articles of interest - Nov 20


It's time to add quantum technology to the intellectual toolkit of today’s national security policymakers and analysts: here's a quant tech primer for national security pros  War on the Rocks

A twist on neural networks intended to remedy a weakness of today’s machine learning systems: the possibilities of Capsule networks  Wired

An AI ready to argue with you based on your morals MIT

We urgently need an academic institute focused on algorithmic accountability  New York Times  

The Pentagon scraped 1.8 billion social media posts over 8 years as part of a global surveillance program-then dumped it on a publicly accessible Amazon cloud server-thanks to a defunct government contractor named VendorX reports  Upgrade 

Free O’Reilly ebook on how to build real-time data pipelines with Kafka and Spark  Memsql and O'Reilly

A simple explanation and comparison of the Apache Spark platform for large-scale SQL, batch processing, stream processing, and machine learning  IT World

NSA: shaken to the core by security breaches and spilled secrets: America’s largest and most secretive intelligence agency had been deeply infiltrated says NYT  New York Times


Uptick In Teen Depression Might Be Linked To More Hours  NPR

How Instagram Is Changing the Way We Design Cultural Spaces  Smithsonian Magazine

Last Year, Social Media Was Used to Influence Elections in at Least 18 Countries  MIT Technology Review

What Your Twitter Says About You & Your Mental Health, According To New Research  Elite Daily

Facebook adds trust indicators to news articles in an effort to identify real journalism  The Verge

How One Woman's Digital Life Was Weaponized Against Her  Wired

How Brands are Experimenting with Video on Instagram Stories  Video Strategist


Publishers are wary of Facebook and Google but must work with them - It’s complicated  Economist

Not every article needs a picture: It is dumb to keep forcing images into every story online  The Outline 


Tim Berners-Lee on the future of the web: 'The system is failing'  The Guardian

Spam is Back  The Outline


FCC votes to loosen media ownership rules  CNBC

Entercom Finalizes Merger With CBS Radio, Becoming No. 2 Radio Operator in US  Bliiboard

Bad news from Mashable, BuzzFeed, and Vice shows times are rough for ad-supported digital media  Nieman Journalism Lab


The Washington Post’s new feature Counterpoint will use AI to show you opinion articles with a different perspective than the one you are reading  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Do Facebook and Google have control of their algorithms anymore? A sobering assessment and a warning  Poynter

The Washington Post on Reddit surprises users with its non-promotional, ultra helpful presence  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Journalism Made Possible Because of the Freedom of Information Act-here’s our strange attempt to get you to care about it  Propublica 

‘Plagiarism-Infested Sports Section’ discovered at California newspaper  iMediaEthics

Welcome to your local library, which also happens to be a newsroom  Poynter

Reporters Committee appeals to D.C. Circuit Court for information on FBI impersonation of journalists, arguing FBI's initial search for relevant records was inadequate  Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press


The Washington Post Is A Software Company Now  Fast Company

After Roy Moore threatens to sue, the publisher puts him on notice to preserve all documents for their countersuit  BongBong


Why We Need to Teach More Business Skills in the J-School Classroom  PBS Media Shift


Drudge Linked regularly to Russia propaganda in 2016  Washington Post

Russian troll describes work in the infamous misinformation factory  NBC News

Fixing Misinformation is a Misguided and Insufficient Strategy  Medium

Should Facebook Notify Readers When They’ve Been Fed Disinformation?  Fast Company

Today’s biggest threat to democracy isn’t fake news—it’s selective facts  Quartz

Journalists share tips for discerning which news is 'fake'  The Daily Times 

'Way too little, way too late': Facebook's factcheckers say effort is failing  The Guardian

‘Breakthrough’ for enlarged prostates? Northwestern’s aggressive PR pitch lacks data and context  Health News Review

At Snopes a Peek Down the Right Wing Rabbit Holes  The Daily Beast


I Used to Be a Human Being  Becoming (my blog)

Yes, You Have Implicit Biases, Too (opinion)  The Chronicle of Higher Education


'OK’ Is a 4-Letter Word  The Chronicle of Higher Education

‘The Right to Tell People What They Do Not Want to Hear’  The Chronicle of Higher Education


Mon Dieu! Ma Déesse!  The Chronicle of Higher Education


Q&A: AP’s new race reporter on how her beat is everywhere  Columbia Journalism Review

Evaluating Job Satisfaction of Latino Journalists in Multimedia Newsrooms  University of Texas, El Paso 

Homeland Security official resigns after comments linking blacks to ‘laziness’ and ‘promiscuity’ come to light  Washington Post

This Is Where Hate Crimes Don’t Get Reported (visual graphics)  Propublica


Sheriff threatens to bring disorderly conduct charges against the driver of a truck displaying a profane anti-Trump message   Houston Chronicle

A University’s Free-Speech Committee Pledges Transparency — Then Closes Its Meetings to the Public  The Chronicle of Higher Education

Williams College president: Don’t ignore the real threats in the debate over free speech  Washington Post

On overseas satellite campuses, academic freedom is more often promised than practiced   The Fire


‘The Slants’ trademark registered today, six years after the application was first filed  Washington Post

Trump's Tweets Could Undercut Feds' Silence in Public Records Case: In a FOIA case about the "Russia dossier," Judge is considering what President Trump may or may not know when he tweets  National Law Journal

The newspaper ad that changed everything  CNN


A New Gene-Editing Therapy Would Benefit Kids Most—Here’s Why They Won’t Get It Yet  MIT Technology Review

UC Berkeley professor's eerie lethal drone video goes viral  San Francisco Gate


The Enduring Appeal of Creepy Christianity  National Review

Ex-members say church uses power, lies to keep grip on kids  Associated Press

Newsmax's 100 Most Influential Evangelicals in America  News Max 

A bisexual Christian man is suing Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission after it refused to hire him because of his sexual orientation  Seattle Times

Assaults against Muslims in U.S. surpass 2001 level  Pew Research Center

'We are heavily armed,' Tampa church warns  Fox 13

Amy Julia Becker: I'm a Christian, but please don't call me evangelical  Tulsa World

University chaplain, 46, becomes the Methodist Church's first transgender minister after hiding her true identity for more than 40 years  Daily Mail 

Victims 'told not to report' Jehovah's Witness child abuse  BBC


Washington Post Magazine's in-depth profile of televangelist Paula White and her role as pastor to President Trump  Washington Post

Church leaders hold a rally in Alabama against Roy Moore’s candidacy for US Senate  Daily Mail

Poll: Majority Of Evangelicals Would Support Satan If He Ran As Republican Candidate  BabylonBee

86 Alabama Baptist pastors sign letter against sex abuse

A diverse group of Christian theologians release a Declaration to challenge the corruption of Christians in the US  Religious News Service


$500-million Museum of the Bible opens amid controversy  Tulsa World

How to go to the Museum of the Bible: Tickets, transportation and all the info you need Washington Post

D.C.’s Newest Museum Has a Provenance Problem  The Chronicle of Higher Ed

D.C.’s new Bible museum says it wants to avoid politics. But its opening gala is at the Trump hotel  Washington Post


89-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Discovers Photography, Can’t Stop Taking Hilarious Self-Portraits Now  Japan Inside

Aesthetics & the Sciences of Mind  Philosophy Now 

Can a Social-Justice App Be Art?  The New Yorker


A simple twist of faith: Reconsidering Bob Dylan’s “Christian period”  Salon

8 Famous Guitar Tones That Were Recorded Straight Into  Reverb News

An Interactive Map of Every Record Shop in the World  Open Culture

Charles Manson was not a good songwriter  BongBong


A twitterbot that generates hypothetical Hallmark holiday movies  BongBong


Ohio State isn’t the first college where students are accused of cheating via GroupMe  Inside Higher Ed

Student sues university for ADA violations over service dog in sorority house  CNN

Grad Students Are Freaking Out About the GOP Tax Plan  Wired

7 Tips For Dating Outside of Your Political Preference  Study Breaks


He quit JetBlue by sliding out of a plane. Now he has advice for the rogue Twitter employee  Washington Post

How making other people’s coffee prepared me for a job in PR  MuckRack

News internships (Summer 2018), Associated Press

Summer 2018 Intenrship  Institute on Political Journalism in Washington, DC.


What the Weinstein Effect Can Teach Us About Campus Sexual Assault  New York Times

Notre Dame’s new practice of allowing “alternative resolutions” instead of the traditional Title IX hearings has worried campus advocates for survivors  Inside Higher Ed

Student speaks out following rape investigation at Hudson Valley Community College  News 10

Sexual Harassment and Assault in Higher Ed: What’s Happened Since Weinstein   The Chronicle of Higher Ed

A new website generates too-real “apologies” for men accused of sexual misconduct  Vox


CJR Survey: Reporting Sexual Misconduct in Newsrooms  Columbia Journalism Review

New York Times suspends top White House reporter amid investigation into sexual harassment allegations  AOL News


Why Some Survivors Of Sexual Harassment And Assault Wait To Tell Their Stories  NPR

Pentagon discloses data on sexual assault reports on military bases  Reuters

Supreme Court Ruling Could Limit Workplace Harassment Claims, Advocates Say  NPR

The myth of the male bumbler  The Week 

When It Comes To Sexual Harassment Claims, Whose Side Is Human Resources On?  NPR

Reckoning With Sexual Harassment  NPR

They were sexually harassed at work. They reported it. Here’s what happened  Washington Post

Social Media Posts May Complicate Prosecution Of Sexual Assault  NPR


They’re probably taking your blood Pressure Wrong  NPR 

‘Breakthrough’ for enlarged prostates? Northwestern’s aggressive PR pitch lacks data and context  Health News Review

Skipped breast cancer treatments common  HarvardKennedy School Shorenstein Center


Flat Earthers Now Have Their Own International Conference Because Science And Logic No Longer Matter  Digg

Why Stupid Things are Smarter Together  Digg 


The Serial-Killer Detector  The New Yorker


To think critically, you have to be both analytical and motivated  Arstechnica

Get Students to Reflect on the Logical Fallacies in Arguments  Teacher Boot Camp


Tech has a big talent gap, and companies are hiring philosophy majors, says the CEO of CA Technologies  CNBC

Why philosophy is so important in science education  Quartz


An AI That Argues With You Based On Your Morals  MIT

A Note About Racked’s Ethics Policy  Racked

More than 50 tech ethics courses, with links to syllabi  BongBong


Survey finds high levels of research misconduct in Middle East  Times Higher Ed

Need a paper? Get a plug-in: A collection of web-browser plug-ins is making the scholarly literature more discoverable  Nature

Reviewer bias in single- versus double-blind peer review  PNAS

The Replication Crisis in Economics  Wired

Impact of Social Sciences – Metrics, recognition, and rewards: it’s time to incentivise the behaviours that are good for research and researchers  The London School of Economist and Political Science

You’re a Researcher Without a Library: What Do You Do?  Medium

Scientist puts his dog on the editorial boards of seven predatory journals as proof of their negligence  BongBong


Higher ed's nuanced strategy gives it options for navigating tax reform debate  Inside Higher Ed 

We urgently need an academic institute focused on algorithmic accountability  New York Times

Are Academics ‘Asleep at the Wheel’? Op-Ed on Tech’s Influence Draws Scholars’ Fire  The Chronicle of Higher Education

For-profit colleges in America relaunch themselves as non-profits  Economist

Wheaton’s endowment reaches $450 million, avoids potential new tax  Wheaton

Still no word from San Diego Christian; inewsource responds anyway inewsource

Moody Bible to Close Spokane Campus, Cut Chicago Faculty Christianity Today


How the Humanities helps our veterans  The San Diego Union-Tribune

Using Digital Humanities in the Classroom  The Chronicle of Higher Education

How studying humanities can help you get a job  The Week


Do Professors Need Automated Help Grading Online Comments?  Inside Higher Ed

Yagoda on Last-Naming Professors  The Chronicle of Higher Education


Faculty Members at One More University Push Back at Online Programs  The Chronicle of Higher Education

Another Bad Year for History Jobs  Inside Higher Ed

Students do not trust teaching by foreign lecturers who speak English with unfamiliar accents  Inside Higher Ed

The Dangers of Tweeting at Conferences  The Chronicle of Higher Education

Professors are losing academic freedom  Washington Post

This Transgender Professor Just Won A $1 Million Jury Verdict In A Major Case Against a University  BuzzFeed