Articles of Interest - June 20


Can You Really Spot Cancer Through a Search Engine? A Microsoft team thinks it can  MIT Tech Review

The New Economics of Cybercrime: Instead of Stealing Data, Holding it for Ransom  The Atlantic


How social media is changing art  Vice                 


6 in 10 of you will share this link without reading it, a new, depressing study says  Washington Post

How Yahoo derailed Tumblr  Mashable

Texting is the way we say goodbye during tragedy now  Washington Post


Can You Really Spot Cancer Through a Search Engine? A Microsoft team thinks it can  Technology Review

Survey methodologies: In the age of big data, survey research will not only survive but thrive  Pew Research

A guide to machine learning.. why it matters and where it's going  Tech Republic

Statistical & computational expertise only goes so far in Big Data Analytics: What many Data Scientists are missing  Forbes


The Elevator Speech  Becoming

Seven Misconceptions About Creativity and How to Harness It  Life Hacker


Research Explores Ways To Overcome STEM Fields' Gender Gap   NPR         

Female Veteran Fires Back At Angry Parking Note In The Best Way Possible  Huffington Post

Are U.S. Millennial Men Just as Sexist as Their Dads?  Harvard Business Review

How sexism holds back the economy  Washington Post

How Feminist Academics Dealt With An Ethics Professor Accused Of Harassment  Huffington Post

Witch Movies Aren’t Just About Horror. They’re About the Fear of Female Power  Wired


Americans now think it’s okay to say what they really think about race  Washington Post

Big data shows racial bias in police behavior Stanford's data shows that Oakland police officers haven't treated everyone fair  Engadget


There Are Far More Title IX Investigations Of Colleges Than Most People Know (How universities are able to keep these federal probes hidden)  Huffington Post    

College says rape victim is partly to blame  Boston Global


Court Backs Rules Treating Internet as Utility, Not Luxury  New York Times

Appeals Court upholds FCC net neutrality regulations, rejecting arguments from telecom, cable and wireless companies  Talking New Media

Net Neutrality Won Big Today, But Don’t Celebrate Just Yet  Wired

Supreme Court Says Student Who Won Copyright Battle with Publisher can go after legal fees  Talking New Media                                        


Southern Baptist Convention Urges Churches To Welcome Refugees  NPR


4 Reasons for Optimism in Pew’s ‘State of the News Media’ Report  PBS MediaShift

Pew’s 2016 news media report is a tough read for journalism  Tech Crunch

Reuters’ ‘Digital News Report’ shows the growth of social media as a news source  Talking New Media

Data Journalism Awards 2016: what the winners tell us about the state of the data nation  Medium

The New York Times charged two scholars $1,884 for three quoted passages, each roughly 100 words long, in their new book on health coverage. Fair?  Undark


In the race to win readers, which publisher will come out ahead?  Columbia Journalism Review

Is Donald Trump’s Endgame the Launch of Trump News? (The candidate is considering starting his own cable empire)  Vanity Fair

Tronc threatens a nightmare hellscape of video content in new warning to employees   The Verge

Cruel Summer for Newspapers: Publishers see their business circling the drain in rapid decaying orbit  Politico

The Future of Journalism Is a Deadly Swarm of Buzzwords, According to Tronc  Slate


The Mistrust of Science  The New Yorker

How to Diagram a Great Science Story  Undark


The Psychology of Hate  TIME

Both Introverts and Extraverts Get Exhausted from Too Much Socializing  Scientific American


The Pain and Pleasure of Sad Music  Neuroscience News

Even as an adult, learning a second language changes your brain  Quarz

How Exercise May Help the Brain Grow Stronger  New York Times


Most of management theory is inane: If you want to succeed in business, don’t get an M.B.A. Study philosophy instead  The Atlantic


Memories of Unethical Actions Fade Faster  Association for Psychological Science


Chinese university puts CCTV in dormitories to encourage 'good study habits'  The Guardian 

Professors group adds Saint Rose to censure list Guild slams college over academic freedom, tenure  Times Union

Dramatic video shows hero disarming shooter at Seattle Pacific University in 2014  The Seattle Times

Christians Must Repent for Devaluing L.G.B.T. (“the discrimination I faced as a staff member at Wheaton College last year changed me”)  New York Times


Millennials May Be Losing Their Grip  NPR

Chinese Tiger Mums Start a College-town Housing boom  Economist


New doctorate holders are grappling with dwindling employment prospects Wall Street Journal


Microsoft Releases 'Minecraft: Educator Edition'  Ed Surge