Articles of Interest - April 17


Facebook plans a free version of its Slack competitor  CNBC

Why You Should Always Let Somebody Else Pick Your Profile Picture  Co. Design

Facebook is stepping up efforts to automatically identify fake accounts and Likes  The Verge

Supermute Twitter  Chronicle of Higher Ed is an open-source Twitter competitor that’s growing like crazy The Verge

Instagram is going after Pinterest after successfully copying Snapchat  Daily Dot

Facebook faces increased publisher resistance to Instant Articles  Digiday

Who Has the Best (and Worst) LinkedIn Profile Photos?  Priceonomics


Video is engaging, but video with sound is captivating  Medium

WordPress: The smart person's guide  Tech Republic


Selling Your Internet Browsing History  NPR


How Google Book Search Got Lost  Backchannel

The relentless push to add connectivity to home gadgets is creating dangerous side effects that figure to get even worse  MIT Tech Review


Bots aren’t just service tools—they’re a whole new form of media  Quartz

SEC targets fake stock news on financial websites  Reuters

Boston Globe’s plan for digital reinvention: Be ready for constant change  Poynter

Do today’s newspapers have the ad expertise to compete, build new ad revenue?  Talking New Media


A day in the life of a journalist in 2027: Reporting meets AI  Columbia Journalism Review

Introducing the Facebook for Journalists Certificate  Facebook

Journalism faces a crisis worldwide – we might be entering a new dark age  The Guardian

‘Blasphemy’: Journalism student killed in Pakistan for Facebook posts  Al Arabiya

Reporter firing shows real threat to public-media independence  Columbia Journalism Review

Are Facebook And Google Finally Making Journalism All Better? Yeah, Right.  Tube Filter


Evaluating sources in a post truth world ideas for teaching and learning about fake news  New York Times

Colleges turn ‘fake news’ epidemic into a teachable moment  Washington Post

Watch this university lecture on calling bullshit  Recode


NGA’s West Coast base looks to set down roots in Valley w/tech industry as it reaches new heights w/satellite data  Federal News Radio

A Wall Street test Big Data’s value: Hadoop packager Cloudera preps to go public   Tech Crunch

Neural networks were 1st proposed in 1944: Deep learning’s curious past.. and future  MIT

Nearly 2/3’s of all big data projects fail according to research from Gartner. Here are 5 ways to improve the odds  Tech Republic

Briefly: The fundamental difference and overlap between Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Deep Learning, and Statistics  Data Science Central

A summary of traditional machine learning methods summarized in one picture  Data Science Central

Creating fake data sets out of real ones so that data analysis doesn’t compromise sensitive personal information  Tech Republic


The illusion of understanding can be demonstrated with a simple experiment  Becoming (my site)


The range of works in play when we tell someone to look up a word to see what it means  Chronicle of Higher Ed


French is getting tied up in knots over gender and power: Many feel that titles such as le ministre and le président should be feminised   Economist


The fallen woman: prostitution in literature  The Guardian


New study suggests female professors outperform men in terms of service -- to their possible professional detriment  Inside Higher Ed

Google is accused of underpaying women: The allegation inflames a debate about sexism in Silicon Valley  The Economist

Female economists ‘write better but spend longer in peer review’  Times Higher Ed

How Geena Davis became a champion for women on screen  The Guardian


Rolling Stone settles with former U-Va. dean in defamation case  Washington Post

Melania Trump settles libel lawsuits against London tabloid  LA Times

Mercer County judge finds in favor of The Trentonian and freedom of the press  The Tentonian

Courts Are Using AI to Sentence Criminals  Wired

Could Moderating Your Website Invalidate Your “Safe Harbor”?  NSU

Court ruling strengthens journalists' claim of access to emails and other school, college records  Student Press Law Center


‘The Souls Of China' Documents Country's Dramatic Return To Religion  NPR

Religious 'nones' projected to decline as share of world population  Pew Research Center

Alabama Set To Allow Church To Create Its Own Police Force  NPR

How fights over Trump have led evangelicals to leave their churches  Washington Post

Supreme Court Scheduled to Hear Important Freedom of Religion Dispute  NBC News

Religious restrictions vary in world’s most populous countries  Pew Research Center

There may be a lot more atheists than you think  Vox

Supreme Court , including Gorsuch, to hear church-state case  Washington Post

'The Evangelicals, by Frances FitzGerald (book review)  SF Gate

Delaware Republican Lawmaker Walks out on Muslim Prayer  NBC 10 Philadelphia

God complex: how religion became the bedrock of modern rap  The Guardian

5 facts on how Americans view the Bible and other religious texts  Pew Research


College Apologizes for Trashing Music Majors  Inside Higher Ed

American Airlines thought a cello was a safety risk  The Week magazine


16-Week Crash Course on the History of Movies: From the First Moving Pictures to the Rise of Multiplexes & Netflix  Open Culture


With new editor Joe Brown, Popular Science is using a “Trojan horse” strategy to take on science skeptics  Harvard’s Neiman Lab


Statistical Thinking: Statistical Errors in the Medical Literature  Statistical Thinking

On People Who Take A Small Dose Of Hallucinogens With Their Morning Coffee  BBC

How Behavioral Economics Can Produce Better Health Care  New York Times

Apple has a secret team working on the holy grail for treating diabetes  CNBC


Gut microbes and the brain: Penicillin changes the behaviour of young mice  The Economist

Brain scans may reveal mental secret of "Super Agers"  CBS News

Neuroscience can now curate music based on your brainwaves, not your music taste  Quartz


How (And When) To Think Like A Philosopher  NPR

Thinking like a philosopher need not be a strange and arcane art, if you get started with these tricks of the trade  Aeon

Pascal's Wager Explained (video)  Susanna Rinard of Harvard University


New to Office 365 in March—co-authoring in Excel and more  Office Blogs


What Constitutes Peer Review of Data? A Survey of Peer Review Guidelines  The Scholarly Kitchen

The recent crisis of confidence in psychology and other sciences is somewhat caused by the drive for eminence which is inherently at odds with scientific values  PsyArXiv  

Discover “Unpaywall,” a New (and Legal) Browser Extension That Lets You Read Millions of Science Articles Normally Locked Up Behind Paywalls  Open Culture


New York's private colleges and universities don't know what to expect under the state's free tuition program for students attending public colleges  Inside Higher Ed

What to Know About New York’s Plan to Offer Free College  TIME

Students at Private School Petition to get more Access to Board of Trustees Inside Higher Ed

Taking Stock of FERPA  Inside Higher Ed


English department tackles history, literature and race through the lens of “Hamilton”  The Puget Sound Trail

The Distracted Classroom: Is It Getting Worse?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Professor says university wouldn’t let her print image of Donald Trump -- from recording where he talked about assaulting women -- for an academic conference on Title IX  Inside Higher Ed

Professor she gave a failing grade to a troublesome student; he told the media he was unfairly singled out for his Christianity: Next Came a Social-Media Storm  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Faculty Members Criticize Prosecution of Student Whistle-Blower who shared an internal working document with the campus newspaper  The Cornell Daily Sun


Let them sleep in: University students learn better in classes starting after 11am, neuroscience research shows  Quartz

No foul language allowed at Temple University construction site  Fox29

What happened to all those unemployable women’s studies majors?  Washington Post

Why BuzzFeed says it’s okay to use the word ‘millennial’  Columbia Journalism Review

How college students are fighting human and sex trafficking | News for College Students  USA Today

Millennial Hoarders  The New Yorkers


University of Washington campus police want a felony charge against a woman who they say shot a protester outside a campus building where Milo Yiannopoulos was speaking  Seattle Times

Virginia Tech Teachers Remember Students' Response To Shooting Tragedy  NPR


Faculty salaries are up slightly year over year, but institutional budgets continue to be balanced “on the backs” of adjuncts and out-of-state students  Inside Higher Ed

Fresno State and the Secret Service are investigating an untenured lecturer who tweeted that President Trump "must hang." But the professor says he never meant to incite actual violence  Inside Higher Ed

MSU professor sues Wal-Mart over fishing license that says he cleans toilets Bozeman Daily Chronicle

University of Central Florida reprimands a long-serving professor of art for allegedly demeaning a student  Inside Higher Ed