articles of interest - week of Oct 30


U.S. Will Curb ‘Sneak-and-Peek’ Searches Microsoft Sued Over  Bloomberg

Amid GMO Strife, Food Industry Vies For Public Trust In CRISPR Technology  NPR

Gene editing takes another step forward  Economist

Is Alexa Safe for Kids?  NPR


Video shows how neural network generates photo-realistic unique faces that have never actually existed  Gizmodo

Most employed data scientists gained their skills through self-learning or a MOOC.. not a traditional CS degree  Tech Republic

A survey of CIOs on Machine learning plans and obstacles  Enterprisers Projects

Supervised learning without training wheels  Economist

Inside the automated brain: what AI sees when they’re watching us  Quartz

“Best-Ever Algorithm” for Huge Streams of Data   Quantam Magazine


Day in the Life of a Snapchat editor  Digiday

How Russian Propaganda Spreads On Social Media  NPR

The Worst Tweeter In Politics Isn’t Trump  Harvard's Nieman Lab

With Huge Fines, German Law Pushes Social Networks To Delete Abusive  NPR

CNN’s three month-old daily Snapchat show The Update avoids the “bells and whistles and flashes”  Harvard's Nieman Lab


Twitter Says It Will Ban Ads From Russian News Agencies After Interference In 2016 Election  NPR

Some Guidelines for Using Twitter  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How to Spot a Twitter Bot  Life Hacker


Does Facebook Use Your Phone's Microphone To Eavesdrop On Your Conversations?  Digg

America doesn't trust Facebook  The Verge

Facebook's Blind Spot: Connecting The World, For Better Or Worse  NPR


The FCC just ended a decades-old rule designed to keep TV and radio under local control  The Washington Post

Myspace Looked Like It Was Back. Actually, It Was A Pawn In An Ad Fraud Scheme  BuzzFeed


The Most Revealing Moment in the New Joan Didion Documentary  New Yorker

Journalism’s New Patrons: California nonprofit targets individual donors  Columbia Journalism Review


LA Weekly is being sold to Semanal Media, a mysterious new company  LA Times

How Jeff Bezos Reacts to 'Negative' Amazon Articles in Washington Post  Fortune

How leading American newspapers got people to pay for news  Economist

News personalization could help publishers attract and retain audiences—in the process making political polarization even worse  Nieman Reports


The media's definition of fake news vs. Donald Trump's  Politifact

The Fact-Checking Army Waging War on Fake News  PBS Media Shift

How Snapchat Has Kept Itself Free of Fake News  Bloomberg

Facebook Stumbles With Early Effort to Stamp Out Fake News  Bloomberg

Italy Takes Aim At Fake News With New Curriculum For High School Students  NPR


The BuzzFeed Style  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Journaling with a Helping Hand  Study Break

An Artificial Intelligence Bot Writes Stories of the Macabre  Atlas Obscura


A history of slang charts the change in taboos  Economist

Sir Thomas Browne’s Vulgar Errors  Jstor

The Survival of British English  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Sad Story of A.A. Milne and the Real-Life Christopher Robin  Jstor

New Documentary Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold Now Streaming on Netflix  Open Culture

The Man Whose Snowy Day Helped Diversify Children’s Books  Jstor

Literature: What is it Good For?  Study Break


A pernicious and underappreciated source of gender bias may be affecting faculty hiring  Sage Journals

Even when women speak less, they are perceived as talking more  Applied Psycholinguistics

Measuring the implicit biases we may not even be aware we have  The Conversation


Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination   NPR

Black Clemson student government vice president alleges racism is behind impeachment trial  Inside Higher Ed


University of California to open free speech center in Washington DC  San Francisco Gate

Sessions’ Justice Dept. Is Wading Into Another Campus Free-Speech Case  Chronicle of Higher Ed

After a Year of Tumult, Evergreen State Revises a Policy on the Use of Campus Space  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Senate hearing explores free speech on college campuses  Inside Higher Ed

Congress unlikely to push federal mandate on campus free speech  Education Dive


U.S. Solicitor General Will Argue Against Gay Couple in Supreme Court Case involving Refusal on religious grounds to Bake a Wedding Cake for a Same-sex Couple National Law Journal

Google Responds to Lawsuit Accusing YouTube of Censoring Conservatives  Hollywood Reporter

Gag order silencing Comic-Con producers declared unconstitutional: Appeals court says silencing online speech over trademark suit is unconstitutional Arstechica

Judge tosses libel lawsuit against AP by Russian oligarch tied to Manafort  Politico


5 facts about Protestants around the world  Pew Research Center

After I Adopted Two Black Babies, I Realized My Church Was Full Of Racists  Splinter

Buzzfeed takes the time to dig into Megachurch and gets this complex story right  Get Religion 

The real reason Muhammad Ali converted to Islam  Washington Post

Indiana court rules sex offenders can go to church with children: What questions does this raise?  Get Religion

George Washington’s church to remove plaque honoring him  Daily Mail

How could The Los Angeles Times dodge faith in a story about Kershaw family, mission work? (opinion)  Get Religion

Satanic church shames district over corporal punishment  New York Post

How the prosperity gospel is sparking a major change in the world's most Catholic country  Washington Post


How Martin Luther Changed the World The New Yorker

The Nazis Exploited Martin Luther’s Legacy. This Berlin Exhibit Highlights How  Religious News Service 

Could the Reformation Have Happened Without Luther? (podcast)  The Pietist Schoolman

500 Years Later, Some Issues That Martin Luther Raised Remain  NPR

Martin Luther’s ‘dream’ church? It wasn’t in Europe  Religion News Service

What to Do about Martin Luther?  Context

How Did Martin Luther Become So Popular?  Sojourners

3 Ways to Remember the Reformation  The Pietist Schoolman


You draw the chart on how life has changed in the last 60 years  BBC

The Washington Post’s augmented reality app to carve a pumpkin  Washington Post

Source’s guide for making charts  Open News


How Advertisers Get Away With Using Fake Versions of Your Favorite Songs  Pitchfork


Student newspaper takes a close look at school's sexual-misconduct procedure: Finds the university's president is the final arbiter in all cases  The Daily Texan


Isolation, loneliness for college students persists in a partisan era on college campuses  Inside Higher Ed

Georgetown students have filed a discrimination complaint against a campus group promoting heterosexual marriage  Washington Post

Clemson Student Vice President who Refused to Stand during the National Anthem is Impeached- will Face Trial  New York Times

Millennials it Turns out are Loyal and just as boring as previous workers  Economist 

Millennials are doing better than the baby-boomers did at their age  Economist

Fascism Reached My College Campus, and Now I Can't Look Away  The Daily Dot

Opioids on College Campuses  New York Times


A Look At Workplace Policies Meant To Prevent Sexual Harassment  NPR

Suicide, investigation and a lawsuit follow booze-fueled UC Davis School retreat  Sacramento Bee


List of featured speakers for sociology conference, most of them men, sparks debate and backlash  Inside Higher Ed 


Troubling Legacy Of Tuskegee Study, Henrietta Lacks Still An Obstacle In Medical Research  NPR

A Paper Claiming Wi-Fi Is Linked To Autism Has Been Accused Of Pseudoscience  BuzzFeed

Scientists And Surgeons Team Up To Create Virtual Human Brain Cells  NPR


A statistical fix for the replication crisis in science  The Conversation

Criticizing a scientist’s work isn’t bullying  Slate


Algorithm can identify suicidal people using brain scans  The Verge

Why it’s time to lay the stereotype of the ‘teen brain’ to rest  The Conversation


The Cookie Crumbles: A Retracted Study Points to a Larger Truth  New York Times

Physicists cozy up to double-blind peer review  Physics Today

What it would be like without peer review  The Times Literary Supplement

The Publishing Trap! A Table game of scholarly communication  The London School of Economics and Political Science

Predatory conferences ‘now outnumber official scholarly events’  Times Higher Ed 


Play has a positive impact on creativity  Becoming (my blog)

We're Not As Good At Remembering Faces As We Think We Are  NPR

Self-awareness as a leader in higher education does not mean being proud of your faults  Chronicle of Higher Ed


A Broadening Battle Over Archives to Share Papers  Inside Higher Ed

Four stubborn money myths about private college education  News OK

Supposed campus guidelines on costumes not always what they seem  Inside Higher Ed

Why we shouldn’t rely on data and algorithms to fix the humanities  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Senate Hearings Explore Free Speech on College Campuses  Inside Higher Ed

Coursera, the online-education company, has ousted dozens of staff members — including senior-level executives — over the last several months  Recode

John Grisham: A Candid Conversation on the Villain in his new Thriller: For-Profit Colleges  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Christina College founded by Tim LaHaye can't explain $20 million in expenses  CBS-8

Evangelical pastor and author Jonathan Martin, removed from concert at Liberty University threatened with arrest should he return to campus: He recently spoke against LU President Jerry Falwell Jr.’s support for President Trump  The News & Advance

Patriotic Education Course at Christian liberal arts college  Inside Higher Ed

Liberty U. President Says Trump Could Be ‘Greatest President Since Abraham Lincoln’  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Gay and in Love at an Evangelical College  New York Times


Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Encourages Conversations About Teaching  Chronicle of Higher Ed

What’s the Ideal Mix of Online and Face-to-Face Classes?  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The University of Arkansas system is considering changing its tenure policy to allow professors to be fired for "disruptive conduct"  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A faculty strike in Ontario highlights the potential of digital picketing  Chronicle of Higher Ed

What to Say After a Student Dies  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Professors Are Complicit in Football Players’ Brain Damage (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Pernicious Silencing of the Adjunct Faculty  Chronicle of Higher Ed

3 Dartmouth Psych Profs accused of serious misconduct are on leave  Washington Post