articles of interest - June 12


The 10 secrets to great journalism hidden away in ‘Master of None’  Poynter

Think your journalism job is hard? Try making a podcast from prison  Poynter

Google launches news literacy program  Axios

Will your FOIA request succeed? This new machine will tell you  Poynter

A new model for high-impact investigative reporting  Columbia Journalism Review

After charges of sexism, New York Times changes headline on Katy Tur profile  Poynter

Conservatives Despise Fact-checking Industry  Washington Post

Without a public editor, The New York Times’ new Reader Center aims to connect with its audience  Poynter


Did 'Intercept' Out Its Intelligence Source?  NPR

Ethical journalism: what to do - and not to do - with leaked emails  The Conversation


Growth in mobile news use driven by older adults  Pew Research


Reuters’ new survey suggests that readers are getting (a bit) smarter about verifying breaking news  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

In a Fake Fact Era, Schools Teach the ABCs of News Literacy  Wired

A Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorist, a False Tweet and a Runaway Story  New York Times


Algorithms might make life fairer if they are well designed-but how can we know whether they are so designed?  MIT’s Technology Review

Artificial intelligence will put spies out of work, too  Chicago Tribune

Experts predict when artificial intelligence will exceed human performance  MIT’s Technology Review

What’s driving big data into the cloud, and what are the benefits?  Inside Big Data

The top 10 deep learning projects on Github include a number of libraries, frameworks, & education resources  KD Nuggets

Machine learning comes to Google Sheets, boosting data visualization for users  Tech Republic

NGA, NRO, NSA joining DoD In Silicon Valley  Breaking Defense


Facebook Live adds closed captioning for deaf and hard of hearing  USA Today

Discourse Theory as Explained by Memes  Medium

Skype gets Snapchat treatment Makeover  Mashable


The Lowdown on Livestreaming Platforms  Video Strategist


Somewhere between boredom and anxiety  Becoming (my blog)


The A.V. Club copyedited “Predisent” Trump’s lawyer, and the results were not good  AV Club

A Word, Please: To stay a while or awhile, that is the question  LA Times

Hyphens can be tricky, but they need not drive you crazy  The Economist


John Grisham’s Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Popular Fiction  New York Times

How to Write Like James Comey  Life Hacker

American Writers Museum is just a dead writers’ society  Chicago Reader

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover—Judge It by Its First Page  Life Hacker


The Science of Thingummyjigs (and Other Words on the Tip of Your Tongue)  Jstor

Discourse Theory as Explained by Memes  Medium


In Nobel speech, Bob Dylan reminds us reading can be fun  Charlotte Observer

Allen Ginsberg’s Howl Manuscripts Now Digitized & Put Online, Revealing the Beat Poet’s Creative Process  Open Culture

Stop calling Amazon's new thing with books a 'bookstore'  Mashable


Advocates Warn that cuts to the office of Civil Right Would Further Slow Resolution of Backlogged Title IX Cases  Inside Higher Ed

Stalkers’ Strategies: With increasing use of social media, college students -- who are already more likely to be victims of stalking -- are more at risk than ever  Inside Higher Ed


Interracial Marriages Face Pushback 50 Years After Loving  NPR

When the patient is racist, how should the doctor respond? (opinion)  Stat News


The New Censorship on Campus (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Trump’s Twitter Blocking May Violate First Amendment  Wired

Is there a First Amendment right to follow President Trump’s Twitter account?  The Conversation

Two-day auction planned for campus assets of Nazarene Bible College  The Gazeette


Three Significant ways the Emoji revolution will impact the Law  SSRN

How your ugly booking photos (and Tiger’s) became a commodity for cops, hustlers and journalists   The Marshall Project


Civilian Drones  The Economist

Helping blind people navigate: A new way to assist those with poor eyesight  The Economist


'The Shack' Director Defends Portraying God as Black Woman, Says Bible Was Written Allegorically  Christian Post  

Christians faced widespread harassment in 2015, but mostly in Christian-majority countries  Pew Research

Is It Hateful To Believe In Hell? Bernie Sanders' Questions Prompt Backlash  NPR

Trump to evangelicals: We're 'under siege,' will be stronger  Associated Press

The party registration of religious leaders  New York Times

Southern Baptists Embrace Gender-Inclusive Language in the Bible  The Atlantic

How Billy Graham Mainstreamed Evangelicals  The Daily Beast

Fired gay music director loses lawsuit against church, archdiocese  Daily Herald 


Bob Dylan 2016 Nobel Lecture in Literature 


How Hollywood Came to Fear and Loathe Rotten Tomatoes  Vanity Fair

How Filmmakers Captured a Daring Escape From ISIS Territory  National Geographic


Snapchat's Growth Dips As Competitive Pressures Mount  Media Post

You can now buy Snapchat video ads straight from the company’s website  Recode

Trending Down: Newspaper, Mag Revenues Slip Again  Media Post

The company behind WordPress is closing its gorgeous San Francisco office because its employees never show up  Quartz

The Illusion of Measuring What Customers Want – Jobs to be Done  JTBD.into


It’s time for universities to crack down on fake science publishers and the academics who use them, legal experts say  Ottawa Citizen

Why we can't trust academic journals to tell the scientific truth  The Guardian

Quantum mechanics, relativity theory and the nature of time: Time may be fuzzy. If so, the idea of causality may be in trouble  The Economist


The opioid crisis changed how doctors think about pain  Vox

A single paragraph published nearly 40 years ago contributed to the opioid epidemic. What can we learn from this?  Health News Review


Jane Brody promoting the pseudoscience of Barbara Fredrickson in the New York Times  PLOS

The Chatbot Therapist Will See You Now  Wired

Beauty sleep is a real thing, research shows  BBC

Remembering the Murder You Didn’t Commit  The New Yorker


The 18th century Comes Alive in Harvard's 'Philosophy Chamber'  Boston Globe


Facts Alone Won’t Convince People To Vaccinate Their Kids  FiveThirtyEight


When is a leak ethical?  The Conversation


Our college students are changing. Why aren’t our higher education policies? (opinion)  Washington Post

University of Michigan campus gun ban upheld by Court of Appeals  Michigan Live

Private college tuition is rising faster than inflation .... again  USA Today

Jerry Falwell Jr. says he will be part of a Trump education initiative  Politico

Baylor provost Jones resigns after one year in the role  Waco Tribune


Engaging Students Through Tests  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Student asks court to force poetry professor to give her an A  Stevens Point Journal

New study: Students at most risk may be those least well served by online education  Inside Higher Ed

How to Use Facebook’s CrowdTangle in the Classroom  PBS Media Shift

Facebook Testing Features that Lets Users Teach online Courses  Inside Higher Ed


Peer review is a thankless job. One firm wants to change that: Publons wants scientists to be rewarded for assessing others’ work  The Economist

Do ResearchGate Scores create ghost academic reputations?  Springer

A new tool “checks that the data sets underlying published studies are made freely available”  Nature

Reverse Engineering JCR’s Self-Citation and Citation Stacking Thresholds  Scholarly Kitchen


Inside Odyssey: The Decline of a College Media Empire  Fortune

You Don’t Have to Major in Computer Science to Do It as a Career  MIT Tech Review


Inside the Meme Thread, a Growing Forum for College Students Nationwide  Chronicle of Higher Ed

We should thank millennials for ruining these terrible products  New York Post

Getting to Know.. Millennials  Bloomberg

For Students Going Overseas, an ‘America First’ Presidency Complicates Their Studies  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Portrait of Faculty Mental Health  Inside Higher Ed

Prof: a violation of academic freedom to cancel a course that includes material on his university’s recent fake-classes scandal  Chronicle of Higher Ed

American University of Beirut Prof (with two U.S. graduate degrees) is refused U.S. admission to present at a San Diego conference  Inside Higher Ed

Coming to terms with mental health and academic failures  New York Times

Rutgers Philosophy Prof Accused of Raping a Disabled Man gets Conviction Overturned  Inside Higher Ed