articles of interest - Sept 19


How Much Do Parents Matter?  The Atlantic

Scientists have identified why binge-watching together brings couples closer  Quartz

LoveBot tells your wife you love her so you don’t have to  TechCrunch

The Internet is systematically changing who we date  Washington Post


Facebook steps up fight against fake news  The Hill  

Twitter in retweet:  It is too late for the social-media firm to become the giant that people once expected  Economist

How Luck And Intuition Helped To Build Instagram  NPR

A co-founder of Twitter is betting he can revolutionise digital publishing once again with Medium  Economist


Oxford English Dictionary welcomes moobs and yolo  The Guardian

Why you shouldn't be a grammar snob (video)  BongBong


How Cliché Can You Get?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Why I Hate the New 'MLA Handbook'  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The History and Usage of Common Symbols  Medium

Should citations be normalized across disciplines?  Plos


Distant languages sound more similar than you might expect  Economist


Algorithms Could Save Book Publishing—But Ruin Novels  Wired

Patricians of parchment: Why manuscripts matter  Economist


Why scientists must share their research code  Nature

Could freeing Troves of data gathered during clinical trials lead to new cures?  Proto

Be very careful when you think, "this is a good study"  Statistically Funny

Links between citations and open access  Elsev


Discrimination by Design: The many ways design decisions treat people unequally  Pacific Standard

How LinkedIn’s search engine may reflect a gender bias  Seattle Times

Gender Bias and the Peer Review Process  Wiley Exchanges


Colin Kaepernick and a Landmark Supreme Court Case  New Yorker


Europe proposes copyright reform to help scientists mine research papers  Nature

Judge Rejects Justice Department Ruling on Music Licensing  New York Times


The Faith Economy: Religion in US 'worth more than Google and Apple combined'  The Guardian

How a Christian business tycoon used his depression to help tens of thousands  Washington Post

Gay Christian Rocker Trey Pearson on Being Ousted From Festival Bill & How He Ended Up Onstage Anyway  Billboard

Non-Politicians Talking Politics: Religion In 2016 Election  NPR

Mormons are less Republican this year, and Trump is not the only reason why  Religious News Service

Mother Teresa — a myth, a celebrity or a hero?  Union-Tribune


 Can Music Save Your Life?  Chronicle of Higher Ed


4 Examples of AI’s Rise in Journalism (And What it Means for Journalists)   Media Shift

When did charts become popular? How the revolution in data visualization came about  Priceonomics

Fact-checkers around the world agree on shared code of principles  Poynter

These students didn’t know Bin Laden was dead. How did we get so clueless about news?   Washington Post


'Motherless babies!’ How to create a tabloid science headline in five easy steps  Science Magazine

Genius is not enough: The sad story of Peter Hagelstein, living monument to the sunk-cost fallacy (opinion)  Andrew Gelman

A 6-Step Infographic For Ending Pseudoscience  Big Think


How the sugar industry has distorted health science for more than 50 years  Vox

There is now a sixth taste – and it explains why we love carbs  New Scientist

The drug industry: Prescriptions for the pharma business  Economist

Why I won't get Tested for the Breast Cancer Genes  Questia

Feed a virus, starve a bacterium: An old wives’ tale gets some support from medical science  Economist

To End the Opioid Epidemic, We Need Way More Than OD Treatments  Wired

New study finds that medical marijuana may be helping to curb the opioid epidemic  Washington Post

A mystery no more: Scientists have learned a great deal about Zika since the outbreak began. Now for the task of stopping it  Economist

Parents May Be Giving Their Children Too Much Medication, Study Finds  NPR


One in five CEOs are psychopaths, new study finds: Proportion of psychopath corporate executives 'similar to prison population'  Independent

Four basic personality types identified: Pessimistic; optimistic; envious and trusting  Science Daily


As More States Consider Legalizing, Questions About Pot And The Brain  NPR

When Blind People Do Algebra, The Brain's Visual Areas Light Up  NPR


An Animated Aldous Huxley Identifies the Dystopian Threats to Our Freedom (1958)  Open Culture


Practical Ethics: A moral philosopher offers handy hints on how to live an ethical life (a book review)  Economist


The Next Hot Ticket in Ed Tech? Micro-Credentials  Stamford Advocate

Dallas evangelical seminary requires sex abuse awareness training  The Gazette

Biola Announces Campus Safe Space  Biola University


Journalism faculty ask College president to apologize, drop suit against student newspaper  Associated Press


Share on Twitter Share via Email Donald Trump might be causing a major shift in how young Americans feel about immigrants  Washington Post


Student Diversity at More Than 4,600 Institutions  Chronicle of Higher Ed

As Standards Change, Disability Officers Race to Keep Up  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Elite Colleges and the Language of Class (sub. requ’ed)  Chronicle of Higher Ed