Articles of Interest - April 11


How to Use Snapchat  Wired

Instagram rolls out 60-second video option  PR Daily

Snapchat Content Survey: How Much Millennials Actually Use Live Stories, Discover and More  Variety

Facebook Users Are Sharing Fewer Personal Updates and It's a Big Problem  Fortune

How to make your GIFs load fast every time  Cnet

Up Periscope: Inside Twitter’s one-year-old broadcast startup  Mashable

Is Snapchat a Threat to Facebook? 2 Charts Offer Conflicting Answers  Fox Business News


Data-Mining Algorithm Reveals the Stormy Evolution of Mathematics over 700 Years   MIT Tech Review

Big data vs. smart data: the subset will actually apply to your problem-and take you toward a solution  Tech Republic  

Machine learning helps data mining algorithm reveal the chaotic evolution of mathematics over 700 years  Technology Review

Google explains: What it Means to be ofthe Core algorithm  Search Engine Land

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 What cats can teach us about content creation  PR Daily


Thinking They’re ‘Unqualified’ Is A Big Reason More Women Don’t Run For Office   FiveThirtyEight


The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball  New York Times

From multiracial children to gender identity, what some demographers are studying now  Pew Research

Why Talented Black and Hispanic Students Can Go Undiscovered  New York Times


Caustic reactions, pro and con, as AP opts to lowercase ‘Internet’  PR Daily

Pay for Editing, Your Writing Will Thank You  Huffington Post


Sidestepping the Semicolon  Chronicle of Higher Ed

An upcoming puzzle game tasks you with decoding classic literature  KillScreen


16 Children’s Books For ‘Spiritual But Not Religious’ Families  Huffington Post

State Lawmaker Proposes eliminating grants for students who study "Poetry or some other pre-Walmart major"  Philly

Literature’s Emotional Lessons  The Atlantic

30 Days of Shakespeare: One Reading of the Bard Per Day, by The New York Public Library, on the 400th Anniversary of His Death  Open Culture


The challenges for scientific publishing, 60 years on  Wiley Online Library

The Debunkers of a Gay Marriage Study Just Re-bunked It, Sort Of  Wired

A guide to top medical journals: A primer for healthcare journalists   Michel Accad


Ninth Circuit ruling in California student expression case may be “dangerous for campus speech,” lawyers say   Student Press Law Center


This Tool Makes It Stupid Simple to Turn Data Into Charts  Wired


Mississippi Residents Divided Over Guns In Churches Law  NPR  

This Pastor Claims He Visited Heaven And Was Able To Take A Selfie  BBC

Mississippi's Religious Objections Law Sparks Backlash From Other States  NPR

Hundreds of libraries in the US are getting complaints for carrying the Bible  Business Insider

A Case For State Religious Freedom Laws  NPR


Samsung patents smart contact lenses with a built-in camera  Mashable


Stop the presses! 'All the President's Men' and great journalism movies  CNN

Panama Papers Leak Is The Result Of Unprecedented Media Collaboration  NPR

The Queens of Nonfiction: 56 Women Journalists Everyone Should Read  New York Mag

Girl, 9, told to "go play with dolls" over crime coverage  The Globe and Mail

Want to start a small data journalism team in your newsroom? Here are 8 steps  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

If Trump were president: Boston Globe's fake front page dares to imagine  The Guardian

Activist says agents seized anti-Planned Parenthood videosan attack on citizen journalism  USA Today


Albion College newspaper apologizes for April Fools' Day story on Hillsdale College closing  Michigan Live

Six reasons you should join your college’s student newspaper  Slippery Rock Student Newspaper


Beware Dating Site Scammers and Their Ungrammatical Game  Wired

Breeding Narcissists (New study suggests that narcissistic business students thrive under narcissistic professors, while less narcissistic students suffer, to the detriment of all)  Inside Higher Ed                                               

Are Young Voters Altering Republican And Democratic Primary Races?  NPR

Studies Show That Millennials Are Most Vulnerable to Scams Consumer Reports

Review of two books on girls and growing up  Economist

The age when people are the most popular, according to science  Washington Post


Will You Sprint, Stroll or Stumble Into a Career?  New York Times

The Science of Smart Hiring  The Atlantic

Job Hunting in the Digital Age  New York Times


How Scientific Scandal Can Become Scientific Progress  Five Thirty Eight


A Map of the Brain Could Teach Machines to See Like You Wired

IBM Wants to Implant Fake Brains in Real Brains to Prevent Seizures  Wired

Mapping the Brain to Build Better Machines (A race to decipher the brain’s algorithms could revolutionize machine learning)  Quanta


Self-Renewal and Motivation   Becoming (my blog)


States Call For Removal Of College Watchdog For “Spectacular” Failures  Buzz Feed News

The Cost of Remediation (An inadequate high school education can get expensive for students when they need to take remedial courses in college, according to a new report)  Inside Higher Ed

Rifles on campus: College police forces add firepower   Associated Press

Google's 'Education Evangelist': Students Are Changing Faster Than Colleges  Chronicles of Higher Ed

Scholars warn Western universities could be held accountable for conduct in countries in which they operate campuses  Inside Higher Ed

The Pillaging of America's State Universities  The Atlantic

USD Students Get a Personal Assistant Mobile App  Campus Technology

What Higher-Education Professionals Made in 2015-16  Chronicle of Higher Ed


U Wisconsin Madison professors losing hope of preserving traditional tenure in campus policy  Inside Higher Ed

Less Is More (A detailed class plan full of bullet points is a security blanket. Maybe it’s time to leave more to chance?)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Is plagiarism changing over time? (A 10-year time-lag study with three points of measurement)  Taylor & Francis Group


College tries to withhold names of students charged with misconduct under FERPA  Student Press Law Center 


Student Journalists Cleared of Charges for Reporting on Sexual Assault Awareness Event  The FIRE

Revisiting 'Rolling Stone's' Discredited Campus Rape Story  NPR

FIRE Aims to Challenge Legality of Federal Sexual Misconduct Mandate  The FIRE