articles of interest - Oct 17


The Man Who Stood Up To Facebook  NRP

Facebook Had an Insane Effect on Voter Registration  Gizmodo

How Snapchat is Changing the Way We Communicate  PBS Media Shift


Big data on campus  CIO

How using big data in employment may run afoul of EEOC workplace regs  SHRM

A list of contemporary machine learning algorithms of importance that every engineer should understand  KD Nuggets

Building a framework for and computational AI law: when computer languages and real-world constructs meet  Back Channel

The problem with cloud computing is bandwidth: Enter fog computing  Forbes

Here’s how The White House wants the U.S. to approach AI R&D  Tech Crunch

10 of the most helpful data blogs to discover new statistical tools and to keep you up-to-date with theory  DataPlay

The cost of forsaking “C.” (get out the Bay Area web/mobile startup echo chamber)  Medium


 'Unsubscribe' Outlines How to Change Your Email Habits  NPR


The History and Usage of Common Symbols  Medium

Street Artist Swoon Brings a Spiritual Installation to Detroit  The Creators Project


Don’t insist on knowing who you are before you begin the work  Becoming (my blog)


The Poetry of Digital Life: For a brief utopian moment, memes seemed a way to make poetry that was less elitist and more communal  RealLife


Banter, Locker Room and Otherwise  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How Regional Dialects Are Fixing Standard English  Atlas Obcura

The Internet Isn’t Changing English. Nor the Converse  Chronicle of Higher Ed


USA! USA! US … Oh, Never Mind. It’s The Literature Nobel  FiveThirtyEight

Why Bob Dylan’s Songs Are Literature  New Republic

How does storytelling differ between video games and literature?   Gameasutra


We got probability wrong and should abandon the well-worn term ‘statistically significant'  Aeon  

All the data, on all the trials: OpenTrials is a linked database for all the available information, on every trial ever conducted. It is built and updated with your help Open Trials

The false academy  Springer    

Undergraduate academic journals face continuing problems of relevance  Columbia Spectator

Access to data: Troubling findings from studies of the past several years  The Replication Network

Scientific publishing is self-regulating so poorly that we invite a “Clean Science Act”   Scholarly Kitchen

Much academic research is never cited and may be rarely read indicating wasted effort  Springer


Where girls spend the most time on household chores  The Atlas

This Twenty-Something Forced Silicon Valley to ‘Show Her the Numbers: ’If you want to make tech less white and male, you need numbers. But data didn’t exist until one pissed-off engineer took action  BackChannel

Divided Supreme Court Hears 'Screaming Racial Bias' Juror Case  NPR


What a Landmark Finding in a Title IX Case Means for Colleges Wrestling With Sex Assault (sub. req’d)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

In rare decision, Education Department finds Wesley College violated law when it ignored its own policies and due process rights of students accused of sexual misconduct  Inside Higher E

Title IX Officers Pay a Price for Navigating a Volatile Issue (sub. req’d)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


A Student Fee to Respond to Sexual Assault: In what's believed to be a first, U of Maryland student government approves fee that would help fund university's overworked Title IX office  Inside Higher Ed

Approaches to Sexual Assault would differ under Clinton, Trump Inside Higher Ed

Workplace Sexual Harassment: A Threat To Victims, A Quandary For Bystanders  NPR

Can a syllabus be a form of sexual harassment?  Inside Higher Ed

The politics of sexual assault: It’s not just the powerful.. Privilege lets predatory men get away with a lot, be they rich and famous or not   Economist

Trump Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Spur Calls To Assault Hotlines  NPR

How To Deal With Sexual Harassment On The Job  NPR

Baylor group makes waves with homecoming float targeting sexual assault scandal  Houston Chronicle


Americans more tolerant of offensive speech than others in the world  Pew Research


A former UVA dean's defamation lawsuit over the debunked Rolling Stone rape story is about to start  Reuters


Megachurch caught in "social media firestorm" disfellowshipping gay member  KVUE

Christian group sues to exempt churches from Massachusetts transgender anti-discrimination law  Mass Live

Churches Sue Over Attorney General Over Transgender Law  NECNl

Okla. Guv Scrambles To Make Christian-Focused Proclamation More Inclusive  Associated Press

Bob Dylan's Biblical imagination  The Week

The spiritual abuse in InterVarsity’s treatment of LGBT people  Religious News Service

Evangelical campus ministry group asks pro-gay staff to quit  Associated Press


A Christian conservative backlash against Trump seems to be building  Boston Globe

Mike Pence Visits Liberty University And Tells Religious Voters To Stick With Trump  NPR

Why Trump Tape Caused Only One Evangelical Leader to Abandon Him Christianity Today

Evangelical magazine publishes scathing anti-Trump editorial  Yahoo News


The Man Musicians Call When Two Tunes Sound Alike  New York Times

'I Feel Pretty Good': A Moment With Brian Wilson  NPR


YouTube Crushed TV in Total Debate Viewership  Wired


More than half the world doesn’t understand this basic financial principle  Quartz



Just launched: A tool that will make life easier for FOIA reporters  Columbia Journalism Review

At a Christian College, Student Journalism Gets Religious (opinion)  New York Times

Why it’s important for news organizations to show their corrections  Columbia Journalism Review

An economist makes the case for saving investigative journalism  Poynter

A New Book Attempts to Define the Value of Investigative Journalism  Nonprofit Quarterly

Publishing Hacked Private Emails Can Be a Slippery Slope  Fortune

Google News now has a “Fact Check” tag  Poynter

N. Dakota charges reporter with 'riot' for covering protest--but gets slapped down by judge  LA Times   

Criticism of the News Media Takes On a More Sinister Tone  New York Times



BuzzFeed News, Twitter to partner on election night special  Talking New Media

How CNN is ‘future-proofing’ itself  Columbia Journalism Review



An unintended consequence of Title IX: Lack of clarity in the anti-sex discrimination statue is being used to censor student media  Student Press Law Center

College newspaper defaced with racist message  Union Tribune


Is our world a simulation? Why some scientists say it's more likely than not  The Guardian

Bob Dylan, the songwriter scientists love to quote  Science Mag


Data Mining Is Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Human Weight Change  MIT Technology Review

Reviews Of Medical Studies May Be Tainted By Funders' Influence  NPR

Someone Called Her 'Just A Nurse,' So She Told Them What Being A Nurse Is All About

Welcome to On Call, a newsletter about hospitals and health care  Stat News

Doctors’ political leanings  Flowing Data


College students nationwide flood mental-health centers  Fox News

John Borghi chronicles his experiences with psychology’s century-old problem with p-values  Medium

How The Concept Of Implicit Bias Came Into Being  NPR


Brain Implant Restores Sense Of Touch To Paralyzed Man  NPR


Why I Don't Have a Biblical Worldview and You Shouldn't Either, Says Christian Philosophy Professor  Christian Post


Computational Law, Symbolic Discourse, and the AI Constitution  BackChannel


Revolt at Liberty U: Students sharply criticize President for endorsement and continued support of Trump  Inside Higher Ed

The Professor Wore a Hijab in Solidarity — Then Lost Her Job: Larycia Hawkins, the first black woman to receive tenure at Wheaton College  New York Times

Religiously Serious, Thoughtfully Secular  Chronicle of Higher Ed


DIY Syllabus: What Goes Into a Syllabus  Chronicle of Higher Ed

My Syllabus, My Self  New York Times

20 Things Students Say Help Them Learn  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Generation Adderall ("Adderall has now become ubiquitous on college campuses, widely taken by students both with and without a prescription") New York Times

Here's What the Average American Owes After College  Fox Business

Want college to pay off? These are the 50 majors with the highest earnings  Washington Post

6 Tips For College Students Traveling Alone  Huffington Post