articles of interest - Nov 14



Want to understand how Trump happened? Study quantum physics (Quantum physics as an analogy to world politics is superior to the simplistic theories dominating inter. Relations)  Quartz

Companies commissioning data projects need to grasp the difference between two types of analytics projects  Computer Week

Industrialized analytics are beginning to make truly life & death decisions- necessitating ethical/legal frameworks  Smart Data Collective

Data science is a tool that is not necessarily going to give you answers, but probabilities  New York Times

Lessons for data scientists from Trump win.. the limits of Data Science and prediction when dealing w/human behavior  KD Nuggets

How Bayesian inference gives you sharper predictions from your data (esp. when data is scarce)  Data Science Central


Avoiding Plagiarism, Self-plagiarism, and Other Questionable Writing Practices: A Guide to Ethical Writing  The Office of Research Integrity of the DHHS

Head Of National Book Foundation Encourages Young People To Read More  NPR

10 tips to tighten your writing  Gatehouse


There’s a way to spot data fakery. All journals should be using it  STAT News

Discovery Versus Sequestration – Dealing with Complex Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in Research Misconduct Cases  Investigations Law Blog

A court case may define the limits of anonymous scientific criticism  Economist


Being from a privileged background helps men, but not women, get top jobs  Washington Post

Gender Gap: When Women and Men Vote Differently  Bloomberg

Gender Politics:  Women Actually Do Govern Differently  New York Times


Author Of 'They Can't Kill Us All' Discusses Race And Police Shootings  NPR


Los Angeles booms as a startup hub  Economist

How I Used A/B Testing to Hack My Kids  LifeHacker


How to make a logo, for free, in about 5 minutes  Medium

Georgia O’Keeffe: A Life in Art, a Short Documentary on the Painter Narrated by Gene Hackman  Open Culture


Zuckerberg: the idea that fake news on Facebook influenced the election is ‘crazy’  The Verge

What we know, and what we don’t, about Facebook’s effort to reduce hoaxes  The Verge


Digital advertisers battle over online privacy  Economist

Advertisers Don’t Care About Fake News Sites: Yet  Medium


Left unchecked, the growing maze of barriers on the internet will damage economies and hamper political freedom  Economist

Google Estimates More Than 130 Trillion Web Pages  Media Post


Comfort Habits: Everyday habits can play a critical role in providing us with needed balance and continuity   Becoming (my blog) 


Why Donald Trump Won With Women and Pro-Life Christians  The Atlantic

Evangelical Left admits it doesn’t really exist  Colorado Springs Gazette

The West has gained a lot from Christianity: There is still more to learn (book review)  Economist

Trump Election Revealed Fractures Among Diverse Evangelical Community  NPR

If the U.S. had 100 people: Charting Americans’ religious affiliations  Pew Research

I was an evangelical magazine editor, but now I can’t defend my evangelical community (opinion: written by an Editor at Large for Christianity Today)  Washington Post  


Impartial journalism is laudable. But false balance is dangerous  The Guardian

Media’s Next Challenge: Overcoming the Threat of Fake News  New York Times

Whites more likely than nonwhites to have spoken to a local journalist  Pew Research

Storytelling education: Berkeley to offer “Nonfiction Narratives” minor  Berkeley Beacon 

Buffalo College Newspaper Headline Links Donald Trump With White Supremacist Group  NBC New York


Implications of Trumps Presidential Victory for international and undocumented students  Inside Higher Ed

Black Freshmen at UPenn Added to a “Daily Lynching” Hate Group  Slate

Yale professor: My students aren’t snowflakes, and they don’t melt (opinion)  Washington Post

Millennials Reject Car-Shopping Gender Stereotypes  Media Post


Safety Of Painkiller Celebrex Affirmed In New Study  NPR

Their brains had the telltale signs of Alzheimer’s. So why did they still have nimble minds?  Stat News

 'Minibrains' Could Help Drug Discovery For Zika And For Alzheimer's  NPR

Trump just dropped a big hint to the pharmaceutical industry: Trump's health-care plan may help the drug and medical device industries  Washington Post


How Contestants' Social Security Numbers Could Affect 'Jeopardy' Wagers  NPR


A Princeton philosophy professor on the ethical argument for working for the Trump administration  Quartz

What Did Nietzsche Really Mean When He Wrote “God is Dead”?  Open Culture

The Philosopher Who Helped Create the Information Age2192Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz isn’t a household name—but he should be  Slate

Five Steps To Arguing On The Internet, According To Philosophy  Junkee


Ethical Implications Of Industrialized Analytics  Smart Data Collective

Academic Ethics: The Legal Tangle of ‘Trigger Warnings’  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Yes, You’re Right, Colleges Are Liberal Bubbles. Here’s the Data  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Marx as Educator  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Texas State University police looking into Trump 'vigilante' fliers  Austin Statesman

The New Congress and Higher Ed   Inside Higher Ed

AAUP Warns of Historic Threat to Academic Freedom Posed by Trump Chronicle of Higher Ed

Voters in many states weren't exactly thrilled with the notion of raising taxes to fund higher education  Inside Higher Ed


Why today’s college students don’t want to be teachers  Washington Post


Trump Administration May Back Away from Title IX, but Campuses Won’t Chronicle of Higher Ed

Surrogates of President-elect Trump and other Republicans say they would scale back enforcement of Title IX  Inside Higher Ed

Baylor Faces Rising Calls for Transparency in Sexual-Assault Scandal  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Student says Georgetown Law suppresses political activity; school says it supports free speech  Washington Post

Free Speech in Contentious Times: Leaders of state universities hear differing views on how to uphold academic values at a time when many students feel under siege and misunderstood  Inside Higher Ed