Articles of Interest - Feb 22


I have seen the future of media, and it’s in China  Fusion

Bulky Cameras, Meet The Lens-less FlatCam  NPR


Cancer cons, phoney accidents and fake deaths: meet the internet hoax buster  The Guardian

What Will Facebook Be Like When Instant Articles Are Available to Everyone? (Answer: Bad)  New York Magazine

Instagram Adds Two-Factor Authentication to Secure Your Selfies  Tech Crunch

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Big Bet That Facebook Can Make VR Social  Wired

Twitter’s Bold New Path Forward: A GIF Button  Wired


Shopping for predictive analytics software? Here are 10 vendors you should know  Enterprise apps Today

Some planning suggestions before starting your first Big Data initiative  Data Science Central

Identifying the top 100 Big Data influencers and brands  Onalytica


Punctuation in novels  Medium    

Me, Myself, I, and Yourselves Too (The use of the reflexive pronoun in a nonreflexive way)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Prince Charles: literature gave me a passion for grammar  Telegraph


Polysemy and Maturity: Should Harvard not using the term “House Master”?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

And the Winner Is . . .   Chronicle of Higher Ed


The complete guide to reading—and even enjoying—classic literature  Quartz

The 'Girl' In The Title of Recent Books  NPR


Expensive Journals Drive Academics To Break Copyright Law  NPR

Librarians Find Themselves Caught Between Journal Pirates and Publishers  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Strategies for using Plagiarism Software in the Screening of Incoming Journal Manuscripts (Recommendations based on a recent Literature Survey)  Online Library


Interactive: Demographics of More Than 400,000 Professors  (Find the racial and ethnic breakdowns of all types of professors at more than 1,500 colleges)   Chronicle of Higher Ed

Highlights from the USC report on entertainment diversity  Union-Tribune

Damning study finds a 'whitewashed' Hollywood  Union-Tribune


Microsoft rolls out massive overhaul out of preview  Venture Beat

How to Not Lose Your Data if You Forget Your iPhone Password  Wired

Google Quietly Shutters Play For Education  Tech Cruch

BuzzFeed Is Changing the Way It Measures Its Popularity  Wired


Winners of the 2016 World Press Photo Contest  The Atlantic

Paula Scher’s Insanely Detailed US Maps Elevate Data Viz to Fine Art  Wired

Art for Instagram’s Sake (Spectacular, immersive exhibitions are drawing huge crowds, but are they changing the museum experience?)  The Atlantic


How Secular Are Secular Ethics?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

World treasure: UNESCO recognizes oldest surviving copy of Hebrew Bible  Fox News

Finding Jesus at Work (Why are more and more companies offering access to chaplains as an employee benefit?)  The Atlantic

What an evangelical theologian and his gay son can teach us all about respect and reconciliation  Oregon Live

Why satanists have given new horror movie The Witch their endorsement  Vox

David Javerbaum quits popular Twitter account @TheTweetOfGod  SoCal Public Radio

Queen Discusses Christian Faith In New Book ‘The Servant Queen And The King She Serves'  Huff Post UK

The Moral Threat of Bicycles in the 1890s  Jstor


How J-Schools Can Train a New Generation of Fierce Fact-Checkers  Media Shift

The Associated Press is partnering with AMD for more virtual reality journalism  The Verge


The Future Of News And Publishing  Tech Crunch

News Corp. Plummets as Profit Trails Estimates on Ad Revenue  Ad Age

Is the New York Times building a digital ark?  Journalism Prof

Whither Newspapers (Or Should That Be Withered)?

Solving journalism’s hidden problem: Terrible analytics  Brookings

Gannett reports sharply lower revenue, earnings in Q4 report  Talking New Media


College Newspaper Video about the Bible Just Cost Ted Cruz's Communications Director His Job  Wired

The editor of DePauw's Student newspaper --the birthplace of SPJ--was fired (By the adviser. For violating SPJ's Code of Ethics. Even though SPJ says it wasn't a violation)  SPJ Network

These Startups Want To Create College Media Powerhouses  Huffington Post


Students shooting video on campus leads to lockdown  Arkansas Online

Your high school study habits may not work in college, here's why  USA Today                             


Crisis in Physics: Missing Empirical Evidence  New York Times

Meet The Cops of The Scientific Method  CBC


Conversion therapy restricted in NY  The Threefold Advocate (John Brown University Student Newspaper)

Psychology's Replication Crisis Has a Silver Lining  The Atlantic


Making it up as you go along: how your brain freestyles (When your brain becomes ‘quieter’, remarkable things can happen. It’s time to go with the flow)   The Guardian

How Brainwaves Allow Paralyzed Musicians To Continue Playing  NPR


Bringing Philosophy to Life  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Column: This is what happens when you take Ayn Rand seriously  PBS

Do We Cheapen Philosophy When We Use It as Therapy?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Philosophy in the Classroom (opinion)  The Advocate


Wheaton College could face long-term fallout over professor controversy  Chicago Tribune

Fact-Check: Bernie Sanders Promises Free College. Will It Work?   NPR

Assessing, Without Tests (Survey finds Increased Use of Learning Outcomes)  Inside Higher Ed

The Moral Absurdity of Denying Financial Aid to Undocumented Students  Chronicle of Higher Ed


A Rising Call to Promote STEM Education and Cut Liberal Arts Funding  New York Times


A Plague of Plagiarism  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Study suggests acceptance of online education still lags among high school students  Inside

Study shows faculty members remain skeptical of digital course materials and generally unfamiliar with open educational resources   Inside Higher Ed