articles of interest - week of Oct 23


Is your journalism valuable?  Poynter

The Guardian’s Mobile Innovation Lab introduced a new type of article for evolving stories  Medium

How Fox 32 became the most engaging news publisher on Facebook  Digiday

13 things I learned from six years at the Guardian  Medium

Pioneering Virtual Reality and New Video Technologies in Journalism  New York Times

How to find the useful information hidden on every website  Poynter

Five ways to take advantage of Excel list features  Tech Republic

Study: Readers are hungry for news feed transparency  Columbia Journalism Review

Russian Radio Journalist Stabbed In Neck Amid Anti-Media Violence  Huff Post

Czech President holds up replica Ak-47 marked ‘for journalists’ in press conference  The Independent


Journalism’s Broken Business Model Won’t Be Solved by Billionaires  New Yorker

Social media crackdowns at the Times and Journal will backfire  Columbia Journalism Review

Journalism’s Broken Business Model Won’t Be Solved by Billionaires The New Yorker


How Educators Can Discuss Journalists’ Coverage of Violence  PBS Media Shift  


Why I Love Fake News (opinion)  Politico

Tightening Political Ad Disclosure Rules May Not Curb 'Fake News,' IAB Says  Media Post

At New York event, Facebook stays tight-lipped on fake news  Poynter

What do ordinary people think fake news is? Poor journalism and political propaganda  Columbia Journalism Review

Facebook's new media guidelines are focused on stopping fake news  Engadget

Schools fight spread of 'fake news' through news literacy lessons  Educational Dive

How to avoid being part of the fake news problem when big stories break  Mashable

University of Haifa to offer course on 'fake news' and propaganda  Jerusalem Post 


At BuzzFeed, a Pivot to Movies and Television  New York Times

Young subscribers flock to old media  Politico


Openness to new Experiences Linked with Creativity  Becoming

The Power of Introverts: Author Susan Cain Explains Why We Need to Appreciate the Talents & Abilities of the Quiet Ones  Open Culture 

Brain Training Can Improve Memory, But Won't Make You A Genius  NPR


Who gives a !@#$ about an Oxford comma (opinion)  Daily Cal


Appalachian English  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Day A Texas School Held A Funeral For The Spanish Language  NPR


Getting Students Excited About Literature  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Sexism That Permeates the Academy (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Maria Anna Mozart Was a Musical Prodigy Like Her Brother Wolfgang, So Why Did She Get Erased from History?  Open Culture

Don’t Sanctify Us  Chronicle of Higher Ed


92 Percent Of African Americans Say Black Americans Face Discrimination Today  NPR

Study finds high school teachers have differing expectations of black and white students  Inside Higher Ed

Poll: Most Americans Say They Are Discriminated Against, Regardless Of Race  NPR


Does Disruption Violate Free Speech? (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Federal Judge Unseals New York Crime Lab’s Software for Analyzing DNA Evidence  Propublica

Hollywood Confronts a Copyright Argument With Potential for Mass Disruption Who really owns the CG characters in blockbuster films  Hollywood Reporter

California judge tosses $417 million talc cancer verdict against Johnson & Johnson  Reuters

The Supreme Court Justices Need Fact-Checkers  New York Times


CRISPR Bacon: Chinese Scientists Create Genetically Modified Low-Fat Pigs  NPR

The Fervor Around Blockchains Explained in Two Minutes  Wired


The Big Data policing revolution has arrived as predictive technologies analyze the future risk   Tech Crunch

With commercial satellite imagery, computer learns to quickly find missile sites in China  Space News

The 1st demonstration of the ability of quantum machines to outperform classical computers could be just months way  MIT Technology Review

Silicon Valley analytic experts on the sort of classes undergrads should take to prepare for data science careers  Datanami

Intelligence leaders caution that AI cannot and should not replace the role of the human analyst   Fed Tech Magazine

The hardware needs of AI and the hardware needs of traditional software development are diverging in a big way  Electronic Engineering Journal

Machine learning demo with your webcam and GIFs  Flowing Data


What Does Facebook Consider Hate Speech? Take Our Quiz  New York Times

Social Media Is Scholarship  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Facebook splitting news feed could force companies to re-think social media marketing  Tech Republic

Facebook's video could finally catch up to YouTube  Mashable

Twitter will reveal who's paying for its political ads  LA Times

Why the Fact-Checking at Facebook Needs to Be Checked  New York Times

How Russians Attempted To Use Instagram To Influence Native Americans BuzzFeed

Snapchat Reportedly Has Piles of Unsold Spectacles Laying Around  Daily Dot

The viral story of Taiwan Jones, who learned he failed his midterms on Twitter, doesn’t add up  Washington Post

Facebook Tests News Feed that Replaces Publishers with Friends  Daily Dot


Adobe's New Video Editing Tool Looks Incredible (And A Bit Unsettling)  Digg

How to edit 360 photos in Photoshop  Digital Trends

#SceneStitch: Adobe MAX 2017 (Sneak Peeks)  Adobe  

60 Second Docs: Freelancers are Opening Windows to the World  Video Strategist


California Gov. Brown vetoes bill prohibiting faith-based codes of conduct  Highland News

White Evangelicals Used to Dominate Christian Zionism, but Not Anymore  The Atlantic

Why is a popular interfaith website giving a disgraced misogynistic pastor a platform? (opinion)  Washington Post

A misleading article claims millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology  Get Religion

“Almost Like Praying”: The Religious Work of “Hamilton” Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda  Religion Dispatches

A new organization will score churches’ on their positions on homosexuality  Religious News

Was the Reformation a mistake? A Catholic and a Protestant debate  Religion News Service

500 Years Since 95 Theses, Martin Luther's Legacy Divides Some Of His Descendants  NPR

Religious tourism center in Mission Valley approved by San Diego City Council  Fox-5


Calif. Megachurch Pastor Blurred Church-State Lines by Featuring Candidate During Service  Modesto Bee

Why I am ditching the label ‘evangelical’ in the Trump era  Washington Post


A New Book Gives Us the World as Seen by Black Female Photographers  Vogue

2,000+ Architecture & Art Books You Can Read Free at the Internet Archive  Open Culture

The Anatomy of a Thousand Typefaces  Medium


Hallelujah!: You Can Stream Every Leonard Cohen Album in a 22-Hour Chronological Playlist (1967-2016)  Open Culture


Study finds patterns of harassment and sexist treatment of scholars in far-flung locations that offer few of the protections of campuses  Inside Higher Ed

Before media firestorms, decades of assaults  Axios

Ed Dept. Vigil for victims of sexual assault on campus and in protest changes to federal Title IX   Inside Higher Ed


Why Some Professions Have Higher Divorce Rates  Life Hacker


Why Hospitals Need Better Data Science  Harvard Business Review  Harvard Business Review

Video on how drug companies make you pay for wasted medicine  Tiny Letter

Anger Over Stereotypes in Textbook  Inside Higher Ed


This calculator that shows you how long it takes the Kardashians to earn your annual salary  Missy Empire


Cambridge Site Crashes After Posting Stephen Hawking's Thesis  NPR


“The Philosopher’s Web,” an Interactive Data Visualization Shows the Web of Influences Connecting Ancient & Modern Philosophers  Open Culture


New web services are helping authors make data-driven decisions when choosing which journal to submit to  The London School of Economics & Political Science

It is time to restore Rules for Authorship of scientific publications  Wiley Online Library

The Facebooking of Scholarly Research  Scholarly Kitchen

About that peer-review crisis: There isn’t one, at least in terms of quantity, according to a new study of article submissions  Inside Higher Ed

Researchers may be part of the problem in predatory publishing  CMAJ News

New simulation study says peer review is better at assuring quality than random publication choices, but that some systems of review are better than others  Inside Higher Ed

When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy  New York Times 


MIT Introduces Digital Diplomas  Inside Higher Ed

Improving Federal Accountability for Higher Education  American Progress 

Western accrediting agency picks unconventional new leader  Inside Higher Ed

The evangelical purity culture left women not only unprepared to fend off abusers, but in many cases unable even to identify abuse for what it was (written by Calvin College professor) Patheos

George Fox University lands national accreditation for Master of Social Work program  George Fox

Analysis: Liberty U a rare haven for conservative speakers  Campus Reform


Grad student says she’s under fire on campus and off for using a teaching technique that involves specifically calling on students from underrepresented groups  Inside Higher Ed


Tips on how to visit a college campus  The Philadelphia Tribune

A Christian College Student’s Playlist  Study Breaks


Journalism internships with November deadlines  Student Press Law Center


A student newspaper retracts an article for made-up quotes  The Rotunda Online


Transcripts reveal prof’s tough tenure fight with WSU  Detroit News

Professors’ Productivity Declines With Age, Right? Maybe Not  Chronicle of Higher Ed