articles of interest - March 13


Why We Can’t Look Away From Our Screens  New York Times

Fake news scammers use his picture of Facebook so he took Facebook to court  Back Channel

Google is Slackifying Hangouts  Mashable

Culling Your Social Media Past  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Facebook, Instagram ban tools police use to spy on you  Daily Dot

Skepticism over Snapchat Stock (sub. req.’ed) The Week



Personalized Scam Emails on the Rise: Smaller institutions report an increase in sophisticated attempts to gain access to financial and personal information Inside Higher Ed

Quantum technology is beginning to come into its own  Economist

Hackers and governments can see you through your phone’s camera — here’s how to protect yourself  Business Insider

Conformity, nostalgia and 5G at the Mobile World Congress  Economist

The strangeness of the quantum realm opens up exciting new technological possibilities  Economist



Why Europeans are less eager consumers of online ranting than Americans: Perhaps because they trust the mainstream media more  Economist

What News-Writing Bots Mean for the Future of Journalism  Wired

Time for Journalists to Encrypt Everything  Wired

Russia’s RT Network: Is It More BBC or K.G.B.?  NY Times

A journalism student's response to Trump's attack on media  USA Today



Facebook combats fake news with new warning label  Chicago Tribune

Facebook Enlists Fact-Checkers To Probe Disputed Stories  NPR

Why Facebook and Twitter have a civic duty to protect us from fake news  Wired

Chinese media confuse Trump satire with news  CNN

Technology sites begin paying attention to role being play by Google and Facebook in ‘fake news’ controversy  Talking New Media

In A Crucial Election Year, Worries Grow In Germany About Fake News  NPR

5 fake stories that just won't go away  CNN

Lessons From the Fake News Pandemic of 1942  Politico



Alphabet's Eric Schmidt: 'Big data is so powerful, nation states will fight' over it: “I'll bet my career”  Business Insider

The shift toward Dataism: Does shifting authority from you to the algorithm mean you are losing your ability to find your own way?  Wired

Employing a Naive Bayes classifier to create a model to classify an article as fake or real  Open Data Science

Google buys Kaggle: home to the world's largest community of Data Scientist and Machine Learning enthusiasts  Gizbot

Amazon machine learning to predict marketing campaign response  Gigaom

NY Times profiles Trump campaign Big Data co; experts say claims are “exaggerated”  New York Times

Creating service level agreements for big data from IT  Technology Republic



When children ask why  Becoming (my site)



Why words die: How to keep lexical treasures from keeling over  Economist

Google’s Gboard will now translate text into another language as you type  The Verge



Jane Austen poisoned by arsenic? Not so fast, experts say  CNN

Alt-Right Jane Austen: The alt-right wants to co-opt her as a symbol of meek, old-fashioned white womanhood. They don't have a clue  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Free Download: The Book Lover’s Guide to Coffee  Open Culture



Colleges are ground zero for mob attacks on free speech, lawyer says  Washington Post



The Gender Gap in Publications  Inside Higher Ed

Cleveland bookstore flips around 1000s of titles written by men   ABC News

Science remains male-dominated But a new report says females are catching up  Economist



Study: Blacks more likely to be wrongfully convicted  CNN

In Georgia, reaction to KKK banner is a sign of the times  Washington Post



The alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl at a church camp has prompted the filing of a civil lawsuit against the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma  News OK

20/20 on Gay Conversion Therapy ABC News

White Evangelicals Believe They Face More Discrimination Than Muslims  The Atlantic

Could Southern Baptist Russell Moore lose his job? Churches threaten to pull funds after months of Trump controversy  Washington Post



Knowing Your Type: Lessons from a typography expert   Explore



The Neural Systems of People Who Don't Enjoy Music  The Atlantic

Italian Band Soviet Soviet Denied Entry To The U.S., Jailed And Then Deported  NPR

All of the Music from Martin Scorsese’s Movies: Listen to a 326-Track, 20-Hour Playlist   Open Culture



Mesmerizing Map Renames LA Streets After Your Favorite Films  Wired



Using Text Analysis to Discover Work in JSTOR  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Research funds are wasted on reformatting manuscripts  Nature

Can a film count as research, and if so, can a journal publish it?  Times Higher Education

Remedy for Reproducibility: Opening a Dialog to Explore the Complexities  Society for Laboratory Automation



Inside the Anti-Science forces of the Internet  BuzzFeed

A big step towards an artificial yeast genome: Success would usher in true genetic engineering  Economist



Alexa Now Offers Medical Advice, Because Your Hypochondria Wasn't Bad Enough  Gizmodo

Employers could impose hefty penalties on employees who decline to participate in genetic testing as part of workplace wellness programs if a bill approved by a House committee this week becomes law  Washington Post

‘Stunning’ gap: Canadians with cystic fibrosis outlive Americans by a decade  Stat News

The rise of the medical selfie  Economist



Your Personality Completely Transforms As You Age  Huffington Post

Review of book about the man who invented the Rorschach test  The Week

GOP plans to strip addiction mental health coverage for millions  Forbes

The Secret History of Emotions  Chronicle of Higher Ed

As opioid overdoses rise, police officers become counselors, doctors and social workers   Washington Post

The Psychology of the Sample Sale  Racked



Neuroscience Study Finds Ads on Pandora Outperform TV and Radio Spots  Ad Week



The Hidden Systems at Work Behind Gentrification  Motherboard



A Case For Majoring In Philosophy  Forbes

Are We Living Inside a Computer Simulation?: An Introduction to the Mind-Boggling “Simulation Argument”   Open Culture



177 Private Colleges Fail Education Dept.’s Financial-Responsibility Test  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Most Cringeworthy Monuments to Colleges’ Innovation Jargon  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Republican State Lawmakers Seek to Ban ‘Sanctuary’ Campuses (sub. req.'ed)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Four in 10 colleges are seeing drops in applications from international students  Inside Higher Ed

Intellectual intolerance poses an existential danger to the university (sub. req.'ed)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How Colleges Can Open Powerful Educational Experiences to Everyone (sub. req.'ed)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Scandal’s Constant Drip Means a Relentless Spotlight at Baptist School  Chronicle of Higher Ed



Holy Cross Student Newspaper Considers Name Change After KKK Confusion  WBZ-TV

Kentucky's attorney general said he'd intervene in two lawsuits, against student newspapers over open-records cases involving sexual assaults  Lexington Herald Leader

Student journalists deserve more protection (opinion)



College professor says: Let your kids choose their own major  Washington Post

Carleton University comes under heavy criticism after gym scale removed  CBC



Campus Rape Victims Are Waiting Years For Title IX Complaints To Be Resolved  BuzzFeed

Judge: Federal Lawsuit Against Baylor University Can Proceed  Associated Press



Northwestern U. Is Accused of Violating Academic Freedom  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Digital sociologist and social-media consultant picks Five books everyone should read to understand technology and social media  Chronicle of Higher Ed