Articles of Interest - Feb 8


Simulating Scientific Sabotage, For Fun (a card game making light of the “wacky aspects of scientific research”) - The Scientist

Can the Placebo Effect Have Real Clinical Value? - Science Friday


Beware the rule-following co-worker, Harvard study warns - Washington Post 

Why so many straight women like to befriend gay men - Mashable

Social science: Online social networks do not change the fundamentals of friendship - The Economist

What people around the world mean when they say they’re happy - Washington Post 

4 creepy psychological tricks companies use to get you to buy things - Business Insider  


Trauma prompts the brain to focus on survival, not 'peripheral details' - CBC

Brain volume changes after cognitive behavioral therapy - Science Daily 

Brain scans to catch depression before it starts - FoxNews

Review of the book "Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body by Jo Marchant (opinion) - Washington Post

Listening to Music While Reading Complex Sentences Affects Musical Experience - Neuroscience News


The definitive list of what everyone likes on Facebook (The most (and least) popular interests on Facebook, as revealed by its new Preferred Audience tool) - The Verge 

Twitter's timeline will soon show tweets out of order - the Verge 

Twitter Beefs Are Now Front Page News in The Boston Globe – Wired


How to Prune Jargon From Your Popular Writing - Chronicle of Higher Ed


Why 2015’s word of the year is rather singular - The Economist

Oh, Commas - Chronicle of Higher Ed 

The Fall and Rise of the Singular They - Slate's Lexicon Valley   


Sarah Palin's English (her speeches on the campaign trail aren’t simple; they are actually incredibly complicated) - New York Times


Is Amazon Planning Hundreds Of Bookstores? Analysts Doubt It - NPR

Brash, worldly and wickedly funny, Eka Kurniawan may be South-East Asia’s most ambitious writer in a generation - The Economist

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Is One Braaaaaaainy Mashup - Wired

Is English literature since 1918 really such a man’s world? (A new book celebrating the best writing of the past century follows a well-worn script when it comes to equality) – The Guardian

The 10 Best First Dates In Literature - Bustle

What Would Shakespeare Make of Trump? - Chronicle of Higher Ed

The adoption of Greek literature by the Romans was more unlikely than it appears in hindsight – The Economist

Shakespeare’s Badass Quarto (On the trail of a centuries-old Hamlet mystery-subscription required)  - Chronicle of Higher Ed

#1000BlackGirls and the Importance of Diversity in Children’s Literature - JSTOR


Patch Rebounds after Split from AOL - Wall Street Journal

Podcasts are gaining audience, but have yet to attract the biggest advertisers - The Economist

Why the NYT Is Looking to Cut Costs, Even Though It Turned a Profit - New York Times


Unfocusing increases Creativity - Becoming (my blog)

Your reaction to this confusing headline reveals more about you than you know (The science behind why some people embrace uncertainty, and others don't) - Washington Post

Stanford psychologist explains why spacing out and goofing off is so good for you - Washington Post

Things to Say Instead of Sorry – Business Insider


Google will start warning web users about deceptive download buttons  - The Verge 


Bogus Iran-Based Journal Allows Up to 40% Plagiarism - Scholarly Open Access

Research quality declines with scientists’ age, study finds - Times Higher Ed

How can social media be used to increase article citation? - Sage Connection


American Political Jargon - Bloomberg

Do Political TV Ads Still Work? - NPR


Jesus reads Donald Trump and Ted Cruz: Jimmy Kimmel – Salon

Marco Rubio, an Evangelical Catholic? The dynamics of religious hybrids – KPCC podcasts


How to stop the sexual harassment of women in science: reboot the system - The Conversation

Baylor faces accusations of ignoring sex assault victims - ESPN 

No, There Was No Debate About Removing An MLK Quote At The University Of Oregon (student newspaper story misunderstood) - Huffington Post


Judge Gives Monkey Second Chance to Sue for Copyright Infringement  - MotherBoard


Why the iPad Is Going Extinct - New Republic

At Berkeley, a New Digital Privacy Protest (university installs data-tracking program with little notice or consultation)– New York Times


The fashion for making employees collaborate has gone too far - The Economist


Hadoop At 10: Milestones And Momentum - Information Week

Hadoop vs Spark. Which is superior? Better yet.. what if we used them both together? -Datamation

Projection: global Hadoop market to hit more than $84 billion in revenue in 5 years - Inside Big Data 

Who loves where Big Data analytics are going? Dictatorships and rogue nations - Forbes 


Charismatic Christianity thrives among people on the move - The Economist  

Pentecostalism in South Korea - The Economist  

Oscar-Favorite 'Spotlight' Screens at the Vatican for Pope's Sex Abuse Commission - Yahoo News

While the government talks up family values, marriage break-ups are soaring - The Economist

Some Still Misleading America About Thomas Jefferson History News Network  

German pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his fight against the Nazis - Jerusalem Post


Philosopher of the month: Plato - OUP Blog


Practically all young people now go to school, but they need to learn a lot more there - The Economist

Low Income, High Graduation Rate (Two new studies suggest many colleges may be too quick to write off low-income students and community college transfers) - Inside Higher Ed

Wheaton of Illinois and professor it tried to fire over her statements about God reach deal under which she will leave - Inside Higher Ed

Questions Linger After Tenured Wheaton College ProfessorAgrees to Leave - TIME


Unwarranted praise of student writing is counterproductive, but too much negativity is far more damaging - Chronicle of Higher Ed

****STUDENT LIFE                                                              

Ignore the moral panic about lazy, self-obsessed millennials. The world will be fairer when they run it - The Economist

Commitment for Millennials: Is It Okay, Cupid?


What Is The Value Of An EducationIn The Humanities? - NPR


Alabama student paper devotes issue to sexual assault - Crimson  

A Closer Look at 7 Common Requirements in Resolved Federal Sex-Assault Inquiries (subscription) (As Title IX complaints have multiplied, the government has issued more expansive mandates for the colleges it has investigated)

How (not) to manage a PR crisis on campus (school slow to respond to campus crime) - CBC