Articles of Interest - April 25

***BIG DATA   

New book focuses on #BigData's dreaded correlation does not imply causation problem  Inside Big Data

Gartner "warns of approaching apocalypse for IoT data management" (Needed: lithe strategies for managing data gov)  Smart Data Collective

Data Analytics Myths (#1- Quantitative analysis is better than human intuition)  Electronic Design

10 Questions for the Nations First Chief Data Scientist  Science Friday


Readability, Understandability, and ETS  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Testing for knowledge of a fictive grammaticality distinction  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Why grammar mistakes in a short email could make some people judge you   The Conversation


How to identify any language at a glance  The Week


Cancer Research Is Broken (There’s a replication crisis in biomedicine—and no one even knows how deep it runs)  Slate

Want a favorable peer review? Buy One  Stat

You Pay to Read Research You Fund. That’s Ludicrous  Wired

Publication Bias Is Boring. You Should Care About It Anyway  Mother Jones

Power of positive thinking skews mindfulness studies (Trials of mindfulness to improve mental health selectively report positive results)  Nature


Restrictions on Women’s Religious Attire  Pew Research

Single women are reshaping America from marriage to politics to the economy  Economist       


Bystanders are less likely to help black people in medical emergencies, a study finds  Business Insider

The disturbing racial bias in who we help when they need it most  Washington Post

When It Comes To Flight Safety, When Does Alertness Become Racial Profiling?  NPR

FCC’s mandate won’t help diverse storytellers  San Diego Reader

How Americans pretend to love ‘ethnic food’  Washington Post

How a journalist caught the cops whitewashing their ticketing records  Poynter

Death Row’s Race Problem The case of a Texas death-row inmate, now before the Supreme Court, points to the troubling racial history of capital punishment  Wall Street Journal


Supreme Court rejects challenge to Google book-scanning project  Reuters


British Library posts 1 million copyright-free images online  Boing Boing


Live-Streaming Of Alleged Rape Shows Challenges Of Flagging Video In Real Time  NPR

How Facebook plans to take over the world  The Guardian

Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Measure User Time  Media Post

How a dating app for burrito-lovers exposed one of online dating’s biggest myths  Washington Post

Most Americans spend two full workdays a month on Facebook  Quartz


Breaths Of Fresh Air: The Art Of The Terry Gross Interview  Audible Range

Can audio go viral on Facebook? Here’s what happened when NPR ran an experiment for a month   Harvard's Nieman Lab


Just How Does Film Work, Exactly?  Digg

The 100 Most Memorable Shots in Cinema Over the Past 100 Years (video)  Jacob T. Swinney


Making exterior changes to avoid internal changes  Becoming

A Cautionary Tale Of The Cc Line  Media Post

Numbers in the News: Quiz 7  Becoming

Short sleep may be tied to cold or infection risk  Reuters  


The Repression of Religious Studies (subscription)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Raunchy Prince was actually a conservative Christian who reportedly opposed gay marriage  Washington Post

Whole Foods Market to sue pastor for cake scam  KGNS-TV

Church Honors ‘Dearly Beloved’ Prince By Putting His Lyrics On Sign Huffington Post

My wife and I are white evangelicals. Here's why we chose to give birth to black triplets (opinion)  Washington Post

Most U.S. Catholics rely heavily on their own conscience for moral guidance  Pew Research

How police took $53,000 from a Christian band, an orphanage and a church  Washington Post


Are Algorithms Ruining How We Discover Music?   FiveThirtyEight

More people are paying to stream music, but the industry is still wobbly  Economist


A Bright Side to the Financial Stumbles of Digital Media  New York Times


The Fading Newspaper  Bloomberg

Journalism has an editing crisis, but we can do something about it  Poynter

2016 Pulitzer winners and finalists in journalism and arts  Associated Press


A potential bid by the Daily Mail for Yahoo may make sense  Economist

Gannett Makes A Bid For Tribune Publishing  NPR

Bad news: why TV is going the same way as print journalism  The Conversation

The Center for Investigative Reporting bets it can change audio journalism—and itself  Columbia Journalism Review

Want to get a journalism job? Here are the skills you need, according to a new report  Poynter


UWS student paper's April Fools' Day issue draws backlash   Duluth News

Journalism Adviser Under Fire Wyoming college accused -- twice now -- of retaliating against a student newspaper by threatening the job of its faculty adviser  Inside Higher Ed

At Some Universities the line between Journalism and Public Relations is Blurred Student Press Law Center


When Slogans Replace Arguments: a truly open-minded discussion of race issues (opinion) Chronicle of Higher Ed

Schools and colleges are requiring fitness trackers for students, but there may be unintended consequences  Daily Dot

Why becoming an adult means something very different when you’re poor Washington Post


Licensing Laws Are Shutting Young People Out Of The Job Market  FiveThirtyEight

Freaked out about Finding a Job? LinkedIn Launches App for Students to Help USA Today

Personal statement: 10 of the most overused openings  Telegraph


 Cleaning up bad science  CBC


This unusual test reveals how smart you are  Washington Post

Explaining The Paradox Of Why You Shouldn't Trust Unanimous Decisions  Digg

1 Question Is All You Need to Judge Someone's Personality  Inc.

 A review of “Unbroken Brain” (Conventional wisdom insists that addiction is a disease, like cancer. But addiction is learned; cancer isn’t. Most people grow out of drug use)  Wall Street Journal


Spoof Papers And The Ethics of Academic Publishing  Discovery

Do ethicists hinder HIV prevention research?  Reuters


Shakespeare Saw '360 Degrees Of Humanity,' And That's Why He Endures  NPR

Shakespeare Or Batman? That Is The Question  FiveThirtyEight

How the New York Times would write William Shakespeare's Obit  New York Times

400 Years After Shakespeare’s Death, He’s Still Required Reading (Even For Econ Majors)   FiveThirtyEight

Shakespeare: Dead or Alive?  Jstor


How (Not) to Hide a Scandal (There’s a fine line between a marketing campaign and a cover-up. The attempt by UC Davis to get its pepper spray incident off the top of Google searches is a case in point)  Inside Higher Ed

UC-Davis Was Ridiculed for Trying to Sway Search Results. Many Other Colleges Do the Same  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Ed Dept pushed to focus on student achievement and troubled colleges Inside Higher Ed

Report on the future of online education stresses central role of faculty members and instructional designers  Inside Higher Ed

Head of embattled for-profit-college agency resigns  Inside Higher Ed

How Choosing a Cabinet Helped Put One College President in Peril Chronicle of Higher Ed

Hope College Moves Away from Immediate Plan to Fire President  Inside Higher Ed


Under Fire, Brigham Young Will Review Title IX and Honor Code Enforcement  Chronicle of Higher Ed          

Brigham Young University has a troubling policy of investigating students who report rape  Business Insider

Brigham Young Student Who Sought Immunity for Assault Victims Files Title IX Complaint Chronicle of Higher Ed

WATCH: Fake college acceptance letters highlight sexual assault  USA Today

Lawsuit Takes Aim at Education Dept.’s Title IX Guidance (An accused student blames federal pressure for how his university treated him)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Justice Dept. Slams U. of New Mexico Over Sexual-Assault Policies Chronicle of Higher Ed

Dept. of Justice: Title IX requires violating the First Amendment  FIRE


Look for the Exceptions (In the process of correcting students’ mistakes, don’t forget to focus some attention on what they’re doing well)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A Final Round of Advice for Final Exams  Chronicle of Higher Ed