Articles of Interest - July 18


How the gurus behind Google Earth created the geomapping mobile game 'Pokémon Go'  Mashable  

In Wake Of Shootings, Facebook Struggles To Define Hate Speech  NPR

Snapchat Is Ruined  Gizmodo

Pinterest Takes a Shot at Camera-Search Technology  Wall Street Journal

Facebook plans live video push during conventions  Politico

BitTorrent Launches Streaming News Network at Republican Convention  AdAge

This Photo App Puts Instagram Filters To Shame  PSFK

How to spot a fake Facebook page during a breaking news situation  Washington Post


An Australian Company Spent Two Years Faking Some Of The Internet's Most Viral Videos   Digg

How to Measure SEO Success for Recent Content  PBS Media Shift


The potency of graph representations is in the can issue complicated queries without knowing code  Inside Big Data

After many false starts, what do the clues say will be the AI impact? Danger or opportunity?  Economist

Shakespeare and using fuzzy logic systems to deal with imprecise or incomplete data  Data Science Central

“We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. No office job is safe.” -AI prof known for his self-driving car work  Economist

10 Algorithm Categories for #DataScience heavy lifting: 1- Crunchers 2- Guides..  KD Nuggets


A new technique for removing radical propaganda  Economist

The Internet of Things: Riding the Wave in Higher Education  Educause

Glimpses of an AI-enabled future  Economist

Watch As Elite Password Hacking Software Cracks Thousands Of Passwords In Seconds (video)  Dr Mike Pound

One-quarter of all US TV households now going without cable and satellite reception  Talking New Media

A Smart Typewriter Is a Thing and I’m in Love With It  Wired


Why Pageviews Matter in Measuring Native Ads  Media Shift

Buffer for Instagram is Here: 8 Ways to Get Your Best Instagram Marketing Results with Buffer


Live-Tweeting the News: The Risks and Rewards  PBS Media shift

Gannet’s Memphis newspaper outsources copyediting  Memphis Flyer

3 Ways to Put News Metrics to Work  PBS Media shift

Photographers Are Gearing Up for the Republican Convention Like It’s War  Wired

How News Organizations Are Using Facebook Live  PBS Media Shift


How The Washington Post grew digital subscriptions 145 percent  Digitday

Live Streaming Breaks Through, and Cable News Has Much to Fear  New York Times

The non-religious are now the country’s largest religious voting bloc  Washington Post

Evangelicals Rally to Trump, Religious ‘Nones’ Back Clinton  Pew Forums


Intern reporter arrested covering Black Lives Matter protests in Baton Rouge  Student Press Law Center


Why journalists (and their stylebooks) prefer the more-modest spelling, adviser  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Travel Through Literature: The Sun Also Rises  Napels Herald

The World’s Best Philosopher of Linguistics  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Data Mining Reveals the Six Basic Emotional Arcs of Storytelling  MIT Technology Review

Why Most Academics Will Always Be Bad Writers  Chronicle of Higher Ed

When Words Fail (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Psychological Benefits of Writing Regularly  Life Hacker

AP Stylebook terms for covering violence  GateHouse Newsroom

Walt Whitman Gives Advice to Aspiring Young Writers: “Don’t Write Poetry” & Other Practical Tips (1888)  Open Culture

Essential Self-Editing Tips to Deliver Better Copy  Tech


How to Navigate by Nostalgia: The Linguistics of Place Names  Jstor


Why even poets hate poetry (a review of The Hatred of Poetry-By Ben Lerner)  Economist

Library of Congress struggles in the Digital Era  n+1 magazine

McSweeney’s Meets Internet: A little publisher survives holding tight to its eclectic, literary roots  Harvard's Nieman Lab


Science Students Learn to Use Social Media to Communicate Research  Chronicle of Higher Ed  


How Americans view the Black Lives Matter movement  Pew Research Center

This Sikh Man Has Been Wrongly Accused Of A Terror Attack For A Second Time  BuzzFeed  

Study Explores Links Between Politics And Racial Bias  NPR

The Dark Side of American Soccer Culture  New York Times magazine

Can you spot the reason people are upset about Paul Ryan's latest Instagram post?  AOL News

The Health Costs of Racism (audio)  Science Friday

Sharp differences over who is hurt, helped by their race  Pew Research

Racial Tensions Strain Relations In The Workplace  NPR


Snapchat's face-mapping filters empower sexual assault survivors to tell their own stories  CBC

Why Society Blames Victims, According To Science  Huffington Post


In a Time of Tension, Universities Craft New Free-Speech Policies (sub. req'ed)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


How copyright trolls plunder both US citizens and… rights holders  Fight Copyright Trolls


IRS probe of televangelist Robert Tilton's church draws court challenge  Tulsa World

The Evangelical "Money Cult" (video, opinion)  Reason

PCUSA claims MegaChurch Vote to Leave Denomination is Invalid

Bible Gateway now lets users search the Bible using emoji  Religious News Service

The Eclipse of White Christian America  The Atlantic

Evangelicals increasingly say it’s becoming harder for them in America  Pew Research

What It’s Like to Escape the Christian Fundamentalist 'Quiverfull' Movement Vice

Are churches key to solving social problems? Fewer Americans now think so  Pew Research

 Creationist Ken Ham gets busted lying about his Ark exhibit’s abysmal opening day turnout (opinion)  Dead State


Trump’s VP Choice, Backed Controversial ‘Religious Freedom’ Law  Chronicle of Higher Ed

What it means that Mike Pence called himself an ‘evangelical Catholic’   Washington Post

Are Trump Supporters Nostalgic For A Fading White, Christian America?  NPR


Why Those Millennials With Tons of Loans Won’t Refinance  Bloomberg

When Millennials Become Managers  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Men drinking craft beer, women eating quinoa, and other millennial foodie trends, ranked  Washington Post

How to Host Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind  Life Hacker


Becoming a Freelance Academic  Chronicle of Higher Ed

So Many Research Scientists, So Few Openings as Professors  New York Times


The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists  Vox

There Is No Scientific Method (opinion)  New York Times

No Scientific Method, They Say  Science Mag


Your Therapist Is Typing...  Digg


 Neuroscientists Still Don’t Know Why Music Sounds Good  Wired


The Entire Discipline of Philosophy Visualized with Mapping Software: See All of the Complex Networks  Open Culture

The Philosopher of Feelings: Martha Nussbaum’s far-reaching ideas illuminate the often ignored elements of human life—aging, inequality, and emotion  The New Yorker

Why You Don’t Know Your Own Mind (opinion)  New York Times


Author discusses her new book, Reimagining Popular Notions of American Intellectualism  Inside Higher Ed


You are a liar by default, and you lie most to yourself  Becoming (my blog)

There’s more than practice to becoming a world-class expert  The Conversation


Frankenstein’s paperclips: The ethics of AI  Economist

Do CRISPR enthusiasts have their head in the sand about the safety of gene editing?  STAT


University websites: The so-so, the bad, and the egregious  University Affairs

Artificial intelligence will have implications for policymakers in education, welfare and geopolitics  Economist

Weeks after Temple president ousted the provost, the board says it will remove the president  Inside Higher Ed

US spending on prisons and jails grew three times as fast as spending on education in the last 3 decades  Business Insider

Op-Ed: Christian Universities Can't Have It Both Ways   NBC News


Despite focus on teaching coding skills, it's unlikely that it will be a viable skill in a decade: Thanks AI!  TedMed

What Classics Professors Can Teach the Rest of Us  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Which skills should be taught that will still be employable in a Decade?  (Despite all the focus in recent years in teaching students to code, it seems unlikely to me that simple programming will be a viable skill 5 or 10 years)  TedMed

Amazon Unveils Online Education Service for Teachers  New York Times

A new crop of hands-on universities is transforming how students learn  Economist

Do You Assign Enough Reading? Or Too Much?  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Senate Hearing on Campus Harassment and Bullying  Wired

Kansas State University is clashing with the federal government over whether it’s legally required to police off-campus behavior  Business Insider