articles of interest - May 8


Why Social Media Isn't Always Very Social  NPR

Business publishers are enjoying traffic spikes from LinkedIn  Digiday

Facebook debuts a Twitter-like ‘Latest Conversations’ feature that shows public posts about buzzing topics  Tech Crunch

7 ‹Title Tag› Hacks for Increased Rankings + Traffic  Moz

Don’t Let Facebook Make You Miserable  New York Times

Not Your Dad's Keyword Tool: Advanced Keyword Research Use Cases  Moz


A Deliberate Front-Page Typo? Australia Media Watchers Debate  AdWeek

Grammarly raises $110 million for a better spell check  Tech Crunch


In Praise of the First Person  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Elements of Style: "50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice"  BongBong

False Titles  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Translation platforms cannot replace humans: But they are still astonishingly useful  Economist

The Linguistic Trickery of False Friends  Jstor

The 23 Most Common Languages In The World  Daily Infographic


Sinclair Broadcasting acquires Tribune Media  Talking New Media


What it's like to report in one of the world's deadliest places for journalists  LA Times

The U of M journalism school renames itself for a Trump donor  City Pages

J-Schools Dump Accreditor  Inside Higher Ed

How We’re Learning To Do Journalism Differently in the Age of Trump  ProPublica

Lapse of Northwestern’s accreditation sheds light on fast-moving world of journalism education  Poynter


The New York Times reports higher revenue, income as digital subscriptions surge in Q1  Talking New Media

McClatchy loses $95.6M in Q1, due to falling print advertising and impairment charges  Talking New Media

Gannett newspapers are hiding an important local story  Columbia Journalism Review

How the New York Times saved itself: Subscriptions, not ads  Recode


6 Ways to Fight the Spread of Fake News, from AP’s Fact Check Team  Associated Press

The Age of Misinformation: How Online Platforms Shape American Discourse  The Atlantic

Google Rewrites Its Powerful Search Rankings to Bury Fake News  Bloomberg

Combating Fake News: An Agenda for Research and Action  Harvard's Shorestein Center

Facebook Drops Accounts in Fake News Fight  Associated Press


Harvard Business School Moves To Study More Diverse Cases  NPR

Jury Awards $1.4 Million to Former Senior Female Athletics Official in gender and sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit  Press Citizen

Measles sweeps an immigrant community targeted by anti-vaccine activists  Stat News

Overwatch helped pave the way for the first women’s college in esports  Polygon

Does Gender Matter in Workplace Culture?  Daily Infographic


American University is dealing with a racist incident on its campus. It is not alone  Washington Post

This ACLU Lawsuit Over A Mississippi County Sheriff's Office Could Be A Sign Of Big Things To Come  BuzzFeed News


States Consider Legislation To Protect Free Speech On Campus  NPR

How Censorship Works  New York Times


A Photographer Sued a Student Over a School Project. Guess How That Turned Out (hint: fair use wins)  Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Can a pastor legally defame members of his flock from the pulpit?  Charlotte Observer  

Can Your Employer Fire You For Posting Vacation Photos to Facebook?  Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Why More Historians Are Embracing the Amicus Brief  Chronicle of Higher Ed

You Can’t Be Fired For a Facebook Post Calling Your Boss a “LOSER”  Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Teaching Law In An Age Of Anxiety  Huffington Post

How Should a Lawyer Respond to a Yelp Review Calling Him “Worst. Ever.”?  Technology & Marketing Law Blog


We Were Warned About Flaws in the Mobile Data Backbone for Years. Now 2FA Is Screwed  Mother Board


Why it may be better to have fewer predictors in machine learning models?  KD Nuggets

NGA now delivers unclassified geospatial intel to verified Gov users via an app for tablets & mobile devices  SIGNAL

Just how accurate are algorithms at spotting fake news?   Data Science Central

Where we stand with automated Machine Learning ..and where it is likely going  KD Nuggets


Ending Catholicism in England and introducing the Reformation was a messy and conflicted process  Economist

Read the full text of Trump’s executive order on religious freedom  Washington Post

Though still conservative, young evangelicals are more liberal than their elders on some issues  Pew Research Center

Openly Gay Bishop At Center Of Controversy In United Methodist Church  NPR

Evangelicals and the Supreme Court (opinion)  Religion News Service

The IRS rarely targets pastors. But a preacher was once arrested — for saying the word ‘fork’  Washington Post


With This Interactive Font Map, You Have No Excuse For Defaulting To Helvetica On Everything  Digg

The Weird Words and Phrases Designers Use to Test Their Fonts  Wired

Most popular colors used by most popular sites  Flowing Data


Two lawsuits -- one involving accused student’s suicide and another about an attempt -- have added fire to the continued debate over how colleges handle complaints of sexual assault  Inside Higher Ed

It Took Years For A University To Punish This Professor After Harassment Allegations Were First Made   BuzzFeed

Doing the Right Thing in Sexual-Misconduct Cases (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Sex assaults in high school sports minimized as 'hazing'  Associated Press


Mixing Thermodynamics and the Quantum World to get quantum thermodynamics  Wired


The remarkable promise of cell-free biology  Economist


For college students grappling with mental illness, the world can seem colorless  USA Today


Integrity starts with the health of research groups: Funders should force universities to support laboratories’ research health  Nature

The Future of Peer Review  The Scholarly Kitchen

Progress toward openness, transparency, and reproducibility in cognitive neuroscience  Wiley Online Library

Steady, strong growth is expected for open-access journals   Physics Today


The line separating good and evil  Becoming (my blog)

Holocaust Survivor Viktor Frankl Explains Why If We Have True Meaning in Our Lives, We Can Make It Through the Darkest of Times  Open Culture


A Public University Acquires A Big For-Profit, And Raises Big Questions  NPR

Holy Cross VP paints bleak future for college in emails mistakenly sent to students  South Bend Tribune


John F. Kennedy Explains Why Artists & Poets Are Indispensable to American Democracy (October 26th, 1963)  Open Culture


Conceptions of Plagiarism and Problems in Academic Writing in a Changing Landscape of External Regulation  Springer

The Hidden Costs of Active Learning  Campus Technology


College papers find one way to adjust to digital: Print less often  USA Today


Kansas college ends journalism classes prematurely: Adviser Suspended and copies of newspaper confiscated  KSNT

Student Newspaper to print last edition despite suspension of journalism program  Hutch Post

Community College student journalists say they are being squelched. The journalism professor who advises the paper has been suspended  Inside Higher Ed


Forget FOMO. In Digital Minimalism, It’s All About The Fear Of Burning Out  Fast Company

On Campuses Far From China, Still Under Beijing’s Watchful Eye  New York Times

UK student drops from ceiling to steal statistics exam

Shifting Incomes for Young People  Flowing Data


Accreditor’s new rules are forcing a professor who has taught philosophy for 50 years to stop doing so, because her Ph.D. is in English  Inside Higher Ed

Why can writing a paper be such a pain?  Jari Saramäki

Professor says she’s giving up a tenure-track job in the U.S. and taking her family back to Canada over racism directed at her Nicaraguan-born spouse  Inside Higher Ed

Court says Catholic University was justified in punishing a professor for using his blog to criticize a graduate student by name  Inside Higher Ed