articles of interest - Nov 28


A 10-Digit Key Code to Your Private Life: Your Cellphone Number  New York Times


Google’s AI translation tool seems to have invented its own secret internal language  Tech Crunch

Better Questions to Ask Your Data Scientists  Harvard Business Review

Artificial Intelligence can now judge books by their covers, determine genre at a glance  Nature World News

10 Big Data Trends for 2017  Dzone

Big Data in search of unique data sets fuels market for small satellites  Space News

Deep learning, model checking, AI, the no-homunculus principle, and the unitary nature of consciousness  Andrew Gelman


The Most Influential Images of All Time  TIME


How Facebook Is Transforming Disaster Response  Wired

Facebook’s Stumbles Expose Flaws in Its Plan to Rule Advertising  Wired


The Joy of Third Place  Becoming (my blog)


New website seeks to register professors accused of liberal bias and “anti-American values”  Inside Higher Ed

Most Students Don’t Know When News Is Fake, Stanford Study Finds  Wall Street Journal

Millions Have Dyslexia, Few Understand It  NPR


9 Online Tools to Help Writers Find a Literary Agent  Media Shift

Don’t Look Now, But 2016 Is Resurrecting Poetry  Wired

Who doesn’t read books in America?  Pew Research

Book Publishers Scramble to make sense of Trump’s Rise to Victory  New York Times

J.M. Coetzee on the Pleasures of Writing: Total Engagement, Hard Thought & Productiveness  Open Culture


'Atlas Obscura' Explores Roots Of The So-Called Mid-Atlantic Accent  NPR


Are There Really Only 6 Plots In All Of Literature?  Bustle

Richard Rorty’s 1998 Book Suggested Election 2016 Was Coming  New York Times

Great 19 Century Poems Read in French: Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine & More  Open Culture

Why literature matters in debate about race and immigrants  The Conversation

An Animated Introduction to George Orwell  Open Culture


How Early Feminist Writer Margaret Fuller’s Memoirs Were Rewritten  Jstor


White Power Leader's New Target: Colleges  Inside Higher Ed

Two Jewish professors on different campuses are harassed with anti-Semitic threats at a time when swastikas have appeared at a number of institutions  Inside Higher Ed


News organizations file suit against College for access to sexual assault records  WRAL TV

Women who reported gang rape by Baylor football players reach settlement with school  ESPN

Sexual Violence Might Reshape the Female Brain  OZY


Google HR boss explains the only 2 ways to keep your best people from quitting  Business Inside


Most say their churches remained above the electoral fray this year  Pew Research


China’s newest export hit is classical music  Economist

Don't Give up on the Guitar  Bloomberg  


Will 2017 Be Better For Radio?  Radio Ink


A guide to public records and the Trump Presidential Transition  MuckRock

What TV journalists did wrong — and the New York Times did right — in meeting with Trump  Washington Post

Two NPR designers left their comfort zones to create an experimental podcast for kids  Nieman Labs

Maneuvering a new reality for US journalism  Columbia Journalism Review

My ProPublica Move: From Blogging and Teaching Back to Deep Digging on Climate  Dot Earth

The tech/editorial culture clash  Columbia Journalism Review


The CNN porn scare is how fake news spreads  The Verge

Fake News and the Internet Shell Game  New York Times

For the ‘new yellow journalists,’ opportunity comes in clicks and bucks  Washington Post

Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say  Washington Post

An Exercise to Sift for Sources Amid a Blitz of Fake News  New York Times


Why The Wall Street Journal is cutting print sections and refocusing on its core coverage  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


The Myth of the Sports Scholarship (sub. req’ed.)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Big Data Coming In Faster Than Biomedical Researchers Can Process It  NPR


The Running Conversation in Your Head: What a close study of "inner speech" reveals about why humans talk to themselves  The Atlantic

Why Very Smart People Are Happiest Alone  Big Think


Socrates: The Father Of Western Philosophy (video)  Seeker

A philosophy competition is asking the public to submit their most controversial, puzzling questions  Quartz

How a Philosophy Professor Found Love in a Hidden Library  New York Times


Education, Not Income, Predicted Who Would Vote For Trump  FiveThirtyEight

A ‘Netflix for Education’? Why LinkedIn’s New Product Should Give Us Pause (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Seeking students, public colleges reduce out-of-state prices  Associated Press

These 15 Ridiculous Rules For Women Used To Be Enforced On College Campuses  Vira Nova

Feast or Famine' for Humanities Ph.D.s: Some doctorate earners emerge with high levels of debt, while a growing number have none  Inside Higher Ed

The Title IX Lives of Christian Colleges  Christianity Today

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. says he turned down Trump's offer to serve as education secretary  Daily Mail