articles of interest - Jan 30


Twitter Tries, One More Time, to Help You Figure Out Twitter  Wired

Facebook News Feed Algorithm: Percent of a Video Watched By Users GivenWeight  Ad Week


One Dataset, Visualized 25 Ways  Flowing Data

Lessons from Knight Investments in digital audio and Podcasting  Medium


Zerg Rush: The Story Behind Google's Best Easter Egg  The Daily Dot

Google and the Misinformed Public  Chronicle of Higher Ed           

Google Maps now shows you how hard it is to find parking  Daily Dot


The declining authority of #statistics & the experts who analyze them is at the heart of the “post-truth” crisis  The Guardian

Apache Eagle uses machine intelligence to probe, alert, and report back on behaviors of Hadoop users and clusters   InfoWorld

The best data scientists get out from behind their computers and talk to people and gather “soft data”  Harvard Business Review

This “may sound like a heresy to (devotees of) the religion of data.. but what if data isn’t enough?"  Datanami

Some Apache Hadoop myths: The devil is in the very expensive details  CIO

The goals of AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning: "creating an intelligent machine"  Codes of Interest


List of the top Media Co's by Social Media Performance  Shareablee


Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest  The Guardian

How Mary Tyler Moore Inspired a Generation of Female Journalists  Vanity Fair

Journalists around the country are joining a Slack channel devoted to FOIA and Trump  Poynter

Mary Tyler Moore and women in journalism  CBS News

Police Are Making It Impossible To Use Drones To Document Protests  Vocativ


Psychologists say they can inoculate people against fake news  CBC

Google has banned 200 publishers since it passed a new policy against fake news  Recode

Media orgs like San Diego-based Snopes lead the charge against fake news  City Beat

When is a false claim a lie? Here’s what fact-checkers think  Poynter

Fake News Is About to Get Even Scarier than You Ever Dreamed  Vanity Fair


Gannett slashes more than 140 jobs at NJ newspaper group  New York Post

Women’s March on Washington Raises Ethical Questions for Media Outlets  WWD


Sorry, But Speed Reading Won’t Help You Read More Wired

The Mystery and Occasional Poetry of, Uh, Filled Pauses  Atlas Obscura

Academics don't have to be great writers, but they do have to realize that it's their job to create interest in their topics  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Five ways to skip content when checking a Word document for spelling errors  Tech Republic


Watch a New Yorker Copy Editor Take a Hacksaw to a Recent Donald Trump Speech  Mediate

It is America’s greatest word—arguably, the world’s greatest—and it deserves regular recognition  Chronicle of Higher Ed


George Orwell Explains How “Newspeak” Works, the Official Language of His Totalitarian Dystopia in 1984  Open Culture

 WSU professor uses big data to research Shakespearean texts  Wichita

A Free Course on Dante’s Divine Comedy from Yale University  Open Culture

Publisher printing more copies of George Orwell's '1984' after spike in demand  CNN

Ian McKellen Reads a Passionate Speech by William Shakespeare, Written in Defense of Immigrants  Open Culture

How Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ can inspire those who fear Trump’s America  The Conversation


Trans* in College  Inside Higher Ed

6-Year-Old Girls' Gendered Beliefs About Intelligence  The Atlantic

Rift in Women’s Studies Over Transgender Issues: Popular online discussion group sees resignations and call for boycott over comments some see as bigotry toward trans scholars  Inside Higher Ed


When Horse Diapers and Freedom of Religion Collide  WSJ


Judge Sides With University In Legal Fight With Student Newspaper  NPR

Don’t Expect the First Amendment to Protect the Media  New York Times

The Most Important Law in Tech Has a Problem: How “safe harbor” turned into a protector of privilege  BackChannel

Actress in Viral Video Can’t Prevent Video From Being Made Into an Advertisement–Roberts v. Bliss  Technology and Marketing Law Blog


ISIS magazine calls for attack on First Baptist Dallas  KXAS-TV (NBC5)

A large Colorado congregation just became LGBT-inclusive. Here’s why it matters  Religious News Service

Tennessee Megachurch Withholds Funds From SBC Over Support of Mosque Construction  The Christian Post

Amy Grant's daughter donates kidney to best friend  The Tennessean

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg meets with Waco pastors  Waco Trib

The fascinating science behind Ouija boards  Daily Dot

The Tyranny of Politeness (opinion)  Religious Dispatches

Why Christians Fall Prey to Fake News  Christianity Today


An Artist Put Wax Butts Around Miami to Expose Everyday Sexual Harassment  The Creators Project

Art Exhibition Celebrates Drawings By The Founder Of Modern Neuroscience  NPR

The Rise and Fall of Comic Sans (video)  Scholarly Kitchen

Richard Prince has disowned his Ivanka Trump work  The Guardian

Jimmie Durham and the Art of Interruption  jstor


Former Baylor financial aid officer Files Title IX lawsuit   ESPN

Education Dept. Releases Latest List of Title IX Investigations, After Failing to Do So  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Russia parliament votes 380-3 to decriminalize domestic violence  USA Today

New Baylor lawsuit alleges 52 rapes by football players in 4 years while current Liberty University AD was in charge at Baylor  Dallas Morning News

Newspaper gets records hearing in sexual assault investigation of Utah State University  Student Press Law Center


How likely are academics to confess to errors in research?  Times Higher Ed

Cancer scientists are having trouble replicating groundbreaking research: Does that mean the original research was wrong? No. It means science is really, really hard  Vox


John Arnold Made a Fortune at Enron. Now He’s Declared War on Bad Science  Wired

Professor Who Helped Expose Crisis in Flint Says Public Science Is Broken Chronicle of Higher Ed

USDA Scientists Have Been Put On Lockdown Under Trump  BuzzFeed News


How to Spot Fake Health News  BBC

3D-Printer Creates Skin Made From Human Cells  Vocativ

Wider Racial Gap Found in Cervical Cancer Deaths  New York Times

No original reporting: Fox News story rehashes news release for story on autism and fecal transplants  Health News Review


Why Time Seems to Speed Up as We Get Older: What the Research Says  Open Culture

China wakes up to its mental-health problems  Economist

7 lessons from psychology that explain the irrational fear of outsiders  Vox


Tests suggest the methods of neuroscience are left wanting  The Economist


Motivated Reasoning: A Philosopher On Confirmation Bias  NPR


The Mask of Guilt  Becoming (my site)

How Being Bored Out of Your Mind Makes You More Creative  Wired


Colleges Scramble After Trump’s Executive Order Bans Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Campus administrators detail their plans for undocumented students  New York Times

Top academics lash out at Trump’s ‘un-American’ immigration ban  Stat New

Princeton University Dean Warns Against Travel Abroad for Students, Scholars after President Trump's Immigration Order  WCAU Philadelphia (NBC10)

How universities have vowed to help protect undocumented students  USA Today

What You Need to Know About Colleges and the Immigration Ban  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Hackers are locking colleges’ data away and demanding payment to return it. But paying the ransom raises new issues, experts say  Inside Higher Ed

Concealed Carry Weapon Laws and College Campuses  National Conference of State Legislatures

Colleges and inequality: New data show that joining the 1% remains unsettlingly hereditary  Economist

Hundreds of students, alumni from DeVos’s Christian college oppose her nomination as education secretary  Washington Post


Study: Easy grading is actually a symptom of poor assessment practices rather than a cause  Inside Higher Ed

Are great teachers poor scholars?  Brookings


Study: Vanishing child care centers on college campuses impacts student access  Education Dive