articles of interest - Dec 19


Why We Say Too Much When We Write Online  Jstor

Nietzsche’s 10 Rules for Writing with Style (1882)  Open Culture


Some People’s Brains Are Wired for Languages  Scientific American

The state of languages in the U.S. a statistical portrait  Report from the American Academy of Arts & Sciences


Making a Point by Moving Shakespeare's Portrait: Students at Penn set off debate by replacing image of the Bard in English department building with a photo of Audre Lorde, the black feminist poet  Inside Higher Ed

'Bars Medley': Classic Literature Remixed Into Hip-Hop And Verse  NPR

Jane Austen and the Value of Flaws  Jstor


'Nat Geo' Explores Gender Options, Puts 9-Year-Old Transgender Girl On Cover  Media Post


Racism Was Served by Silence. Justice Requires Free Speech for All  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Panel discussion on The Future of The First Amendmentat the 92nd Street Y in New York City (video)  Future.Today Summit

Free Speech on Campus, and Its Limits  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Battle over Offensive Speech on California Campus: YAF Lawsuit Against CSULA Proceeds on Narrow Grounds  The FIRE

If students think a faculty member is racist, they have every right to say so. But nobody has a right to limit someone else’s speech  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Maine man wins right to wear ‘horns of power’ in license photo  Religion News Service


As radio industry prepares for fight with Global Music Rights, announces new deal with ASCAP  Complete Music Update

Sex-Trafficking Victims Press Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Over Backpage Ads  Media Post

Record Label Urges Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Over 'Golden Oldies'  Media Post  


The Great A.I. Awakening: How Google used artificial intelligence to transform GoogleTranslate, one of its more popular services — and how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself  New York Times

Who said what inside the Trump tech meeting  Recode


The six best books for data geeks  Financial Times

Why Google bought the AI firm DeepMind  Economist

A Data Scientist Gives the 2016 Election Polls a postmortem  Information Management

Twitter cuts off Geospatial data access for Police Intellegence Centers  The Verge

Fake News and Data Mining: Mapping Today's media for intel analysis  In Homeland Security

University Researchers say they have a new approach for analyzing Big Data that can drastically Improve Predictions Phys Org

Spelling out the ABCs of Bayesian statistics in Layperson's Terms   RW Connect


From Caligari to Hitler: Imagining the Tyrant - Between the Lines  Klye Klgalern

The Surreal Filmmaking of David Lynch Explained in 9 Video Essays  Open Culture


She staged a viral story. You fell for her hoax. She thinks that’s beautiful  Washington Post


Whatever happened to the audio slideshow?  Online Journalism Blog

You can now broadcast live video from the Twitter app  The Verge

A sense of ennui and overdetermination binds the audience of NPR podcasts together in a bloc of obnoxious explainerism (opinion)  The New Inquiry


'The Jingle King' Tracks Decline Of Original Music In Advertising  NPR


Art in a Time of Atrocity (opinion) New York Times


Traditional Media Braces For 6% Ad Drop   Media Post


Why The Media Use Anonymous Sources  NPR

Predictions for Journalism 2017  Nieman Journalism Lab

Ethics in stunt journalism  The Outline


The real history of fake news  Columbia Journalism Review

We’ve had fake news, fake science — and now, ‘fake tech’  Recode

Fixing Fake News  The ACLU

Solving the Problem of Fake News  The New Yorker

Want to Fight Online BS? We’ve Got Your Crash Course  Wired

How Can Students Be Taught to Detect Fake News and Dubious Claims?  (sub. req.’ed)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

In a world of fake news, real journalism must be paid for The Guardian

6 Tips for Identifying Fake News  Quick & Dirty Tips

What Americans Really Think About Fake News  Vocativ


Facebook to start putting warning labels on 'fake news'  CNN

What Facebook hasn’t said about its plan to fight fake news  The Washington Post

7 signs that will help you spot fake news before you share it on Facebook  Mashable

Facebook will use third party fact checkers, then flag disputed news  Talking New Media

Facebook drains the fake news swamp with new, experimental partnerships  Columbia Journalism Review

Why Facebook's fake news measures won't stamp out imposter publishers  Digiday


As Mr. Trump tries to burn the media village down, he may just be saving it (opinion)  New York Times

Innovation gone bad: The best of the worst ideas in media experimentation  Columbia Journalism Review

NY Times Public Editor takes paper to Task for Preaching the Gospel of Diversity, but Not Following it  New York Times

Fake news is a convenient scapegoat, but the big 2016 problem was the real news  Vox


Can the behavioral sciences self-correct? A social epistemic study  Science Direct


How America's diet has changed over time  Pew Research Center

Reuters finds lead levels higher than Flint’s in thousands of locales  Reuters


Does Online Therapy Really Work?  Jstor

Inside the messy world of anonymous therapy app Talkspace  The Verge


Which Philosophy Can Best Explain 2016?  Vice

How to Live Without Irony (opinion)  New York Times


Management theory is becoming a compendium of dead ideas: What Martin Luther did to the Catholic church needs to be done to business gurus (opinion)  Economist


The Line Between Good and Evil  Becoming (my blog)


Why Do Many Christians Think Calvinists Are Arrogant Jerks?  Christian Post

The Religious Literacy in Journalism with New York Times Religion Writer Laurie Goodstein (video)  Harvard Divinity School

Key findings on how world religions differ by education  Pew Research Center

‘Spiritual warfare,’ ‘demonic attacks.’ The role religion played in home for sex-trafficking victims  Sacramento Bee

ECFA: evangelical organizations based in the US received $16 billion in 2015  Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Q&A: The Muslim-Christian education gap in sub-Saharan Africa  Pew Research Center


Richard Mouw: Despite Trumpism, I’m not quitting evangelicalism (opinion)  Religious News Service

How to Talk to a Trump Evangelical at Christmas (opinion)  Religious Dispatches

Why Hillary Clinton Bombed With White Evangelical Voters: As with Wisconsin, she didn’t show up  Slate


Three big surprises in the data from our research on how teens use college and university websites, reinforcing the realization that you can't take their needs for granted  Inside Higher Ed

Most Colleges Will Change Overtime Policies Despite Judge’s Blocking of New Rules  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Some small colleges are finding clever ways to stay open  Economist

Beach Boys' 'California Girls' too offensive? One university says  San Diego Union Tribune

Gun-friendly Liberty University to open on-campus shooting range  Washington Post


The Good News About Learning by the Numbers  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Online Classes: The Essentials of Digital Accessibility  THE (transforming education through technology) Journal


Federal grant proposals are public information, so why do scientists get cranky when you seek a copy?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Peering across the Copyright DMZ (book review)  Scholarly Kitchen


Students face high fees and continued risks when they use college-sponsored banking products  Report from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Service

Why are so many students failing to find good jobs after college?  Washington Post


Amid Lurid Sexual Assault Allegations, Minnesota Football Team Drops Threatened Boycott  Chronicle of Higher Ed