Articles of interest - Jan 18


Sadly, the Internet Isn’t Making the World a Better Place - MIT Technology Review


Vial and Error: Science’s wonders are oft built on blunders - Chronicle of Higher Ed

String Theory Meets Loop Quantum Gravity (Two leading candidates for a “theory of everything,” long thought incompatible, may be two sides of the same coin) - Quantam Magazine


Many Black Students Don’t Seek Help for Mental-Health Concerns, Survey Finds - Chronicle of Higher Ed

How the sound of your own voice can affect your mood - Vox

The Joy of Psyching Myself Out (Is it possible to think scientifically and creatively at once?) - New York Times

Can a brain scan uncover your morals? - The Guardian


Plato’s Cave Allegory Animated Monty Python-Style - Open Culture


Controlling Emotions - Becoming (my blog)

How to Take Advantage of Boredom, the Secret Ingredient of Creativity - Open Culture


Our National Anthimeria - Chronicle of Higher Ed

So They Say: Fallout from the expansion of "they" - Chronicle of Higher Ed

Everyone Uses Singular 'They,' Whether They Realize It Or Not - NPR


The case of the missing “u”s in American English - Quartz

The totes amazesh way millennials are changing the English language - Washington Post


On Oscar Wilde and Plagiarism - Public Domain Review

An Introduction to the World of Haruki Murakami Through Documentaries, Stories, Animation, Music Playlists & More - Open Culture

What Your First Fictional Crush From Literature Says About You Bustle


Download 650 Soviet Book Covers, Many Sporting Wonderful Avant-Garde Designs (1917-1942) - Open Culture

All of Bach is Putting Bach’s Complete Works Online: 100 Done, 980 to Come - Open Culture

Will Big Data Write The Next Hit Song? - Datacomony


Wikipedia at 15: Millions of readers in scores of languages - Pew Research

Excuses for Plagiarism by Researchers - Retraction Watch

Fake study on moms’ kisses risked sowing confusion just for a laugh - Stat News

The Most-Edited Wikipedia Pages Over The Last 15 Years - FiveThirtyEight

At 15, Wikipedia Is Finally Finding Its Way to the Truth – Wired

The scholarly database JSTOR, recognizing its role as a starting point for research, sees major growth in its ebook program – Inside Higher Ed


A new survey explains one big reason there are so few women in technology - Vox

Female professors are woefully outnumbered at med schools nationwide - Stat News

When Teamwork Doesn’t Work for Women (In economics, women don’t get full credit for work done with men, says a new study) - New York Times


7 Little-Known Martin Luther King, Jr. Facts You Weren't Taught in History Class - Mic


Media, Journalism and Technology Predictions 2016 - Digital Newsreport

Four Keys to Creating a Great Audio Interview - Orbit Media


Twitter is not broken, and they should stop trying to fix it - Vox

Please watch this video before deciding whether Instagram fame is right for you - Washington Post

Death Hoaxes, Like-Farming, and YouClickbait? Likebait? Why it matters - Snopes

I Found Out My Secret Internal Tinder Rating And Now I Wish I Hadn't - Fast Company 

How to Build an Empathetic Social Media Strategy for Times of Tragedy - Moz

The White House Is Now on Snapchat (And Every Other Platform) - Wired

Periscope Now Drops Live Video Into Your Twitter Timeline 

Hey Millennials, Your Mom Is About to Follow You on Snapchat - Wired


A suite of easy-to-use web tools for beginners that introduce concepts of working with data - Data Basic

5 major data analytics missteps beginners make - Information Management

Favorite 2015 books for data science beginners, machine learning resources, managing data projects - FastForward Labs

Does MIT's advances with the Data Science Machine change the human element in the Big Data process? - - Dataconomy

8 open source Big Data mining tools some suitable for beginners-some remarkably robust for the pro - DataMation

FTC: concerns over how you handle Big Data related to discrimination & privacy - Computer World

A look inside the Facebook algorithm, the human element behind it and the place of user control - Slate

The Secret Weapon of Predictive Analytics: Contextual Integration - Data Informed

I asked a computer to be my life coach. Personal #analytics gets a workout - NPR

How ‘The Revenant’ — and Big Data — Will Change Movies Forever – Yahoo Tech


Division Over Social Issues Threatens Global Split Among Anglican Churches - NPR

Are Trump's Values Consistent With Evangelicals? - NPR

The Duggars: Sexual Abuse in the Christian Homeschooling Movement - Jstor

New charges against allege Bill Gothard sexually abused women – Washington Post

Trump: Christianity 'under siege' - The Hill

Supreme Court to Consider Churches’ Rights to State Grants (Justices to review whether funds must be offered on same terms as for secular groups) – Wall Street Journal

Christian denominations grapple with graying clergy, ways to appeal to the young – Houston Chronicle


Fifty Years of FOIA: As the Freedom of Information Act turns 50, journalists are innovating new ways to use the law - Harvard's Nieman Lab

Here are some more predictions for journalism in 2016 - Harvard's Nieman Lab

Snopes' Field Guide to Fake News Sites and Hoax Purveyors - Snopes

The Problem With Journalism Is You Need an Audience - Gawker

Journalism in the movies – Financial Times

Is Making a Murderer ‘Advocacy Journalism’? – The Wrap


Al Jazeera America is closing because ‘our business model is simply not sustainable…’ - Poynter


5 tips for facing your networking fears - Biz Journals

Code School Udacity Promises Refunds if You Don’t Get a Job - Wired


Being A Sexual Assault Survivor In College Often Comes With Huge Bills (Experts are noticing the Education Department is increasingly ordering colleges to include financial remedies for victims) - Huffington Post

How 46 Title IX Cases Were Resolved  - Chronicle of Higher Ed

****STUDENT LIFE                      

Pretty Girls Make (Higher) Grades - NPR

The Number Of College Students Seeking Mental Health Treatment Is Growing Rapidly - Huffington Post


Oregon Cancels Branding Contract, Will Spend Money on Academics 

The 13 Best ‘Onion’ Stories About Higher Education

5 Ways Elite-College Admissions Shut Out Poor Kids – NPR

Can Statements Faith Be Compatible Academic Freedom – Inside Higher Ed

Wheaton College and creationism (opinion) – Patheos


Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class - Chronicle of Higher Ed

Communicating with Students: A Suggestion About Email - Chronicle of Higher Ed

Mapping a MOOC Reveals Global Patterns in Student Engagement - Chronicle of Higher Ed

Can Teaching Methods Be Patented  (Experts attempt to make sense of Khan Academy's patent application for A/B testing in education -- and whether it can even be patented) – Inside Higher Ed