Articles of Interest - March 28


How Geopolitics and Commerce are Fragmenting the World Wide Web (book review)  Economist

Google Reveals Top Ranking Factors For Search Results  Media Post

How one programmer broke the internet by deleting a tiny piece of code  Quartz


How physics and math helped create modernist painting  Aeon

Nonverbal Man With Autism and Synesthesia Set to Host First Solo Art Exhibit   ABC News

How Critical Thinking Sabotages Painting premium (Creating art is a very different skill than articulating what art is about-subscription)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

What's The Point Of That Weird Minimalist Art?  (video)  PBS                         

A Guide to the Beautiful, Elaborate ‘Jungle’ of Script Typefaces  Wired


Retractions rise to nearly 700 in fiscal year 2015  Retraction Watch

The mismeasure of scientific significance


North Carolina Bans Local Anti-Discrimination Policies   New York Times

Gender-Specific Terms Replaced in Ohio Supreme Court Rules, Forms  Court News Ohio

What Sexual Harassment Does to Female Gamers  New York Mag

More than one in five physicists from sexual and gender minorities in the US report having been excluded, intimidated or harassed at work in the past year because of their gender or sexual identity or expression  Nature

Hate and racism in the South gave rise to ‘social justice journalism’  Poynter

Feminist economics deserves recognition as a distinct branch of the discipline Economist


Donald Trump Wants To 'Open Up' Libel Laws So He Can Sue News Outlets NPR

Rich people are paying lawyers to get truthful stories deleted from the internet  Business Insider

The FBI Drops Its Case Against Apple After Finding a Way Into That iPhone      Wired


Google Makes Its $149 Photo Editing Software Now Completely Free to Download  Open Culture

One picture from the Brussels attacks is a lesson in the delicate art of propaganda  The Guardian


Twitter has changed how your timeline works. Here's how to fix it  Chronicle of Higher Ed

We’re More Honest With Our Phones Than With Our Doctors  New York Times

Teen Girls Flip The Negative Script On Social Media   NPR

Inside the world of Twitter's favorite depressive  Elle

Smartphone 'voices' not always helpful in a health crisis  Associated Press

Social media have made the world more democratic—for now  Economist

Inside Facebook’s Quest to Be Your Bestie—By Owning Your Memories  Wired

Even easier communications and ever-growing data mountains are transforming politics   Economist

Social media now play a key role in collective action  Economist

Worries about fraud and fragmentation may prompt a shake-out in the crowded online-ad industry  Economist


Streaming analytics speeds decision making by high velocity real-time data diving. Here's an overview Inside Big Data  

Could voter targeting thru more data/better algorithms mean the democratic process becomes a marketing exercise?  Economist

MITs 1-year $75k #BigData finishing school (& its many rivals)-Is it really necessary? For many, the answer is no  Financial Times

Machine learning intro with limited math & theoretical constructs  Economist


Birth Control At The Supreme Court: Does Free Coverage Violate Religious Freedom?  NPR

Evangelicals Key To Republican Support For Israel  NPR

New Kansas Law Lets Campus Religious Groups Restrict Members  ABC News

Pope Washes Feet of Muslim Migrants at Easter Week Mass  TIME

A religious gender gap for Christians, but not for Muslims  Pew Research

Little Sisters argue contraception case at Supreme Court  Baltimore Sun


Mobile Advertising: Ad-blocking may not quickly spread to smartphones  Economist


U.S. Ad Market Forecast 2016: A Good Year, But Some Slowdowns For TV, Radio  Media Post

A startup seeks to keep the conventional TV station alive in the digital era  Economist


Vice Media Traffic Plummets, Underscoring Risky Web Strategy  Variety

The Internet is pushing the American news business to New York and the coasts (Rather than create geographic diversity, digital news has pushed the industry into a few tight clusters. That has real impacts on the journalism we get)   Nieman Labs

Ohio TV station tries to convince its viewers to cancel their newspaper subscriptions   Daily Dot

British journalism is 94% white and 55% male, survey reveals  The Guardian

Blendle Is Here To Re-Invent The Way You Consume Journalism  Huffington Post

Wesleyan student government revokes student newspaper's funds  Student Press Law Center


When Depression Hits, Teens Find Help  NPR

Why are our kids so miserable?  Quartz

Here's What Young People Care About. Listen And Learn  NPR

How millennials should deal with baby boomers at work (opinion)  LA Times  

The Disturbing Truth About Anxiety and Depression in College (Why was I so unhappy after finally making it to college? And what was my cure?)  Psychology Today

Young, Broke, and Scared of the IRS: The Millennial Tax Trap  Bloomberg

How millennials should deal with baby boomers at work (opinion)  LA Times

What Happens When Millennials Run the Workplace?  New York Times

A Wave of Sexual-Assault Cases Kindles Anger on Baylor’s Campus (subscription)  Chronicle of Higher Ed  


Data & Narrative: Our Brains Like Numbers But Love A Good Story  Digg (video)

Big-name scientists may end up stifling progress in their fields  Economist

Science Needs to Learn How to Fail So It Can Succeed  Wired


Don't forget the blue goat  Becoming (my blog)


What happened when the World Bank asked a philosophy professor to consider its policies  Quartz


The Ethics of Doing Ethics (over view of ethical issues that arise in research into ethics)  Springer


An Exercise in Bad Writing  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Virginia Woolf Offers Gentle Advice on “How One Should Read a Book”  Open Culture


The theories of the world’s best-known linguist have become rather weird  Economist


Tolstoy Calls Shakespeare an “Insignificant, Inartistic Writer”; 40 Years Later, George Orwell Weighs in on the Debate  Open Culture


How LinkedIn Views Its Role in Education (subscription) Chronicle of Higher Ed

Does Engineering Education Breed Terrorists? (Nascent terrorists seem to be drawn to engineering. Their education may further radicalize them)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

AAUP Slams Education Dept. and Colleges Over Title IX Enforcement   Chronicle of Higher Ed

AAUP:  Title IX as a Threat to Academic Freedom  Inside Higher Ed


A Professor and His College Fight over Learning Outcomes  Chronicle of Higher Ed

What You Teach Is What You Earn: Study Finds Large Salary Gaps based on Discipline  Inside Higher Ed   

What Tenured and Tenure-Track Professors at 4-Year Colleges Made in 2015-16  Chronicle of Higher Ed