articles of interest - May 15


The secret deal the Associated Press made with the Nazis during WWII  Washington Post

Mobile Journalism Isn’t Just Producing Content. It’s Knowing How Mobile Content Affects Engagement  PBS Media Shift

How Woodrow Wilson’s Propaganda Machine Changed American Journalism  Good Men Project

America’s growing news deserts  Columbia Journalism Review

Chicago Tribune wins decision in FOIA case against College (court rules in favor of releasing records in the possession of a public college's fundraising organization)  Chicago Tribune

Facebook downranks News Feed links to crappy sites smothered in ads  TechCrunch

Poynter President resigns for role at Medill School of Journalism  Saint Peters Blog


Sinclair Requires TV Stations to Air Segments That Tilt to the Right  New York Times

Mixed reality, computer vision, and brain–machine interfaces: Here’s the future The New York Times’ reborn R&D lab sees  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


Google and Facebook aren't fighting fake news with the right weapons  LA Times

News, False and Fake  Chronicle of Higher Education

Infographic: How ‘Fake News’ and Bogus Content Are Changing the Way Consumers Look at Brands  Ad Week

A Little Bit Of Fake News Could Be Good For You: It turns out that throwing more facts at people isn’t the full answer to alternative facts  Fast Company

Russia Has Weaponized Fake News to Sow Chaos  New Republic


Buying spree brings more local TV stations to fewer big companies  Pew Research Center

As Viewers Drift Online, Advertisers Hold Fast to Broadcast TV  New York Times


The use of Oftentimes Rises  Chronicle of Higher Education

Being a Declarative (or Interrogative, or Imperative, or Exclamative)  Chronicle of Higher Education


An Editor sees Editing Slips in Online News  LA Times


Linguistics Breakthrough Heralds Machine Translation for Thousands of Rare Languages  Technology Review

When American Schools Banned German Classes  Jstor


This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Read Poetry  New York Mag


Testosterone makes men less likely to realize when they're wrong, a new study shows  Science Daily

N.H. Rep. Robert Fisher lambasted by women at hearing about his role in misogynistic online forum  Concord Monitor


Professor calls diversity training workshop to which colleagues were invited a “waste,” setting off debate about inclusiveness and civility  Inside Higher Ed

Fenway Incidents Prompt Questions About Hate Speech At The Ballpark  NPR

Faculty and Students Assail Texas A&M President’s Criticism of Professor  Chronicle of Higher Education

As White Supremacists Push Onto Campuses, Schools Wrestle With Response  NPR


Don't blame millennials for free speech crisis on college campuses  The Hill

Federal court ruling recognizes students' First Amendment right to make recordings on school grounds  Student Press Law Center

Answering a call for speech codes from The Washington Post  The FIRE

The States Where Campus Free-Speech Bills Are Being Born: A Rundown  Chronicle of Higher Education


Fair Use Too Often Goes Unused  Chronicle of Higher Education

Why Do Law Professors Write Law Review Articles? Publish or perish, but is there a point to it?  Above the Law


Reporting the findings: Absolute vs relative risk  Health News Review

Under Trump, inconvenient data is being sidelined  Washington Post

MIT: protecting privacy w/fake data sets to allow 3rd party distribution for development & education purposes  Smart Data Collective

Why a good predictive data analytics model is never finished  Silicon Angle

The 6 biggest decisions an organization must make when deploying big data architecture  Tech Republic

Why it may be better to have fewer predictors in machine learning models?  KD Nuggets

How to tell when you need a better analytics platform   Smart Data Collective


The many risks that academics face in trying to court social-media success  The Atlantic


Big Ideas From BEA 2017 on Podcasting, Live Streaming, Google Tools  PBS Media Shift

Become an Instagram Influencer With This Mobile Photo Gear  Wired

How to shoot on iPhone 7  Apple


Church of England investigates appointment of rogue bishop in sign of conservative breakaway  Christian Today

Telling the story of my departure from American evangelicalism (opinion)  Religious News Service

Jakarta's Minority Christian Governor Convicted Of Blasphemy  NPR

Televangelist's planned resort in San Diego gets a major redesign  Union Tribune

Did TBN ministers Paul, Jan Crouch cover up 13-year-old granddaughter’s rape allegation?  Orange County Register

Christian researcher claims feds rejected Grand Canyon study based on his religion  The Arizona Republic

Christian printer doesn’t have to make pro-gay shirts, appeals court rules  Lexington Herald Leader

Christian Teacher Who Said Gay People “Deserve To Die” Resigns After Backlash  San Luis Bispo

Women bloggers spawn an evangelical ‘crisis of authority’  Religious News Service

Record Few Americans Believe Bible Is Literal Word of God  Gallup

Can Cannabis And Christ Coexist? These Devout Southern Christians Think So  Buzz Feed

Operation World Mapmaker Shuts Down Due to Donor Shifts  Christianity Today

The evangelical courtiers who kneel before the president’s feet  Religion News ServiceFacing Global Persecution, Christian Leaders Urge U.S. For More Protection  NPR


There’s been a big change in how the news media covers sexual assault  Washington Post


Why You Shouldn't Tell People about Your Dreams  Scientific American


Neuroscience shows that our gut instincts about only children are right  Quzrtz

These Table Tops Are The Same Shape, But Your Brain Won't Let You See It  Digg


A Graphic Novel About 17th-Century Philosophy  The Atlantic

Philosopher who argued for God wins Templeton Prize  The Oakland Press

A Graphic Novel About 17th-Century Philosophy  The Atlantic

René Descartes and Teresa of Ávila: One of Descartes’ most famous ideas was first articulated by a female philosopher  Quartz


Moral Law: Americans Agree on More Morality, Disagree on Method  Christianity Today

Scientists Raise Concern By Wanting To Create Synthetic Human Genomes  NPR

Crispr Makes It Clear: The US Needs a Biology Strategy, and Fast  Wired


China publishes more science research with fabricated peer-review than everyone else put together  Quartz

Science publishers try new tack to combat unauthorized paper sharing  Nature


10,000 hours of deliberate practice is not enough  Becoming (my blog)


Harvard Library Drops Fines  The Harvard Crimson

Private colleges and universities increase tuition discounting again  Inside Higher Ed

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Wheaton College Would Like to Pretend Its LGBTQ Students Don’t Exist  Religious Dispatches

Receptive Audience At Liberty University Praises Trump's Accomplishments  NPR


Students Don’t Always Recognize Good Teaching, Study Finds  Chronicle of Higher Education

What Are Students Rating When They Rate Instructors?  Inside Higher Ed

U can’t talk to ur Prof like this (opinion)  New York Times


Keene State president responds to student journalism dispute  Sentinel Source

Fired from Student Newspaper for Posting Video Clip (opinion)  National Review


How Long-Term Adderall Use Affects The Brain  Quora


Campus Police Forces Adopt Body Cameras  Inside Higher Ed