Articles of Interest - April 3


Raising The Snapchat And Instagram Generation  Fast Company

Snapchat is becoming a search engine more like Facebook  Quartz

Twitter tweaks replies, giving users more characters  PR Daily

Inside Snapchat’s Identity Crisis  Vanity Fair

Twitter is ditching the egg avatar  USA Today


Elon Musk’s Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse  Vanity Fair 

Deep neural networks can now transfer the style of one photo onto another  The Verge

Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips  Associated Press


How to avoid common mistakes when thinking about statistics, probability and risk  The Conversation

What the Dark Web is.. and what it isn’t  Smart Data Collective

An overview of leading Python Deep Learning frameworks including: Theano, Lasagne, Blocks, TensorFlow, Keras, MXNet, PyTorch   Indico

NPR: “Left unchecked” machine learning “could create all sorts of unintended bias”  NPR

Employers are struggling to hire workers who understand Data Science according to new report  Inside Higher Ed

Hackathon this weekend to “use #DataScience skills to make a positive impact in the world”  GeekWire

A day in the life of a AI company data scientist: “A lot of my time is spent thinking about stuff”  econsultancy


How To Use White Space In Web Design  Medium

Google’s New Font Honors Ancient Type Traditions  Wired


A reporter in a rural district of India uses WhatsApp to broadcast local news — and makes money doing it  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


I taught my 5th-graders how to spot fake news. Now they won’t stop fact-checking me  Vox

Fox News and Al Jazeera were the top Facebook publishers in February  Fast Company

How Facebook and other platform companies promote bad journalism — and what to do about it  Poynter

Mexican newspaper shuts down because of violence against journalists  The Week


The Independent launches 5-person team dedicated to debunking fake news  Digiday

How Russian Twitter Bots Pumped Out Fake News During The 2016 Election  NPR

This Is Not Fake News (but Don’t Go by the Headline)  New York Times

Can trust in the news be repaired? Facebook, Craig Newmark, Mozilla and others are spending $14 million to try  Poynter


What Growth Requires  Becoming (my site)


Don’t work overtime: The final word on the Oxford comma  Columbia Journalism Review


Merriam Webster editor on her new book — and why dictionaries matter  Entertainment Weekly

AAUP report says adjunct professor was likely fired insisting rigor courses  Inside Higher Ed

Trump’s Speeches Are Helping People Learn English. Really  Wired


Aiming big Data at Literature  NPR

The Empathy Effect: Two researchers' say the impact of reading literary fiction is missing from American political life  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Flannery O’Connor’s Moments of Grace  Daily Jstor


Equal Pay for Men and Women? Iceland Wants Employers to Prove It   New York Times

He Keeps Calling Us ‘Females’  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Vice President Pence’s “never dine alone with a woman” rule isn’t honorable. It’s probably illegal  Vox

Newsrooms should follow two simple rules for reporting on women’s bodies  Columbia Journalism Review

The narrowing, but persistent, gender gap in pay  Pew Research Center


Wall Street Journal staffers signed a letter criticizing the control white men have over the newsroom  Business Insider

Faculty ‘Diversity Statements’ Are Being Called Threats to Academic Freedom  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Judge to Trump: No protection for speech inciting violence  The Washington Post

A student says school officials stopped him from handing out copies of the Constitution. Now he’s suing  Washington Post


Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Disability Standards In Death Row Cases  NPR

Appeals court sides with U of New Mexico in case of student who said she was booted from a class for critiquing lesbianism (judges say professors have right to make decisions about what kind of speech is appropriate for academic setting)  Inside Higher Ed


Which Hipster Megachurch Is Right for You?  New York Magazine

Beyond The Mike Pence Misogyny Debate, The 3 'Billy Graham Rules' You Haven't Read  NPR

Still no sign of leader for White House faith partnership office  Religion News Service


Half of Americans are responsible for only 3 percent of health care costs:  The top 1 percent in health care drive more spending than the bottom 75 percent Washington Post


Survey of campus counseling centers finds increased demand for services, as well as additional positions and more diversity in hiring  Inside Higher Ed

A brief overview of neuroscience from a statistician working in the field LinkedIn

WHO: Depression Is Now Leading Cause of Ill Health Worldwide  Science of Us

Why Millennials Are Struggling With Mental Health At Work  Forbes

The Backfire Effect  Daily Jstor


Søren Kierkegaard: A Free Online Course  Open Culture


It's not just you: science papers are getting harder to read  Nature News  

Academics shouldn't focus only on prestigious journals (essay)  Inside Higher Ed

As a Reviewer, Each Review is Yours, and Sometimes It Should Be Everyone’s  Science Editor

The Economist explains: The problem with scientific publishing  The Economist


Here’s a Map of ‘Free College’ Programs Nationwide  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Rollins College Controversy Described as 'Fake News  Snopes

At U-Va., a ‘watch list’ flags VIP applicants for special handling  Washington Post

How to Reduce the Cost of College Textbooks  The Scholarly Kitchen

Christian professors circulate letter pledging support marginalized and vulnerable  Inside Higher Ed

How taxpayers pay for religious education  Indianapolis Star


A learning strategy has shown clear results (excerpt from “Learn Better”)  Wired


680 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Getting Started in April  Open Culture


Eyewitness to a Title IX Witch Trial  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Frustrated Texas senators call for transparency from Baylor after rape scandal  Texas Tribune

Victim in Vanderbilt Rape Case Is Shocked That a Suspect Is Speaking on Campuses  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Study: Young people still don't completely understand what constitutes sexual assault  USA Today


Report says adjunct professor was likely fired insisting rigor courses  Inside Higher Ed

University Seeks to Revoke Tenure of 5 Professors  Detroit News

Developing policies to Support academic freedom in the digital era  Chronicle of Higher Ed

She called Trump’s election an ‘act of terrorism.’ Now she’s faculty member of the year  Washington Post  


Christian Student in Florida Is Suspended After Dispute With Muslim Professor  Orlando Sentinel

College kids are taking the 'dating' out of 'dating apps'  Mashable

White millennials are the most apathetic about the American Dream, a new study shows  Quartz

Chick-fil-A is cooler than Vice among teens, according to a new Google report titled ‘It’s Lit’  Recode

U.S. District Court affirms First Amendment right to complain in rejecting motion to dismiss former student's complaint  Student Press Law Center