articles of interest - wk of April 24

How Social Media Is Changing the Conversation Surrounding Addiction (opinion)  Ad Week

The Platform Effect: In France, Snapchat takes the lead in producing political content  Digiday

How WeChat Spreads Rumors, Reaffirms Bias, and Helped Elect Trump  BakcChannel

Facebook’s plans to augment reality are as dystopian as they are smart  The Verge

Pinterest is killing off its ‘Like’ button and wants you to know it’s different from Facebook and Instagram  Recode

Not everyone in advanced countries uses social media  Pew Research Center

LinkedIn Officially Unveils Matched Audiences Platform  Media Post

How to See If Your Instagram Posts Have Been Shadowbanned  Life Hacker


This Handy Tool Makes It Easy To Visualize Whatever System You Can Imagine  Digg

Here’s How Much Money You Can Make With Memes  High Snobiety

An Interview With @youvegotnomale Who Literally Makes Memes for a Living  Vice


Sneaky Exploit Allows Phishing Attacks From Sites That Look Secure  Wired

China’s internet giants go global  Economist


The narrative journalists challenge: Seeing stories from a human perspective'

Great local reporting stands between you and wrongdoing. And it needs saving  Washington Post

How Deeply Do Americans Distrust Mainstream Media Really?  Vanity Fair


How A False Story About A Husband And Wife Being Twins Ended Up On Major News Websites  BuzzFeed

France has a fake news problem, but it’s not as bad as the US  The Verge


This is perhaps the biggest differences between highly successful students and mediocre ones  Becoming (my site) 

4 Things that set Successful CEOs apart  Harvard Business Review

How Elon Musk Learns Faster And Better Than Everyone Else  Medium

For most of history, people didn’t assume they deserved to be happy. What changed? (opinion)  Quartz


For the Love of God, Stop Putting Two Spaces After a Period  Mel

Adverbs and United Airlines  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Seven Linguist-Backed Tips for Making Powerful Protest Signs  Life Hacker

A Linguistics Lover's Tour of the World  Atlas Obscura

Trump’s Elements of Style  McSweeney’s


Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria  The Atlantic


Impact of Social Sciences – Female scientists are considerably more likely to be mistakenly cited as if they were males and vice versa  The London School of Economics and Political Science

'The Handmaid's Tale' Is Among A Resurgence Of Dystopian Literature  NPR

Crime and gender: A partial explanation for why men commit more crime  Journalists Resources


California College canceled classes for two days after sit-in and protests over issues of race, workload and a leaked report in which faculty appeared to be insulting students  Inside Higher Ed

WKU student leaders urge free tuition for black students as slavery reparations  Lexington Herald Leader

Asian Americans used to be portrayed as the villains. How did they become a ‘model minority’?  The Washington Post

Census may change questions on race, Hispanic origin for 2020  Pew Research Center   


It's difficult for public institutions to meet legal tests and keep speakers from campus  Inside Higher Ed

Berkeley Campus On Lockdown After Loose Pages From ‘Wall Street Journal’ Found On Park Bench  The Onion


Supreme Court Asked to Save Abbott and Costello "Who's on First?" Copyright   Hollywood Reporter

This Is Spinal Tap’s $400 Million Lawsuit  Bloomberg

A Worrisome Harbinger of Changes in Copyright Law  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Conservatives Groups Sue Berkeley Over Ann Coulter Cancellation  New York Times

The on again, off again relationship between FOIA and White House visitor logs Muck Rock


Smartphones are common in advanced economies, but digital divides remain  Pew Research Center

Cloning voices:Imitating people’s speech patterns precisely could bring trouble Economist


Big Data analysis shows aspects of Western media coverage infected with Russian propaganda  Technology Review


Christian Teen Magazine 'Brio' Returns With A 'Biblical Worldview'  NPR

Russia Labels Jehovah's Witnesses An Extremist Group  NPR

Sub-Saharan Africa will be home to growing shares of the world’s Christians, Muslims  Pew Research

Former Baptist state exec sues North American Mission Board for libel, interference in business relationships  Baptist News

A WikiLeaks prosecution would endanger the future of US journalism  The Guardian

Dispute heats up over who should keep "Lunar Bibles" from Apollo 14 mission  Associated Press

Catholic college in Kansas wipes ‘yoga’ from names of classes   the Kansas City Star


New, Interactive Web Site Puts Online Thousands of International Folk Songs Recorded by the Great Folklorist Alan Lomax  Open Culture


Filmmaker Shows Us How Fake Nature Documentaries Really Are  Digg


Yahoo’s Demise Is a Death Knell for Digital News Orgs  The Atlantic

The Guardian pulls out of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News  Digiday


Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus (book review)  New York Times


An Interactive Visualization of Hegel’s Science of Logic (Available on Github)  Open Culture


Why are we dragging our feet when more automation in health care will save lives? (opinion)  The Conversation


Why Conspiracy Theories Are So Appealing  Life Hacker

Why Some People Are Born Anxious  Life Hacker


The philosopher's guide to understanding the 'self'  The Week

Philosopher Andrew Taggart is helping Silicon Valley executives define success  Quartz


Why Multitasking Is Bad for You  TIME

Can Placebos Work If You Know They're Placebos?  NPR


The new Oprah movie about Henrietta Lacks reopens a big scientific debate  Vox


Retractions of neurosurgical papers are on the rise, says a new paper that finds that duplicated publications and plagiarism were the top reasons for retraction  World Neurosurgery  

The 20% Statistician: Five reasons blog posts are of higher scientific quality than journal articles  Daniel Lakens

Conflict Over Sociologist's Narrative Puts Spotlight on Ethnography  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Why My Humanities Degree Is Anything But Useless (opinion)  Unwritten

Hey, Computer Scientists! Stop Hating on the Humanities (you need ethics training)  Wired


Creative Ways to Help Students Recover From Failure (opinion; sub. req'ed) Chronicle of Higher Ed

Getting Our Students Wrong  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Millennials don’t switch jobs any more than Gen Xers did  Pew Research Center

As colleges embrace e-sports, there are thorny questions about who, if anyone, profits  LA Times


Aftermath of a Professor's Suicide: A death this week leads to renewed discussions about academics and mental health  Inside Higher Ed

Are Full-Timers and Administrations Maintaining a Caste System that Excludes Adjuncts  Academe Blog

Nontenured Faculty Should not be assessed by Student Evaluations in this Politically Charged Atmosphere (opinion)  Inside Higher Ed