Articles of Interest - August 22


Live-streaming  Economist

What you need to know to get started with Facebook Live  International Journalists' Network

98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you  Washington Post

Is 'FaceBragging' the quickest route to divorce?  Stuff

Twitter ‘quality filter’ works because it’s about news, not social  The Next Web


A GIF-by-GIF guide to GIFing everything you see  Daily Dot

Everything you ever wanted to know about WeChat  Medium


Chronic procrastination? Rather than lamenting your lack of will power, you can just blame your parents  Becoming (my blog)

Patience Is the Secret to Wealth and Health, Economists Suggest in a New Study  Wall Street Journal


What’s the Matter With ‘Me’?  Resistance to the personal object pronoun continues to rise Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Linguistics of Assassination Threats: What exactly did Donald Trump mean about 'the Second Amendment people"?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Reflections on the origin of the phrase "drink the Kool-Aid"  Chronicle of Higher Ed


8 Writers on How to Face Writer’s Block and the Blank Page: Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Franzen, Joyce Carol Oates & More  Open Culture

Learning to Write All Over Again  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Thank Heavens for Email Clichés  The Atlantic


Is repeating your toddler’s cute speech mistakes bad for her development?  Slate

Machine-to-Human Communication: Nobody Cares   Chronicle of Higher Ed


Will Reading Romance Novels Make Artificial Intelligence More Human?   Jstor  

Literature of the Forever War  New York Times

Happy Birthday, Dorothy Parker  Jstor

Better To Reign In Hell: Literature's Unpunished Villains  NPR


Women are judged by the way they speak  Economist


Study Finds More Faculty Diversity at Public Institutions Than at Private Ones Chronicle of Higher Ed

Are black Americans more likely to be shot or roughed up by police?  Economist


If computers wrote laws: Decisions handed down by data  Economist

Confusion over legality of republishing Data Sets  Nature


 The 7 Steps of a Data Project  Data Science

DARPA wants AI with the capacity to help humans trace the conclusions, decisions and reasoning  Next Big Future

Will reading romance novels make artificial intelligence more human?  Jstor

The hardest work in data analysis lies in the data munging-an unglamorous yet critical part of data science  Analytic Bridge


P&G to Scale Back Targeted Facebook Ads citing limited effectiveness  Wall Street Journal

Facebook Profit Nearly Triples on Mobile Ad Sales and New Users  New York Times

Television is at last having its digital-revolution moment  Economist


Buyouts hit GateHouse newspapers across the United States  Poynter

Facebook Traffic to U.S. News Sites Has Fallen by Double Digits, Report Says  Fortune

NYT decides to shutter its mobile app NYT Now, will rely on Facebook to drive new traffic  Talking New Media

News Apps Are Dying Off. But in a Way, They’ll Live On  Wired


Law Professor to Students: Stop Calling Me by My First Name  Wall Street Journal


The Changing Face of Scientific Collaboration: A spirit of collective enterprise in research is being replaced by a rush to assign precise credit for who did what  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Menopause Makes Your Body Age Faster  TIME


Bayesian reasoning may help to explain some mental disorders where processing flaws confuse prior expectations  Science News


Researchers just doubled what we know about the map of the human brain  Washington Post

Sting's Brain Scan Reveals Clues About How The Musical Mind Works  NPR


UC Berkeley chancellor to resign following widespread criticism by faculty  LA Times

As College Costs Soar, Critics Question Open Curriculum Courses  NPR

California bill to ban grant students from religious colleges stymied   Washington Times

Oklahoma Wesleyan University Joins Lawsuit Over 'Dear Colleague' Letter  KOTV


Do perceptions of the utility of ethics affect academic cheating?  Science Direct


Two Cheers for the Retraction Boom  The New Atlantis

‘Does This Have to Go through the IRB?’ Chronicle of Higher Ed

Two studies, one on neuroscience and one on palaeoclimatology, cast doubt on established results  Economist

Science editor-in-chief sounds alarm over falling public trust  Times Higher Ed


Bible commentaries pulped after New Testament scholar admits plagiarism  Christian Today

Despite his popularity, the pontiff’s efforts to reshape his church face stiff resistance  Economist

Evangelical Lutherans Overwhelmingly Vote to Approve Declaration of Unity With Roman Catholics  Christian News

The Obsession With Biblical Literalism: A Christian theme park in Kentucky brings the ancient to life through a life-sized reconstruction of Noah’s Ark—but not without dipping into fiction (opinion)  The Atlantic