articles of interest - Oct 31


Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017  Information Management

Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016: Overview  Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies

Companies Try Out Selfies as Password Alternatives: Facial-recognition apps use smartphone snapshots to verify identity of customers, taxpayers  Wall Street Journal

Concerts put phones on lockdown for a phone-free event (the service has also been used in classrooms)  New York Times


Those Facebook lives from space are fake AF  Mashable

Vine is Closed  Medium

Hey Tumblr, U OK, Bro?  Twitter is struggling. Vine is dying. And there are no guarantees in life competing against Facebook and Snapchat  BuzzFeed

Do Parents Invade Children's Privacy When They Post Photos Online?  NPR

If You’re Mourning The Loss Of Vine, Check Out The New App From Its Co-Founder  Tube Filter

Facebook’s fake news problem won’t fix itself  Poynter


The AI disruption wave  Tech Crunch

Which data science functions will be automated in the near future?   Forbes

Prediction: By 2020 60% of AI apps will run on the platform of one of 4 companies: Amazon, Google, Microsoft & IBM New York Times

How Apache Ignite pulls RDBMS, NoSQL, and Hadoop data sets into memory for improved performance   InfoWorld

What do everyday people-not techies or co's-think about AI’s potential/pitfalls. Will AI will help/hurt the world?   Harvard Business Review

Let’s break down 7 data/analytics job titles for today's data pros  Information Week

Two-thirds of public doesn’t understand data, yet increasingly influenced by data, study says  Talking New Media

What you can learn from GitHub's top 10 open source projects  Tech Republic


Making Art Off The Grid: A Monthlong Residency At A Remote National Park  NPR


Film and the prez election  NPR  


How These Netflix And NPR Vets Plan To Reinvent PodcastsFast Company


Spelling errors to wet your appetite and furl your brow  Washington Post


Having an Aspirational Home Library Is Totally Normal  Slate

Kurt Vonnegut’s Term Paper Assignment from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop Teaches You to Read Fiction Like a Writer  Open Culture

An education expert says reading to kids makes them more curious than giving them phones or tablets   Business Insider


Hear Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage (1967)  Open Culture


The history of Satanic Panic in the U.S. — and why it's not over yet  Vox

Few Americans identify with more than one religion Pew Research

Chicago public school cancels ‘Christian’ haunted house depicting Orlando LGBT mass shooting  Raw Story

A Suicide Cult’s Surviving Members Still Maintain Its 90s Website  Vice

Shared religious beliefs in marriage important to some, but not all, married Americans  Pew Research


The Long, Weird Transition from Analog to Digital Television  Atlas Obscura

Is media bias really rampant? Ask the man who studies it for a living  Poynter

Vice’s New Gaming Channel, Waypoint, Kicks off With Three-Day Twitch Stream  Tube Filter


A daily’s loss in court may cause journalists to rethink how they communicate  Columbia Journalism Review

These Women Reporters Went Undercover to Get the Most Important Scoops of Their Day Smithsonian

For journalists investigating corruption, free tool offers millions of searchable documents International Journalists' Network

How the Global Fact-Checking Movement is Changing How We Train Journalists  PBS MediaShift

The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture History  Vulture

The News Is Now Literally a Video Game: The GOP Arcade is producing tiny, raw, irreverent games based on the news  Backchannel

Journalist arrested for filming in courthouse has charges dismissed  Student Press Law Center


Gannett's billion-dollar deal to buy Tronc put on hold  Political


UT student paper's anti-Muslim letter stirs controversy  Knox News


Patient Zero in AIDS crisis was misidentified, study says, rewriting early history of virus  Stat News

Why Insulin Prices Have Kept Rising for 95 years  Washington Post


The Inept Story Behind 100 Missing Brains from the Psych Dept at the University of Texas  Atlas Obscura

The Brain Wiring Behind a Frustrating Speech Disorder  Wall Street Journal

Why you shouldn’t blame lying on the brain  The Conversation

Fear and Your Brain  Jstor


What a liberal sociologist learned from spending five years in Trump's America  Vox


'Good Girls Revolt' Takes On Gender Bias In The Newsroom  NPR

Odd Vintage Postcards Document the Propaganda Against Women’s Rights 100 Years Ago  Open Culture

Mind the (Pay) Gap  Scholarly Kitchen


A Professor Circled “Hence” On A Latina Student’s Paper And Wrote “This Is Not Your Word"  BuzzFeed


Stephen Fry Narrates 4 Philosophy Animations On the Question: How to Create a JustSociety?  Open Culture


The strongest political bias  Becoming (my blog)


Why the Future of Content Creation in Higher Education Is Digital Tech.Co

The Man Who Shed Light On Why College Keeps Getting More Expensive  NPR

Hiring a college football coach is expensive. Firing one is, too (at least 36 of them are being paid as much as $3 million this year)  USA Today

Colleges Crackdown Targets Drinking and Sexual Assault  New York Times

Liberty University Students Want to Be Christians—Not Republicans  The Atlantic


Community College FAQ: You Teach How Many Classes?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Tips for Effective Online Learning – Community Edition  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Private Facebook pages created by students for your course are the new cyber watercooler Chronicle of Higher Ed


Student forced out for Facebook Comments  Inside Higher Ed

One University Asks: How Do You Promote Free Speech Without Alienating Students? (sub. req’d)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Peter Thiel Defends Gawker Lawsuit, Says a ‘Single-Digit Millionaire like Hulk Hogan’ Can’t Defend Himself in Court  Mediaite

In a Copyright Case, Justices Ponder the Meaning of Fashion  New York Times

Federal judge smacks down Northern Kentucky's reliance on FERPA privacy to keep secrets in student's sexual-assault lawsuit   Student Press Law Center


Campus Cop on trial for Murder  NPR

BYU police accessed thousands of external agencies' police records, actions questioned  Herald Extra


Should Students Major in What They Love?  Inside Higher Ed

The end of adolescence In the 20th century it offered a bridge from the innocence of childhood to the responsibilities of adult life. Not any more  Aeon

Clerk wanted to block early voting for students  Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

‘Not Your Language’: How a Classroom Interaction Led a Student to Speak Out on Microaggressions  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

Having a Hard Time in College? Take Some Advice From 2 Million Students  TIME


Brigham Young Students Who Report Sexual Assault Won’t Face Honor Code Sanctions  New York Times

USF reviewing sex harassment finding at administrator's previous job  Tampa Bay Times

Study: Gay and bisexual men are reporting sexual assaults on the campus at the same frequencies as heterosexual women   Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers

More details of Baylor's 'horrifying and painful' sexual-assault scandal have emerged  Business Insider

Brigham Young Will Grant Disciplinary Amnesty to Sexual-Assault Victims  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Resident Assistants Find Themselves on the Front Lines of Title IX Compliance Chronicle of Higher Ed

CUNY’s Hunter College Violated Title IX, Education Dept. Says  Chronicle of Higher Ed