articles of interest - Oct 2


The Coming Software Apocalypse  (check the comments section)  The Atlantic

Cloud platforms are offering machine learning users alternatives to open source tools: the advantages and cautions   Search Business Analytics

Microsoft launches new Machine Learning tools for developers all related to the Azure Machine  Tech Crunch


Ready Or Not, Twitter Is Doubling A Tweet's Character Limit To 280  NPR

Twitter Wipes Hundreds of Russian Operative Accounts  Geek

Russian-Linked Election Ads Highlight Scope Of Facebook's Power  NPR

Does Even Mark Zuckerberg Know What Facebook Is?  New York Mag

Russia Continues To Use Social Media To Influence Public Opinion In The U.S. NPR

Facebook is hiring another 1,000 people to review and remove ads  Recode


Google turns 19: Here are 19 random facts about the search engine giant  Recode

The ‘Google Trick’ to Get Around Paywalls Is Getting Shut Down  New York Mag


Apple says iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 do not contain FM radio chips or antennas, in response to FCC request  9 to 5 Mac

The Coming Software Apocalypse  The Atlantic

The internet isn’t forever. Is there an effective way to preserve great online interactives and news apps?  Harvard's Nieman Lab


The US remains an easy mark for drug dealers, terrorists and others who prize anonymity when registering aircraft or getting licensed to fly  Boston Globe

The Equifax Hack Has the Hallmarks of State-Sponsored Pros  Bloomberg

Most Americans think the government could be monitoring their phone calls and emails  Pew Research


As crisis unfolds in Puerto Rico, journalists help connect familiesColumbia Journalism Review

Where we are on getting people to pay for online news  Harvard's Nieman Lab

Tension between Trump and the media? That’s nothing compared to journalism’s worst crisis (opinion)  Washington Post


Text-only news sites are slowly making a comeback. Here's why.  Poynter

The secret cost of pivoting to video  Columbia Journalism Review

The Design of Newspapers: Why The News Industry is Changing  Medium


Paul Horner, Fake News Purveyor Who Claimed Credit For Trump's Win, Found Dead At 38  NPR

Facebook and Google’s algorithms prioritized fake news in the wake of Las Vegas shooting  Mic


The power of the comma: The punctuation mark most likely to start fights between grammar gurus  The Economist


The World According to Dan Brown  New York Times

Writing Well about Terrible People


Johns Hopkins University eliminates Russian Major  Inside Higher Ed


The state of women in computer science: An investigative report  Tech Republic

Saudi Arabia To End Ban On Women Driving  NPR

Cute Outfits and the Academic Career  Chronicle of Higher Ed

This Is the Job Where Women Make the Most Compared to Men  Fortune

Trump’s White House Froze an Equal pay Rule Women are fighting to Save  Washington Post


White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners  Vox

Air Force Academy Leader Responds To Racial Slurs On Campus  NPR

Hispanic dropout rate hits new low, college enrollment at new high  Pew Research


Sessions’ Justice Dept. Will Weigh In on Free-Speech Cases. What Should Campuses Expect?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Berkeley’s Leader Saw Hints That ‘Free Speech Week’ Was a Stunt. Here’s Why She Planned for It Anyway.  Chronicle of Higher ED


Seven legal questions about Trump deleting his tweets  Columbia Journalism Review

Appeals court sides with Texas cheerleaders who sued to display Bible verses at football gamesDallas News

Professor used historical imagery of a strike being put down violently in criticizing Colorado State’s move to lay off employees. University then blocked him from using his university email account.  Inside Higher Ed

Mississippi restaurant sued after Christian waitress is allegedly fired for wearing a skirt to work  Washington Post


Tenn. church suspect's car had note referencing retaliation for Dylann Roof's Charleston attack  ABC News

500 Years After Martin Luther, Does The Protestant Reformation Still Matter? (opinion)  The Daily Beast

The Justice Department is intervening in a case at Georgia Gwinnett College involving a student’s claim that he was prevented from religious proselytizing on campus.  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Fired by ESPN for a racist headline, he’s finding his second chance as a Catholic priest  Washington Post


Evangelicals urge more action from Trump against 'alt-right'  CNN

Roy Moore, Christian theocrat  Vox

A short history of Roy Moore’s controversial interpretations of the Bible  Washington Post


An SNL skit for designers  YouTube

Ethics For Design

Online Design: Nested Symbols & Auto-Updating Styleguides

Naked Mona Lisa By Da Vinci, Discovered In France, Is Rocking The Art World Forbes

A Five Minutes Guide to Better Typography  Pierrick Calvez


3 myths about streaming... and 3 truths about the music industry today Music Business Worldwide

Streaming has pushed Latin music into the mainstream  The Economist


The Meteoric rise of a new Way of Watching Media in America Changes how we Monetize its Consumption   Broadcasting & Cable

5 Branded Videos That Reached Over 100,000 Likes  Video Strategist


The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science  The Guardian  

Cancer Warnings on Coffee May Be Coming to California  Food & Wine

Pain Cream Invented, But Untested  NPR

Nobel Prize In Medicine Is Awarded To 3 Americans  NPR


Hip-hop star creates GoFundMe page to prove to him that the world is, in fact, curved  Gizmodo

Why We Find And Expose Bad Science  Medium

Wikipedia shapes language in science papers  Nature


The Cause Of Your Worst Mistakes? A Psychological Gremlin You've Never Heard Of  Forbes

The Sorrow and the Shame of the Accidental Killer: How do you live after unintentionally causing a death?  The New Yorker

Psychology beats business training when it comes to entrepreneurship  The Economist


Yes, your kid will do something with that philosophy degree after all  Washington Post


Huge volumes of data make real-time insurance a possibility  The Economist


How Every NFL Team’s Fans Lean Politically  FiveThirtyEight


Tom Cruise's 'American Made' just latest case of film recasting history  Union-Tribune


Scientists gave kids real guns for an experiment. Now ethicists are weighing in Mic

Ethical investment is booming. But what is it?  The Economist


An Ivy League Prof Tries To Do Damage Control For His Bogus Food Science  BuzzFeed News

As research and editorial processes become increasingly open, scientists and editors need to be proactive but also alert to risks  Nature


Social proof is a much more effective persuasion technique than purely evidence-based proof    Becoming (my blog)

This gene explains why some people crave adventure more than others  Mashable


154 incidents of hate speech and violence at more than 120 campuses nationwide  BuzzFeed News

How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting the Education Industry  Huffington Post

White nationalist fliers removed from University of Tennessee campus  Knox News

The Rural Higher-Education Crisis: When it comes to college enrollment, students in Middle America—many of them white—face an uphill battle against economic and cultural deterrents.  The Atlantic

For-profit University of Phoenix Phasing Out 20 Campuses  Phoenix NewTimes

Assessment Competitors LiveText and Taskstream Merge  Inside Higher Ed

DeVos assailed by protesters at college campuses in Boston, Washington  Washington Post

How Schools Got into the Job-Prep Business  Jstor

Colorado Christian University orders student athletes to stand for national anthem  Denver Post

At Christian Colleges, Theology Can Complicate Sexual-Assault Prevention  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Christian college Won’t Play Opponents Who Kneel During National Anthem  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Amid Professors’ ‘Doom-and-Gloom Talk,’ Humanities Ph.D. Applications Drop   Chronicle of Higher Ed


Using Digital Archives to Teach Data Set Creation and Visualization Design Chronicle of Higher Ed

AAU reports on efforts to improve science teaching at research universities  Inside Higher Ed


Colleges Recruit a New Kind of Athlete: Video Gamers  Fortune

Study found that 17 percent of high school kids surveyed knew somebody living in an unstable housing situation, usually couch surfing  Mercury News

Assortative mating: People tend to marry spouses with similar levels of education  The Economist

The Keg in the Frat House  New York Times

Where Students Get Valued Advice on What to Study in College  Gallup

80 Evergreen State College Students Are Penalized for Protests  Chronicle of Higher Ed


DeVos Should Want to Educate Men About Rape  New York Times

An Overview of Congress’ Pending Legislation on Sex Trafficking  Technology & Marketing Law Blog


Why Ph.D.s in the natural sciences and engineering leave academe  Inside Higher Ed

Sociology professor arrested for assaulting student  The Tab

Research suggests students are biased against female lecturers  The Economist

One-third of Ph.D.s lose interest in academic careers, but not for lack of jobs  Cornell

CUNY Lecturer Charged With Running Fake Health Certificate Program  New York Times

Former Montana State professor sues for wrongful termination  Bozeman Daily Chronicle


USC faculty member detained by police after reporting an active shooter on campus. There wasn’t one  Washington Post