Articles of Interest August 1


Wearables in the Workplace: Promise and Pitfalls  National Law Review


How to Design a Google Font  Format

Great Products Don’t Happen By Accident: Using playbooks for designing and building products  Medium


Vine’s top stars are fleeing, despite the app’s best attempts to keep them  Washington Post


Clearing up confusion about data science by imagining it in terms of the simplifying framework of an avocado  Data Science Central   

Which Big Data languages are losing traction & which data sources are contributing the most to the shifts?  Spectrum

40 Techniques Used by Data Scientists including clustering, pattern recognition,  Bayesian stats and more  Data Science Central


Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president  Quartz


Investigative journalism org finds racial bias in secret crime algorithm that was supposedly filled false positives  Chronicle of Social Change


Title IX Victory for Man Suing Over Sex Assault Finding  Inside Higher Ed

College Is Accused of Inaction After Anonymous Report of Gang Rape  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Court: Adjunct may not use Title VII to sue a college for bias  Inside Higher Ed


30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself (1-Stop spending time with the wrong people)  Becoming (my blog)


A writing handbook that doesn't just repeat the standard just-say-no dictat about the passive voice  Chronicle of Higher Ed

5 ways for PR pros to sharpen their writing  PR Daily


Dentist Protagonists In Literature  NPR

What College Freshmen Are Reading  NPR


Managing your research data to make it reusable: Experts weigh in on good data management, why it’s important and how to achieve it  Elsevier


Judge Tosses Out Defamation Lawsuit Filed Against ProPublica, CIR  Propublica


Fighting for Free Speech on America's Campuses  New York Times


A 'religious' organization called the Satanic Temple seeks to establish After School Satan Clubs in public schools: Is it an effort to teach Satan worship to kids?  Snopes

Another reason contemporary Christian music sounds ‘cliched and over-produced’  Washington Post

Died: Tim LaHaye, Author Who 'Left Behind' a Long Legacy  Christianity Today

On Wikipedia, Pokémon Go Is a Bigger Deal Than the Bible  Gizmodo

10 Donald Trump Quotes That Should Horrify His Evangelical Supporters  Huffington Post


Delayed, Denied, Dismissed: Failures on the FOIA Front  Propublica

When Newspaper Paywalls Come Tumbling Down: Six Motivations  Forbes

Despite acquisitions, earnings at Gannett fall as print advertising remains weak  Talking New Media


Is Hypnosis All in Your Head? Brain Scans Suggest Otherwise  New York Times  

Constant Multitasking Is Damaging Millennial Brains, Research Shows  Inc


The basics of the thorny relationship between science and philosophy  ArsTechnia

Philosopher of the month: René Descartes  Oxford University Press


A University Makes a Rare Call to Ditch Its Title IX Exemption  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Thirteen lessons I wish someone had taught me before I became an academic administrator  Chronicle of Higher Ed


More Professors Know About Free Textbook Options, but Adoption Remains Low  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Syllabus as a Contract: How do you deal with clever students who find loopholes you didn’t intend?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A Platform to Monitor Learning  Inside Higher Ed