articles of interest - Dec 26


Why Snapchat’s Design is Deliberately Confusing

How Facebook Is Transforming Disaster Response  Wired

Fake news sets off Twitter confrontation between Pakistan and Israel  CBS News

U.S. Customs requesting social media details at border  The Stack


SoundExchange Releases Most Recent Finance Data  Billboard

IHeartMedia’s Debt Refinancing Faces Static As Radio’s Prospects Weaken  Deadline


The reigning absurdity in the digital news economy  Monday Note

‘A very blunt instrument’: The potential and power of mobile notifications  Columbia Journalism Review


50+ Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning cheat sheets for R, Python, SQL, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Matlab, Java  KD Nuggets

Fencemarking vs. Benchmarking: how to uncover insights using both methods  Inside Big Data

Why Deep Learning is radically different from  Machine Learning  Medium

Big Data, Software Continue to Stump Defense Programs  National Defense Magazine

What happened in the BigData analytics space this year to assess where we’ve come from and what direction we may go  Datanami


Hurting from Loss  Becoming (my blog)

Make Yourself Happier by Doing One Creative Thing Every Day  LifeHacker


K-State Freshman says he plans to drop out; Diatribe against General Education Courses goes Viral  Inside Higher Ed

The Gay Rights policies of evangelical colleges and campus groups are increasingly out of sync with student views (sub req.’ed)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Professors at America's elite colleges pick one book every student should read in 2017  Business Insider


The Art of Cutting Up Shakespeare  Jstor


Transition Team’s Request on Gender Equality Rattles State Dept.  New York Times  

How Women Finally Broke Into the Sciences  Jstor


Legislators criticize UW-Madison professor's course on race (“The Problem of Whiteness”), tweets about shooting of officers  Wisconsin State Journal

Oregon: Professor in Blackface Violated Anti-Harassment Policy  Inside Higher Ed

Drexel Condemns Professor's Tweet: University issues statement on Christmas Day over post that said "all I want for Christmas is white genocide"  Inside Higher Ed


Encryption App ‘Signal’ Fights Censorship With a Clever Workaround  Wired

D.C. appeals court rules that bloggers who compared professor to Jerry Sandusky may be sued for defamation  Inside Higher Ed


New York Appeals Court Rules No Public Performance Rights in Pre-1972 Sound Recordings  Billboard

Adding Derogatory Caption to Photo Meme Can Be False Light  Unconstitutional Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Lawsuit, DOJ review spur Princeton to change mental-health policy

Police Department’s Social Media Policy Is Unconstitutional  Technology & Marketing Law Blog


Anti-Trump Evangelical Faces Backlash  NPR

One University Confronts Tensions Over Islam With Its Neighbors (sub. req.’ed)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Why God is a curvy, black woman in 'The Shack' and some Christian critics say it's 'heresy'  Chicago Tribune

How a Defense of Christianity Revolutionized Brain Science  Nautilus

Megachurch pastor ignites debate after suggesting that Christianity doesn’t hinge on Jesus’ birth  Washington Post

Amy Grant On Faith, Songwriting And Christmas Blues  NPR


Weekend news readers phone it in – by the millions: What it means that two thirds of weekend news consumption happens on a mobile device  Politico

2016’s Great San Diego Journalism  Voice of San Diego


A Professor Once Targeted by Fake News Now Is Helping to Visualize It  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Hoaxy visualizes how fake news spreads across social media: Indiana University has developed a tool for the battle against misinformation  Engadget

Will Search Algorithms Detect Fake News?  Media Post

5 new automated fact-checking projects underway  Digiday


Shutterstock's VP Of Engineering Kevin Lester Talks Reverse Image Search  IBT

How Photos Fuel the Spread of Fake News  Wired

Artificial intelligence is going to make it easier than ever to fake images and video  The Verge


Fake News Antidote: Teaching Kids To Discern Fact From Fiction  NPR

Battling Fake News in the Classroom: See how one educator helps students develop media literacy—a critical 21st-century skill  Edutopia

Teaching 'Truthiness': Professors Offer Course On How to Write Fake News  Ed Surge


College Students fight delay of newspaper over provocative  Democrat and Chronicle


Ex-Stanford professor: I was pushed out after reporting sexual harassment  The Guardian

Lawsuit: MSU failed to act on early claims of sex abuse by school and USA Gymnastics doctor  ESPN


The Irony Effect: How the scientist who founded the science of mistakes ended up mistaken  Slate

How Academia, Google Scholar And Predatory Publishers Help Feed Academic Fake News  Forbes

Once a Year, Scientific Journals Try to Be Funny. Not Everyone Gets the Joke  Smithsonian Magazine


What happens when machine learning meets biology? How big data is redefining biotechnology  Tech Republic

Scanning reveals what pregnancy does to a mother’s brain  The Economist

Rewriting the Code of Life The New Yorker


EEOC to Employers: Remember Mental Health Conditions are Disabilities Too  National Law Review

Researchers Examine Whether First Impressions Are Lasting  NPR

What psychologists really think about you lying to your kids about Santa  Washington Post

Technology and today’s vast and immensely underserved mental health population  Tech Crunch


Philosophy Professors Debate God’s Existence  Graphic (student newspaper)

A Crash Course in Existentialism: A Short Introduction to Jean-Paul Sartre & Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World  Open Culture