Ed

Public records deflate myths about "profitable" college athletics - Student Press Law Center


'Manifesto for the Humanities' - Inside Higher Ed

Professors consider how to sell English major to students parents administrators - Inside Higher Ed


Assessing the Process Not the Product of Learning - Chronicle of Higher Ed

New analysis offers more evidence against the reliability of student evaluations of teaching - Inside Higher Ed(they’re actually better at gauging students’ gender bias and grade expectations)

Setting Boundaries as an Empathetic Teacher - Chronicle of Higher Ed (How to keep some emotional distance from the personal traumas of your students)


 A tool to Track Hundreds of Federal Sexual-Assault Investigations - Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Legal Limits of ‘Yes Means Yes’ - Chronicle of Higher Ed


2015 Year in Review for Student and Faculty Rights on Campus - The Fire

Are Legal Restrictions On Disparaging Personal Names Unconstitutional?–In re The Slants - Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Two courts reaffirm protections for opinions based on disclosed facts - Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Kent State University agrees to $145,000 settlement of federal lawsuit over assistance animals - Cleveland Plain Dealer

End of the Line for Google Books Lawsuit? - Inside Higher Ed

Google Defeats Copyright Lawsuit Over Waze Data - Technology & Marketing Law Blog


Donald Trump At Evangelical Liberty University Jan 18 - International Business Times

Wheaton professor denounces efforts to fire her - Chicago Tribune

In treatment of professor, Wheaton shows split among US Evangelicals - Christian Science Monitor

The Real Reason Wheaton College is Terminating Larycia Hawkins: Loving the Common “Enemy”  - Patheos

Do Black Lives Matter to evangelicals? - Washington Post (opinion)

'Insider Movements' book called 'dangerous' - Baptist Press

Franklin Graham’s promised land - The Economist

This Is What It’s Like To Be Christian And Live Under ISIS - BuzzFeed News

Classicists' Christian Problem - Chronicle of Higher Ed