articles of interest - March 6


Big data, financial services and privacy: Should our bankers and insurers be our Facebook friends?  Economist

How YouTube Is Changing Our Viewing Habits  NPR

Driven to distraction: Smartphones are strongly addictive  The Economist

The New York Times redesigned A2 and A3 print pages include a Spotlight section, where tweets will often be featured  Ad Week

Emojis Begin Cropping Up Outside Of Your Smartphone  NPR


Why the Internet Didn’t Kill Zines  New York Times

Traditional TV’s surprising staying power  The Economist


The Golden Age of Email Hacks Is Only Getting Started  Wired

'Stupid Hackathon' Delivers Intentionally Useless Tools  (an app which misdiagnoses you with exotic diseases and a Facebook messaging app that makes your friend wait for a message that will never come)  The Verge


NY Times Profiles Trump Campaign Big Data Company  New York Times

Gaps in the Hadoop Security Stack, Ransomware and Corporate Bureaucracy Continue to Threaten Data Sanctity  Datanami

Will Big Data Fuel a New Religion When the Algorithm Understands you better than you do?  Wired

Machine Learning Impact: New Tools for Bankers Make Save 360K Lawyer Hours Bloomberg

Why Literature is the Ultimate Big-Data Challenge  Economist


Fear that we are missing out on something  Becoming (my site)


Online tools allowing students to paraphrase academic work are facilitating plagiarism  Inside Higher Ed

Journaling Showdown: Writing Vs. Typing  LifeHacker

It took Donald Trump three tries to spell 'hereby' correctly on Twitter  The Week


The Language Wars  Jstor


The New Yorker's new bot will tweet 92 years worth of poetry at you  Poynter


Supreme Court: Racism can upend jury verdicts  USA Today

Women's studies has changed over the years -- and it's more popular than ever  USA Today


Want to Profit Off Your Meme? Good Luck if You Aren’t White  Wired

Two Mizzou students arrested for anti-Semitic messages  St. Louis Today

Literature report shows British readers stuck in very white past  The Guardian

Racial Gap Among Senior Administrators Widens  Inside Higher Ed

Blacks more likely to follow up on digital news than whites  Pew Research Center

White Supremacists Ramp Up Efforts To Recruit College Kids  Vocativ

How The Internet Fueled The Rise In Hate Crimes In California  Fast Company


Supreme Court Considers Whether N.C. Law Violates First Amendment  NPR

A conservative author tried to speak at a liberal arts college. He left fleeing an angry mob  Washington Post

A Scuffle and a Professor's Injury Make Middlebury a Free-Speech Flashpoint  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Internet firms’ legal immunity is under threat  The Economist

High court sidesteps ruling on transgender rights  Politico


Alabama Megachurch asks for its own police department

Peter Popoff, the Born-Again Scoundrel  GQ

Religious Freedom Debate: Liberty To Some, Anti-Gay Discrimination To Others NPR

'The Shack' review: Grieving man embarks on spiritual quest  Chicago Tribune

Deadly storms damage churches, Baptist college  Baptist Press

Technology transforms ancient art of Bible translation  Orlando Sentinel

Muslims and Islam: Key findings in the U.S. and around the world  Pew Research Center

The key to understanding evangelicals’ upside-down support for the travel ban  Religion News Service

Does 'Logan' Have More of a Christian Message Than 'The Shack'?  Relevant

Ranking evangelical universities according to their Klout score  Washington Times  


Music's Weird Cassette Tape Revival Is Paying Off  Fast Company

The Weirdest Thing About How Music Triggers Memories  New York Mag


How a pop-up magazine experiment is turning journalism into performance art  PBS

California Supreme Court says officials' emails are public records

Science covered in the news is more likely to be overturned  Stat News

America’s State Secrets and the Freedom of Information Act  Jstor

The Associated Press' plan to put hyperlocal data in the hands of reporters  Tech Crunch

How youth navigate the news landscape  Knight Foundation

10 innovative data visualizations of Trump’s first month in the White House  StoryBench


Journalism Fights for Survival in the Post-Truth Era  Wired

How The New York Times Is Clawing Its Way Into the Future  Wired


These brain scans show how dying is very personal  Fast Company


Ben Carson Just Got a Whole Lot Wrong About the Brain  Wired


Embryo Experiments On Human Development Raise Ethical Concerns  NPR


How to Fine-Tune Your Bullshit Detector  Fast Company


Iowa lawmaker pushing to cap Democratic Profs at State Schools claimed a biz degree from Sizzler steak house  NBC News 


DOJ investigation finds many UC Berkeley educational videos are not ADA compliant: School to Remove Videos  Daily Cal


Judge Boots UCSD’s Satirical Newspaper Out of Court  CourtHouse News

Brown University Ready to Sell one of the last non-conglomerate owned commercial FM radio stations in Southern New England  WJAR-TV

Iowa’s college-based newspapers adapt to digital readers  Des Moines Register


10 Reasons Why C Students Are More Successful After Graduation  The Huffington Post


Northwestern U. Is Accused of Violating Academic Freedom  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Copyright compliance and infringement in ResearchGate full-text journal articles  SpringerLink

Peer-review activists push psychology journals towards open data  Nature News & Comment