Articles of Interest - Feb 1


How Two Guys Built the Ultimate GIF Search Engine - Bloomberg

Snapchat: Not just for kids anymore (subscription) - The Week magazine

The End of Twitter - New Yorker

One Billion People Now Use Whats App – Wired


New Clues to How the Brain Maps Time - Quantam

Best apps... For mental health therapy (subscription) - The Week

Psychologists have found that a spiritual outlook makes humans more resilient to trauma – Quartz


Concordia philosophy professor publishes book on religious diversity – The Concordian


The day pain died.. Oct. 16, 1846 - Becoming (my blog)


Here's a nice summary of what's at stake in the practical ethics of machine intelligence - Fast Forward Labs

Crisis in Intel education (the intellectual acumen of the national security community is rapidly declining) - Vice News

How Big Data is changing disruptive innovation - Harvard Business Review


Them, Themself, and They - Chronicle of Higher Ed

Samuel Johnson's great English Dictionary of 1755 (prescriptivism v descriptivism) - The Economist


How‘-Phobic’ Became a Weapon in the Identity Wars - New York Times

This Little Red Book Confronts Sexism in the Chinese Language – Wired


Taking Literature to the Streets (From vending machines to coffee sleeves, a number of projects around the world are using guerrilla marketing tactics to promote) – The Atlantic 


6 Quick Ways to Spot Fake News - Snopes

A Code of Ethics for Journalism Nonprofits – The New Yorker


Politico implodes - Washington Post

Crowdfunding enables diverse new frontier for journalism projects - Pew Research


Researchers have found a major problem with ‘The Little Mermaid’ and other Disney movies - Washington Post

Study finds "driving while black" really is a crime in Florida - Vox

Vice launches a paid summer fellowship for “underrepresented communities” – Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Does diversity look different at a Christian university? – Inside Higher Ed

Representative Barbies - Jstor


White House launches a cappella contest to combat campus assault - USA Today 


A statement at the heart of the debate over academic - Economist


Copywrong: Students often clash with administrators over copyright law - Student Press Law Center

Freedom ofInformation Acts (The Idealist puts Aaron Swartz’s legacy at the center of the copyright debate) – Bloomberg Businessweek

Why Colleges Hide Behind This One Privacy Law All The Time - Huffington Post


The ‘Memoire’ Typeface Changes Like a Memory as You Use It - Wired


5 key findings about faith and politics in the 2016 presidential race - Pew Research

Alabama pastor on Syrian refugees: ‘God gave us specific instructions to destroy these people’ – Yellow Hammer News

***STUDENT LIFE                                              

Millions of young people in U.S. and EU are neither working nor learning - Pew Research 

United States of Adderall – Huffington Post

This infographic shows how big the student loan bubble is going to grow - Business Insider


The crisis in intelligence education (the intellectual acumen of the national security community is rapidly declining) - Vice

Inside the secret gay movement at one of America’s most homophobic colleges - Fusion  

Wheaton Professor Claims White Privilege & Sexism Are Behind Larycia Hawkins Controversy - Patheos


Feeding English Majors in the 21st Century (A new course teaches undergraduates in the humanities how to market themselves for the new economic normal) - The Chronicle of Higher Ed

Computer Science, MeetHumanities: in New Majors, Opposites Attract (Stanford University sees such integration as a way to bring in students who are drawn to the arts but feel that they need computing skills for their careers) The Chronicle of Higher Ed


Are Academics Disproportionately Gay? – Inside Higher Ed

Academics Get Real (Adjuncts and tenure-line faculty members unite on Twitter under #realacademicbios to pull back the curtain on their emotional lives) – Inside Higher Ed

#Delete AcademiaEdu or Don't? (Controversy about considering charging users to promote their work illustrates the delicate subject of the role money plays in scholarly publishing) - Inside Higher Ed


The Limits of Facts in Teaching - Chronicle of Higher Ed