Articles of Interest - Oct 3


IT is seeing a once-in-a-generation battle between open-source software and cloud computing  Economist

The Internet of Things is yet to arrive at the starting blocks of innovation  Gigaom

The Mathematical Genius of Auto-Tune  Priceonomics


King gives crown to friend  Becoming


Flaws and Strengths of the Oxford Comma  Pepperdine student newspaper

As a freelance copy editor, how can I sell myself to potential employers?   The Guardian

Early years of English teaching should focus on reading and writing, not abstract grammar  Economist

Watch English change  Baltimore Sun


How one Amazon Kindle scam made millions of dollars  ZDnet

Why I Like the New MLA Handbook  Chronicle of Higher Ed


To Seek Out New Vowels…  Chronicle of Higher Ed


A Guide to the Real-Life Homes of the Heroes of Children's Literature  Atlas Obscura

Truman Capote ashes sell for $45,000 at auction  CNN


A bot crawled thousands of studies looking for simple math errors. The results are concerning  Vox


Gender equality in 2016? It's complicated  Associated Press


Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable — and That’s Why They Perform Better  Harvard Business Review

Teaching Diversity Online Is Possible. These Professors Tell You How  Chronicle of Higher Ed


What Should Colleges Do to Discipline Students Who Spew Hate?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Why so many college students are getting busted for racist Snapchat posts  Fusion

The police surveillance technology intensifying racial discrimination  Mashable


The University of Minnesota is standing by 'Build the Wall' messages as protected, free speech  Inside Higher Ed

At DePaul, Free Speech Is Out; ‘Fee Speech’ Is In  FIRE


Going to law school? Thinking about law school? What should you read?  Leiter Reports


Your Body Text Is Too Small  Medium


Yay, It's Time For My Performance Review! (Said No One Ever)  NPR  


The 4th revolution in satellite tech: the Earth becomes a gigantic data set that can be interrogated and extrapolated  Economist

How data science and big data are alike.. and different: digging past the marketing  KD Nuggets


6 facts about U.S. Mormons  Pew Research

Key findings about Americans’ views on religious liberty and nondiscrimination  Pew Research


Signing off: CBS is getting out of the radio business — is this finally the end of the medium?  Salon

the End of mental_floss (Magazine)  Medium


Survey: Americans rely on TV, websites for election news  Talking New Media

How 'All the President's Men' Defined the Look of Journalism on Screen  Atlas Obscura

Five things I learned at ONA  GateHouse

The Science of Headline Writing: Does A/B Testing Headlines Work?  Priceonomics


What Beacon’s Failure Means for Crowdfunded Journalism  PBS Media Shift

Journalists as Strategists: How to Think About Business Now that the Wall Has Come Down  PBS Media Shift

New York Times reporters won’t face jail for airing Trump’s taxes  Poynter

10 First Amendment experts comment on legality of NYT release of Trump’s tax returns  Concurring Opinions


Ben Goldacre: fighting bad science (video)  ABC (Australia)


Medical Record Mixups  NPR

The Accuracy of Bibliographical References Generated for Medical Citation Styles  Science Direct

To make big profits, drug companies turn to monopoly shenanigans  Stat News


Why is the scientific replication crisis centered on psychology?  Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

Amy Cuddy’s Response to Critiques of Her Power-Posing Research  NY Mag

Psychologist Helps San Quentin Prisoners Find Freedom Through Self-Reflection  NPR

The psychological origins of procrastination—and how we can stop putting things off  Jstor


Our IQs have never been higher – but it hasn’t made us smart Our IQs have never been higher – but it hasn’t made us smart  BBC


Quiz From UCR Philosophy Professor Determines If You Are A Jerk  CBS Los Angeles

Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update  Daily Nous


The Myth Of Coincidences And Why We Search For Their Meaning  NPR


Not Just Hillary: Young Women In Debate Face Sexism, Double Standards  Huffington Post

The University of Texas system is teaming up with Salesforce to make college courses more like Netflix  Business Insider

28 Extremely Disappointing Facts About The Class Of 2020  BuzzFeed


Michigan students can now pick their preferred pronouns, but not everyone is happy  USA Today

Student loan default rate dips, but ‘considerable work remains,’ education secretary says  Washington Post


In aftermath of Brock Turner case, California’s governor signs sex crime bill  Washington Post

 Lawyer: Why the lower standard of evidence in college sexual-assault cases is dangerous (opinion)  Washington Post