Articles of Interest - May 16



Social Network Algorithms Are Distorting Reality By Boosting Conspiracy Theories (Talk of Facebook's anticonservative stance is in the news, but the issue of what news social networks choose to show us is much broader than that)  Fast Company

Periscope makes broadcasts permanent by default and introduces search  The Verge

Do aspiring YouTube stars need to pack up and move to L.A.?  Daily Dot

Suicide on Periscope in France is the latest in live-streamed horrors  Washington Post

Facebook's news saga reminds us humans are biased by design  The Guardian

The history of social networking  Digital Trends

Snapchat wants you to be able to take selfies in voting booths  Daily Dot

Social Media, Smartphones And Long-Form Journalism: What's Up With Facebook?  Forbes

The Slack generation: How workplace messaging could replace other missives  The Economist

Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit  Bloomberg


How Readers Engage with Long-Form Content on Mobile Devices  PBS MediaShift

14 free image resources for content marketers  PR Daily

Things I Learned About Shooting 360 Videos  PBS MediaShift

For the first time, mobile gaming will make more money than traditional videogames  Quartz


Here’s looking at you: Smart glasses may have a big future at work  Economist

Twitterbots United: fake followers could wreck the election  Wired


How Typography Can Save Your Life  ProPublica


Using data analytics to tackle the information overload among researchers and publishers in science/medical/tech  Inside Higher Ed

Bayesian probability in your everyday life: confirmation/denial of your suspicions. The why over the probability  Inverse

Is the skill shortage subdividing Big Data by tools and education?  Computer World

How Big Data is affecting politics--the dive into social #nalytics and the effort to weaponize data'  Datanami

Our brains employ similar algorithms to those inspired by Bayes theorem. Does this mean our Brains are Bayesian?  Scientific American


Jeff Daniels reprises 'Newsroom' anchor role for 2016 presidential elections  USA Today

Snapchat for journalists: a great big guide Online Journalism Blog

The Value of Data Journalism  Real Clear Politics

Buzzfeed Is the Only New Media Organization on Facebook's ‘Most Trusted' List  Motherboard

Nate Silver has a Donald Trump problem: Where does data journalism go now?  Salon


A Time and Place for Paid Content (Over six in ten Americans say they are comfortable with companies paying to publish articles that look like news as long as there's a disclaimer)  Harris Poll

Local news startup Ripple apologizes for taking other people's news  Recode


At Cornell, the College Daily Will No Longer Be Daily  New York Times

Student Reporter Interviews Obama. First Question? The Fafsa  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Language in transition: How student journalists cover transgender issues  Student Press Law Center

Student Newspaper Editors Say School Banned Them From Posting Online because refused to to use "Redskin" in a headline  LevittownNow

How to investigate if your school is inflating gender equity numbers  Reveal


The Main Thing: Every morning just look at your calendar and ask yourself one question: “What’s the main event today?"  Becoming

Numbers in the News Quiz - 9  Becoming


East Asian words make it into Oxford English Dictionary  The Guardian


Everyone is deleting pronouns from the beginning of their sentences — here's why  Business Insider

Dashing Through  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Reporter Mukhtar Ibrahim gets treated differently at federal courthouse  Minneapolis City Pages

How the Teacher’s Race Affects the Teaching of Race  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How psychologists used these doctored Obama photos to get white people to support conservative politics  Washington Post


Campus Tour Guides Should Know the Facts About Sexual Assault  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Temple News’ longform piece on sexual assault on campus  Temple News

Push Grows For A 'Scarlet Letter' On Transcripts Of Campus Sexual Offenders NPR

Professors Are Being Forced To Reveal Sexual Assault Confidences, Like It Or Not  Huffington Post

Taking Sexual Assault to Twitter  Inside Higher Ed


As U.S. Attitudes Change, Some Evangelicals Dig In; Others Adapt  NPR

Atheist Ad Mocking Noah's Ark Park as 'Genocide and Incest' Center Rejected by Billboard  Companies  ABC News

3 reasons conservative Christians will lose the transgender debate (opinion)  Religious News Service

‘Take it off! This is America!’: Man who yanked hijab pleads guilty to religious obstruction   Washington Post

Gender gap in religious service attendance has narrowed in U.S.  Pew Research

Report Reveals cover-up of leading missionary surgeon who sexually abused 22 women and girls  Religious News Service  


Evangelicals raise hell over Trump's VP search  Politico

Mississippi religious liberty law challenged in court  Baptist News

Trump mounts Twitter war with the Southern Baptist Convention’s chief ethicist  Religious News Service

NBC News Exit Poll Results: Lacking a Clear Champion in 2016, White Evangelicals Voted for Trump  NBC News

Many Evangelicals Are In 'An Awkward Place' With Trump Atop GOP  NPR 


Study: Millennials want brand managers out of their ears—and feeds  PR Daily

Chinese University Incentivizes Students To Be Polite  NPR

Young Americans Drink More, Eat Worse, and Stay Skinnier Than Everyone Else Bloomberg

The Minecraft Generation- How a clunky Swedish computer game is teaching millions of children to master the digital world  New York Times

How badly companies misunderstand millennials  Washington Post


Top 10 Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Job Search  Life Hacker

How to make a good first impression on mobile job apps  USA Today

7 Tips For Job-Seeking Graduates DNA Info

How to ace a Skype interview  USA Today

National Labor Relations Board: Your Employer Can’t Force You To Be Happy At Work  Huffington Post


Why scientists should learn to fail, fast and often  StatNews


Does The Placebo Effect Influence Consumer Product Purchases?  NPR

Suicide rates are rising in America, and in other rich countries  Economist

Major Counseling Organization Protests Tennessee’s Anti-LGBT Counseling Law Huffington Post


‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Is Secretly All About Ancient Greek Philosophy  Decider

Teaching Students Philosophy Will Improve Their Academic Performance, Shows Study  BigThink


A growing number of colleges and universities are emphasizing civic engagement in their curriculum  Inside Higher Ed

Discount at Private Schools reach new record levels  Inside Higher Ed

Chilling Higher Ed Cooperation in China?  Inside Higher Ed

Supreme Court Sends Birth-Control Case Brought by Religious Employers Back to Lower Courts (Outcome suggests justices would have split 4-4 on the merits of the case)  Reuters

Academic-Freedom Spat Triggers Wave of Resignations at Religious College  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Texas Christian University misspells its own name in commencement program   Houston Chronicle

Student sit-in at Jesuit School because Dean used the N-Word.. in a book Title  Inside Higher Ed


Study by faculty members at West Point finds students perform better academically when laptops and tablets are banned from the classroom  Inside Higher Ed


Rutgers professors vote a second time to seek access to and limits on use of data from Academic Analytics  Inside Higher Ed