articles of interest - Nov 7


A New Approach to Covering Election Day: Why Slate will break the traditional information embargo on Nov. 8  Slate

The New York Times to Offer Open Access To November 7-9   New York Times

Nate Silver: Forecasts Showing Clinton With 99% Chance of Winning "Don't Pass Commonsense Test"  ABC News’ This Week


Meme warfare: how the power of mass replication has poisoned the US election  The Guardian

Social Media's Increasing Role In The 2016 Presidential Election  NPR

Social media leads some users to rethink a political issue  Pew Research Center

Twitter still might save Vine by selling it  Tech Crunch ***FREE SPEECH

Students at one college were threatened with arrest for handing out copies of the Constitution  Business Insider


A Highway Sign Is At Center Of An Unusual Trademark Dispute  NPR

Rolling Stone found liable for defamation for fraternity rape story  CNN

Jury Finds 'Rolling Stone,' Reporter Liable For Damages In Rape Allegation Story  NPR

'Loving' Tells Story Of Supreme Court Ruling Legalizing Interracial Marriage  NPR


Data Analytics in Higher Education: A Mixed Bag  Datanami

Little Data Is Making Learning Personal  Wired

Sure, a lot of the legwork has been automated. But data scientists won’t be replaced by software any time soon  Itproportal

Is open-source forecasting the natural next step of probabilistic thinking beyond quantitative election forecasting?  Slate

Two-thirds of public doesn’t understand data, yet increasingly influenced by data: study  Talking New Media

What you can learn from GitHub's top 10 open source projects  Tech Republic  


Album Turns Into Something New Each Time It’s Streamed  PSFK


Decoding the Screenplays of The Shining, Moonrise Kingdom & The Dark Knight: Watch Lessons from the Screenplay  Open Culture


Methodist High Court Affirms Bishop's Decision Overruling LGBT Resolution  Christina Post

Amy Grant’s new Christmas album reignites the old ‘What’s Christian enough?’ question  Washington Post

The most and least educated U.S. religious groups  Pew Research

Evangelicals Consider Whether God Really Cares How They Vote  NPR

Religious freedom at stake in this election, but not in the way evangelicals think (opinion)   Religious News Service

SD Catholic church: Democratic voters are doomed to hell, Clinton is satanic  Union Tribune

Steinberg: Evangelical youths weigh vexing presidential choice (opinion) Chicago Sun-Times

No, John Podesta didn’t drink bodily fluids at a secret Satanist dinner  Washington Post

More than $180,000 raised for church burned, marked with ‘Vote Trump’ graffiti  Religious News Service

Latino Evangelicals Are The Ultimate Swing Voters That Could Tip Florida's Scale  NPR


The Greatest Invention of One Thousand Years Ago  Foundation for Economic Education


News Corp, hit by an 11% drop in print ad revenue, records a loss in its Q1 2017 earnings report  Talking New Media


When interviewing trauma victims, proceed with caution and compassion  IJNet

Profiles in mobile journalism: Defining a new storytelling language  IJNet


Cuts underway as advertising tumble accelerates  Columbia Journalism Review


Censored Liberty University columnist steps down from position at student newspaper  Student Press Law Center


Millennials: Welcome to the Voting Booth   Bloomberg

Millennials Are Drinking the World’s Coffee Supply Dry  Vice

College Is A 4-Year-Long Balancing Act For First-Generation Students  NPR

Having a Hard Time in College? Take Some Advice From 2 Million Students  TIME

Sharp Growth of STDs in College age Population  Inside Higher Ed

40% of Millennials fear the election is rigged  USA Today


Behind Door #3 (The Monty Hall Problem)  Becoming (my blog)

The Simple Logical Puzzle That Shows How Illogical We Are - Facts So Romantic  Nautil

Why We Can’t Finish Things  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Science behind 'Doctor Strange'   Bustle

Study suggests that scientific impact doesn't have to decrease with age (and scientists have a unique kind of IQ that accurately predicts their career success)  Inside Higher Ed


First cases of new superbug in US  STAT

How Doctors Could One Day Use Your DNA to Cure You  Wired

Use Canada and the WHO’s ‘essential medicines’ as guides for US drug pricing  STAT


Why Big Liars Often Start Out as Small Ones  New York Times


Vibrant New Brain Scans Reveal What Makes You You  Wired

Fear and Your Brain  Jstor


Why People Stay in Jobs They Hate  Bloomberg


How Nietzsche Became the Most Absurdly Bastardized Philosopher in Hollywood  Slate

How a Philosophy Professor Found Love in a Hidden Library  New York Times

Thing-in-Itself brings Kant’s philosophical expression to videogames  Kill Screen

Philosophy is cool again (sub. req’ed)  Houston Chronicle

A new philosophy of science? Surely that’s been outlawed  Oxford University Press


When Vladimir Nabokov Taught Ruth Bader Ginsburg, His Most Famous Student, To Care Deeply About Writing  Open Culture


Native English speakers are the world’s worst communicators  BBC

Princeton Proposal Would Require all students to Study another Language beside English  Inside Higher Ed

215 Hours of Free Foreign Language Lessons on Spotify: French, Chinese, German, Russian & More  Open Culture


Children's Book Author Natalie Babbitt Dies At 84  NPR

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Kurt Vonnegut’s Incensed Letter to the High School That Burned Slaughterhouse-Five  Open Culture

Father Writes a Great Letter About Censorship When Son Brings Home Permission Slip to Read Ray Bradbury’s Censored Book, Fahrenheit 451  Open Culture

Friday Reads: Madeline L’Engle  Jstor


An NYU professor who used an anonymous Twitter account to criticize the university, trigger warnings, safe spaces and the ‘academic left’ is on paid leave days after his identity was revealed  Inside Higher Ed

Adjunct says he was fired after complaining to accreditor for refusing to water down his curriculum and requirements (another instructor quit rather than comply)   Inside Higher Ed


Now you can see who’s not sharing their trial results  STAT

How to improve the quantitative predictions in psychological studies  EFPSA

What should you do if a paper you’ve cited is later retracted?  Retraction Watch


BBC Airs Tone-Deaf Segment On Black People And Fried Chicken  Huffington Post

Changing Standards for Collecting Data on Race and Ethnicity  Inside Higher Ed


Ballot Measures and Higher Ed   Inside Higher Ed

Fear And Anger When Trump Comes To Campus (opinion)  BuzzFeed

New Era for Disability Rights in higher education  Inside Higher Ed

A jolt to private colleges from the NLRB: Gagging employees violates federal labor law  Student Press Law Center


Do You Make Them Call You ‘Professor’?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

200 MOOCs Starting in November  Open Culture


Feds Investigating Sandusky Fine Penn State $2.4M for Violating Clery: A law requiring schools to report campus crimes and warn people if their safety is threatened  US News and World Report


Students Urge Colleges to Define Rape Culture in their Sexual Assault Policies Inside Higher Ed