Articles of Interest - March 14


Women on Boards  Bloomberg

Girls keep out: Female video gamers face vile abuse, threats  Associated Press

Strong global support for gender equality, especially among  Pew Research Center

Gender Bias in Academe: An Annotated Bibliography of Important Recent Studies  London School of Economics & Political Science

No, The Federal Government Did Not Spend $412K to Study Gender and Glaciers  Gawker

One Professor Has a Clue As to Why Women Choose Not to Stay in STEM  New York Magazine

Making Categories, Breaking Categories  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Why Publishing Is So White  Publishers Weekly  

The “Model Minority” and the Hidden Discrimination of Asian Americans  Jstor

White Privilege, Quantified (Recent experiments put numbers on everyday discrimination, shifting the dialogue away from victim-blaming and anecdotal observations)  The Atlantic


 Trump's word of honer: in defense of Donald's sloppy spelling  The Guardian

Order and Chaos in English Spelling  Chronicle of Higher Ed

There, there, singular "their" objectors  Baltimore Sun


A scholarly dictionary of words about Donald Trump  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Do You Even Language, Bro? Understanding Why Nouns Become Verbs  Jstor


Free: Read All of George Orwell’s War Diaries Online (1938-1942)   Open Culture


It Took a FOIA Lawsuit to Uncover How the Obama Administration Killed FOIA Reform  Vice


Want Safer Passwords? Don’t Change Them So Often  Wired


Small screens, full art, can’t lose: Despite their size, phones open up new opportunities for interactives  Harvard's Nieman Lab


Aerial Bold: A Clever Typeface Crafted From Satellite Shots of Buildings  Wired

MIT Media Lab’s Journal of Design and Science Is a Radical New Kind of Publication   Wired

Graphic Designers Spill Their Career Secrets in Infographics  Wired


Facebook is eating the world  Columbia Journalism Review

LinkedIn open sources its internal data mining software  Zdnet

Yik Yak Introduces Screen Names To Curb Anonymous Trolling  Huffington Post

Facebook Instant Articles opens to all publishers April 12: Freebooting for Articles?   Plagiarism Today


China's real-life "Minority Report"? (a Big Data platform for “precrime” profiling to catch "terrorists" in advance)  Ars Technica 

How to tell a compelling story with data--6 simple rules and 6 simple tools  Data Science Central

The big ideas out of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conf involve large data sets and Machine Learning  FiveThirtyEight

A robust list and description of 22 of the best blogs and publications for Data Miners and Data Scientists  KD Nuggets


Diving into Data Journalism: Strategies for getting started or going deeper  American Press Institute

Female Sportscasters Feel Staying On Defensive Is Part Of The Job  NPR

Group Bids $45.5 Million for Southern California Newspapers  ABC News


Pets, debts and e-cigarettes: how millennials spend their paychecks   The Guardian

Competent, hardworking millennials are getting shafted by older employees who feel they deserve bigger salaries  (opinion)  Business Insider

Yelp was right to fire entitled millennial who whined about salary online (opinion) New York Post

Fired Yelp worker's rant doesn't make all millennials 'entitled' (opinion)  Chicago Tribune

The Real Reasons College Students Drop Out  Fortune

Globalization, Technology, Customization & Overparenting - Meet the Millennial Generation  Gigaom


New Set Of TV Shows Tackle Complexities Of Religion  NPR

7 key findings about religion and politics in Israel  Pew Research Center

The Church Collection Plate Goes Digital   Bloomberg


Saving Science from the Scientists ("Could two-thirds of psychological research really be useless?" podcast)  BBC


An influential psychological theory may have just been debunked  Slate


Schools are finally starting to teach kids philosophy  Tech Insider

Philosophy’s True Home  New York Times

A Sip of What Philosophy Needs  (Existentialism, born over cocktails in 1932, still speaks to what we can learn from ordinary life-subscription)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Pretentious Academic Quote Generator   

Philosophy Professor Displays Sign Opposing Concealed Weapons on Campus, Gets Arrested  Savannah Now


The Armed Campus in the Anxiety Age (Campus-carry laws add unnecessary worry to communities already overwhelmed by unease)  The Atlantic

Median Salaries of Senior College Administrators, 2015-16 (administrative salaries are growing more quickly at private colleges than at public institutions)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Trump Rallies Raise Safety Concerns College Campuses  Inside Higher Ed

Mount Saint Mary College president to step down  The Poughkeepsie Journal

160 Private Colleges Fail Education Dept.’s Financial-Responsibility Test Chronicle of Higher Ed

The LGBT Politics of Christian Colleges (At many evangelical universities, you can be gay—as long as you don’t “act” it)  The Atlantic


The Shrinking Humanities Major (number of bachelor's degrees awarded fell 8.7 percent between 2012 and 2014, study finds)  Inside Higher Ed

A Forgotten Field Could Save the Humanities  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Last 5 Minutes of Class  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Blue Books Energized My Teaching  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Students Will Rise When Colleges Challenge Them to Read Good Books (Common-reading programs for freshmen too often aim for the lowest common denominator)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


A Scholar’s Sting of Education Conferences Stirs a Hornet’s Nest (he sent fake research-paper summaries larded with unforgivable methodological errors to the organizers of 15 conferences he believed to have lax standards-subscription required)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Study: The Effects of Publication Retraction on Scholarly Impact  Cornell University Library

Somebody explain to me again why we have journals (opinion)  Steve Shea

The Case of the Missing Data  MedPage Today

Correlation between impact factor and public availability of published research data in Information Science and Library Science journals  Springer

Statistics is like basketball, or knitting (opinion)  Andrew Gelman